Three Summer Tablescapes: Patriotic and Nautical Inspired

Welcome to the 245th Tablescape Thursday!

There’s a Pottery Barn store just a couple miles from my home.  Dangerous, right? A few days ago while out running errands, I stopped in to see what’s new for summer. I didn’t buy anything, just window shopped that day.  They had three really cute tables set up so I had to snap some cell phone pics for you.  Their displays are always so creative!

Are you getting ready for a big Memorial Day gathering? This table would work well for a Memorial Day or for the 4th of July event, really any patriotic celebration.

Patriotic Tablescape for the 4th of July or Memorial Day

The casually placed tablecloth looks like a giant bandana, doesn’t it?  Tip: Inexpensive bandanas make great napkins for a Memorial Day or 4th of July cookout.  I’ve seen them in Hobby Lobby but I bet you could find them in lots of other places, too.

Patriotic Tablescape for the 4th of July or Memorial Day

Isn’t this a cute way to display a soda?  I may just steal this idea for a future table setting sometime.  I also like the silverware standing up in the mason jar glassware.

Red, White and Blue Tablescape_wm

Tiered servers are a lot of fun, so many ways to use them.  Do you think Coke sponsored this table?  Kind of reminds me of product placement in the movies. πŸ˜‰  Love the star-shaped plates!  I know it looks like they have writing on the inside but that’s just information about the products on the table. The plates are all white.

White Star Plates and a Star 3-Tiered Tray


Tablescape #2:

In another area of the store they had a beach-themed tablescape on display.  I love the soft aqua colors of this table.

Aqua Fishing Themed Tablescape

Notice the rope-edged plates.  Wouldn’t those look great with my “rope-looking” flatware in this table setting:  Patriotic Tablescape

Beach and Fishing Themed Table Setting

My favorite part of the table was the fish net tablecloth!  I’ve seen similar ones in Michaels and if I’m remembering correctly, they were priced very reasonably.  I didn’t notice if they were selling the fishnet in Pottery Barn.  Great napkins…love the colors once again.  Notice how the natural woven placemats create a nice, calm background for the soft colors of the table setting.  The flatware is casually tied together with jute yarn, another fun idea we can steal from this table design.

Aqua Fishing Themed Table Setting


Tablescape #3:

The final table I saw was another sea inspired tablescape, but notice how different the color scheme is from the one above.  The centerpiece is composed of a large hurricane lantern with another rustic style lantern and a large candle holder on either side.  A large, decorative, silver shell is also part of the centerpiece.  It kind of looks like mercury glass, doesn’t it?  I love the use of tall white tapers, too.  This would be a beautiful setting come nightfall with all the candlelight aglow. You know how you can design a  “moonlight” garden with all white flowers so it’s visible and kind of glows at night?  Well, this could be a moonlight tablescape, all whites and silver for a pretty moonlit dining experience.

White Beach Themed Tablescape


I noticed Pottery Barn brought back their rustic, wood flag this year.  I love how it looks in this room!  What a great look for summer or a beach house. (Following three pics are from Pottery Barn online.)

Rustic Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays

Another view….

Make a Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays

If you are interested in making your own flag to hang for the holidays, I made one a couple of years ago and it was really easy.

Make a Rustic Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays

I had planned to hang it but ended up just leaning it against the wall above the hutch out on the screened porch.

Porch Decorated for the 4th of July

With Memorial Day upon us and the 4th of July about a month away, now’s a great time to make one.  You’ll find a detailed tutorial showing how to make it here:  Make a Pottery Barn Inspired Flag for Memorial Day or 4th of July   Looking for some inspiration for a partriotic tablescape?  You’ll find 10+ here: Independence Day Tablescapes



Looking forward to the wonderful table settings created for this Tablescape Thursday!


Tablescape Thursday

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  1. I can’t believe I’m the first link on your huge linkup! Yippeee! Such inspiring tables and dΓ©cor in this post, Susan. I don’t get to go to PB very often, since there isn’t one near my home. I loved seeing those great tables. That Patriotic table just has so many unique and clever ideas. When I try to put a cloth on a table like that, it just looks like my cloth is too small for the table. They made it look great. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  2. Kristina says

    That Coke table is cute! I love PBs unexpected placement of silverware. Thanks for sharing! I think you convinced me I need that flag, so it’s on my project list for this weekend!

  3. Susan, I visited the Pottery Barn at the shopping mall at Buckhead when I was in Atlanta last month. Do you ever go there? I was in total heaven! I learned that this one is the largest in the USA and it definitely was the largest I had ever seen. They had just installed the summer scapes and I just swooned – they know how to display their lovely things so well. I love PB and wish there was one in Hawaii. Now that we are living, temporarily, in London I long for PB along with WS. I’ll be in NYC next week so guess where I’ll be going!

    • Mandy, was the Buckhead location the one in Lenox Mall? I so rarely brave the traffic to drive into ATL, but now you have me craving a trip. Might just have to hit IKEA while I’m there. πŸ™‚ BTW, the Pottery Barn Teen store in the Lenox mall is one of just six in the whole country! I was shocked to find we had one here in Atlanta. Have fun in NYC! I bet the stores there are amazing!

      • Susan, yes it was at Lenox Mall. You would LOVE visiting PB! Is there a way you could take their monorail into the mall to avoid the drive? I remember seeing one and read that you can take it from the airport. There must be other stops. Check it out! Between using the NYC (subway) and London (tube) it makes traveling all over these cities easy peasy! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Susan~ Thanks for taking me along to PB! I love shop there for inspiration and indulge in a little retail therapy! Love your flag~ thanks for the tutorial! Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  5. Good Thursday Morning, Susan!
    Thank you for bringing us such wonderfully inspiring tablescapes today. I’m already making notes for July 4th.
    I’ve got my wooden flag tray in place for the upcoming Memorial Day. I’m so glad I bought it right after you showed how to make that wooden flag. I use it all summer long to take things to & from the gazebo house.
    I hope you have a safe & meaningful Memorial Day. All 3 of my grands will be marching in the local parade, so you know where I’ll be.


  6. Love this post, I’m having such a hard time deciding which scape is my fav but I think I am leaning towards number 2! Thanks for hosting another fantastic link party too BTW, I always get tremendous traffic from your parties….Always!

    One last thing, have you ever done a DIY post on your toolbar that shows all your pages? I am having such a hard time trying to find ones that work with blogs and if they do….their only single drop downs, not like yours that can expand further….I am going to try to do another search but thought maybe I was entering in the wrong words….lol

    • Thanks, Christine! Well, it’s kind of an involved process. I hired a developer who set up the framework for the categories and I use a plugin called Genesis Featured Widget Amplified to actually create them. That plugin was really designed for a different purpose but we figured out a way to adapt it for the categories, or I should say the developer did. You need a theme that will support categories, too. There are lots of Genesis WordPress themes that are set up for categories. I could never teach it in a tutorial unfortunately, way too complicated to set up involving code, etc… That’s why I hired someone to do that part. When I create a new category or move things around, my head still spins. lol It sometimes takes me a while to figure out how to get everything displaying correctly.

      • OK, thanks! I gave the web code thing another shot and think I finally got it. I was just hoping you knew a cool gadget that would save me 4 hours…but I got it working so no worries…Thanks so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it.

  7. Peggy Thal says

    Happy Memorial Day! Getting my decorations out right now. Our pool is open , set a cute table and make a little barbecue for my family. That’s what it is all about. Thanks for your post Susan. You got me inspired to set a cute table. I just flew in from Florida and feel a little lazy.

  8. I am good at cooking but not at table setting, yours are just gorgeous! Hello from Sicily!

  9. Susan, there are times, when I am frustrated that my closest Pottery Barn is at Lenox Square. However, today, I am glad! After seeing your gorgeous photos, I realized that I could spend some serious money there!! I am not sure how you resisted some of those items! The linens, the plates and the glassware are calling to me, but I am trying to turn a “deaf ear” – lol! Unfortunately, there is always the internet!!

  10. Wow you found some great tables. I like some of the tips you pointed out. I so wish that I had a PB near me! Of course that would be dangerous to the wallet! During my recent visits to Ethan Allen they had a flag picture but it was around $1000.00!! Even at 40% off it was still way too much money. I remember when you made yours- such a classic. I hope you have a nice Memorial Day. I’m visiting family and celebrating my sister’s 70th birthday!

  11. I’m mostly leaning towards your RW&B table, Susan, as is my fav Patriotic combo. ..lthough I really like them all! Great table ideas you’ve shared here for the 4th. of July. Thank you for having me again at the great Tablescape Thursday. Have a wonderful long weekend.

  12. Wonderful pix…how fun it must be to work there…I have to drive just over an hr to Annapolis where there’s a Pottery Barn…I’m 45 mins from the nearest Marshall’s…which is diffidently a good thing…I’d be like pooh bear to honey if I lived close….
    I love the plates in the Beachy setting that was shared by Tablescapes by Bev…the wooden Flag is Great too….hope your day goes well…finally sunny here…Finally!!

  13. Cherry Goodson says

    Good morning Susan,

    Loved going to the Classy Flea. Spent lots of time looking at all the pretty things. Thought the prices were really good. Loved the Atlanta area, but thought Dallas traffic was bad. My goodness took us forever to get around.
    Was trying to copy the blogger who purchased napkins at Target and transferred numbers (inside wreaths) on these napkins. I spent hours last night trying to find the blog again, with no luck. How can I find that blog site again.
    Thanks for your patience when answering all our questions. Have a great weekend. We are headed to Austin for a wedding. Cherry

    • Cherry, I don’t remember seeing that. Was it for a previous Tablescape Thursday? You may want to try Googling napkins with numbers or wreaths or something like that.

      • Cherry Goodson says

        Thanks for the reply. I think it was a MM picture. Will try some other resources. What would PB think if we pulled up a chair and sat at one of the tables? Fun huh?
        My husband has cut up enough slats for 5 flags like yours and this week some of my friends and I will try to paint them. All those stars. That will be the kicker. Have a great weekend.

  14. I am surprised they let you take pictures! I tried a few years ago and they pounced on me like I was a criminal and said it was store policy , no pictures allowed. Maybe they have changed their policy, but I asked at MC in Southampton, and they had the same policy. Meanwhile Villeroy and Boch which is a much higher end than either of the former, couldn’t have been nicer about it! Go figure!
    Hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend! Big sale at the WS and PB outlet here starts today! πŸ™‚

    • They didn’t say anything and lots of sales people were walking all around. I even told them how much I enjoyed seeing their display settings. I guess different stores have different policies. Thanks, hope your’s is great, too!

  15. Susan, I think I MUST have those star plates!!! So cute! I just love Pottery Barn, but do not love their prices unless things are on sale. Those star plates may have to be an indulgence though! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tracy I love those, too. I’m not sure if they are glass or melamine. I noticed the ones I saw online this morning were melamine. I didn’t pay that close attention in the store so not sure if those were but I’m guessing they were. That may not matter but just wanted to mention so you’ll know in case you order. The melamine is definitely good for kids and cooking/eating outdoors.

  16. PB always has wonderful displays. I just love these pictures and the casual feel of the tables. The way they used the bandana look for the tablecloth is gorgeous and I also love the way they displayed the soda. Lovely pictures Susan.


  17. Sigh…I love Pottery Barn…I swear I would work there for nothing just to be able to play with all their stuff! Thanks for so much inspiration and so many ideas for summer tables today!

  18. They said it was corporate policy. Seriously, I thought she was going to call the cops! I think I will call corporate and find out!

  19. I love all the PB red white and blue and your table is very pretty. I love your large flag. Such a great idea. Thanks for showing us all the new tables, so inspiring.

  20. I had set the table for Memorial Day 2 yrs ago and coke was the highlight of my settings as I can’t find American stuffs (well, I wasn’t ready for that settings).

    I can’t believe that PB that this year. Β§:-) Sometimes an unknown blogger had a style too, right? Funny thoughts.

    Hope you and Max are in the best of everything. Enjoy the best of the day & have a great w/end.

    Greetings from DΒ΄Box.
    /CC girl

  21. Susan, I look to PB for table inspiration all the time. Our local shop has great displays. In fact, I recently took some photos of one set with a beach theme. I need to pull up those photos and compare the tables. I think it may be the same dishes, just different look to the table. It would be fun to compare the two styles with same dishes.
    Love seeing all your patriotic settings. Happy Weekend! ~ Sarah

  22. Hi from an Indian in Dublin !
    Such nice tables from the shop. And your own porch with the American flag and everything else looks so beautiful ! Happy I managed to share my table in red in your party ! — Adity

  23. Hi, Susan,
    beautiful flags and wonderful tablescapes! My fav is #1!
    (Can you guess why? HA! That’s too simple! You know, I β™₯ the U.S.! :-))
    Susan, it’s too bad we have no PB here because although I always keep my eyes peeled for anything “Americana” I haven’t been able to find patriotic plates yet like yours (sigh) buuuut… instead of that a few weeks ago I found beautiful Americana bedding which I love very much, too! πŸ™‚
    (I know, nothing for a tablescape but I’m still doing the Happy dance! lol)
    Susan, what does your wooden flag look like, now? I remember you wanted to distress it…
    ~Hugs to you~

  24. Oh, Susan,
    thank you very much! Unfortunately there is no picture and I can’t see if they ship to Europe, too!
    Are you sure that is the same plates you have? The price is great!

  25. Oh, Susan,
    thak you so much for your email! I love both of those colors but honestly, I like yours, better!
    Since I want to display them the whole year round, I, too, think the distressed ones would look better in my dark brown Italian cabinet. What do you think? I have a lot of American items that I love very much and I enjoy them all year long :-), but sometimes their colors are a little too bright, for me, too! Normally, I am not a “blue” and “bright red” person, but… my love for the USA is sooooo big, there’s no chance to change or put away one thing! Susan, be honest, isn’t this true lβ™₯ve? πŸ™‚

  26. Thanks, Susan! lol
    There’s just one thing I have to told you: In Germany, American (patriotic) scarves are becoming very popular and every (normal) woman, like I am, LOL, wears them as often as possible. πŸ™‚ The only problem is, I have to buy lots of blue or white pants and white or red shirts lately, so that I can wear my American scarf, almost every day! LOL Normally they are made for young girls/women, I guess between 15 and 25 years old, but I really don’t think there’s a problem that I am… a little older (I’m 45…) Am I right or am I right? LOL Plus, I never care what (stupid) people say! πŸ˜‰

    • You are the perfect age to wear them! You are still YOUNG! Wish I was 45 again! That is really neat that American patriotic scarves are popular to wear there…I had no idea. πŸ™‚ I’d love to visit Germany one day and go to the Black Forest which I know is the typical touristy thing to do. πŸ™‚

  27. Ooops, Susan, of course, it is supposed to be “I have to TELL you”!
    In excuse of that… it is 1:37 a.m. here…;-)

  28. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful tables Susan…and have always loved your flag you so wonderfully made!!..
    Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!!!

  29. Thanks for sharing the PB tables! While I am shopping (or getting inspiration) there, it’s usually my husband that is taking photos of the beautiful tables in the store. Love your flag~ thanks for the tutorial! I set a lilac table immediately after seeing your purple iris table last week. Thanks for hosting and inspiring Susan!!

  30. Susan, that’s a great PB display…’s much like the PB in Jacksonville had. It was a great PB, but the same center had the Cheesecake Factory…it’s deadly! Thanks for hosting.

  31. I have followed your blog off and on for about a year, I finally subscribed today =) I love your style and inspiration! Stop by and see me sometime @

  32. Well that was fun! We don’t have a Pottery Barn anywhere near here…have to drive at least 100 miles to St. Louis to find one, so other than the catalog and emails, I don’t get in one often. Which may be a good thing!! I love all things beachy, so I love both of those tables…just wish I had the beach house to go with them!

    • You and me both! Maybe we can get 26 bloggers to all pitch in and we’ll buy one, then we each get 2 weeks to stay there. Have to be in a place that’s warm all year long! πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Susan,
    I am late to the party – but enjoying it just the same!! Love the Pottery Barn Inspiration, can’t get enough of it!! I don’t have one close by – so I don’t get to see all of their great tables. Your pics are better than looking at the Catalog. Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts and parties.

  34. The longer I follow your blog, the more often I find that we think alike. I took the same photos at Pottery Barn and thought about posting them on my blog — but never got around to it. I’m just going to link up yours on my Facebook page and call it a Memorial Day. Done!

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