New Year’s Dinner Party Tablescape with a Winter Theme

Welcome to the 278th Tablescape Thursday!

On New Year’s day this year, I had a little dinner party here in my home. Originally it appeared as if 8 would be attending but that number happily grew to 10. Since my dining room table will only seat 8, and that’s always a bit of a tight fit, I decided to set two tables, 6 in the dining room and 4 in the breakfast room.

Last week I shared a few pics of the table in the breakfast room. If you missed that table setting, you’ll find it here: New Year’s Day Tablescape

New Year's Day Winter Party Tablescape


For this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I’m sharing the other table, the one in the dining room.

When I realized I’d be setting two tables, I took a little inventory of what I had on hand to use as centerpieces for the two tables. I was super tempted to put a clock on each table, similar to this New Year’s tablescape below,  in honor of the start of a new year. Since the countdown was really already over (this being New Year’s day) I nixed that idea.

New Year's Day Party Decorating and Table Setting Ideas


Instead, I ended up going for a winter theme, using a lot of cool, silver tones on both tables. I wanted the tables to feel similar so I separated the silver, glitter deer I used in this previous Christmas table setting shown below…

Holiday Table Setting Tablescape in Silver and Green


…placing one deer on each table, along with a silver tree.  Since the dining room table is bigger and a different shape than the breakfast table, I added a couple of tall, silver lanterns, as well. So, the two tables had similar but different centerpieces, tying the overall theme together pretty well. (Ignore the little votive holders. I brought them in case I wanted to use them, but ended up not using them and just forgot to remove them before I took the photo.)

I placed a sparkly silver and black New Year’s hats in each chair. Forgot to take a picture but you can just barely see one peeking out from the chair on the right.

New Year's Table Setting Tablescape


As I had in the breakfast room, I added some greenery and a few berries from my nandina bush for a little extra color and softness.

New Year's Table Setting Tablescape


For the breakfast table, I placed the party horns standing up on the bread plates.

New Year's Day Winter Party Tablescape


The horns looked cute standing up in the breakfast room, maybe because that table is round. They didn’t look right standing up on the long rectangle-shaped table here in the dining room so, I tucked each horn under the napkin ring, instead. The mouthpiece of each horn came encased in heavy plastic with a huge tag sticking out–not so pretty. I cut all those off before placing them on the table.

New Year's Tablescape


Silver, deer napkin rings worked well with the silver-deer centerpiece.

New Year's Tablescape with Acorn Soup Tureens


I decided to use my “number” glasses for both table settings, my single nod to the passage of time ushering in a new year. If you saw my New Year’s tablescape last year, you may remember they were a find at the Ballard Designs Outlet, only $1 each. I lucked out and was able to find numbers 1-12 last year.

Numbered Glasses


The soup tureens held butternut squash soup with a roasted pumpkin seed garnish. You’ll find a printable recipe for this soup here: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I used Lenox Winter Greetings dishware for both the dining room and breakfast room tables. I also used the same chargers, soup tureens, napkin rings and flatware for both tables. The napkins on each table were different though, since I only have 8 of the velvet-edged, linen napkins. Winter Greetings is available here: Lenox Winter Greetings

Butternut Squash Soup


I filled the wine glasses with tinsel…couldn’t resist. That worked out fine later in the evening because almost everyone who was drinking wine, already had a wine glass in hand when we sat down to dinner. I removed the “tinseled” wine glasses from the table at that time.

I took these pictures hurriedly, just a few minutes before the party was due to start. I had not lit the candles yet, but I did light them before everyone arrived.

New Year's Table Setting Tablescape


Happy New Year! I hope 2014 has been good to you so far! Looking forward to another fun year!

New Year's Table Setting Tablescape


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Another gorgeous table, we’re all out here learning from the best! I also love your red dining room, that’s such a pretty color, and can work with any season, I think. Take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  2. Just beautiful! Where did you find the New Years horns-they are fabulous. Am dying to try the butternut squash soup too. Maybe for the February cold spell they are predicting-I can do without another one!!!

  3. Happy New Year Susan! Love both tables and how you tucked the horn in the napkin ring! Your roasted butternut looks delicious and so cute in your acorn tureens 🙂

  4. You created a wonderful winter wonderland, Susan! Your guests had to feel so special, no matter at which table they were seated.
    Your nandina bush sure serves you well throughout the year. I’ll have to investigate if they will tolerate our wicked winters here. I was thinking of you when I saw how cold Atlanta got…that had to be a shock!!
    No tablescape here to participate but I wanted to pop by to say how pretty YOURS looked & I’ll enjoy seeing what others have done, as well.
    Warm hugs,

    • They aren’t the prettiest bush, can get a little leggy. Mine badly need to be trimmed up, but they do have a bounty of lovely berries each year. Great for decorating but birds won’t eat them.

  5. It was a beautiful party Susan, I know your guests appreciated all your fun and beautiful touches~your soup looks divine!

  6. Bonnie Chase says

    Oh my stars! These table designs are gorgeous. I am very fond of any setting that has some form of nature as it’s theme. I really like the deer, trees, bird China, and the feathered horns. Thank you for sharing and giving us such a visual delight.

  7. Good Morning Susan, Thank you for hosting today. I am getting ready for work, but I wanted to take a minute to link up and see your dining room table for New Years. The Lenox Holiday Greetings china is a beautiful choice for New Years, I love the hurricanes, are they new?

  8. Very nice Susan! Love those horns with the white fluffy edge! I don’t remember those 1 to 12 number glasses- they are great. The tinsel in the wine glasses looks so cute and festive!

  9. LOVE this beautiful tablescape! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. So pretty! Those horns are wonderful. When you posted your kitchen table, I meant to ask you where you found them. I love that you were able to make the two tables look so similar. Most of the time, I only have 8 of a china pattern. How wonderful that you had enough of all of your plate stack to use them on both tables. Those pierced chargers are beautiful. laurie

    • Thanks, Laurie! That’s usually the case with me, often I just have six. Thankfully I bought 12 place settings of the Winter Greetings, although it would have been fun using a different pattern in the breakfast room. 🙂

  11. Susan, both tables are gorgeous with all your beautiful china and the fun party details. Your butternut squash soup sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to make it soon. Hope you liked the black-eyed pea soup.
    Stay warm……….Sarah

  12. Thanks for hosting.

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

  13. Hi, Susan,
    Your dining room tablescape is, as someone else said, “a visual delight”. Could you please refresh my memory as to where you found your soup tureens? Hope all is well, and things are warming up in your part of the world. Rosie

    • Thanks, Rosie! I found those marked down at Williams-Sonoma around 3-4 years ago. I think they were half-price if I’m remembering correctly. Yep, we are finally thawing out! 🙂

  14. I love that china and the chargers are beautiful. Your dining room looks so warm with that beautiful red on the walls. And of course horns with feathers and tinsel in the glasses just makes it all so festive! Thank you for hosting.

  15. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the inspiration this morning. I knew just what to do with my breakfast able and changed my post for today’s

  16. Beautiful as usual, Susan. I always love to see your dining room. Love the Winter dishes, am especially fond of birds.
    A question for you. How does it work socially when you have two separate tables in different rooms? Does everyone linger at the tables, or do you all gather in the living/family room after dinner?
    I would be pleased to be at either of your tables!! 🙂

    • I haven’t had a party where I used both tables in a while. This time I placed all the punch, wine, etc… on the built in bar area in my family room. The built in book shelves in that room have a sink hidden under there and an area that was meant to be a bar. I’ve never really used it that way, just use it as bookshelves but for the party I did use it (just not the sink.) I put all the appetizers on the coffee table. So we started the party out in the family room, then after an hour or so headed for the tables for dinner. I didn’t put out place cards that way folks could sit at whatever table they preferred. We talked a little between the tables, mostly blowing our horns at each other. 🙂 Then we all gathered back in the family room after dinner. We ended up all gathering in the dining room for dessert. We were cozy in there but made it work. I used to toy with the idea of turning my living room into a dining room, I saw that done in a home similar to mine. It would hold a HUGE table. I’ve been reluctant to do that for resale purposes though.

      • That sounds like good planning Susan and I bet your guests really enjoyed themselves. I like the idea of guests deciding where to sit. In this house, we have open plan, so it makes it easier to extend.
        I am really, really envious of your Winter dishes!! 🙂

  17. I’m definitely trying that soup….probably just eat it out of the pan….KIDDING!! (about the pan) franki

  18. Susan, love these tablescapes (dining room & porch). You are so Talented, Creative & Inspirational. You inspire so many of us to try new things, create personal & beautiful tablescapes & home décor. Love that you can go into your yard for decor (we have pine, some hemlock trees, & a yellow maple that comes & goes quickly in the fall).
    LOVE those horns!

  19. Both tables look fantastic, Susan. happy new year!…Christine

  20. Those BOWLS… they are so adorable! 🙂

  21. Everything came together beautifully!

  22. Susan, I enjoyed seeing you dining room looking so pretty, especially with the tinsel in the glasses. You always do holidays so beautifully! I am sure your guests had a wonderful time.

  23. Thank you dear Susan for always hosting this great party for ua again in this new year! Your table is gorgeous in your awesome and elegant dining room, I just love to see your formal dining table done up for any holiday, simply beautiful!!! Lucky guests, I’m sure they had a fab time with a hostess like you.

  24. As always, your tables are inspirational. Thank you for hosting!

  25. Morning Susan,
    What an amazing tablescape……….very glamorous, which is perfect for a New Years Eve party…..
    Hope you had a lovely christmas and that your New Year is starting out very well. Can’t believe we are
    a 3rd of the way thru Jan. already…………how the times does fly………..

    Thanks so much for hosting this fun party, as always….
    Blessings, Nellie

  26. Marni Nixon says

    Beautiful. Both settings look inviting. You always seem to know how to make all your guests feel special!! Sign of a good hostess!£

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