Lots of New “Old” Tablescapes to Enjoy

Welcome to the 203rd Tablescape Thursday!

Sleep deprived.  Yup, that’s a good way to describe me this morning.  I was up to almost 4:00 AM working on the new category system across the top of the blog.

Though, I don’t have a new tablescape to share this week, I have something even better…access to lots of table settings previously buried and forgotten.  If you live outside the U.S., I have some great news for you, too!

A couple of months ago when BNOTP moved from Blogger to WordPress, as a temporary system I used the same system I had been using at Blogger to create the links behind the categories at the top of the blog.  Unfortunately, if you live outside the U.S., that system no longer worked once I moved.   I discovered it wasn’t working when I received several e-mails and comments from folks saying they couldn’t access the categories.  Not good.  (You can tell the older system because the titles are all underlined like you see below.)

Pssst:  The links you see in this post are only pictures of links and not live links.  To access the actual links, click on the categories at the top of BNOTP and the menu will drop down revealing sub categories and/or links.

So for the past 6-8 weeks, in between creating daily posts, I’ve been categorizing, tagging and titling over 850 posts for a new system that would work for everyone.  One awesome advantage to all of this categorizing post-by-post is I’ve found a lot of older posts that had become buried in the archives.  For example, just under the category “Fall Tablescapes” there are 6 “new” tablescapes to check out now!


Some categories are large, like the category for Spring/Summer Table Settings, so you’ll find pagination (page numbers) at the bottom of the page.  (Note pagination shown in this pic below.)  Right now I’m limiting each category page to 30 table settings so it won’t be overwhelming and take forever for the page to load.  You’ll see page numbers at the bottom to reach the rest of the posts in that category.   You can tell when you’ve landed on a page with links created with the new category system because the titles are NOT underlined…see photo below.

A few links are missing their “title.”  You’ll know those when you see them because instead of a title, you’ll see a bunch of writing (which is an excerpt from the post itself) like you see on the right in the example below.  I’ll be fixing all those today and tomorrow, too.  Update: I think I have these fixed, so if you run across one that’s missing it’s title and just has part of the post excerpt underneath, appreciate a comment or email letting me know and I’ll fix it.   Thanks in advance!

If all goes as it should, I think I’ll be able to finish implementing the new category system by the end of the day…maybe stretching into tomorrow.   How can you can tell which is the old system and which is the new?  The old system titles are underlined, like below.   If you come to a category page that’s blank, that’s one I’m currently working on.  It should be filled with wonderful links by the end of the day or by tomorrow.  I may be burning that midnight oil again tonight. 😉

I still have about 75-100 posts left to go through.   As I go through the last of the posts, I’m sure the categories will grow a bit more with new additions.

♥Hope you’ll enjoy all the new “old” tablescapes you’ll now find accessible through the Tablescapes category at the top of the blog.♥

Looking forward to all the wonderful tablescapes linked for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Wow, Susan, that sounds like a HUGE job, but it’s a wonderful gift to your followers! Thank you for making it easier to find great ideas on particular topics!

  2. Susan, You have been hard at it! Love blogging. Sorry that this has been such a labor, but many love you and want to check out your place as well as to play in the dishes and decorate their places. Gathering ideas has been one of the reasons I visit your blog and leads to so many other neat places in blogland.

    When I started blogging yours was one of the first NEAT BLOGS I discovered. So glad you are there.
    All this hard work with your blog blesses a multitude of people who gather at bnotp!
    Cheering you on,
    d at homehaven

  3. Michele from Finch Rest says

    Love the strolling down memory lane- you have an amazing collection of incredible posts.
    My post today isn’t truly a tablescape – sorry- just wanted to share it…thank you for hosting a wonderful weekly linky party, Susan!!

  4. I wish I knew how to do all the computer/blogging things you do so I could “upgrade” my blog from it’s current state. I’ve been trying to find someone but the cost is cRazy! So I’ll have to wait a little bit longer (sigh).
    I followed all the steps you were so generous to share, on how to create a blog button–but I didn’t know how to then apply it to my WP blog. Now that you’re on WP, would you consider a post on how to add it–?? At some point in the future, not now, of course! Sounds like you’re cup runneth WAY over!
    Btw—I’m a member of the rather be “playing in the dishes club” too! I have over 500 pcs of china, and a couple hundred pcs of stone ware. It’s a sickness–there’s no vaccine!

    • lol Catherine, it is a sickness and I hope they never come up with a cure! 🙂 About the blog button, the designer who moved my blog added mine to my sidebar and it appears she added it using a text/html widget. Don’t know if that helps. You just drag the html/text widget over to the area of your sidebar where you want it, while your in the Appearance/Widget screen, and then add your blog button code to that widget. I’m still learning WordPress stuff. The coding part for my category pages was partially done by the designer who moved me and recently updated by another savvy designer. I wouldn’t have a clue how to alter the style sheet to add the categories…I’m just doing the dashboard works now. 🙂

  5. Sounds like you have been working hard, your new format really looks great. Laura

  6. I have a tech question. Previously when I clicked on any of the participants’ link the link would change colors so I would know I had already read the particular link. Now after clicking on the link it no longer changes colors. Do you know if the reason is from your end or mine? This started happening about the same time you changed over to WordPress, but that may be a coincidence.

    • Madonna, I’ll take a look at that…add it to my list of things to do. That should be easily fixable…just have to find out how. Thanks for mentioning it…will check into it.

  7. Wow, what an amazing collection of tablescapes, Susan 🙂 Thank you for hosting!
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  8. Wow, sorry that you have to go through each of them to get them fixed. But in the end, I think it’s all worth it. I can’t wait to see the categories and re-visit some of your beautiful tablescapes. 🙂

  9. Susan, hope you can get some sleep tonight. 😉 You’ve done an incredible job, and how nice for all of us to have this resource. Thank you!
    I was on my sister’s PC trying to link my post this morning and couldn’t get the permalink to copy. So my link this week is just my blog address. Is this something that you can go in and change or is there a way for me to do that now that I’m back home on my own computer? Thanks……Sarah

  10. OOh my. I’m plum tuckered out just keeping up with the posts.. Thanks though.. it will make it great for us to find what we need. Thanks for hosting this delightful party.. xo marlis

  11. Ann S Mindicino says

    sounds exhausting, Susan. You are an incredibly hard worker. i hope you will get to a point where you are settled at word press. are you sorry you made the move? i am thrilled to see the old posts since i only got on board here recently. relax this weekend. ann

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