Two Before & Afters: One a Success, One a Fail–at Least for Now

Welcome to the 605th Metamorphosis Monday!

My son and daughter-in-love purchased all new furniture for their living room a few months back. Now that the boys are a bit older, it was a great time to make some upgrades/changes. They purchased beautiful leather sofas, new end tables, new lamps, and donated a few things that no longer worked in the room.

Two of the items they donated were a couple of old storage bins the boys were using to store toys. Nancy replaced one of the old bins with this beautiful storage piece that easily serves as additional seating when needed. It’s super sturdy! I love the woven hyacinth material it’s made from because it feels so smooth–no prickly edges like some natural materials have.

Garden Seat with Hidden Storage


It holds a lot more than you would think! I’ve been trying to think if there’s a place in my home where I could use one of these because I love how it looks and how it’s designed. Nancy found here pretty storage stool here: Stool with Storage.

Garden Stool with Hidden Storage


Garden Auger for Planting Bulbs

I also have a garden-related Before and After for this week’s Met Monday. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out quite as I planned, but I have hope that will change in the future.

Earlier in the spring, I purchased two of these beautiful spring planters as a little surprise for my son and daughter-in-law. They were so beautiful past spring and looked great on their front porch. When the flowers were all gone and the foliage had turned yellow, my daughter-in-law pulled them out and (at my request) saved the bulbs so we could plant them somewhere in the yard.

Daffodils, Tulilps, Hyacinths in Spring Planter


I don’t remember now how I stumbled across this idea but I read about an easy method for planting bulbs using a garden auger that attaches to a regular drill. I purchased one in the 3 x 10-inch size thinking that would be a great size for planting most bulbs.


I had some success with it but unfortunately, we haven’t had much rain the last few weeks so the ground was quite hard just an inch or two down. This hole was pretty good at around 4 inches deep but the other I tried to drill/dig were just too shallow for bulbs. I’m going to wait until we have a period of rain that last a few days, then try again.

If you have an area that gets dug on a regular basis or a well-turned flower bed, this garden auger would probably work great! I have several beds at home that I regularly plant annuals in. I think it would work great for those. Otherwise, you would probably need to wait for one of those rainy periods where it rains several days in a row to use it on never-turned soil.

Garden Auger for Drill for Planting Bulbs and Flowers


I purchased the 3 x 10-inch size but they do have it in a 3 x 12-inch size and around 14 additional sizes. The ad states that it’s also great for mixing fertilizer, digging holes for posts, and making a hole in sand or dirt to hold an umbrella. You’ll find it available here: Garden Auger.

Have you ever used an auger for planting bulbs? How did it work? Would appreciate any tips for using them for bulb planting.

Garden Auger for Drill for Planting Bulbs and Flowers


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Leslie Chappell says

    Regarding the auger – we love ours and use it for more than bulbs. We plant small potted plants by just moving the auger around when drilling, or by making a couple of holes next to one another; just dig out the dirt. I live in rural CA where it is hot, hot, hot in the summer w/no rain. In those areas we’d like to get to sooner than later, we lay soaker hoses (a sprinkler works too) in the area and let the water drip over the course of a few days. Check it periodically and you’ll find you can get that job done w/o waiting for the rain!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to host each week!!
    It is greatly appreciated!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!

  3. Michele Cellura says

    Possibly using a garden hose in the areas you want to use the auger? And flood the areas? I am probably going to have to do that in the landscaping around my pool next year since the base is small to medium size rocks

  4. Thank you Susan! No gardening tips from me, I leave gardening to others

  5. Hmmm the auger sounds like it would make the job a lot easier. I like Leslie’s idea of the sprinkler too. You wouldn’t think we’d need it here in Oregon, but it’s been a dry summer! 🙂 Thanks for the idea, and as always, for hosting the party! Take care and Happy Monday!

  6. Linda D Crummitt says

    Laura, at Garden Answer has a You Tube channel where she explains
    all the types of augers and planting bulbs, plants and even trees.

  7. I tried an auger I bought from Park Seed. I don’t think it is as heavy duty as yours looks to be. My ground was hard when I tried and I ended up doing my holes by hand. If I could do them by hand, well then my auger was a waste. Or, my drill wasn’t strong enough. When you set out to get a job done you don’t want to wait on soaking the ground! I see the stores have bulbs in bags for $16, I think 40 bulbs. In catalogs they are $1 per bulb, I am tempted because they are doubles and specialty bulbs.

  8. I agree with Linda. Watch Laura at Garden Answer. I have been watching her for a few years and have learned so much.( even though I have been gardening for thirty years.)

  9. I tried one, my soil in Central Alabama is just to hard to drill the hole. It gets to a spot and then stops, just makes a noise. I have two sizes but can’t get to work.

    • That’s exactly what happened here. It would drill so far, then felt like I was hitting rock or something. I wasn’t hitting anything, the dirt was just that compacted/hard.

  10. Garden Answer is the answer!

  11. What a great idea! I have always planted bulbs on my hands and knees. Last year I planted over 500 bulbs, only to have voles or moles or something eat 50% of them. Debating whether I should plant again but I need to get rid of the pests first. An augur would be most helpful!

  12. Was gifted a beautiful Bosch drill, extra battery pack and auger from my husband—I love it! The “stem” on the auger is long enough for me to stand to drill holes, and also to “rototill” small areas. Be careful drilling, as hitting a rock or heavy clay may cause the drill to kick back and may hurt your wrist. Love your blog!

  13. Linda Santos says

    Never used a garden auger myself but I follow a YouTube page that uses them all the time. The page is Garden Answer. You might find some tips there. Good luck!

  14. Linda Nixon says

    When we bought many plants I wondered how my husband would plant them because he has many health issues. When I saw the “drill” I thought that was the best idea He had ever had.

  15. An auger is definitely a key to planting bulbs, especially when it’s hundreds! Those days are over for me, but I think you’ll be pleased you used it.

  16. This post is full of helpful tips, thank you! I’ve never used an auger before but it sounds like they’re the best way to plants lots of bulbs so I will definitely look into it. Hope your week is a happy one. Thanks so much for hosting, CoCo

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