Obsessed with Movie Houses…

Ok, I admit it! I’m obsessed! Often when I go to see a movie, I get so caught up in looking at the “home” where the movie is being filmed, I forget to pay attention to the movie itself! Is that wrong?

Take a look at the following eight pics and see if you can guess which movie was shot there.
There’s a link to the answers below. Have fun!









Did you recognize all of the houses? Click HERE to see what movie they appeared in! 🙂

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  1. Well, I’ve only seen kiddo movies since the birth of my sweetie, but I know house 3 is my all time movie favorite…the Home Alone house!

  2. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    Okay, here are my guesses on the movie houses:

    1) No clue. Looks like a modern day Jetson’s house though.

    2) Money Pit

    3) Home Alone

    4) Psycho (Norman Bates house and the Bates Motel)

    5) Father of the Bride

    6) Christmas Story (the horrible sexy-leg lamp in the window gave this one away!)

    7) No clue, but looks like something from Gone with the Wind. Too modern though.

    8) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    My favorite of all of these is the house from Father of the Bride. One of my favorite houses from any movie is not pictured here, the house from Something’s Got to Give. I have watched that movie just to see the house again!


  3. Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) says

    Hi Kady…I love the house in Something’s Gotta Give, too…but the only pics I could find online were interior. I finally realized the reason why I couldn’t find any exterior shots is because the house doesn’t actually exist in real life…it was a set. It was, however, based on some actual homes in the Hamptons. Susan

  4. I know most of them, but the second to last..that one has me puzzled.

    I absolutely love Home Alone and this song always makes me feel good!

    A Christmas Story is one of our all time favorites. The story is a hoot. The scenery, home and school take us right back to our childhoods and how it was, when we were growing up, in late 1940’s and 1950’s. We’ve seen this movie and others in this post countless times and hope to see them many more.

    We happened to catch Fatal Attraction, last night. I said to J, I know this is awful, but with all the crazy stuff in this movie, the one thing that I enjoyed was the home in the country. I really looked at this set, last night. Even though the movie was released in 1989, the home’s interior design is timeless.

    I’m doing a tablescape presentation today. Not so much tablescapes I guess..but that is what we’re calling it. Just a little something put together by my shop owner friend. I am not a good “public speaker”, so I’ll probably fumble and mumble around. I hope to have photos and details for Tablescape Tuesday.

  5. Hi Susan
    Here are my guesses…

    2. War of the Roses???
    3. Home alone
    4. Psycho (Norman Bates)
    5. Father of the Bride
    6. The Christmas Story
    7. Guessing here… The Notebook????
    8. I’m going with what Kady said
    Ferris Bueller’s Day off???

    Beautiful homes all! I also love the home that was used in Steel Magnolias.

  6. 1.- Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex (but were afraid to ask)

    2.- The Money Pit

    3.- Home Alone

    4.- Psycho

    5.& 6.- No Idea

    7.- Gone With the Wind

    8.- No Idea

  7. I’m so with you on the houses. Just yesterday I was thinking that I need to go rent The Holiday again. The homes in that movie are to die for.

  8. Happy To Be says

    OK Susan I did know Bates motel. Money pit (who gave you permission to use my house?) Father of the Bride and Home alone..Can’t wait to see all the answers girl..Oh and I want to do Tuesday with you..nothing fancy like you do girl..just a simple Bunch for 2. Hugs and smiles dear friend Gloria

  9. I love seeing the decor in a movie. I may not remember the story line of the movie, but I usually remember the decor! You have shown some of my favorites here. I have read about how the movie Somethings Gotta Give has inspired decorators across the country, and also the movie The Holiday, both of which others have listed here. Fun post. laurie

  10. cedwards55 says

    We’re supposed to pay attention to the story line? I thought movies were for design research. I think You’ve opened a whole new world up for me. I’ve actually been on the set of #4. It’s just as creepy in “person”. Have a great Saturday!

  11. Lady Katherine says

    I see one, Jetson, maybe Gone with the Wind, of course the Christmas Story, my hubby wants that lamp so bad! I get one,Walmart has Christmas things of the lamp. But he would put in the front! Its all time favorite! Looking forward to finding out about the houses. This is a neat idea! Love your tablescape, but my dinning still not finished. So I will enjoy yours.

  12. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    I have no idea, but show me the interiors and I would probably know. LOL

  13. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    I have no idea, but show me the interiors and I would probably know. LOL

  14. I think the music is from Home Alone. Loved that house. The first house was used in Sleepers, I think. I loved the CA house they used in the original Parent Trap. Karen

  15. I have always loved house 3…The Home Alone House. There was a rumor that it was located in a town in the midwest where we used to live but I don’t think it was true. What a great movie, it is a Christmas classic in our house! I love all of your music choices, just like listening to my personal ipod!

  16. I knew 4, that’s pretty good…right? vickydarnell

  17. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    I only know a couple of them. But, I am looking forward to the answers!!

  18. imjacobsmom says

    Okay, I thought I posted a comment, but the cursor froze and I don’t think it went through. So here we go again. I’ll take a “stab” at it. I think that #1 is the house used by Steve Martin’s character in Shop Girl. #2 War of the Roses, #3 Meet the Fockers, #4 of course, Psycho, #5 Father of the Bride, #6 Christmas Story, #7 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, #8 The Godfather? You know how it is when you have kids you lose a whole chunk of your life…..Robyn

  19. It is hard not to recognized the Home Alone house but the music was a total giveaway. What fun!

  20. Melissa Miller says

    Here’s our guesses…
    The Island, The Money Pit,
    Home Alone ,Pyscho, Father of the Bride, A Christmas Story, Gone with the Wind and Ferris Buellers Day Off.
    Can’t wait to hear the answers. My husband are huge movie buffs. I thought we would know them all and I know we missed some. Fun post!. ~Melissa

  21. Hello Ms Susan,I can only recognize of course Psycho and home alone.Who can forget Psycho,I’m 59 and just now can take a shower and relax.True story.Can’t wait to see the outcome…Ann..PS…Thank you for coming by my blog…

  22. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    I recognize the house from Psycho, Father of the Bride, I’m pretty sure that the first photo is from a Woody Allen movie – I just remember them all dressed in white space suit things (cannot recall the title), I think one is from Home Alone, for some reason I think one is from Terms of Endearment too. The southern looking one reminds me of Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, but I don’t know for sure. I’m excited to see the answers though.

  23. Miss Janice says

    Okay, I only know #3 and #4. Now as for #7–that doesn’t look like Tara to me…Oh my, I’d be so ashamed if it is~
    Miss Janice

  24. Hey Susan…what a totally fun post this is…well, #2 is “The Moneypit” and #4 is Bates Motel from Psycho and #5 is “Father of the Bride”and the others I’ll probably kick myself when I see the answers! 😉 Bo

  25. Hi Susan! This is a great post. I’m just enjoying looking at the homes. I think I recognize Psycho for sure, Home Alone, War of the Roses and Father of the Bride. Oh, and the Christmas Story house. I didn’t put them into order. I’ll be looking forward to the correct answers. I’ll be tablescaping with you on Tuesday!
    Be a sweetie and have a lovely weekend,
    shelia 😉

  26. lvroftiques says

    Oh girl! I can’t watch any movie without getting sidetracked checking out the interiors… and when possible exteriors. The house from “The Holiday” is wonderful!! And I LOVE the interiors of the house in “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil” Have you seen it? It takes place in Savannah and it’s just gorgeous!! And of course every single room in Marie Antoinette (what’s not to like about versailles*winks*) Oh and last but not least…The house in “pride and Prejeduice” With Keira Knightly *swoons* Vanna

  27. I really seldom watch movies, but I do believe that is the “Home Alone” house occupying the #3 position. If not, then a close look alike minus the snow present in the movie. It is a perennial for me, and definitely an annual for the grandchildren during the season that is fast approaching.
    I remember #4 from watching reruns of “Murder She Wrote”. Not sure that I ever actually watched the entire movie “Psycho”. Too chicken. The music alone, creeped me out.
    I do believe #2 could be the “Money Pit”, which I did happen to see.
    #7 could be in Savannah where they filmed “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil”. The tree in the foreground looks right.
    Guess we’ll find out Monday.

  28. Goodmorning Susan, You are so clever,how do you keep coming up with these wonderful post. I so look forward to see what is next from the amazing Susan. My two favorite houses in movies are of course Father of the Bride and Somethings Got to Give. I did not realize that was a set, I could move right in.I know your house wasn’t in a movie but honestly it could be and I would have to put it in my list of favs. Have a wonderful day and thankyou for always inspiring! Hugs Kathysue

  29. Hi Susan, I usually remember houses in the movies as well, but I think I will only get a few right.
    1. Jetsons, the Movie
    2.The Money Pit
    3.Home Alone
    5.Father of the Bride
    6.Grumpy Old Men
    7.Gone with the Wind
    8.(looks like Southfork in) Dallas?

  30. What a delightful post (love your music too!)…..I do love the homes in movies also. Something’s Gotta Give has to be my favorite. In the movie they did show the exterior of the house, but I am sure it was one in the Hamptons.

    Father of the Bride is another favorite ……Gosh your music on here is beautiful!!!

  31. 1. Cars. It was spoofed in that movie anyway.

    2. The Money Pit, but it looks like the house from Jumanji too.

    3. Home Alone. I still love that house!

    4. Psycho

    5. Father of the Bride. I read somewhere the current owners had it gutted and remodeled to look just like the movie.

    6. A Christmas Story. Mystery column and all. Susan, you should do a post about that, and see if I made the right call. 🙂

    7. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I actually have no clue, but it looks like a Savannah house.

    8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

    I watch too many movies!!! Love ya.

  32. Lady Katherine says

    Left something on my blog for you.
    If you wish.

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