Making My Bed Like a Pottery Barn Bed

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Over the past month, I’ve been getting regular emails from Pottery Barn reminding me that I have a $25 credit that’s soon to expire. There’s nothing that I particularly need right now but after about the 3rd time that email arrived, I decided to click over and check out their spring goodies.

The first thing I saw was this image. Doesn’t this make you long for spring?! It looks so fresh and summery! It makes me want to move to the beach and decorate my whole house in soft blues and white.


As I was dreaming about a beach move, I started chuckling a little. Who makes their bed this way–with all the pillows perfectly placed while the rest of the bed looks like WrestleMania just took place with the dogs and the kids.

That got me thinking, what if I made my bed this way? Ummm…


Here’s how my bed looks when it’s fully made.

Red & Green Tartan Bedding for a Fall Winter Bed


I’ve shared a semi-messy version of my bed a couple of times in the past when I was sharing a new L.L. Bean Woodland sheet set for fall/winter.

Tartan Bedding for Fall and Winter


But how would it look if I actually made my bed like a Pottery Barn ad? Would it look this inviting? Only one way to find out!


My winter version of the PB Bed–pillows are all perfectly in place while the rest of the bed says, “I just woke up!”

Making My Bed Like a Pottery Barn Bed


For this fun makeover, I borrowed the scrumptious, red blanket I purchased this past winter when family was here for Thanksgiving. My son and daughter-in-law always prefer sleeping on the queen-size sofa sleeper in my upstairs family/bonus room instead of the full-size bed in the guest room, but the bonus room can get a bit chilly during the night when the door is closed since that room is out over the garage. This blanket kept them toasty warm all night long.

Styling a Bed in Pottery Barn Style


After seeing this blanket here on my bed, I may just keep it here all winter. I love how it looks, especially displayed Pottery Barn style. lol (Red Sherpa Blanket is available here: Red Blanket.)

Bed Linens Layered for Winter


In the PB ad, they had the blanket strewn casually over the bed and hanging haphazardly off of the end.


My version…I think I should have slanted it sideways and let it drag on the floor a bit more. Ha! (Tartan bedding is still available and on sale here: Tartan Bedding.)

Tartan Bedding, Red Luxury Blanket


The Pottery Barn Partially-Made Messy Bed…

By the way, if you love this linen, it’s all on sale right now. In fact, I think all their linen is currently 20% off. You’ll find the sale here: Spring Linen Sale. In all seriousness, I’m sure they display their beds this way to make them look extra cozy and fluffy, while also trying to share the various shams/pillow covers available for the bedding.


My winter version…

Styling a Bed in Pottery Barn Style


Making My Bed Like a Pottery Barn Bed

How about a fun challenge? Let’s call it the, Making My Bed Like a Pottery Barn Bed, challenge. 🙂 If you have a blog, I’m challenging you to make your bed in PB style: Half Made-Up & Half Saturday Morning Wrestling with the Dogs and Kids.

If you take the challenge, please come back and leave a comment with a link to your post. I would love to see it!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Franki Parde says

    Nooooo….go back……ooooo….(you just need some more “throw pillows”…) franki

  2. Either way, your bed looks cozy and comfortable!

  3. Ha! I love your winter Pottery Barn bed Susan – what a great idea! I’ll see if I can’t get my bed to look anything like either yours or the original, and report back! Such a fun challenge! They do look cozy – I’d be happy to climb back into either one for the rest of the day! 🙂 Take care and thanks as always for the excellent party!

  4. I like your original bed best! Not a fan of the Pottery Bed look. It looks like you got tired in the middle of making the bed! But that is just me!

  5. Donna Nance says

    Hmm, I think I agree with Miss Franki. I never could understand why photos of bedding have to look “messy”. Actually part of that mindset is that it disguises the skimpiness of the comforters or bedspreads. Guess I am of the old school that a bed should be properly made.

  6. IMHO… Maybe that “messy bed” look would be OK on a beach vacation or even a “staycation”, but it doesn’t appeal to me in everyday life. For one thing, if you laid small things like socks, underwear, jewelry, keys (etc.) there as you’re getting dressed, it could easily get obscured by the covers. Plus, if you have a beautiful duvet or quilt, (such as your plaid) you don’t get to appreciate the design when it’s all jumbled up.

  7. Noooo. Not a fan of unmade bed. Cannot rest of bed is not made

  8. Love the cozy look!! So… what did you get with your $25 credit? ;–)

  9. Definitely NOT a fan of the messy, unkept Pottery Barn look.
    It just speaks of sloppiness!

  10. Not a fan at all. PB editors let that photo slip by them…

  11. It reminds me of home on a rushed school day…lol

  12. I’d have a hard time getting the dogs off the bed to try to recreate the messy bed look. The biggest one think it’s the most fun to jump on and off when I’m trying to change the sheets.

    My whole place when I lived in the Virgin Islands was blue and white. I got so sick of it that when I moved to Mexico the only place I allowed blue and white was in the guest bedroom. I had some nice items in those colors that moved with me but you won’t find them in the rest of the house.

  13. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan ~ I love your “take” on PB’s messy/made-up bed. However, if I made my bed up every day just like you did with that cozy red blanket I would have to fight my cat for, I would be inclined to take a major nap every single day !!! I have to make up my bed as you normally do every day! Ha Ha !!

  14. These beds just look sloppy. I’ll continue to make my bed the old-fashioned way!

  15. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Well, that is certainly a different look! Not one I’m a fan of though, not that it looks bad, but not what we are used to. Your bed always looks cozy though, even in this look, so I’d cuddle up there. lol Hugs, Brenda

  16. I like a tidy bed. I was raised to make your bed, no matter how messy the room is, it looks 100% tidier with made bed.

  17. Jane Kelly says

    LOL Well I make my bed every day with an old torn comforter thrown over the good one so that my dogs can lay on the bed & snooze or gaze out the front window – soooo, none this is a go for me. They enjoy the snoozes & the view & the old comforter keeps the good one safe for them. They are house dogs – but 2 labs & a German Shorthair mix – so they shed. Nothing more comforting than seeing all 3 of them snoozing in the afternoon sun shining thru the window.

  18. I wonder if pottery barn makes it like this messy style so that you don’t know that most of their “coverlets” won’t completely cover your mattress in real life! Their oversized comforters are wonderful though.

  19. I am so detail oriented, I do prefer your original, neat made up bed. But you are right~so strange they leave the pillows in order but mess up the rest of the bed! I may try that, but I do like a bed with tight, tucked in sheets and an organized duvet! Fun challenge. May try it on one of my blog posts!

  20. Maybe the guest room would like a soft-blue-and-white refresh? lol

  21. Such beautiful bedding and bedrooms!

  22. Snowflake281 says

    Sorry Susan &Pottery Barn, it’s always going to be neat & tidy for me!

  23. The PB “colors” and the unmade bed make the room look like a depressive lives there. No way. Nobloomingwayhow!

    What on earth is the psychology behind that look? Are they trying to appeal to slobs with money?

    • I think they are trying to make everything look extra fluffy and inviting while trying to share all the available pillow shams that one can buy to go with the set. Yeah, I wouldn’t make my bed that way daily but it was fun to try and duplicate it.

  24. Libby S Counts says

    I love the look of a well made bed, but sometimes messy is just best…lol

  25. Eloise Fitzsimmons says

    Oh my bed ! I need a new mattress for my full size bed. My adult children want me to get a queen size bed -even one where the head can raise up ! I’m close to 80 and won’t be sharing my bed . I was glad to hear you had a full upstairs . Any good mattress suggestions ?

    • I do, in the guest room. The mattress on that bed came from a local mattress shop that sadly has gone out of business. I purchased a new mattress/box springs a few years back and bought them in Macy’s. It has held really well, plus they took the old set away.

  26. Argh, no! My bed looks like the PB one when I *don’t* make it! I must say, though, I love the pale blue and white theme and would love to give my bedroom a similar summer re-do. I might just have to work on that throughout the rest of our long, cold winter days. 🙂

  27. Er, your bed looks cozy and inviting. If I made mine that way, it would just be messy. But neat idea. Just found your website while searching for a particular Doris Day movie costume! Re: your post from 2011.

  28. Well, that was interesting! I was told by a stylist years ago they often put down comforters under the fitted sheet and then use at least 2 comforters to stuff the duvet to get a full, plush look. Think that’s more for photos than real life. I prefer your tidy look, lol!

  29. Cyndi Raines says

    Well…maybe for a long weekend when you plan to do a lot of reading in bed and will be in and out to get different books, lol, but for everyday, I do like a made bed. Especially when it is as pretty as yours is. I know you put some money into the skirting and having it special made along with the beautiful coverlet and comforter, so I much prefer showcasing each. Fun experiment for a winter day, or a good excuse to have if you just feel a little lazy some day, hehe.

  30. Nope, messy doesn’t work at all for me. Your bed looks great all neat and made up, and that’s how I like mine to look as well. Just my humble opinion. Not sure who the PB people are trying to appeal to… Curious as well as to what you will spend your credit on – how fun will that be, especially with Easter on the horizon.

  31. Susan, we have been together for a long time. Messy bed is not you.

  32. They only do it that way so they can subtly show off all the layers they have available. Too messy for me too. One thing I have to do every day is make the bed no matter how much chaos the rest of the house is in but I’ll take your challenge Susan this is a fun one.

  33. Michele M. says

    Oh Susan, you make me laugh! What a fun post this was – and I sooooo agree with you about that PB beach bedroom wanting to pack up and move! It completely” metamorphs” me there!

  34. Oh my gosh! Laughed my way through the comments . . . you have a wonderful crew of friends on this site. And I’m with most of the gals — PB style is not for me. I’d think I forgot to make the bed. Love your spunky spirit, Susan. And thanks for the challenge. I’m going to give it a try, but might end up back in bed for an afternoon nap.

  35. You did a great job recreating the look. When I read the title, I was expecting you to paint the wood white, change the wall color and buy the bedding.

  36. I do love your red plaid bed linens. Look so cozy yet has a bit of elegance to it. I do prefer the neat look you displayed and prefer that look for our bedroom and guest rooms. I do enjoy all your posts and the pretty things you share.

  37. I think your bed looks better than the messy Pottery Barn version. I am sure you will enjoy either the way you usually make it or this way.

  38. I love both of them! So, much that I finally bought the set for my bedroom! Happy Birthday,Yeah me! Thank you Susan for all you do for us! Next season, this year, I’ll send you a pic!

  39. I love your red plaid bedroom for winter. Did you have to make your dust ruffle?

  40. Beautiful bedroom as always! Thanks so much for hosting each week. I hope your day has been a special one, CoCo

  41. Ok Susan I took the challenge. I don’t know if I’m doing this right but here is my sight. http//

    • Shelley, I love it! Your bed looks sooo cozy, just beautiful! Love the twist you gave it all with the blanket/throw and the addition of the tray.
      I tried to leave a comment on your post, but it was trying to make me create an account with Disqus or do it via my FB account (which I don’t like doing) and I no longer have a Twitter account. Hopefully, you will get this, though.

      • Susan thanks so much. you are the very first blog I started reading 10-12 years ago. I feel like we are kindred spirits. I have just started building my blog so I obviously still have some tweaking to do.

  42. Shirlee Smith says

    That was hilarious. I never thought before about how I find those sloppy beds so appealing, and I would have never tried comparing my bed with those fancy pics. They use some awesome powerful but quiet marketing ploys to get us unsuspecting characters to desire an unmade bed…well to feed my natural inclinations LOL. Thanks for sharing!

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