My Winter Survival List, 2015

We’ve had the mildest winter so far here in Georgia. As I type this, it’s 67 degrees outside. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about living here, winters are usually a mix of cold temps with surprise weeks thrown in when you would swear spring had arrived. Georgia weather always keeps you guessing.

Despite this beautiful sunny day, I know the cold temps are coming back. The last few years I’ve put together my winter survival list and posted it here on the blog. Each time I’ve asked for your faves and I’ve learned so much from you! The Uggs I’ve worn for the last two winters are a purchase I made after reading your comments on previous Winter Survival posts, so thank you for that! I’ve never found anything that keeps my feet as warm as my Uggs.

Someone recently mentioned in a comment that they were looking forward to this year’s Winter Survival faves. (Thanks, Pam!) I wasn’t sure I’d have anything new to share but once I started thinking about it, I do have quite a few new winter faves I’ve discovered this year. By the way, I’m not affiliated in any way with any of the companies/products I’m sharing in this post. Just sharing what I love!

I would love to hear your winter faves, too so hope you’ll leave a comment sharing those along with any new ones you just discovered this season. I’ll be sure and link to the previous year’s posts at the end in case you would like to see them. The comments on those posts are filled with wonderful ideas and suggestions for surviving winter in style and comfort!

1. Heritage Flannel Sheets From L.L.Bean:

Flannel sheets have been on my winter survival list year after year. They deserve mentioning again though because this past winter I found the best flannel sheets. After reading the reviews online, I decided to try L.L. Bean’s Heritage flannel sheets. They are as wonderful as folks are saying in the 153, 5-star reviews at the L.L. Bean site. They are super heavy/thick and after several washings, they still look as nice as the day they arrived. No pilling or anything. LOVE THEM! The solid colors are available here: Heritage Flannel Sheets and the plaid ones are availabe here: Plaid Heritage Flannel Sheets

Heritage Flannel Sheets from L.L. Bean


They come in all the colors above including this plaid that I first purchased in early fall before I redid all my bedding a few months ago.

Heritage Flannel Sheets


Now that I’ve redone all my bedding in plaid, I need to buy these sheets in a solid color. Unfortunately it looks like they are on backorder and aren’t available until Feb for white and April for the natural/cream color. The plaid ones are sold out until April, too.

Several readers have told me they use flannel sheets year around. I love that idea and have been thinking of doing that too because flannel sheets are soooo soft and cozy. These truly are the best flannel sheets I’ve ever slept on. If you order them, just make sure you order their HERITAGE line. I ordered one of their other flannel sheet sets this past fall and returned them because they weren’t any better than the department store brands. It’s the “Heritage” line that’s so awesome!

Hertiage Flannel Sheets by L.L. Bean


2. My Winter Bedding Makeover

My winter survival list would not be complete without mentioning my winter bedding makeover. I’ve been sleeping toasty warm this winter and the plaid has been such a nice way to warm up the room. If you’ve been reading BNOTP the last few months, you’ve already read about it so I won’t go into the details in this post. If you’re not familiar, you can read more about it in this previous post: Dressing The Bed In Tartan, Ralph Lauren Inspired

Tartan Bedding, Ralph Lauren Style_wm


I also purchased a new mattress/box springs and I’ve been meaning to update you to let you know how I like it. So far, I really love it. It sleeps great! You can read more about the mattress set I went with in this previous post: Create A Winter Retreat With Tartan Bedding

Bed with new mattress


3. Talbots Slimming Heritage Corduroy Pants

I love corduroy pants for winter! Earlier in the fall I purchased two pairs of Talbots “Slimming Heritage Straight-Leg Cords” and I have just about lived in them this winter. They also come in a boot-cut style.

They are on sale right now for half price, $34 each, so I just purchased three more pairs. I love how these pants look and feel. They are a narrow wale so they don’t add poundage to your frame like a wide-wale will do sometimes. Talbots describes them as, “fine 18-wale corduroy.” They are so soft!  I have them in a dark green, navy, gold and black but they come in a slew of other colors, too. I’m 5’4″ and Talbot’s Petite line fits me perfectly so I love that I don’t have to hem them. These pants are available in Misses and Woman sizes, too.

Talbots Heritage Straight-Legs Cords



They do have a lot more colors available online than you’ll probably find in your local Talbots. You’ll find their corduroys here: Talbots.

Cords From Talbots


4. No Boundaries Long Sleeve Tees

A month or so ago when I was shopping in Wal-Mart, I saw their “No Boundaries” long-sleeve t-shirts. They were on sale for $6 each. They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so they are very light-weight. I purchased a couple thinking they would be good for wearing underneath sweaters and shirts as an extra layer this winter. I liked them so much, I went back and purchased 6 more about a week later.

It almost doesn’t matter what size you purchase because they all fit pretty snuggly, which is exactly why I love them. They gently hug your body, basically like long-underwear does. You can wear them underneath a sweater or shirt and they don’t add any bulk but they definitely add warmth. They are so cozy, I usually sleep in whichever one I happen to have worn under my clothing that day, they are that comfortable.

No Boundaries Shirts


The other feature I really love is there are no itchy tags at the neck. If you looked in my closet, you would find about half my shirts have the tags cut out because I can’t stand a scratchy tag on my neck. So if you’re looking for an affordable, soft, close-fitting second layer to wear underneath your shirts and/or sweaters this winter, I love these! I didn’t realize it until I looked them up online, but I think these are in Junior sizes so look in that area if you shop for these in the store.

No Boundaries Shirt


5. Old Gringo Boots

After purchasing my first pair of Uggs last winter and discovering how much I love wearing boots during the winter, I decided to add another boot to my wardrobe for winter. I have a couple of pairs of “dressy” boots that look great with skirts but I wanted another pair of casual boots, something that would look great with my cords or jeans.

I decided to look on eBay, hoping to find a good deal. In the process I came across some really cute boots by Macie Bean…ever heard of them? I didn’t buy any Macie Bean boots but when I googled to learn more about them, I discovered another boot by Old Gringo.

Old Gringo has lots of whimsical, colorful boots, as well as more conservative styles. They are all hand-crafted in Leon, Mexico and in the reviews online, folks were raving about how comfortable they are to wear.

Old Gringo


Apparently, I’m not alone in loving their designs. They have a huge fan base which includes Country Singer, Miranda Lambert seen here with all her bridesmaids at her wedding, all wearing Old Gringo boots.



Camila Alves McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey’s wife) wears them…

Old Gringo Boots


…as does Taylor Swift.

You would think they would be ridiculous expensive with all these stars wearing them, right? Surprisingly they aren’t that bad. You can find tons of them brand new with tags/box on eBay for very reasonable prices. Retail is usually anywhere from $250-$600, depending on the style. I found a lot of styles on sale at RiverTrail Mechantile, some as low as $167. They can also be found on Amazon and Zappos.

Unfortunately, the pair I wanted wasn’t on sale online anywhere online and retail was $725. No way I was paying that. I remembered having seen what I thought were probably Old Gringo boots in a local boutique store a few years back and drooling over them back then. I called the store to see if they carried them and they did. Plus, they were having a 50% off sale!



I was thrilled to find they had one of the pairs I liked online called Letty and even had it in my size. The Letty is described as being purple, olive-green and chocolate online but as you can see, it doesn’t look purple. It’s a really pretty pink. The embroidery and cutwork/overlay on Old Gringo boots makes each one a little piece of art. There are a gazillion styles/designs, heel heights, etc… The Letty has a heart design on the side; I have this thing for hearts.

This boot is normally pretty expensive due to all the detail and overlay but at half price, I paid around $350. I’ve been told they last a life-time, folks just get a new heel put on when the old one wears out. I pulled up my pants leg for this picture so you could better see them, but normally just the shoe part will show under my pants unless I cross my legs or wear them with my pants tucked inside. I’ll probably just wear them underneath my pants, that’s what I’ve been doing so far. But I love knowing the heart is there hiding underneath.

Old Gringo Letty


Here’s a close up showing the cut-work or overlay. I’m definitely an Old Gringo fan now. They are so comfortable and so warm for winter, I don’t want to take them off! As mentioned, they come in  tons of styles, designs and colors, including more conservative styles. You know how I love whimsy so I had to go for something fun!

Any Old Gringo boot fans out there? Apparently, folks love them so much, they collect a number of pairs. As comfortable as they are, I can see why. You can see all their styles at their website here: Old Gringo The pictures never do the boots justice. The best pictures I’ve found are on the River Trail Mercantile site because most of them are taken outdoors.

Old Gringo Letty Boot in Pink


So, that’s just a few of my fave ways of surviving winter this year. If we can’t change the temperature, we might as well have some fun and enjoy it!

Okay, now let’s hear it! What are you loving for winter? Nights in front of a blazing fire with a 4-legged furry face nearby? Found a fabulous hot chocolate or coffee you’re loving? The warmest socks around? A great lotion or lip balm? A great soup or chili recipe? A fabulous boot?

How are you staying warm? What are you loving this winter?

Below are my previous Winter Survival Lists. Be sure and check out the comments on those posts because they are absolutely filled with great ideas and products to get you through those cold days of winter)

January 2014

January 2013

January 2012

Please share your favorites for surviving winter each year…can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Susan, totally sincere , I revisit your spring/summer garden tours.

  2. Here in the hills of NC, my winter survival kit includes hot apple cider laced with some stuff I buy off the back of a pick up. Just sayin’. Oh, and Downton Abbey.

  3. I am definitely a fan of Old Gringo boots, but still saving for my first pair. Nobody carries them in town where I live, so I’ll have to wait until I travel to Colorado again (Denver, Colorado Springs) so I can actually try them on. One doesn’t buy expensive cowgirl boots to let them sit in the closet, so the fit needs to be right. Until then, I’ll just continue pinning them on one of my Pinterest boards. πŸ™‚

    • Jelena, I know River Trail Mercantile will let you return them but I think they have a restocking fee. They may not charge a restocking fee if you are just swapping them for another size. They have a sale going on right now on a lot of their Old Gringo boots. Oh, just remembered, Zappos has them, too…although not as big a selection. Zappos lets you return anything and I don’t think they even charge for the shipping back. If they do, it’s very small. I want to see those boots when you get them so send me a picture!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Damart is a wonderful winter clothes company in the UK. They specialize in thermal under garments for both men and women. They also offer casual and sports clothing. We big game hunt and have never been cold when wearing their under garments…even in below freezing temperatures.

  5. Those boots were made for walking! Very jazzy. I too have fallen for the tops at Walmart. I like the White Stag brand in the Ladies Dept not Juniors. They have a scoop neck with long sleeves, are 100% cotton, and wash up very well. I can’t believe how toasty they are, unlike some of my other tops. They come in great colors like brown, teal, gray, black, fuchsia, etc. They used to be $5.47 but just went up to $6 or $7 (I can’t remember). They are still a great bargain. I wear them around the house and running errands. If I throw on a blazer, I can even wear them to dinner. Once I put them on, I don’t want to change into anything else. They are very soft and comfortable and have a nice weight to them.

  6. Whoa…so many selections – so pretty!! My favorite thing to keep warm in winter is Florida. franki

  7. Girl, you need to find a dress to wear with those boots! They are awesome! Love these posts and look forward to them each year. I hate to be cold, too!

    • I’m tempted to do that for summer next year although I usually live in sandals during the summer months. Thanks, Jane! I love reading everyone’s suggestions.

  8. Hey, those boots are cool! I bought some new Talbots boots this year…for boot skirts. They are midcalf with quilting. Kindof prim and proper. My daughter gets a midcalf riding boot in Lex. But cannot remember the brand. They are a tough equestrian sort of boot…but she wears them with dresses, etc. I too love the curvy fit Talbots pants…they make me feel normal. Ha! I just cannot squeeze these curves into straight pants. Ha? Wish I could though! Thanks for the tip on the walMart Tees. I do love a bargain! I like to have those sorts of tops for around the house…cooking, working in the yard, etc. I will have to skip the flannel sheets…they make me hot. As in sweating and not “Hot!” Insert giggle!

    • Some of the equestrian boots are really beautiful! I love how they look even though I don’t ride. Yeah, thank goodness for the curvy style. πŸ™‚

  9. Love your post on your survival list! Hmmm…Heritage flannel sheets and Heritage cords, did you catch that?

    I’m the same height as you, Susan, and I love it when I can find a pant leg that needs nothing done to it. My problem (I know, I know) is I am very thin, and it is hard for me to find a pant leg slim enough that it doesn’t look like palazzo pants. I have good luck with JCrew, Eddie Bauer and, WalMart carries Levi’s Signature line that are awesomely fitting for me. I buy skinny, but they have boot cut also AND they have curvy fit. Best thing? They’re only $19.94!!!
    I also buy t-shirts from WalMart, but I found Hanes (no tag), both short and long-sleeve, for about the same price as yours, maybe a little weightier by the looks of your photo. Eddie Bauer t-shirts are my overall favorite for fit and wear. They even call it the EB Favorite line, and Sam’s usually sells them for $10 (long sleeve) and a little less for short (seasonally). They come in crew, v and scoop neck. JCrew has a good one too – Perfect Fit. T-shirts are as much a staple in my wardrobe and underwear, lol.
    I found some boots this year that I’m wearing a lot, Lucky Brand ankle boots with zips, and I can even walk in them. I walk a lot, so I mostly wear Merrill or J-41 brands’ athletic shoes.
    For almost 25 years now I have used Blistex DCT (daily conditioning treatment) lip gloss. It is my must-have for desert island survival. I use it religiously, even under lipstick, wear it to bed, and keep a pot in at least five different places so it’s always close by. It’s sometimes hard to find, but CVS has been by most recent go-to (and I usually buy all they’ve got, lol).
    Fun exchange – thanks!

    • I know, I thought about that! And the red paint I always paint my front door with is Benjamin Moore Heritage Red. I guess if it’s got Heritage in the name, I’m gonna like it. πŸ™‚
      You’re so lucky, Rita…I have the worse time finding jeans that fit. I’d like to have the skinny problem for just a week or two! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing all the great winter finds!

  10. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    What a fun post, Susan! I love soft sheets, so thanks very much for the info. When I read sheets described as “crisp,” I turn off completely…not soft enough. Your plaid-clad bed is fabulous!

  11. I must say I look forward to your post everyday, I was laughing reading this one though, I was born in Brunswick, Georgia, and grew up in Rhode Island, now I love my cowgirl boots just like all of you, but if I put flannel sheets on the bed I think I would suffocate, jeans and a soft sweatshirt are just great for me, and a coat when it gets down below 40, I am a tea drinker, and I like a little wine sometimes, a nice fire is also great, and curl up in a quilt by it when it goes down to the teens like it has been, but we have not got much snow this year, only a couple of inches, oh well before you know it, it will be spring , I just love all the seasons.
    take care, thanks for all.

  12. Linda Page says

    I love those boots. Oh, I wish I could wear them but my feet just are not shaped for cowboy boots. My instep is very high and I can’t get my foot down into the boot without messing up my foot. Been there, done that. But if I could wear them, I would want some just like yours! Gorgeous!

  13. My basic survival kit includes, but not limited to, a stack of great books to read, an electric blanket, several bottles of hand lotion, and a sense of humor…it’s cold up here, and that helps greatly! πŸ˜‰

  14. My Winter Survival list also includes boots, and I also love breaking out my cute scares and hats…and looking for even more!

    Also on my list is chicken tortilla soup, Constant Comment tea and the never-ending quest for perfect hot cocoa. This year we are loving a shot of espresso in it, with a chocolate covered-espresso bean or two nestled in the whipped cream topping.

    I’m sure yu have answered this a milliontimes or so, but what color is on your bedroom walls? It is the PERFECT yellow!

  15. My new favorite article of clothing for this year are leggings, I found beautiful ones at Dress Barn, they are a bit thicker and warmer with a waistband that is wide and goes up high to tuck in your waistline!!! I love Jockey underwear and long and sleeveless t shirts. My electric blanket is still a favorite. And this year I have a new cat to cuddle with!!!

    Amazing grace whipped body butter, so nice!! Good hand cream and lip balm get me through winter….

    I just discovered the sleepwear at Soma……on line, their sleep t shirts are awesome, called ‘cool nights’….they are rayon, keep you cool all night long and wash like a dream, pricey but so luxe!!!

    • Can you believe, I’ve never tried leggings. They look like they would be great for winter. Are leggings normally thicker than tights? Awww, kitties are the very best bed warmers! Is the Amazing Grace body butter by Philosophy like the perfume? I love their perfume!

  16. Love you new boots. I’ve been wanting to add a pair of cowgirl boots to my boot collection. Would love to know the shop you got yours from since I’m in the same area. Thanks.

  17. Loved reading this list and will be putting in an order for the LL Bean sheets as I’ve been on the hunt for good flannels.

    My winter survival list (from up in NH where it can get pretty chilly!) has a few things on it. I LOVE SmartWool brand socks. They come in various heights and weights. Some are thick and cozy and some are thin and good under dress shoes. They have some pretty colorful and fun patterns. They are great for wicking away moisture and keeping your feet toasty. They are not inexpensive, but I have found them for great prices at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, the LL Bean Outlets and online at

    One thing that I couldn’t live without is my heated mattress pad! When we bought our house years ago, we didn’t realize until we were in it that they had not piped heat to the upstairs (where the master bedroom is) when they built it. We quickly found that it really wasn’t needed (as long as we have good flannel sheets and down blankets on the bed). They only challenge was getting into a cold bed. Last year I found a heated mattress pad with dual control for a great price on a Black Friday sale. My husband goes up and “pre-heats” (!) the bed for me a bit before I go up. When you slide into the sheets, everything is warm and cozy! I read for a bit with it on and then turn it off for the night. It has been divine! I bought one for my mother this year at Kohls before the holidays when they send out their 40% off coupons.

    My last item is L.A. Burdick hot cocoa. They call it their Drinking Chocolate and it comes in Milk (my favorite), Dark and White Chocolate. It is pricey so it is definitely a treat. A 12 oz bag (with a whisk) is $22 … but worth every penny! It is shaved chocolate that you melt into warm milk. Yum! You can get it on their website at They have several shops. The one in Walpole, NH is worth stopping into if you are in the area. They have an adorable shop and an incredible restaurant attached to it.

    • Now, that is an awesome hubby and true love. He’s a keeper! πŸ™‚ I may have to look for a heated mattress pad. Thanks for the tip on the socks. I’m going to check my TJ Max to see if they have them. Ohhh, that chocolate sounds wonderful! I was in NH for Christmas but not sure if it was near Walpole.

  18. My new winter find, Maggie and Mary’s soup! If we get a snowy day in Wisconsin and are unable or unwilling to get out, it is my “go to” soup if I don’t have the ingredients to make a pot from scratch. Tomato Parmesan is our new favorite. Dry ingredients in a pouch – just add water. Can also add more veggies if you have them…and you still don’t want to go out in the Clipper, Vortex, or current weather conditions. Found soup and dip packets at local gift shop. Thanks for all the tips —

  19. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    You’re welcome, Susan. πŸ˜€ Lol. I just hope my innocent little comment didn’t put any pressure on you. πŸ˜€

    But seriously, I do love these winter survival lists. Last year I went through every one and wrote down tons of ideas. I believe I bought EVERY lotion that was recommended, (even by readers) which was a lot of lotions, lol. I still haven’t found the perfect one for my dry skin, but I’ve yet to try the Udderly sMOOth and plan to do that soon.

    I have to thank you, or maybe I should say my lips have to thank you, for recommending Lip Butter to keep away winter chapped lips. I bought a variety pack (yum) and my favorite is Tangerine. It definitely helps.

    What I’d like to share is a tea I found while reading a short, cozy mystery. I was reading the story in December of 2013 and the woman in the story was making a Ginger Milk Tea. It described how she made it and it sounded so good, I decided to try it. Now, here’s the REALLY good part ~~ I have had asthma since I was a child. Serious, nearly died a few times, if I have to go to the hospital I wind up in there for a week, type of asthma. I use one of those inhalers and they are supposed to be for ’emergencies.’ But I used mine every 3 – 4 hours, just to breathe. Keep that in mind. So, I love having a cozy hot drink for winter and decided I would try this Ginger Milk tea and see how I liked it. I loved it and sort of made it my go-to winter drink. After a couple of weeks I noticed, Gee … I’m not using my inhaler nearly as much as I usually do. I wonder why? The only thing that was different was that I was drinking the Ginger Milk tea. I had always heard that ginger was a great anti inflammatory, but I had no idea it would be so effective. Now, remember how I said I used that inhaler every 3 -4 hours (you’re actually not supposed to use it more than every 4 hours, but sometimes I had no choice, my breathing was that bad.) I went through an inhaler every month. As of right now, I am still on that last inhaler, the one I was using in December of 2013. THAT is how dramatically I have improved. Now, I’m no doctor, but for anyone who may be dealing with inflammation or have breathing issues, I would suggest trying this tea. I’ll leave the recipe, but I just want to say that I have also made a version with just the ginger water. In fact, I sometimes make a large pot and pour it into a pitcher and drink it cold. Here’s the hot version.

    Ginger root. (I hunk off about 1.5 square inches, peel it and slice it and bring it to a boil in about 4 cups of water. Allow to boil gently for 1 minute, then reduce heat and simmer for about 9 minutes.

    Once the root has simmered for that long, turn off the heat and allow to cool to approximately 180 degrees.

    Oolong tea. Using a tea strainer, steep the loose oolong leaves in the cooled ginger water for about 3 – 4 minutes (to taste.) For 4 cups of water I would use approximately 1.5 Tablespoons of the loose tea leaves. (these can be re-steeped.)

    Remove the tea strainer and add approximately 1/2 – 1 whole cup of half and half or cream (to taste.)

    Honey ~ add to taste.

    So the whole thing consists of, water, ginger root, oolong tea, half and half or cream and honey. It’s wonderful on a cold day and the effect the ginger has had on me is virtually miraculous. I am not ‘cured’ of asthma and I do still use my inhaler, but far less frequently.

    This year I also got back into crocheting after not having done so for literally, decades. Currently I am making three individual sized afghans in Christmas colors. One is done, the second is just a few rows away and I will soon start the third. Winter is the time to do your hand work because it keeps you warm, lol! I think crocheting will be a permanent part of my winter survival in years to come.

    I also have purchased merino wool socks for my hubby and son and they liked them so much I tried a pair of my husbands. They are very soft and do not make me itch, though I am allergic to wool … they are by a company called, People Socks. They seem a bit pricey to me (but I’m a cheapskate) but they are great socks. Also, I believe they donate a pair for every pair sold. They do fuzz up after washings, but I can live with that as they are worn under pants any way. Anybody with cold feet might give them a try.

    And we all love a nice fireplace fire but if you have trouble getting them started, try Duraflame fire starters. I purchased some from Amazon and they were delivered right to the door and those things have saved our hair! (I mean, kept us from pulling it out, trying to get a fire started) I found these were definitely worth the relatively small expense for the ease of use and convenience of getting the fire going.

    I’m with you on the flannel sheets. Once I tried them, I have never gone back. I need a new set, so thanks for the LL Bean tip. I have also read a bit about the wonders of fleece sheets, but have yet to try those.

    Susan, those boots are crazy beautiful. Wow. I’ve never heard of Old Gringo, but those are a work of art.

    I’ve been taking notes and will be back to read more reader comments and suggestions. You guys always have the best ideas.

    Btw, I had to laugh about you saying you might need to get a heated mattress pad ~~~ in Georgia!!! Haha. πŸ˜€

  20. bobbi duncan says

    Thanks y’all for all the warm and fuzzies! Susan, I love those “heart” boots, but I can only afford one pair of boots, and the one I chose is the Melissa Loop style, in saddle, by Frye through I love the laser-cut design! I have the No Boundries in the tank style for summer wear and sleep wear that I also wear under some outfits for extra warmth in winter. They are so inexpensive and wear well. Bought the White Stag 100% cotton, too, that is so soft, but haven’t worn or washed them as yet so will see how they fare when I do. I love all the colors of the cords!!!! I sooo need some new clothes, but I’m trying to wait until I take off the extra 12 lbs. I’ve put on over the last 8 years ( which I definitely blame on Michael’s yummy cooking, and not my laziness when it comes to exercise lol!). I religiously use Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. My favorite is the pink grapefruit which smells and tastes exactly like the real thing. Works great if I don’t lick off the yummy taste. My other go to product is Neutrogena’s Unscented Norwegian Hand Cream as it keeps my hands soft through several hand washings. My body lotion is Curel’s Extra Healing which leaves my skin velvety soft (attested to by Michael). My comfort foods are herbal teas, hot oatmeal with only cinnamon, and macaroni and cheese ( the later also attributing to the weight gain lol!). Winter blahs cured via your posts, good books,and a warm fire. I love Franki’s remark about Florida. Too funny. Wishing cozy days to all.

  21. Wow Susan, those are one pair of snazzy boots!! I do not wear long boots, but short ones for snow and I have a cute dressy short boot which has a cuff and zips up at the back.
    Am I the only hot blooded person on here? I am always too warm in bed, could not have flannelette sheets, I fling of my cotton sheets at some point in the night.
    Now here is this year’s winter fave, my Harry Potter school scarf which I purchased last March when on vacation at the Hogwarts shop in Universal Studios and yes… I went twice on the Harry Potter ride! πŸ™‚ The scarf is even in the same school colours as my British school I attended. Yup, call me quirky but it is so warm!!

  22. I love the winter survival lists. I have found so many helpful things to get through winter. The only thing I have to add to the winter survival list is L’Occitane’s hand cream and their foot cream with lavender.

    If any of you love boots, you might want to consider the King Ranch Saddle Shop. They have some lovely boots that are reasonably priced and some very feminine styles. I have been craving the turquoise lace embroidered ones.

    • Ellicia, I just got those boots in Dec for my birthday and love, love love them! I live just down the road from the King Ranch Saddle Shop. I eyed those beauties several months ago when I was in there, so when the hubs asked me what I wanted for my birthday….easy answer…the King Ranch Turquoise Lace Boots! Of course they were a combo birthday/Christmas gift at that price, but, hay, I got my gorgeous boots! I’m a happy girl! You will love them, I promise!

      • Paula, those are beautiful! I see they are made by Corral…another boot company I kept seeing when I was looking for boots. Did they run true to size? Are you wearing them with dresses or pants? I love the style!

    • Uh, oh…more boots to love . πŸ™‚ I just looked up the lace ones and they are gorgeous!

  23. I, too, am wondering about what size I would have to order. I’m a difficult size 7.5 and being boots would I need an 8 with socks. I live in upstate NY very cold and very icy right now.

    • Linda, since I was knew to buying Old Gringo boots, what I did once I found a style I loved and wanted to purchase, I went to a few different sites like RiverTrail Mercantile and Amazon, searched for that boot and then read the reviews to see what folks were saying.
      In the reviews, folks were usually saying if they found that boot to run true to size or not. Also, some of the online boot stores will have a graphic or scale where folks can show if a boot is running small or true to size…I think Zappos does that.
      There are quite a few western wear companies selling Old Gringo on Amazon, although their prices aren’t especially good, so sometimes you can find the boot you’re eyeing on there and read the reviews. I wear a size 7 normally in most shoes and I found the Old Gringo boots I purchased ran true to size. The 7 fits me perfectly.
      Also, you have to consider if you will be wearing a sock under it and how thick the sock will be. If I were buying little short height boots for summer and didn’t plan on wearing anything underneath, I might have gone with a 6 1/2 since I sometimes wear that. But I knew I’d be wearing my boot during the winter and I always wear the thickest, woolest socks I can find during the winter, so that’s another reason I went with a 7.
      They do stretch out a little with wear, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t think mine have done that, yet since I haven’t worn them but a few times.
      Also, buy from a place that will let you exchange or return a boot if it’s too small. Rivertrail Merchantile charges a restocking fee if you return them…not sure if they do that if you’re just exchanging for another size. Zappos lets you return anything…very customer service oriented. Hope this info helps.

  24. Thank you, I don’t order much over the internet especially for myself. I really do enjoy your blog and I talk about it a lot. I now have a lot of dishes from garage sales mostly.

  25. Coconut oil is big on my list this year. More so for my hands and face rather than cooking. My skin gets dry as a chip this time of year and the coconut oil helps big time!

  26. Interested in the Heritage flannel sheets. Does anyone know if they shrink when washed? Have been using flannel sheets by the Purists which are more expensive, but never ever shrink.

    • I’ve washed the plaid set I have several times and they didn’t shrink or pill up. Incredibly soft and heavy/thick. I love their Heritage line…it’s leagues above any flannel sheet set I’ve ever had before. Hopefully when they get restocked on everything, it will be the exact same quality and nothing will have changed.

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