Organization and Storage for the Home Office, Craft, Sewing Room

That’s me, I admit it.  Anything that helps me put my hands on what I’m looking for, even if it’s only a teensy bit faster, I’m all over it.  Recently I shared a whimsical addition to the office, a faux deer head with a rosemary wreath.   There was another little addition hiding in plain site on the desk under the wrapping paper organizer.  Did you notice it?

Craft Office Organizer


I spotted this organizer caddy at Marshalls and passed it by the first time.

Craft, Sewing, Office Organizer


On a trip back a few weeks later, I decided it needed to come live in the office.  Currently it’s holding scissors, pinking shears, some pens and colored pencils.  Tucked away in the back are some of my fave crafting books and magazines.  It’s designed where you can place large labels or photographs behind the clear display on the front.  Ummm, should I go with labels or photos?  What say you?

Craft, Sewing, Office Organizer


The organizer appears to be part of the same line of organizing accessories as this file organizer I found earlier in the summer in the same store.

File Organizer for the Home Office


They both work well with the Pottery Barn Bedford office furniture that’s a color called “antique white.”  Lucky break, there.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office


More Organizing…I ♥ Labels!

Earlier this year you may remember I added an IKEA Expedit to the office closet.   It was my first (and only, so far) IKEA “hack.”   If/when I ever sell this house, I’ll probably have to take a chain saw to it, to get it out of here.  Seriously!  You can read how I “willed” this storage unit into the closet in this post: IKEA Expedit Hack: How I Made It Work

Office Closet Expedit Organization and Storage


I liked how the IKEA Pjas baskets looked in the Expedit unit and purchased four more for the unit.

Office Closet Expedit Organization and Storage


In a previous post, I shared how I’m using all the basket storage: IKEA Expedit: Sneaking a Peek Inside

One of the baskets  houses all my camera lenses which has worked out nicely since I often just take the basket to wherever I’m shooting inside or outside the house.

Labeling Camera Lens Bags


I’ve been meaning to label the lens bags and finally got around to it this past week.  I found these sturdy,  cardboard labels in a local antique shop.   They keep me from having to pull each lens out to see if it is the one I need, which I was doing ALL. THE. TIME. before I labeled them.   It’s a tiny update but one that has made life just a little bit easier.  Sometimes it’s those little tweaks that really help.  Ya know?

Labeling Camera Lens Bags


I purchased all the little heart-shaped tags they had, which ended up being nine.  I’ve used five, so I have four left over for future additions to my camera lens arsenal, not that any are planned at the moment.

Labeling Camera Lens Bags


So, I have to know…are you an organization freak, too?  Or, is it just me?  🙂  Be nice.

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  1. I am definitely an organization freak! I can’t wait until I get to a more permanent place to get some great furniture like you do!
    Love the new fall header btw!

    • Thanks, Kristina! It’s still very much summer weather here, but all this talk of autumn got to me. Had to break out the fall header. I know you’ll have a blast when you get settled. You can plan now so you’ll be ready. 🙂

  2. It’s not just you… I’m married to one.

  3. Bravo! It looks fabulous. I wish I could say I’m an organizing freak. I think my daughter wishes I could say that, too, since she has to help me get my office in order from time to time. Interestingly though, I am constantly on the look out for “solutions” for my place of work, and to keep the guys I work with organized. I used to be just three guys in my office but when I started working there, the chaos drove me nuts. Now they are all tidy and in order. I guess I just use up all my organizational desire at work. Loved your post. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hi Susan, Being organized makes me so happy. I feel so good when all my closets and drawers are clean and organized. My daughters think I have OCD but I don’t. It just eliminates time wasting when you know where everything is. Your office looks so nice.

  5. I’m a fellow organizing freak Susan. It’s so great when it’s easier to find things or faster to do things so we can spend more time on things we’d rather be doing. I LOVE your office…can’t even begin to comment on all the things I like…really every little bit of it! Enjoy your new “tweaks”!

  6. Being organized makes life SOOOO much easier! It is amazing that so many people don’t understand that. I am probably not as organized as you but in the new house I may have to be. I am looking forward to it all. You are amazing, inspirational and my hero:)

  7. Oh my yes I am definitely an organization freak!, in fact people hate to have me around because I tend to want to organize stuff when nobody’s looking :O) I just can’t help myself!
    Oh BTW, have I told you I love your office…want it here at home and love your tweaks!

  8. You are soooo……not alone, Susan! I love to be organized, but what is really bad is that I love the “act” of organizing things. Now this does make The Man a bit crazy! Your office beautiful.

  9. Love your office by the way!!! Esp. the curtains and shutters, and just about everything else…..I bought a similar white organizer at TJM last year and have it up here in my studio, holds my notebooks, manuals, and small reference books. I love being organized and am constantly re-doing when a new and better idea comes my way!!! It saves so much time!!!

  10. You have probably mentioned this in an earlier post…where did you purchase the wrapping paper organizer? Is it Pottery Barn as well?

    • Yes, it was from PB last year. I saw it, ordered it and blogged about it. It sold out quickly and they never got it back in. It was showing as discontinued about two weeks after I bought mine. I’ll never understand why stores do that. You would think they would immediately get on the stick and have more made instead of just discontinuing an item. Since Christmas is coming up in a few months, this would be a good time to start checking to see if they get it (or something similar) in over the next couple of months.

  11. Yes! Organization all the way! As for the organizer: labels or photos? I say labels! They are cute, more grounding in that color, and simpler – easier on the eye. Of course all B&W or Sepia photos would look great too ! Appreciate your addition of the little details – they are so important!

  12. I wish that I was an organization freak. It would make my life (as well as my family’s) much easier. I feel overwhelmed even before I get started. I love your office. Actually, I love your entire home. And your cat too. I wish that all of the neat and organization freaks could find a way to inject some of their tidy, orderly genes into those of us with messy genes.

    • Briana, put on some music you love and go to it. It goes a lot faster when you’re listening to music. 🙂 Whatever you’re organizing, just take one side of the space or one shelf in a closet, etc… and work on that. It can feel overwhelming, I know.

  13. I adore your office. 🙂 And I think organizational tools are just dreamy! lol! I passed up that organizer at my Marshalls several weeks ago and seeing it in your office makes me go DARN! Lovely room!

  14. Yoi are not the only one. I hate searching for things! I love anything that helps keep things in place. Love the way you labeled your lens. Great idea.

  15. Please tell me it doesn’t ALWAYS look this good!,

    • Ha! It doesn’t. I didn’t show you the stack of papers I piled together and put in the closet before I took pics. 🙂 Before I sit down to create a post, I always have to tidy it up. My brain won’t work and I just can’t write if it’s too messy. Just too distracting. But it can get pretty messy between posts.

  16. I love being organized, but admit that I’m not as organized as you are. My goal is to be more like the example you set. It’s great to have the space to be organized like this.

  17. I like organization, but I admit I don’t spend enough time doing it. I love your IKEA closet organizer! and the baskets! You are an inspiration!
    Hugs. GraceinAZ (Pat)

  18. I absolutely love your organized space. I am a complete neat and organization freak. Here are a couple spaces I organized for friends of mine if you want to check them out:

  19. Hi Susan! I admit that I, too, am an organizing freak!! Sometimes it drives my family crazy, but I’ve noticed several of my habits rubbing off on the kids too! Have you ever been to the Container Store? Oh, you are in for a real treat! I go there just to get a fix sometimes. Too bad we are so far away from each other. We could indulge in our addiction together!
    I vote for labels on the box.
    Also, just to let you know, this post came into my email as a full post–not just the title with a click to read more button–don’t really understand the truncated thing, but thought you might want to know.
    Have a great day.

    • Now that would be fun! I love walking around inside that store, too. I haven’t been there in a while…I should go to see what knew things they have in stock. My pantry could use an overall.
      Thanks for letting me know about the post. My developer is having a tough time trying to figure out how to get my feed truncated with a picture and an excerpt. I think he’s figured out the picture part, but the excerpt is a bit more difficult. Somehow the box for “summary” got unchecked and the “full” box was checked, so it sent it out in a full feed. Soon it will be consistent, as soon as we figure some things out. Thanks for letting me know, Linda. Appreciate you!

  20. Your office is wonderful! So bright and cheery! I might actually enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts in that room. YES, I am an organizer much to my husband’s chagrin. I organize everything from my shoes, to his; from scarves and other winter apparel in boxes to his hats hanging on a coat rack. It makes me so happy to open a closet and see the neat rows and be able to find what I want without digging, sighing and cussing.

  21. hello, my name is Molly and am an organizational addict. I love reorganizing to make life run smoother. While
    at my daughter in laws, I reorganized her pantry! Yes, she wanted me too!! I also spent 5 hours in my daughter’s
    preschool where she teaches helping her reorganize the teaching closet and the the learning centers. I am hopeless….. I love it!

  22. I love to organize things and have things “in place” at home and work…it makes me a happy person. Currently I am working on organizing my craft room. What a job that is. I keep looking for that perfect tip or idea of how to store the small scrapbook things I have right now! Is organization ever really finished? Thanks for the updates and have a great day!

  23. Mary from Virginia says

    How about I email pictures of my room over the garage that has (cough cough) WILL be my craft room and you can come up with a good way of organizing for me =) -I WISH I could be more organized. I found numerous pictures on line for organizing, printed off the pictures and out the door I went to purchase these “things” for organizing, and do you think they were available? NO! So I am living in a room that is not organized and very jealous of your neatly done office.

  24. I did notice that new addition, Susan. I am a confessed organization freak, too. Always have been.

    You know, I am missing the clock you took down.

  25. Great post Susan. I love how you are organizing that office. Each time you share it I see more and think of ideas for my own office. That organizational piece with the baskets is wonderful. I think we all need more organizing and ideas help us along the way. I know since blogging I am far more organized because I’ve seen so many smart ideas.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  26. Me, too, with a little OCD thrown in for good measure…. 🙂 franki

  27. Hi Susan,
    I love knowing all my things are organized and tidy!
    That said….I have to admit to a problem I have…….
    I find it difficult to disturb things once I have them organized. This means I tend to wear the same few outfits over and over again so I can enjoy my tidy undisturbed wardrobe and drawers.The same goes for craft supplies, kitchen supplies and cupboards. I find having a couple of low-level clutter spots that I can rummage in takes the ‘tidy stress’ off for me. I tell my family that I’m pleasantly eccentric.
    I love your office….it’s serene and beautiful.
    Have a good week,
    Barb from Australia

  28. Barb, I definitely disturb stuff…but I do every so often have to get it all tidied back up again. It does feel good to see it nice and organized, doesn’t it? 🙂 I bet you know where everything is. Your probably the one everyone goes to if they are looking for something and can’t find it. I’m that person in my family. lol

  29. I just love your room…mine was clean …once…I wish I had that problem but I will admit my room is messy. But I just love looking at yours. Makes me almost want to clean mine. LOL

  30. Me too Susan. My husband says he wishes I was an *in between*!!! Meaning, not so fussy if things are not put away. Not sure whether you know who Hyacinth Bucket is from Keeping Up Appearances? Well that is my name to him and my one friend who could care less what her place looks like.
    Since we downsized to a smaller house four years ago, after living in a home where I had a *room* for everything, it has certainly been a challenge. I miss my craft room so much and there is not room here for a separate one.
    I have an organizer similar to yours but it is in smoke grey plastic, I keep my bills to be paid along with pens etc in it. I love yours and I think you should at least have one photo of your son who gave up his mural for your office!! 🙂
    You had better put one of those heart labels exclaiming *He Is Mine* around Mr. Max’s neck, as quite a few of us want to steal him.
    O.K., so now you have me on yet another organizing jag!! 🙂

  31. Yep, I’m right there with you, Susan! I even read blogs about mainly Organizing, and am always looking for ideas I hadn’t thought of. I noticed this little caddy on your desk when you showed the faux deer head addition. I just want to add, I continue to love, love your buffalo check curtains in the office.

  32. I forgot to say I vote for photos in your organizer. I is pretty open, and easy to see what’ in it, so I say enjoy some photos you love!

  33. I would love to label like you do. I always think I will do it later and then when I need to find it again I never know which is which. Your organization skills truly inspires me. Thanks so much!

  34. I had that same organizer but returned it because it didn’t go with my office well enough. I hated to part with it!
    I think the labels look good in the little windows but why not have a picture in the center and two labels on either side?
    Love the heart shaped labels! What a great find. Makes sense to identify the black bagged lenses.

  35. Yeah, I fit in your category too. Love to organize things.

  36. Ann S Mindicino says

    I just finished a 25 year clean out of the home I have lived in for 30 years. If I could give a young person starting out any advice I think I would tell them to create an “organized space” and always keep everything where it belongs. Having not done that I know what a nightmare a big clean out can be. I also know it feels GREAT. Less clutter in my space; less clutter in my head.
    Susan, I tried to buy the gift wrap organizer after your original post of the office makeover from Pottery Barn. I don’t see the difference between the Pottery Barn one and the one you got from Marshalls? Perhaps I did not search enough but can’t find a photo that shows them on the same wall. Please explain. Thanks, Ann

    • Ann, I didn’t buy the large wrapping paper organizer from Marshalls, it came from Pottery Barn about a year ago when I was in the process of creating the office. The standing two-slot file organizer you see in this post on my desk (under the arrow in the picture) and the organizer on the end of the desk both came from Marshalls this year. Hope that helps to clear it up. What a huge job you undertook. I dread the thought of moving one day!

  37. I can relate to the NEED to organize! I get great satisfaction from organizing (and REorganizing) a closet, a cupboard, a pantry, a drawer…
    I have even been known to organize my mom’s “junk drawer” when I visit. ;- ) It is so relaxing to look at your very pretty and orderly office.

  38. My comment has nothing to do with organization but all about the buffalo check curtains. I became obsessed when I saw yours hanging in the office window, and before I knew it, I was purchasing black/cream valances for my kitchen. They’re so cute but kind of dressy, too. Now, I’m staring at my dining room windows and wondering about doing them in the yellow. See what you started?? Just kidding; I actually want to thank you.

    • Ha! Donna, I’m bitten by the buffalo check bug, too. I keep thinking about hanging more…maybe the black and cream, in another room, too. Glad you are enjoying yours! I do love the yellow here in the office. 🙂

  39. Hello, Susan!
    Every time I read the word “Organization” I have to smile because it reminds me of my wonderful son…
    When he was younger he called me “Monkina” (referred to “Adrian Monk”. I hope you know him?) because I too have a thing about organization (and symmetry…) lol, but now, as “grown-up”, and since he started up his own business, he is getting “Monk”-ish more than me! Now he appreciates the time he doesn’t waste because of untidiness and disorganization! HA!
    Susan, I can only repeat, you have a wonderful office/craftroom! I know, your IKEA-EXPEDIT is so useful and I love the baskets and the heart-shaped tags! You always have great (and romantic :-)) ideas! I love them! Susan, since you and we all do love Max and Sammy so very much, I personally would add photos of both of them to your new organizer caddy! Just a suggestion…
    Hugs to you!
    P.S. I forgot to say I looove your “Fall-ish” header too!

  40. Marlene Wilson says

    I just love how you get excited over the little things in life. So much fun reading your blog…it makes me smile. I think you have done an amazing job in your office. It is such a happy place to work and create all your ideas.

  41. oooh doesn’t it just make you feel all lovely inside to see great storage and clean spaces!!

  42. Jeannie from WNC says

    Oh, to be organized! Room looks beautiful!

  43. I am impressed at how many people waded in with an opinion. You really hit a popular topic.

    I once hired a cleaning lady to help me spring clean. I was self conscious about letting someone see my dirt. She said I would be shocked at the number of messies. She said for sure they outnumber the neat freaks. I guess I fall somewhere in-between. I will say I strive to always do better. I guess that is why I read so much on organization in case someone reveals the secret-sauce of keeping it neat and well organized.

  44. Linda Leyble says

    Hi Susan – wow you are so organized. I need some of your talents – desperately. I usually have too much stuff that I need on a regular- or irregular – basis visable at all times so I don’t forget it’s there. And that creates visual clutter. If I put it in a basket – I forget about it. Loved those Ikea baskets you have. Maybe they would help – but I need a way of marking them – or else I am lost.

    I have a project table (like the Bedford one in Pottery Barn – but it was less $ at Frontgate I believe) and I use it a lot. But so far I haven’t figured out exactly what I really need in all those cubbies. Right now they are filled with things that I use all the time – but most are things that I only use once in awhile. Have to change that.

    If I could only figure out how to organize all my fabric samples, my faux finishing samples, trims, paint chip samples, my artist brushes, canvases, glitter, fabric paints and pens, camera and lenses (and books that help explain my camera!) and sundry other things that I can’t lose track of…maybe I would get things done more quickly.

    Organization is my biggest issue – I was not born with that gene. Lucky you that you were!


  45. Linda, I love those project tables. I wonder if you could use some of the Billy bookcases from IKEA that are so reasonably priced and place your fabric on those along with some bins/baskets for your supplies. They now make a Billy bookcase that’s deeper than the Billy shelves in my office. Don’t know if it’s called Billy or if they gave it a different name, but it’s just like the Billy bookcases, except a bit deeper. Those would probably work better for storing fabrics and such. I put a couple of book ends on my desk to hold books I need to refer to often…maybe that would work for your camera books. I love organizing but sometimes I can remember where I’ve squirreled something away. 🙂 I need to label my baskets, too…some day.

  46. No – you are not the only one ! I love to organize and recently burned out the batteries on my label maker while organizing my guest bath closet. I have a Paris motif in there and found wonderful fabric organizing bins at…The Dollar Store ! They matchthe navy/burgundy motif and look great. Of course, my friends make fun of me….but I can always find what I need ! Love your site…have to start a blog so I can share in Tablescape Thursday. Had a reat fall table for a small dinner party yesterday – set up on the screen porch….then those storms came through. Plan B, the dining roo. Love making a nice table an enjoy seeing all the posts here. Have a great week !

  47. I love that caddy, Susan! (And I prefer the labels over the photographs, myself.) I can be a bit of a freak when it comes to organizing, too, but then when you have so much S-T-U-F-F, organization is key. And I have a lot of stuff! I love labels and tend to lean towards those that are old-fashioned (like your little hearts!) and I like to use an antique font. I recently made small labels on ivory paper and used a font called Aquiline, so I could label all my hatboxes (I must have over 20!) and would know which hats were where. I hope you’re having lovely weather like we are, here in New England. Fall is in the Air!

  48. Yep, I can’t even begin to make a mess unless I’m organized! Ha, I dream of every space, cabinet and corner being perfect in my house…not quite there yet, but your office is inspiration for another project!

  49. Hi Susan! I LOVE to be organized, but I think I’m less organized that I want to be. As always, I love your office. Can you tell us where you got the monitor ledge and drawers that you have? Love them!

  50. Vicki Sullivan says

    Oh my, your office is SO gorgeous, perfection actually!

  51. I love things to be organized! A place for everything and everything in it’s place! I even wrote a couple of books about it, years ago. Now, if you tell me you’re also an Anglophile and love all things British AND love cozy mysteries (especially British ones) I’m going to suspect we were separated at birth!

  52. Haha! I always felt like I had a twin out there somewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d read my book (now that would be really eerie!) I’m going to have to work harder to find you a house in the Nashville area so we can hang out, tour beautiful antebellum homes, watch cozy mysteries and decorate, organize and generally beautify our homes. Hee. I actually thought of you one day when I was on my way to an appointment. I had to pass through one of my favorite middle Tennessee towns – Franklin – you’d love it. I saw a house that looked so much like the dream house you posted about and I thought – That’s it! That’s Susan’s dream house, lol. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale (details, shmetails) I was in a hurry to get to my appointment or I would have stopped to take a picture. It wasn’t on acreage though, and I got the impression / seem to remember you’d like a little space. Anyway, I’m keeping my eyes open for the perfect place. 😉

  53. Yes, I wrote a couple of home organization books back in the day. 🙂 And hey, now that I know you don’t need to have a lot of land, that makes things much easier! Haha. 😉

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