Pagoda Umbrellas & Beautiful Cars

This morning my son, grandsons and I attended a local car show. I love vintage and antique cars so I awoke early, super excited to go. We didn’t see a lot of vintage cars at the show, but I still enjoyed it tremendously. Some of the cars we saw are those you normally only see in car enthusiasts magazines. My son recognized and named many of them all as we walked around, including the McLaren that goes for $200,000 to 1,000,000+ depending on the model.

Do you enjoy car shows? My son was surprised that I wanted to go and even more surprised how much I enjoyed it. How can you not enjoy the art of a beautiful automobile? I also love vintage/antique boats with their gorgeous woodwork. The cars we saw today melded performance with beauty, definitely got the heart racing just looking at them.


Questions About The Umbrella in Thursday’s Post

Before I share some of the photos I took at this morning’s car show, I’ve had several questions and emails asking about the umbrella seen in Thursday’s Tablescape Thursday post. I wasn’t sure if this exact same umbrella was still available since I purchased it a couple of years ago.

After seeing how beautiful it was with my son and dil’s outdoor table, I looked online again today to see if was still available. I was surprised to find it is, plus it’s on sale with free shipping! I paid full-price the first time I purchased it, so was delighted to see that it’s on sale now.

I purchased one for myself again today because I’m still in need of an umbrella and I absolutely love the color/design of this one. I know it still won’t match the chair cushions on my current outdoor dining set, but I’m hoping I’ll eventually locate cushions that do match.  If you were one of the folks who asked about this umbrella, you’ll find it on sale here: Umbrella.

It’s available in several colors and patterns, including a pretty yellow pattern and a red design. See all the various styles here: Umbrellas.

Pagoda Umbrella for Outdoor Table, Outdoor Dining 2


Below are some of the cars we saw today. If my son recognized the car, I’ve listed the name below. See how many you recognize! Hope you enjoy a little stroll through a part of the car show.

This was my favorite…a Bentley.


The interior was beautiful! Seriously beautiful!




Acura NSX


Acura NSX

Update: Remembered this morning that my son said this car had a Honda logo on it…neither of us could figure that out!


Acura NSX


Shelby Cobra






Corvette Stingray




Dodge Challenger Hellcat…notice the Hellcat hanging out the driver’s window. 🙂


We weren’t sure about this one…I think the sign said Healey Cobra Performance.


Also, weren’t sure about this one, maybe a Shelby Cobra…not sure.


This one’s a Plymouth Prowler…thanks Cynthia for identifying this one!




Corvette with a monster truck beside it. Grandsons got a big kick out of the monster truck.


Better view of the Corvette…


Nissan Figaro, like the one from the Movie, Cars 2 🙂


Mercedes Convertible


Acura NSX


Not sure about this one…


Yellow car on left is a 1970 Lotus Europa…thanks, Cynthia!




A McLaren from McLaren Automotive! $200,000+ car!


I’d be terrified to drive it anywhere!

McLaren Car


Not sure…


Mercedes AMG




Back view of the Slingshot…


Thanks to Cynthia and Lloyd for sharing this great photo of their 1962 Studebaker! Cynthia said, “Through the years, he (Lloyd) has built from the ground up and restored several show cars and we both love car shows and often incorporate them into trips in the U.S.”

How fun it would be to travel across the United States seeing our beautiful country in a wonderful vintage car produced right here in the U.S.! Love that!


Hope you enjoyed this post, first time we’ve visited a Car Show before!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you!

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  1. My husband is president of our local corvette club. We go to a lot of car shows. I’m not a fan. Today we caravaned to a guy who collects and sells corvettes only. He had about 40. I was done in about 15 minutes. Everyone else took a couple of hours, or it seemed like it.

  2. Cynthia Garrett says

    Hi Susan, My husband is a car guy and we attend car shows regularly. His current show car is a 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo which won Talk of the Show at last weeks car show. Here’s some info. for you on the cars that are not identified in your post.
    1. Silver car is another Shelby Cobra
    2. Not a Pontiac Roadster – it’s a Plymoth Prowler
    3. Red car is a 1932 Ford Roadster
    4. Little Yellow car is a 1970 Lotus Europa
    5. Not sure about green car. Super cars are often such limited editions. Could possibly be a kit car.
    Hope this helps. Car shows are so much fun! Driving show cars is the best!

  3. Susan, when the page opened, I was sure you had finally picked out a new car! LOL
    Many years ago, I had a friend who collected antique cars. He had 2-3 old Bentleys and a Rolls Royce.

    • lol Afraid not, but the show gave me car fever all over again!
      Wow, sounds like a fabulous collection! Did he mainly drive them on weekends or did he use them during the week, too?

      • They were all working, so he enjoyed driving them whenever he felt like it. Last I heard he had bought a Corvette too. Always selling and buying something more exciting. Must be a guy thing.

  4. I love all the ‘swoopy hood’ cars, the blue with stripes, and the Healy Cobra? The sports cars are nice, but not my thing. 20 years ago, though…. 🙂

    Our little town of 13,000 hosts a monthly car show. Oldies, newbies, and every model in between. They gather on the one block historic district *recently updated and lovely*, and it’s quite popular. Oldies music, car enthusiasts, kids, and I think they have a few food vendors. The downtown merchants benefit from the added audience as well.
    Nothing so fancy as these, of course, but still, a great family outing, for basically free!

    • How fun! I think my son said this show was once a month, also. What a great idea, especially if it helps out the local merchants, too.

  5. Beatrice says

    Well, you asked…your resident old-car source, here. BTW, I may have to order a couple of those lovely colourful pagoda umbrellas. How creative and unusual! So here goes…the “Healy” is a fake with a V8 American engine. The silver “Cobra” with oval grille is also a replicar. (If real, it would be over $1MM.) The silver Merc next to the blue Vette is a more recent SL, likely a 550. The yellow car is an early 70s Lotus Europa, with engine in the rear. In order to make 50 grand, it would have to be perfect. The red McLaren 720S is more like $285,000 (before extras!). We collect and race old European cars as a hobby–it’s the most fun I’ve ever had, and you meet the most interesting people from all over the world. Imagine cruising onto the Promenade des Anglais on the Nice waterfront and over the finish line, cheered on by 10,000 spectators! Adreneline rush!

  6. They’re beautiful vehicles. There’s also an Auto & Aviation Museum in Cleveland (University Circle) if you’re nearby.

  7. Charlotte says

    How exciting! I always love to see old beautiful cars. Thanks for sharing.

  8. José-Luiz G. de Montenegro-Magalhães says

    Ah! les belles voitures ! La Mercedes AMG fait mon coeur battre plus fort , quoique j’aime aussi la Bentley ! Merci pour les jolies photos !

  9. Alisa Leahy says

    So much fun! Have you watched Jerry Seinfeld “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”? It’s on Netflix. Jerry gets these fabulous cars and picks up various comedians and they go get coffee or food and just hav great conversation. Each episode is @ 20 min which is perfect.

  10. NEPA Gina says

    Thank you for the car shows pics. My husband really enjoyed looking at them! You have a good eye for picking out the interesting ones. I have one of the pagoda umbrellas from Pier 1. I purchased it a few years ago after seeing it on a post you had! I’m surprised they have been carrying the same ones the past few years. And Happy Mothers Day!

  11. Julie Williams says

    Yellow one is likely a Lotus Elan, late 60s. The slate-colored convertable might have been an AC Cobra. Fun car show!

  12. I have always been teased a lot by my family because I love cars so much and can identify one’s they cannot. The Bentley would be my favorite for sure.

  13. Snowflake281 says

    Ahh! I love seeing the vintage cars on display in all of their shiny, polished glory! Makes me miss my first car, a 1968 Mustang even more and my husband’s ’68 Pontiac GTO. Good memories.

  14. Fun post Susan. Hubby says he believes the red convertible you identified as Healey Cobra Performance is a British Austin-Healey Roadster.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  15. Hi Susan…I bet your surprised by all the response to the car show pictures….yes us ladies love our fancy cars…was this at Perimeter Mall?….We do the show at Lennox Square (Caffeine and Exotics) and if your in town next weekend on Sunday there will be a fabulous car show at Avalon up in Alpharetta. Festivals of Speed….they will have 150-180 exotic cars parked within all the streets around the shops. We were invited to attend with our Ferrari to represent Ferrari/Maserati of Atlanta…so if you have a chance to go if you see a navy blue Ferrari with a glass back showing the engine it’s ours! Hope your having a great Mother’s Day….I might not always leave you comments but I follow every post you write….I can say I “knew you when”….keep up the great job….I love to see when you travel…Sue from Rue-Mouffetard.

  16. Susan, your son would love Palm Desert – many of these cars (and more) cruise up and down El Paseo (especially on the weekends during the “season”). We feel elegant car deprived when we are in Lake Tahoe where the car of choice is a Chevy Tahoe!

  17. But not one word about Mater next to the stingray…

    • lol I remember my son said something about the truck being like one in a movie when we were there. I just read him your comment and he laughed and said, yeah, from the movie, Cars. I wondered about that truck…now it makes sense! lol

  18. The Healy is probably an Austin Healy. My husband had one and it was sporty but not comfortable!

  19. Sue, your comment about the white “Acura” with the Honda logos…not sure if you amor your son know that Acura is a “branch” or division of Honda (founder). Maybe they upgraded the insides to bring it to the level of an Acura. Just an FYI, here’s a link

  20. Charlotte says

    Loved the car show. Living in Orange County, CA, I see Lamborghini’s, Masarati’s, Corvette’s, Shelby Cobra’s and other fancy schmancy cars all the time! I covet the newer Corvette’s, and have seen some humdinger’s of beautiful red Mustangs, and souped up Dodge Chargers and Chevy Camaro’s are all over the place!…my fave is the Corvette…although the black Lamborghini I saw the other day was a double wow! What I drive: A red Ford Fusion, but I can dream! Thanks for posting this.

  21. Charlotte says

    I actually saw one of those Slingshot cars last night and almost called the Police. We were on The Causeway Bridge, which is the 24 mile bridge that goes over Lake Pontchartrain, and I thought it looked so dangerous, no protection at all. It sure looked weird from behind with just one light in the middle of the back, I had no idea what it was. I enjoy car shows too, my Dad used to have a 1956 Corvette and a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Aire.

  22. Vanessa in Atlanta says

    Hi Susan, Love this post for so many reasons! Thank you for sharing. Also loved the previous one and the sneak peak of your precious family 🙂 We miss your presence here in Georgia but hope you are enjoying time with family. We (meaning my husband) missed a local car show in Tucker this past Saturday to travel up to Knoxville, TN to be with my son and his family and my adorable little granddaughter. It was so hot here though that I wonder if everyone even showed up! Like another commenter above, when I first saw the title I thought you had picked out a new car! I am growing increasingly frustrated with my BMW X3 from a blind spot standpoint and am going to be looking at the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot. I want to be somewhat educated for when the 2019’s come out. Thanks for all of your wonderful posts and have safe travels back to Georgia when you head this way. Also, hello and thank you to your readers for their wonderful comments. I learn so much from everyone. ~Vanessa

  23. Caroline says

    I’m a car enthusiast and love car shows! Aren’t they fun? We have a Corvette Z06, just like the LeMans blue one in your post, except Torch Red. Hubby has always collected cars and used to own a Lotus Esprit, a 1960 Plymouth Fury, a 1959 Cadillac, 1967 Cadillac, and 1975 Cadillac – all when he was in his 20’s lol! People thought it quite odd for such a young man to be interested in old classics!
    The red one in your post is an Austin-Healey, and below that is a Shelby Cobra replica (the real ones are very rare and worth $1,000,000!). The white NXS has a Honda emblem because Acura is made by Honda and it has a Honda engine in it. Not sure about the blue-green car – might be a ‘kit car’, kinda has the look of a Saleen (one of my faves) or McLaren. Hope this helps!

  24. Caroline says

    sorry, typo, meant NSX

  25. Laura T. says

    I love car shows! Especially vintage cars. I had a red ’66 Mustang that I miss.
    You used to be able to identify almost any car at a glance. They had a lot of personality. I also love old pick up trucks! Like someone else said, I’d be afraid to drive some of those! If some idiot bad driver hit me, I might go ballistic! :0)
    Thanks for sharing pictures of all those lovely cars!

  26. Loved all the car photos. My husband and I love to go to car shows. You are right, they are works of art, especially the vintage ones. About the chair cushions, check out Improvements. They have a huge selection of chair cushions and I saw some in their catalog that have the same colors as that beautiful umbrella. I purchased mine from there three years ago and they are holding up beautifully. They are currently having a sale.

  27. Cyndi Raines says

    What a wonderful way to spend time with your son and grandson. Living not far from the “Motor City” , you just have to love cars, new, vintage and anything in between! Vintage / Antique car shows are something we do enjoy and love hearing the “oldies” music that is usually playing also. Susan, you and your son should try to come north sometime to the Detroit Auto Show where they display all new models and futuristic concept type cars. They are awesome to see!

  28. My husband just told me that the next Car cruise is June first. They close down the main street thru the old part of town and charge $10 to cruise all night the money is for the Dare program. People show up early just to watch the there are hundreds of cars and thousands of people. We usually drive a ’76 Cadillac Convertible it is white on white.

  29. My husband’s hobby is building Street Rods. In other words, basically vintage vehicles but with upgraded engines under their hoods however surprisingly his most recent addition to the stable is an 2009 XLR Cadillac convertible which doesn’t quite fit into the same category but he loves it just the same. That stated; boys and their toys …. 🙂 …. and I’ve lost count of the number of ones that we’ve had nor can I name them all. -Brenda-

  30. YOU ARE SO VERSATILE!! We, too, luv the vintage cars…I’m going to forward you a photo of the one we just got and you identify it…tee,hee…franki

  31. Having married a car guy and participated and gone to more car shows than I can honestly recall over the last 44 years I really enjoyed your photos today! Thank you.

    You have a red car pictured above that you state you are not sure of the make/model. It is a ’32 Ford Hiboy.

    We have owned a Plymouth Prowler since new having flown to Atlanta to purchase from a dealer in Atlanta June 2000. may I send a photo of it as I do not see a way to attach and my copy/paste is not showing up on my end?? Thank you.

  32. Hi Susan,
    Just seeing this post of yours from 2018. My husband and I go to a lot of car shows, local and in other states. My hubby restores old cars, mainly Tri-Five Chevys (55, 56 and 57). We have a 1955 Chevy Belair and a 1956 2 Door Wagon. He is now starting restoration on a 1956 Chevy Nomad. We belong to a car club and host a large show each year to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. In 30 years our club has raised just short of $800k for Alzheimer’s. We have tons of fun and our friends have cars too. Next week we are headed to Daytona Beach, FL for the 50th Anniversary of the Turkey Rod Run car show that we have been to 9 times. We live in Maryland and will be driving our 1955 Belair. Our friend’s will be driving their 1957 Belair.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and LOVE your Spode Woodland China.

    • Lynda, that is sooo cool! I’m so glad someone is preserving these wonderful old cars. They will definitely outlast the “stuff” that’s being built today! What a fun and interesting hobby/past time. I can just imagine the wonderful friends you must make, real people with real values–those who are the true heart of our country. So wonderful how much you’ve raised to fight Alzheimer’s! ♥

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