Own Mad Men, Don Draper’s 1914 Colonial Home

Are you a fan of the popular, long-running TV series, Mad Men? The series first premiered back in July 2007 and lasted for 7 seasons! The last episode actually just aired a little over a month ago. I bet we’ll be seeing Mad Men reruns for a long, long time.

In the very first episode of Mad Men filmed back in 2007, this classic 1914 center-hall Colonial is the home of Don Draper, the Creative Director of the fictional Manhattan advertising firm, Sterling Cooper. (A different home was used in later episodes.)

If you’re a Mad Men fan and would like to own a bit of TV history, now’s your chance! This home, located at 90 Forest Avenue, New Rochelle, New York, is currently for sale. I love the symmetry of this beautiful home. I’m secretly hoping whoever buys it removes the storm door. That red door needs to be fully visible, don’t you think?

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 18


I guess storm doors are a good thing in New York but I would love to see it without the storm door. This home feels like the classic, all-American home. Per Sotheby’s where the home isย listed, the home has been featured in many commercials and made-for-TV movies, in addition to appearing in Mad Men.

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 02


So many things to love from the dormers to the traditional clap siding to the wonderful old-brick fireplaces. See those two half-fan lights on either side of the fireplace. That’s a bedroom and it’s one of my favorite rooms in the home. Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 19


Love the red door with the brass mail slot. Ohhh, I like the house across the street, too! Nice neighborhood!

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 06


I love the bones of this house. I’m sure whoever buys it will change the paint color to something they love.

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 04


The Living Room…

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 12


Great fireplace in the kitchen!

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 05


Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 11


I love a big dining room because you can seat so many and there’s tons of space for entertaining. Notice the fireplace–so romantic for dining fireside!

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 16


The library…wonder if there’s hardwood flooring under the carpet? I bet there is. I’d definitely remove the carpeting to reveal it if there’s wood flooring underneath.

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 17


The Master suite also has beautiful hardwood flooring and a fireplace! Looks like they painted the brick around the fireplace. I wonder if that could be sandblasted off or removed? I’m guessing it could. I think I’d rather see the brick.

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 07


Here’s the room with the half-fanlight windows. Isn’t this an adorable space with the slanted ceilings. Again, more of that great hardwood flooring.

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 14


In addition to the beautiful front staircase we saw earlier, there’s a really pretty back staircase, as well. It’s as nice as the front staircase in most homes!

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 10


This home has a back porch and I think it’s calling to be screened! Yep, pretty sure it is…what say you? ๐Ÿ™‚

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 01


You can see more of this classic Colonial home at Sothebys International Realtyย where these pictures were found.

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  1. A lovely house Susan. If you want to see the neighbour’s house across the street, just go knock!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like the way the back staircase rail, dips, so pretty. I would definitely rip up the carpet in the library and change the paint colour in the bedroom. The bed linens do not do the room justice
    As you stated, it does have good bones and I was surprised at the price, considering it is in New York, thought it reasonable.
    The entry way is spectacular with the staircase at the back.
    Is that a conservatory on the side of the house, or is that part of a room.

    • I saw it and it’s beautiful! Here’s how you can see it, too! Go to google and type in the address for the house we toured today. When it pop’s up, click on the “Street View” picture…then just spin around and check out the house. It’s awesome and so is the house next door. In fact, I strolled up and down the whole street! Love Google Maps with Street View!

    • Oh, and I didn’t see that room at the website, not sure why they didn’t include it in the gallery of pictures. It looks like a sunroom, would be wonderful if it was!

    • Yep, the floor plan at Sotheby’s does show that it’s a sunroom.

  2. The back porch Screened in? First response -YES! Then as I take it all in I’m waffling. It may be too small. Screened in may just create a closed in feel.

    Oh well if they should call and ask I will share my opinion. Wouldn’t you?

  3. Charlotte says

    Nice home…did you notice the high chair to the left side in the formal dining room? It definitely didn’t look modern, but more in with the surroundings. I love screened-in porches! Thanks for the tour.

    • I totally missed that! Good eye! I bet it was one they used with their children and maybe now is being used for the grandchildren.

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I’ve never seen the show, but that’s a lovely house. I love both of the staircases. The staircase in the Ozzie and Harriet house was awesome, as well. They made the balustrades and the handrail prettier and more substantial in those days. Do you remember one of your readers posting about her favorite movie house bedroom? I can’t quite remember the name of the movie — I want to say, Mrs. Miniver, but I’m not sure that’s right. It was about an English family whose life was torn by war. Their house was even bombed. The staircase in that house was fabulous too. (Aren’t we funny? The things we get excited about!)

    Isn’t New Rochelle where Rob and Laura Petrie and their neighbors Jerry and Millie Helper lived? That sounds right. ๐Ÿ˜€ Looks like a very nice, “All American,” style house and neighborhood. It would be great to have all those fireplaces! Did you notice the distortion in the kitchen pics? One makes the whole fireplace look very wide while the other is quite different, lol. Must have been taken with one of those wide angle lenses. Nice tour. Thanks.

    • I’ve noticed that on a lot of real estate sites…the pictures sometimes really distort objects in the rooms, too. I guess it’s the wide angle lens they are using. Yep, I think you’re right…I think that is where Rob and Laura Petrie lived. Fond memories of that show…loved it growing up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We started watching this show about 6 weeks ago and are already into season 6. Love it! I know New Rochelle well. My daughter lived there prior to moving to Singapore. Forest is a lovely block!

  6. That is a very beautiful home! I really like the back porch. Looks like a great place to sit and watch the kids play.

  7. I’ve never had one, but love the idea of a back staircase. Seems they all should be back ones. How did it ever become standard to put them at the front door? “Hey guests and strangers, here’s a great view up to our more personal spaces!”

  8. I noticed the phrase “liquid siding” as part of the description on Sothebys’ web site. Have never heard that term before. Anybody else? While I’m waiting for answers, I’m off to Google for the neighborhood tour. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    I am seeing more and more pink and coral-salmon colors in fabrics and wall paint. It must be the next big thing around the corner???

    To Kathy above my response, I have heard of liquid siding. It was kind of big in our area of VA several years back. A neighbor had her windows and doors painted with the liquid siding. Supposedly it lasts for 25 years. Sadly she selected a horrible color and recently had her home repainted, although her home did not need it. Her liquid paint still looked new.

    Thanks for the fun tour of the “Draper” digs.

  10. *SIGH* franki

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