MacKenzie-Childs Estate is for Sale: Take the Tour

MacKenzie-Childs.  When you hear that name, what comes to mind?  Their distinctive black and white “Courtly Check” dishware is the first thing that always pops into my head. Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs actually design much more than just tableware.  I was amazed at all the things they have available at their online site including furniture, decorative pieces, garden collections, handbags and even porch swings.

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check


Their personal home is currently available for purchase at Sotheby’s.  Isn’t the approach to the house amazing? Love this view!

MacKenzie-Childs Estate Driveway

The listing price has been reduced and it’s currently $975,000

MacKenzie-Childs Estate for Sale: Take the Tour


The back is as picturesque as the front.

If you could take a tour inside their home, how do you think it would look?  Couldn’t possibly be anything like their tableware or other fun designs, right?  Guess again!

Back View of MacKenzie-Childs Estate for Sale: Take the Tour


The interior is pure MacKenzie-Childs through and through! I love the feeling of the living room. It’s cozy with a fire burning in the evening.

MacKenzie-Childs Estate Living Room


It’s bright and cheerful during the day.

Living Room in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


I never realized until now how much the MacKenzie-Childs design has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it, or at least it does for me.  It’s very eclectic and beyond whimsical!  Check out this tablescape! Wow!

Dining Room in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Even the ceiling got a MacKenzie-Childs design.  Love the train set!  Imagine having dinner while the train runs by.

Dining Room in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


The kitchen is bright and airy.  I love the pattern on the floors.

Kitchen in MacKenzie-Childs Estate

Another view of the kitchen.

Kitchen in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Here’s a sunny spot for breakfast.

Breakfast Area in MacKenzie-Childs Estate

You really see their design in the breakfast table and chairs, as well as in the counter tops and the stove hood.

Breakfast Area in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Love this sunroom!  I wondered why they took the picture of the room from this angle, then I noticed the floor.  That is a beautiful floor!

Sunroom in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


The other side of this room…

Sunroom in MacKenzie-Childs Estate

Check out the bunny table!

Bunny Pedestal Table in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


The whimsy continues into the bedrooms.

Bedroom in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Bedroom in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


I love quicky slanted ceilings.  Never though to put bookshelves under one, though.  Very cool!

Bedroom Alcove in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Such an adorable space!  Notice the  “vase posters” at the foot of the bed.

Whimsical Bedroom in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Even the baths were designed in the Mackenzie-Childs style.

Bath in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


This bedroom has a very different feel, doesn’t it?  It must feel like you’re in a tree house, especially with the doors thrown up to the balcony.

Treehouse Bedroom in MacKenzie-Childs Estate


In this aerial view of the property, you can see there are other buildings including a carriage house.

MacKenzie-Childs Estate for Sale


The carriage house is as special as the main home.  Love all those arched doorways!

Carriage House on MacKenzie-Childs Estate


Inside there is additional space for overnight guests.

Bedroom in Carriage House on MacKenzie-Childs Estate


The carriage house has so much personality.  Love its spiral staircase.

Spiral Staircase in Carriage House on MacKenzie-Childs Estate


There’s even a bathroom decorated with paperdolls.  In an online interview I watched, Victoria said this room is all about paper, down to the paper dolls.  So, I guess all the walls are decorated with wallpaper, too.

Bathroom in Carriage House of MacKenzie-Childs Estate


The MacKenzie-Childs Estate is a true reflection of the creative couple who live there.  I wonder if the new owners, when it does sell, will keep the interior as is or if they will make any big changes.

MacKenzie-Childs Estate for Sale


There wasn’t a great spot to work this photo into the post but I had to share these darling MacKenzie-Childs teapots. I could so see these on the table in an Alice in Wonderland movie.   If I had a tea party, I’d love to have one of these in the center of the table, preferably the Courtly Check one.

Do you own any MacKenzie-Childs pieces?  Any dishware, furniture, purses?

MacKenzie-Childs Teapots


Pictures in this post are from Sotheby’s.  Thanks so much to Vicki for sharing the link to this amazing listing at Sotheby’s.

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  1. When I win the lottery I want that sunroom.

  2. Wow……. What a treat! I find myself looking at the pictures again, and again. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I don’t have any of their tea pots but I would glady take one off someones hands LOL

    I could like in that house , I loved it Thanks so much for the tour

  4. Susan, I’ve seen the listing previously. I think it has been on the market for a time now, and the price has dropped. Amazing property for the price if all the land and other buildings are included. Thanks for sharing. I’m forwarding this to a friend because earlier today I was telling him about this property. Perfect timing! ~ Sarah

  5. I have been a Mackenzie-Childs fan since the early 90’s. I have several pieces, and try my best to go to the barn sale in Aurora every summer. Their style is so whimsical and unique! So much rich detail in every room, one could look at it a dozen times and always see something new.

    • Oooh, wish I live close enough to go!

      • I also have many photos of my last visit to the farmhouse and factory, and I can try to post them on my blog and link up with yours if you like. It is really gorgeous. The dining table was designed to be a fish tank, so it is sort of 3D. They could not keep the fish alive unfortunately, but the table is really stunning.

  6. Thanks for sharing, so much fun to look . Keep Keep up the good work. Hope to see u soon at urban r.

  7. What a treat! Eye candy to the max…… I would never have guessed that the house is decorated in their delightful style, but why not? As charming and whimsical as it looks, it would be a shame for new owners to change everything. Woudn’t it be a delightful museum to tour??? I’d go!!!!! Vicki in KY

  8. OMG, Susan!
    I can’t believe it! This is a fairy tale home! And my absolute dream house! Inside and out!
    And you’re right! I’ve been all “oooh-ing” and “aaah-ing” over these beautiful pictures, like I entered Wonderland and I was waiting for Alice! Why are Richard and Victoria leaving this magical place?
    I love everything there! Every nut, bolt and screw! (Especially the bedroom and that gorgeous floral wallpaper!) Oh, how I wish I had $975,000! *sigh*
    Maybe they can sell only that carriage house to me? 😉
    Thank you, Susan, for this post. I guess I know what I’m going to dream about tonight! *sigh*
    ~Hugs to you~

  9. I LOVE it all. Wonder what it’s like to live everyday with it though. Might get a little overwhelming.

  10. I enjoyed seeing her ferry boat house (or tug boat?) which she anchors near New York. (?) I have sold her sock coin purses in my shop until they were discontinued. She has a distinctive look.

  11. Beautiful from the outside….

  12. Linda Page says

    Well, Susan, I may have to retract my “threat” to come and live with you and your upstairs porch and become a “squatter” at this adorable, whimsical, enticing home. Every room is an adventure and a delight. I LOVE the sunroom. The floor is wonderful and I love the bunny table. I am facinated by the bookshelves that jut out in the bedroom. I keep expecting the items on the shelves to slide off!!! This house is just amazing and the surrounding buildings and land make such a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Margo Kuhn says

    What a trip! I felt like I just walked into Alice in Wonderland looking at the inside of that house. Amazing. Wow!

  14. I can’t believe that house and it’s surroundings including the guest house are listed at less than a mil! Do you know where it is?

    • Doreen, the Sotheby’s listing says it’s in King Ferry, NY. I though that sound really reasonable, too. If you want to see more pics and read more about it, just click on the link for Sotheby’s at the end of the post. They have a lot more pictures there, too.

  15. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Susan, where have I been? I’ve never heard of McKenzie-Childs. First you introduced me to Mario Buatta, now these fun folks. Their house IS so whimsical and adorable and after watching Househunters for years, it seems to be quite the bargain, as well!! What state are they in?

    I’ll have to come back later to look at these photos more closely. Thanks for introducing me to yet another wonderful designer! I hope you’ll keep surprising me like that! ~ Pam

  16. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    D’oh! We were posting at the same time. New York. Cool.

  17. Wow! Amazing home and property. Great price with huge up keep. Alice in Wonderland is just a perfect description. Thanks for sharing. I have always drooled over their catalog. Just never fit in my home. Love their unique and a little wacky style. Susan, you just have the best posts. Always looking forward to your next one. Thank you.

  18. Oh my word Susan, this was such an incredible tour. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  19. Wow, that was a great tour, love every inch of it!!! I have always loved their style and quirkiness……..that is a good buy if it includes all the buildings and the land. It is remote and secluded. Love the bunny table!!1
    I saw a tour of their remodeled river boat that they live in which is parked in Manhattan docks. I may have saved it, will have to look in my archives!!! In the boat, the dining table is suspended by chains from the ceiling so it is always level……and I have been to the sale in Aurora a few times, I grew up near by…….she is such a hoot!!!!
    Her previous best friend bought her business in a corporate take over…..she even lost the rights to her name……..said friend owns American Girl company, you know, the one with all the dolls…….think they went to Wells college near by……

  20. Hi Susan, what a hoot to see! I never knew that McKenzie-Childs were actual people – just a company name. I have always enjoyed seeing their stuff and to see it displayed in a house is amazing! The property is gorgeous to be sure as well as the house and carriage house. Kinda sad they are selling. Hopefully, for a good reason. Any story behind the selling of this property? Mandy

    • I know, I thought MacKenzie-Childs was a woman, didn’t realize it’s a couple. I’m not sure why they are selling. They may be living on a Ferry Boat they restored, now. That’s what I’ve read. Check on Wikipedia…it has a little info about what happened to their original business.

  21. Betty819 says

    Susan, thanks for that tour. I am not familiar with Mackenzie-Childs. That is like walking into the Alice in Wonderland story book. That house/property is a steal for NY. surprized somebody hasn’t snapped it up but probably the taxes on it are out of sight. I love a bit of whimsy but this is a little bit too much but I really enjoyed the tour. How would you do a tablescape with all those black and white checks? Do you have any of those pieces? Maybe somebody that has some of their pieces can do a tablescape for us. Think of the cost of creating that look! I loved one of the bedroom wallpapers and that sunroom and the size of that kitchen is to die for. So many nice features. Wonder what would happen if one of the Table bunny’s ears got broken? Did you notice they have seeds started and sitting on the floor in trays? Don’t recall which room but think it’s the room where the table has bunnies under it. Can’t wait to see their boat.

  22. I have a friend who will LOVE this post. I am going to share it with her! I adore the kitchen!

  23. Enjoyed this tour very much Susan! Their creativity is off the charts and inspiring even if the style isn’t exactly my own, it inspires one to dream big and go forward in your own way decorating with the things you love.xo

  24. I live very close to this wonderful home, and through the years have watched it grow into an immaculate showcase. I have often passed by and wondered what it looked like inside…now my curiosity is sated! It is indeed a lovely place, and I have always admired the driveway leading up to the house and carriage house.
    Thank you for sharing!

  25. Mary from Virginia says

    Beautiful house! Thanks for the wonderful tour. It is almost sad it is for sale.

    I was reading your followers posts about her best friend taking over her company-YIKES, what a ‘friend’

    I don’t own any of their products, but would love to have that bunny table!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing these pics with us! Yes I do own some of their pieces and have always admired their creativity. After working with so many clients who are afraid to design outside of the current trend, this home is a refreshing change. Actually I am a bit surprised at the asking price. With all of the amenities I would assume it would be higher. Whoever purchases this estate will live in a fun an whimsical place.

    Susan and Bentley

  27. MC is my absolute favorite, the designs are always over the top amazing and I use inspirations from the colorful patterns and designs in my own artwork all the time. I love get a personal tour of their magnificent home, it needs to be sold as is, furnished with the stipulation that nothing can be changed! Wow! Thanks so much Susan, I will look at tis again and again. I do have few of the pieces, my newest are in the parchment check which has turquoise accents. It’s all gorgeous!

  28. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Thanks, Susan, what a fun, fun post today! I have some of the Courtly Check items — three-tier server (whatever it’s called), tea kettle, skillet (don’t think it’s available anymore), vase. But I LOVE the small oval dish, intended for candy, that I use for holding a bar of beautiful French soap at the kitchen sink. Their house is amazing, such a bucolic setting…and it seems like a very good price. Agree w/Jenna above, it ought to be sold as is: WOW!!

  29. I love the house, very “Alice in Wonderland” as you said. But it’s so full of the owners’ personality that I can’t see who else can live here.

  30. I don’t have any MC things. The house is amazing BUT, it will take a very special buyer. The price for all the land and buildings is amazing! Thanks for the tour. THEY are as cute as their house;) XO,Pinky

  31. I just need that rug under the breakfast table!! Thanks for a lovely tour.

  32. I have loved Mackenzie Childs for a looonnngggg time and my favorite is also the black and white Courtly….however, I also love the yellow and white Courtly.

    I had the chintz sofa fabric in the carriage house in my LR for years….dating back to 1989 when I did a house in English Country. The house is lovely and SO feminine! I love it, but doubt I would not tire of it after awhile. Less is more as they say.

    For my tablescape for next Spring’s Youth First Tea, I was planning a black, white and turquoise color scheme…..should I splurge on a black and white Courtly teapot? Now that I think about it, it would “clash” with my black and white fleur di lis tablecloth…..the scale is the same. Any of those teapots on the stairs would make a fabulous lamp!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Oh, my gosh…didn’t know there was a yellow and white courtly. I love yellow and white so that sounds wonderful! You are so right about the tall teapots making a great…that would be really cute!

  33. I have loved MC since I got my very first piece as a wedding gift over 20 years ago! The store in NYC is a must every time I visit there – pure whimsy! Thank you for sharing the house tour, it was so much fun to see all the details!

  34. Hi i love their whimsical style.I favor the CC. I have there whimsicals style in a few touches in my house. I love the house and could be very happy living there.But I would edit a few things.( the paper dolls) Its a little much and for me I cant believe I am saying that! lol.I wonder if the furnishings are included? It is a happy house. It would bevery sad if someone bought it that didnt appreciate the MC style that is for sure.:)

  35. I love her home…I have seen it previously in a magazine feature…I love her gorgeous items and I have several pieces of hers…Every time I go to NYC, her shop is one of the places I must go and buy a treasure…

  36. Do you remember the old Christopher Lowell shows on the Discover channel? He had Victoria on a couple of times. She was so bubbly and enthusiastic about her designs. I tried to copy her when I did my niece’s bedroom using the black and white checks, bright colors and flowers. What fun. I have seen her shop in NY but never purchased.

  37. Love the “ghost” cat at the head of the dining table. His/her plate is the only one uncovered, exposing a fish dinner.
    The train is a great way to pass the salt.

    • How the heck did I miss that! Hilarious! I just noticed there’s a person sitting at the other end, missed that, too! lol I like the salt passing train idea. 🙂

  38. Thanks for an adventure into another world…I have painted a M/Childs ladderback chair for my den, people go nuts over it, and a few other things, so much fun, I have one real M/Childs item, a kitchen timer shaped like a smug little hen, so cute, about the only reasonable thing in the catalogue. I crave their cake holder, did you happen to see the Pioneer Woman use it in one of her episodes? I will find one at Goodwill and do a number on it. Doesn’t their stuff just make you smile? How are you feeling after that traumatic episode? Is our blood count back to normal. Take gentle care of yourself. Love our blog and the wondrous places it takes me, thank you a million times!!!!

    • Donna, I didn’t see the cake holder but recently when I was googling about MacKenzie-Childs for that post, I landed on a PW post where she had just purchased an adorable tea kettle from the M-Childs line. It had a lot of pastoral scenes, if I’m remembering correctly. How smart of you to paint your own chair in that style! Yes, all better now. I actually should blog about it because there was a twist at the end, but I just hate blogging about anything health related. lol Thanks, Donna! Appreciate you! ♥

  39. Ok Susan, sorry it took so long, but my blog post is up with the Mackenzie-Childs tour photos. Hope you enjoy it!

  40. Yvonne M Chavez says

    What a fabulous house, can’t imagine moving away. I’m so lucky to have the bunny table shown in the sunroom. I also have their bunny footstool and lots of the china and glasses. Everyone of the pieces makes the room it’s in so special

  41. If you bought all the Mackenzie child pieces at full price that are in these houses, it would cost you well over a million dollars, I wish they would have said how much money they have invested in Mackenzie child pieces… I love Mackenzie child, but this literally looks like the house you walk thru on the tour at the Mackenzie child barn.

  42. You Make me happy when skies are gray! Thansk for you gift of color.

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