Make a Lamp from Something You Love

Welcome to the 11th Metamorphosis Monday!

Several years ago I was out antiquing and I came across this cute doggie. Ummm, the wheels started turning, and I thought he just might be the perfect size to…

…have made into a lamp. I’d been shopping for a small lamp to go on this table in my family room for some time. The room had/has a bit of a hunt/canine theme going on, so this little guy fit right in.

In this pic of the family room, you can just see the lamp beside the chair on the left. The other lamp you see in this pic is a “doggie” lamp, too.

If you have a table or nook somewhere in your home that needs a lamp, and you just haven’t been able to find the right one…

keep a look out for a decorative piece you just plain love. Almost anything can be made into a lamp.

To have the lamp made, I took the doggie to a local lamp store. First they had me choose the color I wanted for the base. I chose a dark brown color that I thought would work well on the small table and wouldn’t take away from the piece.

They attached the doggie to the base and ran the post up behind him, never having to drill into the piece at all. Here’s a view of the back…

I was also able to choose the shade and the finial for my lamp. The total cost for this lamp was around around $65.

It’s fun to have a lamp you designed yourself and you know you most likely won’t being seeing everywhere. Just imagine all the fun possibilities!

Hope you enjoyed this little metamorphosis…now I’m off to see all the other “Before and Afters” for this Met Monday!

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  1. Oh he is a cutie and what great vision to see him as a lamp! I like it. Happy Met to you Susan!!

  2. What a great eye you have!

  3. Susan,
    This sure made a cute lamp.
    Enjoy seeing all the neat ideas people come up with.
    So glad your blog is here.
    As a goal…I’m still hoping to participate in the very near future.
    God Bless you real good!
    Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

  4. It’s the tiny tongue…his little tongue that made me love him. The lamp is a great home for the pup. Love it!
    Robin Rane’
    All Things Heart and HOme

  5. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; It is just to to adorable for words.. I love it. It is amazing what you can turn into a lamp that no one else will have…


  6. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Oh – I did not even notice the little doggy tongue until RobinRane mentioned it. I love it even more now. Love this lamp – and the best part is that it is totally unique. How clever you are.
    Thanks for being the hostess again for Met Monday. Have a great week, Susan. Blessings, Barb

  7. Adorable! There are two great places that I know of here in my city that do this.


  8. What a great idea. That is such a special lamp and just the perfect little doggie. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  9. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan…What a good idea! Now I’m thinkig about all of my goodies that could be lamps! Have a good week…Debbie

  10. Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer says

    cute lamp!


  11. His grace is sufficient. says

    I just love the lamp.

  12. I love your vision, what a darling idea for a lamp. He looks like one of a kind, because he is!

  13. Florida Sue says

    If I came to your house, you have to watch me, because I would be out the door so fast with that lamp under my arm! I love your family room. (I love all your rooms) Great colors.

  14. Oh My Word! How perfect is that!! Love it absolutely love it!

  15. Love the little dog lamp..he looks very classic. I’ve thought about doing this before but have never followed through. The possibilities are endless.

  16. aww susan, your lamp is adorable and not to mention will always be one of a kind. Fantastic idea

  17. Happy To Be says

    Hi Susan as a lamp maker myself I am always looking at items that can be made into lamps girl..I once made a lamp from this gal wedding shoe and used her veil to make the shade with she wanted a vanity lamp..I know it sound dumb…but it did turn out real cute and it was ONE of a kind..May you have a great day…Hugs and smiles Glโ™ฅria

  18. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Hummm……you’ve given me some ideas*! *PERK* I’m gonna be on the lookout for cute pieces that could be made into a lamb and give this a try. Thanks for sharing (and for the idea)*!!! _Ashley*

  19. cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) says

    My husbands father used to make lamps out of everything…but nothing anybody ever wanted…. like a blow fish!!!

    Now this doggie lamp is class! I thought it was a staffordshire dog in the first pic. What a great idea…and it is lovely!

  20. cedwards55 says

    Great idea Susan! I didn’t know a lamp could be made without drilling into the piece. I’ve been holding off on drilling into a fruit basket for fear it would break. I do have a lamp that’s made like that of a darling bunny but I never thought of having one made. I applaud you!

  21. Very charming! I love the way it looks in your room.


  22. salmagundi says

    Do most big cities have lamp stores? I live in the boondocks, and having any kind of specialty store is a rarity. I love the idea of making something special into a lamp. Thanks!! Sally

  23. DesignTies says

    I love it!! I never would have thought to make that doggie into a lamp. Thanks for the inspiring idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your family room looks so warm and cozy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  24. cute as a button…

  25. Hi Susan. You are very creative. The doggie lamp is adorable. Your blog is delightful and so hard to walk away from. I just posted my first Met Monday entry. Thanks to the Hostest With The Mostest!!

  26. That little dog would be cute no matter what you did with him. They did a great job on the lamp!

  27. P.S. “Sweet Baby” wanted me to tell you that she liked it too!

  28. cedwards55 says

    Forgot to tell you, that’s one of my favorite songs! Go Corrine Bailey Rae!!!!! How can you be in a bad mood listening to her cuteness?

  29. What a pretty lamp, Susan! I really like it, especially the fact that there isn’t anything like it anywhere else….Christine

  30. This is perfect– much better than just buying any old lamp! I have thought about making one of my bunnies into a lamp one day. Thanks for hosting!

  31. Olive Rue says

    Hey Susan. Just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your vote and opinion. I really appreciate it very much! Hope you have a wonderful week! I think I might actually have time to the Met Monday today. Going to check out my photos now.

  32. That’s a great lamp – and it’s an original, too! It really turned out well – one would have thought it started out that way! Linda

  33. It is quite gorgeous, Susan and he looks very happy with his new form and function, LOL! I love that idea.

    Another great Met Monday. I’ll join you all at midnight Texas time.

  34. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Awesome idea Susan & I would never have thought of using a figurine! (I'm suffering from a little dog figurine/lamp envy right now…)

    I thought at first you drilled a hole in the dog & would have been too scared to try that. Hmmm, you've the rusty wheels turning! โ˜บ

  35. Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens says

    Susan, I love your lamp. What a fantastic idea, but I really love that dog to. It is gorgeous and fits beautifully into your home. Which I keep coming back and having a look around. It reminds me of a springer spaniel puppy which have always been our favourite dogs, we have had four. All the rooms that I have seen up to now in your house are really beautiful. You are very talented. Also thanks for the info on Birds and Bloom. I should get it, because we are really into birds too. The hummers can sure make a racket when there are so many, too funny. Thanks so much for sharing.

  36. Hi Susan…I was thinking too that the little dog had to be drilled into & thought it was lucky he wasn't shattered…but thankfully that wasn't necessary…and the rod isn't even seen…outstanding transformation! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bo

  37. carolinajewel says

    Great metamorphosis Susan! I love the fact that they didn’t have to drill any part of the cute doggie to make it into a lamp. His colors go so well with your room. ๐Ÿ˜€ Jewel

  38. What a sweet doggie. He would light up a room all by himself, now he can really light it.

    Have a happy day


  39. Did someone mention doggie? Love him! My neighbor down the street has a dog that looks just like this little fella (real). Very nice!

  40. Terri and Bob says

    Ok, that is totally cool. I am now going to have to look out for a cool ceramic piece. NEAT.

  41. He’s awfully cute! They did a great job.

  42. Dream Mom says

    Susan, Your lamp is just beautiful! It looks really high end! I was aware you could have a lamp made however I wasn’t aware they wouldn’t have to drill into a piece-I loved how they came around the back. The whole lamp looks like you bought it like this. The base is perfect. Thank you for including the cost; it’s great to know you could get this done at a reasonable price.

  43. tales from an O.C. cottage says

    Oh… head is now spinning!

    m ^..^

  44. That’s a great lamp! I am looking for doggies like that since I have one in real life! Mine’s black and white, though.

  45. Love the doggie transformation. I used to work for the a designer from Dallas that has a shop in northern Michigan. She brought silk covered fabric lamp shades on Staffordshire figurine lamps to Michigan. I have a couple of her pieces in my bedroom that I treasure.
    I did a Blue Monday post today, but I will be back next week for Met Monday next week. My grand babe’s are here for spring break, but hopefully I’ll get around to visit all the participants.

  46. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Like your lamp – but then the whole room is so pretty!

  47. Raggedy Girl says

    What a great post. I love your “doggie” lamp. Very clever.

    Have An Amazing Monday
    from Roberta Anne-the Raggedy Girl

  48. How clever of you! I have a hand painted (vivid colors)wood cactus I purchased years ago during a trip to NM … it is sitting in my garage at present, and I think it would make a spectacular lamp! I’ll let you know how it goes …

  49. santamaker says

    Love it! That was the crowning touch for your table in the family room. I still need to do the rooster I got at the Flea. If I see any foxes, I’ll let you know!

  50. This is definitely a Stellar idea! I love it! I’m glad they were able to make the lamp without taking a chance of ruining that beautiful piece. Deb

  51. Donna@designson47thstreet says

    Why is it I never even thought that this could be done? Your doggie is perfect for a lamp. I love how he is standing. I also love that he didn’t have to have any drilling into him.

    GREAT IDEA, Susan! I have participated today. Thanks so much for Met Monday. It’s alwasy soo fun to see what everyone comes up with!


  52. Barb~Bella Vista says

    Susan, I love your lamp….perfect!


  53. Susan, that is adorable! My SIL has several King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, and we gave her a similar statue for her birthday a few years ago. I’ll have to show her what you have done with yours. It’s wonderful!

  54. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Susan~ ~What a great piece you have here. It never dawned on me that you could make the piece into a lamp without drilling holes into it. Your just brilliant! It looks like a designer lamp. Love it and it suits your lovely home.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  55. Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 says

    I love your lamp! I had the same done with a bunny teapot my husband got me one year for easter! And I had a vase made into a lamp. I agree! It’s so neat to have a collectable of yours turned into a lamp. It makes it even more special! Your previous post brought a happy tear to my eye! My father used to get that magazine and got me a subscription too! He’s been gone 3 years now and I’d forgotten about that magazine. I’m going to renew my subscription! Thank you! and God Bless you today! Lauralu ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Anonymous says

    I LOVE THIS ROOM! I like everything in it including the dog lamps (and how clever is that to make your own). Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful home.

    Teacup Lady (Sandy)

  57. Darling doggie lamp,love it, goes so well in your home Susan!
    Linda Q

  58. Amongst The Oaks says

    Cute, cute, cute! What a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing.

  59. That is the best idea! Now, I’m going to look around for things to make into a lamp!

  60. I have always just LOVED that lamp! It was genius of you to have the piece made into a lamp….now I am on the hunt around my house for a piece to convert to a lamp too!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for hosting this MM. Love, Pinky

  61. Susan, just wanted to let you know. I went to RMS, saw that you had posted a new tablescape and TRIED to rate it but could NOT get signed in. Will try again! I was just looking at those plates at Kohls the other day…and WANTING them SO bad!!!:):) Pinky

  62. Kim @ Manning Family Tree says

    I almost forgot to comment on yours! Your lamp is fabulous! I love one of a kind lamps. And to think how easy it was to turn this into a lamp. I love it!

  63. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, you are just way too smart! That lamp is so original and so perfect for that room. I love him. laurie

  64. Oh, very funny design, I love it. LOL
    Health information
    Humor & Fun World

  65. What a cute idea and it did make a perfect lamp too!

  66. Donna Lynn says

    What a wonderful idea! I would of never thought of that, great too that they didn’t ruin the piece by drilling through it, I have seen that and it made me sad to see the piece ruined!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Bless you this week,
    Donna Lynn

  67. Hi Susan….what a great idea for a lamp..and I can’t believe how reasonable the cost ot have it custom made….very cute…

  68. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    What a great idea. I love your doggie lamp.

  69. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages says

    Susan..what an adorable little lamp. No one else has one like it…you can be sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Susan… I just had a vision… a vision of hundreds of Met Monday posts… all showing new and original hand made lamps… lamps of every shape and size… all because of you and your little doggie lamp… wow…

    okay.. I love the lamp… and who knew you could get it done so inexpensively! What a beauty and at such a bargain!

    Maybe I’ll find something at Wimberly this weekend… I’ll have Candy with me… queen of junktiquing… bet she’ll help!

    have a wonderful week… Dixie

  71. Oh, what a wonderful idea for a lamp. Your living room looks so cozy.

  72. Room Service ~ Decorating 101 says

    I love this, wonderful post. I have done this before, but I had forgotten about it. Now I am thinking again…

  73. Miss Janice says

    Oh Susan, this is just the cutest lamp! You are too talented girl!

  74. The Nester says

    Really great idea! What a wonderful way to highlight {he he} a favorite piece!

  75. The Stylish House says

    Hi Susan,
    This is almost too darn cute for words! Now of course I will have to find a figurine to make into a lamp. Cathy

  76. Susan Reddington says

    Hi Susan,

    After doing a search on the internet, I found your article of March 30, 2009 entitled “Make a Lamp from Something You Love.” I live in Manhattan (NYC) and have called a number of lamp stores inquiring about having two black antique Staffordshire dogs made into lamps. No one seems to do this work. I did find a place that would, at a cost of $300 per lamp! I realize that your cost of $65 was in 2009 and that prices have risen, but I feel that $300 per lamp is overpriced. I am planning on moving to Raleigh, NC and wonder if I should wait to see if I can find someone there to do the work at a reasonable price. Any suggestions that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and your lamp is beautiful!

    My best,


    • Yeah, that sounds ridiculous. I know someone locally who makes lamps and I think he would probably be better priced that that. I’ve had him repair lamps for me and he was reasonable. He makes and designs lamps as well and has a great eye. I always love his designs. You may want to call him to see if you can send him the dogs and he can make them for you…then ship them back. Maybe you could buy shades locally if those are hard to ship. His name is David Puffer and his business is called Flourish Antiques. His number is: 770-855-2651. Or when you move to Raleigh, you may want to just bring them down since that isn’t that far away. He has his lamp business in an antique shop on the square in Marietta, GA called Duprees.

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