Pixie Nook: A Storybook Cottage Reminiscent of Rosehill Cottage in “The Holiday”

Remember Rosehill Cottage, the adorable cottage in the movie, The Holiday that stole our hearts only to break them when we discovered it wasn’t a real house but a faux house created just for the movie. At least Rosehill still lives on in our hearts, even if it doesn’t physically exist anymore.

Rosehill Cottage in the movie, The Holiday


Recently I came across a darling cottage in Warleggan, Cornwall, United Kingdom that made me wonder if it was the inspiration for Rosehill Cottage. It’s named Pixie Nook and it’s even situated on a corner with a little road winding down the side and around in front just like in the movie. What do you think? Were they channeling this adorable storybook home known as Pixie Nook when they designed and built Rosehill Cottage for the movie?

Cottage Pixie Nook for Vacation


I adore the old stone wall out front of Pixie Nook, everything about it feels right out of a fairytale!

Pixie Nook Cottage, Warleggan Bodmin Moor


Every storybook home needs a cottage garden and a front door that’s almost completely hidden by flowering vines. I think that must be written somewhere in the unspoken rules for building a storybook house.

Storybook Cottage, Pixie Nook


The inside of this adorable cottage is just as fairytale like as the outside. It’s a fantasy decorated in cheerful, happy colors.

Storybook Pixie Nook


There’s a cozy fire for chilly nights.

Living Room at Pixie Nook


Cheerful Interiors, Pixie Nook


Not only is Pixie Nook real, I was thrilled to discover it can actually be rented! Can you imagine staying in this darling cottage while on holiday!

Pixie Nook Kitchen


The interiors make me think of the adorable cottages in the TV series, Doc Martin. Remember the little cottage Louisa is living in when she and Doc Martin first meet?

Dining In a Fairytale Cottage


This bathtub looks a lot more comfortable than the one Amanda (played by Cameron Diaz) squeezes herself into in The Holiday.

Cottage Bathroom


This cute cottage has one perfect bedroom upstairs.

Master Bedroom in Pixie Nook


Love the blue and white fabric framing this wonderful view. I could do a whole bedroom in this fabric. It reminds me a little of the blue and white fabric I have in Blue and White Guest Room.

Storybook Cottage Window


I would love to wake up to this view each morning! Completely unreal, isn’t it? Are there still places this beautiful? Imagine taking a walk across the moors or in Cardinham Woods nearby, an area that’s described as being perfect for hikers and cyclists. The area is also home to red and roe deer, seen in Herodsfoot Deer Park.

The view from Pixie Nook Cottage


Breakfast in a beautiful setting…

Luxury Breakfast at Pixie Nook, Warleggan, Cornwall United Kingdom


In this nighttime view, I’m pretty sure that’s fairy dust. Has to be!

A Famtasy Storybook Cottage


Pixie Nook is the perfect getaway for a couple celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or a special occasion.

Hot Tub at Pixie Nook


Does the outside remind you of Rosehill Cottage, too? You’ll find additional pictures and information about staying at Pixie Nook on holiday here: Pixie Nook

Pixie Nook in Warleggan, Cornwall, United Kingdom


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Storybook Gambrel-style Cottage and Gardens


Tour the cottage in the movie The Holiday here: Tour Rosehill Cottage in The Holiday

Rosehill Cottage in the movie, The Holiday

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  1. Andrea Campbell says

    I want to BE there!

  2. Yes, there are still places that beautiful in England. I grew up there, and lived in several homes that remind me of that one. One was a 350 year old farmhouse.

    I could spend all day looking through pictures of English villages. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Charlotte says

    What a sweet cottage! It really is such a happy little cottage. I love the color of the kitchen cabinets. I would love to be there all cozy reading a book with the snow falling outside. Now, back to the 98 degree heat.

  4. Oh my………..I love this little cottage. It would be wonderful to stay a week and explore the country side. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh, thanks so much for sharing. This has been one of my favorites!! I am going to save and incorporate some of the color and style into my house. It just makes me feel good. Thanks for all the wonderful “stuff” you share with us. I look forward to opening my email!

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    What a wonderful cottage to visit and explore.

  7. This home and area was used in filming “Doc Martin,” my newest Netflix addiction. I got hooked on the scenery of Cornwall. So beautiful.

  8. Never my last comment. See…got hooked on the pictures, then went back and read the words. Lol.

  9. Oh I love that sweet cottage – though I had something totally different in mind for the interior.

    It’s so truly charming. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  10. It’s funny, because I just watched The Holiday a few weeks ago on TV and I thought that cottage Cameron Diaz’s character stayed in was absolutely charming! I can’t even imagine how lovely it must be to stay in 🙂 Reminds me of a wonderful storybook tale, for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Lor @ lovelyandcozy.com

  11. Susan, You are sounding very European saying “holiday” rather than “vacation”. Holiday sounds very dreamy and romantic, whereas vacation reminds me of screaming kids and their dogs running around on a beach.
    I am ready to go almost anywhere to beat the heat. Ninety degrees in my car at Noon today. The front door reminds me of some the cottages on Midsomer Murders and Foyle’ s War. Can you tell I love PBS? Also, I could have a sewing fest with that blue and white fabric. Thanks for a great post. Ashley

  12. Victoria says

    Oh my goodness, that is absolutely darling! I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. If you like the homes in Doc Martin then you have to watch Midsomer Murders, the whole series is on Netflix and I think also on YouTube and all are filmed in little English towns filled with cottages…so dreamy!!!

  13. Enchanting!!! franki

  14. What a lovely cottage–who but the English would have such a wonderful purple sofa–and all the colors and floral materials! I wonder why here in America we so often shy away from color??!! I loved everything about this little cottage–my passport is packed–Cornwall is such an inviting place–my family came from that area many eons ago–I think it is time I go back!

  15. Adorable! I love the name too!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. I recently stayed at the 200 year-old cottage of an friend while on vacation in Britain. It had all the charm of the ones you have posted: 2 ft thick walls, limestone floors, vines covering the stonework on the outside, painted wood floors, twisty staircases, marble counters and painted cabinets in the kitchen, gardens and pastureland right outside. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! So pretty and relaxing. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  17. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh no, Susan. Are we going Bodmin? Haha. Very sweet cottage. But it sure looks like it would have more than one bedroom. Do you think it’s an ‘attached’ cottage? Hmm. I love the fun colors. The interior walls put me in mind of those old cottages the villagers lived in in the movie, Waking Ned Devine. Some of them looked like they were about to cave in though, lol.

    I’d love to stay at a place like this. Susan, I’ve mentioned it before but just to remind you, Lovejoy has some awesome and ridiculously cozy cottages. (He seems to move around from series to series, lol.) There was one where a person would literally have to bow fully at the waist to enter the bedroom. So funny and so cute. Thanks for sharing Pixie Nook.

  18. Jackie in UK says

    We have lots of beautiful old cottages like that in the UK. Come and visit and see. Do a tour of places where Midsomer murders, Miss Marple etc.. are filmed. Port Isaac where Doc Martin is filmed is a lovely old fishing village. I live near Shere where “The Holiday” was filmed in the Surrey countryside and it is a lovely old village and there are plenty more like that around Great Britain. Jackie in Surrey UK.

    • Jackie, I would love that! I wish I could find a tour that went to places like that. Definitely hope to do that one day. 🙂

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Oh boy, would I love that too! Will you be our tour guide, Jackie? Lol. From watching Lovejoy, I have seen beautiful cottages and stately homes in the East Anglia district, as well. I’d love to see all the places you mentioned, and more. *sigh* That is one of my dream vacations — a cottage and pub tour of England. 😀

      • Morning, There are such wonderful places in the UK and although we are a smallish island it would still take a few weeks to travel to see all the places used in film locations. As I said we live near Shere where “The Holiday” was partly filmed, we are also not far from Highclere Castle ” Downton Abbey”. Another lovely place is Lyme Regis where some of “French Lieutenants Woman” was filmed.
        For thatched cottages you could visit the Cotswolds, Dorset, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, well most Counties have them!! Stratford upon Avon, Chester etc.. all olde world places ruined by modern estates.
        We are visiting Suffolk , East Anglia in a couple of weeks and hoping to visit National Trust or Historic House properties.
        We are a great small country to visit , usually we have great Summer weather, this week it is forecast to go to 30c!!
        Come and visit. Jackie.x

        • Forgot to add my blog the last time I replied.

        • I didn’t add my blog details before. I hope you don’t mind Susan but it includes your blog details on the blog I have posted today?

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

          Oh Jackie, I would dearly love to! You have no idea. I have been an Anglophile my whole life. Not too many Americans know anything about Ronnie Corbet, (Fork handles / four candles) Only Fools and Horses, Frank Spencer, etc. etc. Lol. (by the way, Ronnie Corbet is just such a cute little old chap) Most of what I watch on TV is British and I even know more about the politics than most Americans know about our own politicians! Yet I’ve never been there. I would actually like to live there for a year or two. Just try it out, maybe somewhere like the Cotswalds or East Anglia. The difficulty is getting my husband there, due to his demanding work schedule. We’ll get there one day! Thanks for your kind reply and further suggestions. 🙂

  19. I started researching Warleggan, and found that Daphne du Maurier, one of my favorites, lived in Cornwall. Check out the connection.

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