Please Pray for Max

This will be short and to the point because I just can’t talk about it a lot.  Please, please, please pray for Max.


He’s been sick for about a month.  He was having diarrhea.  Max has been hyperthyroid for a few years and I give him medicine for that.   His kidneys have been showing signs that they are starting to not function so well, but blood work has showed that they actually have  improved slightly lately.  His kidneys haven’t gotten to the point where they were causing him any symptoms but to be on the safe side, the doctor had prescribed special cat food for him…a kind for cats with ongoing renal failure.  Because it has so little protein, it has a lot more fat in it to make it taste good and to give a cat energy.  When the diarrhea started, we though it might be the higher fat catfood.  Max has been taking Rx for the diarrhea twice a day for about a month.  It helped some, but it wasn’t going away.

I made an appointment at Georgia Veterinary Specialist.  You can read about them online.  They have specialist in all the fields there: Cardiology, Oncology, Dermatology…you name it, there’s a specialist there for that field.

Max was seen by an Internist who did an ultrasound and they found Max has a large mass in his large intestine.  He is also very, very anemic, almost to the point of needing a blood transfusion.  He is making red blood cells but apparently he is loosing blood via the intestines faster than he can make the red blood cells.

During the ultra sound they discovered Max has an enlarged heart, so they aren’t sure he could withstand the surgery to remove the mass, if it can be removed.  If it can’t be removed, they may consider chemo.

They did a needle biopsy and an oncologist will look at it today to see which treatment will work best…surgery or chemo.

If they recommend surgery, Max will be seen by their cardiologist to determine if he can withstand surgery.  He is around 15 years old.  That’s a guess since I adopted him from a shelter.

Needless to say, I’m devastated.  We know our four-legged family members will not live forever, but it is still so hard to face them leaving.  My heart is breaking.

When my dog, Jake died about 4 years ago, I didn’t sleep, didn’t eat and cried for 3 solid days.  I literally could not function.  I needed to go back to work so I finally called my doctor who prescribed an antidepressant.  It made it possible for me to once again function, barely.

I have a feeling this will be much harder because Max and I are so close.  He follows me everywhere.  When I blogged at a desk in my bedroom, he lay on the dresser bench and kept his paw resting on my leg while I worked.  He wanted to be touching me at all times. He’s still the same way, sleeping across my chest or beside me at night, laying near me on my desk, following me from room to room during the day.  Those of you who have a furry child like this, know what I’m going through.

I only took the antidepressant for three weeks after Jake passed.  I noticed it seemed to be killing my ambition/motivation to do anything so I gradually tapered it off over the fourth week.  So I only took it for a month, then never got it refilled.

I called the doctor yesterday and we started it again, to help me get through this.

Why am I sharing this?   Because I know how many of you love seeing Max on the blog and ask about him from time to time.  I wanted to let you know there was a problem so you wouldn’t be completely in shock if I had to announce he had passed.  And because my heart is breaking right now.

I will be putting up pictures of pretty rooms and decorating etc…  I won’t be doing any projects of my own until I can.  I hope you will continue to visit every day.

I need to have something to focus on so when you see a post go up, know that I am doing my best to cope with whatever happens.  I may not put a lot of wording in the posts but they won’t be sad or depressing posts.

I’ll let you know what happens.

Love you all.  Please, please, please pray for Max.  You can read how Max first stole my heart here:  Sweet Max: A Story of Adoption and Healing

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  1. Oh Susan… my heart is breaking for you . I cannot imagine the worry and agony you must be going through. We do luv out furry family members so.
    I will be praying for Max and for you and yours as well. Such a difficult time…..

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Max. Lots of hugs and prayers to you and Max. Please keep us updated.

  3. Bethany L. says

    So very sorry! We lost a kitty last July and it devastated us…took me a long time to quit crying, and we all still miss him. Within a week after finding out he had a lung tumor, he died. Right now we’re going through this with our 13 yr. old Beagle-mix….she has a kidney tumor and now there are spots in her lungs. Since Sept. when we found out about this, she’s been fine, but now is starting to go downhill. I pray she can go on her own…I can’t imagine putting her to sleep. She’s like your Max, as she’s my shadow. I will pray for Max and please know many empathize and care! <3

  4. You and Max are in my thoughts and prayers. I love the story of how you and Max met. I have had several fur babies, so I know what you are going through.

  5. Oh Susan I am so sorry to hear about Max. I love my furry friends as my own children. They bring so much life into our lives. Mine go everywhere with me too. I will definitely have Max in my prayers. Focus on him for now. We’ll all still be here 🙂

  6. Prayers and postive thoughts ((((((((((Max)))))))))))))))

    Trying not to sniffle here
    Deb and Kitties

  7. Judith Blanchard says

    I have a beloved Rottweiler, Duke, with cancer (again) and I feel as heartbroken as you sound. Prayers for you and sweet Max!!! And please don’t feel that you have to “put on a happy face”. When I come to read your blog I come because I enjoy reading about your life and if it’s real, I feel more connected. Just know this follower is here for you to support you and lift up my prayers with you. :0)

  8. Becky Richardson says

    My heart goes out to you. Our four-legged children enrich our lives in ways in so many ways.

  9. My heart breaks with you. I went through the same thing when I lost my dear cat, Jack. It’s still hard for me to talk about the loss. I remember the good times we had together and know that he is waiting for me in heaven, along with his sister, Lucy. You and Max are both in my prayers with the hope that you have more years together.

  10. So sorry to hear this Susan! PRAYING for YOU and sweet MAX!

  11. My heart is heavy for you and I will pray for your sweet Max. I know so well the pain you are feeling and the love that we get from our fur babies. Keep loving him and the gifts he has given you will last forever!

  12. Oh, Susan, if your Max were yellow, he would be the spit and image of my Max! I read your adoption story, and I know what it’s like to lose a dear furbaby. Max was preceded by Buddy, and I had a hard time getting through that. My daughter is an RN who specialized in geriatrics, so she has a pretty no-nonsense approach to end of life issues. She really helped me finally make the decision to let Buddy go when his health issues had severely impaired his quality of life. He died in my arms while I sobbed. But my daughter was a rock and made sure that I was able to walk through it. Both my Buddy and my Max were the same type of kitty as your Max – the breed is the Norwegian Forest Cat, though mine – and probably yours – are both just strongly types of that breed – not purebred by any means. But they’re lovely big friendly cats with lots of devotion, aren’t they? It takes them about four to five years to get past kittenhood and really become cats, so it sounds like you got a bit of a teenager when your Max came home. So fun! I am so sad for you. I will pray. It the most powerful thing of all. Many, many hugs!

  13. Oh my heart is breaking for you. I had a baby like this and lost him and thought that I’d lost a huge part of me. I have another baby like this now, and although she’s only a year old, I know that I’ll be facing this someday. Already praying for Max and for you.

  14. Oh, honey, my heart is breaking for you……I know we can’t expect them to live forever, but it doesn’t take the hurt away. My Sam passed away in December at 16, with diabetes, he was doing so well on the meds and change of diet, but he was wasting away and it was cruel to keep him going any longer. But he was so noble and brave, he continued to amble up the stairs to keep me company on the computer or when I was sewing or crafting, had to be on my lap!!! And he could no longer jump on the bed at night, so I would lift him…….but he continued to make it to the litter box and had very few accidents at all. I still feel him at night getting settled by my legs, and sometimes feel him licking my face as he did to wake me up……he was a constant companion. I always said he was a dog trapped in a cat’s body because he responded to commands and followed me everywhere………still miss him so much…..

    Best wishes to both of you…….keeping you in prayer. hugs…….

  15. Prayer To Saint Francis
    For Our Pets

    Good St. Francis, you loved all of God’s creatures.
    To you they were your brothers and sisters.
    Help us to follow your example
    of treating every living thing with kindness.
    St. Francis, Patron Saint of animals,
    watch over my pet
    and keep my companion safe and healthy.

    • Stephanie Allred says

      I do believe we will be hearing a lot about St. Francis in the coming years.. I, too, have sent prayers to him for help with worries for my beloved pets. When I lost my “once in a lifetime” dog, Joey, I was paralyzed with grief.. so now when I learn of another fur-Mom worrying about the outcome of a desperate situation, I freeze like a deer in headlights.. so overwhelmed with sadness for those involved. I was eventually comforted by the promise by a passage in the Bible that promised that we all will be reunited with out furry children. Whatever happens with your darling Max, dear Susan, we are all here for you. Adding your intention to my long prayer list..

      • Stephanie Allred says

        The passage is Revelation 5:13..

        • Thank you so much for posting that passage Stephanie! We lost our dog last September & I had someone on a pet loss forum tell me we wouldn’t see our pets in heaven because they didnt have souls. 🙁 Of course, I know otherwise but couldn’t find anything to back up my beliefs.
          My heart breaks for you Susan! Please know I am praying for you & Max! I had a similar scare a couple years ago with my 15 yr old Simon kitty. He began having kidney issues & within 2 weeks was in really bad shape. I was told he wouldn’t make it through surgery but in a last ditch effort decided to have the mass removed (it was in his intestine too). Now, here we are 2 years later & he’s back to the sweet boy I fell in love with fetching mini wiffle balls & giving tons of love daily. He moves a little slower & has a huge scar on his belly but once the mass was removed his other issues improved.

  16. Oh Susan, so sorry. Praying all goes well for Max.

  17. Susan, so sorry to hear about sweet Max. I will be praying for his comfort and yours – as well as wisdom for you to know how to care for him best. God’s peace to you, dear one.

  18. Susan, I am heart wrenched over the situation with your precious Max! My prayers are with you both! It will take courage and wisdom to make the best decisions; we are after all their parents and protectors! God is faithful! He is able to bring you “peace beyond all understanding!”

  19. Susan my heart goes out to your and your family. I am saying a prayer for Max that whatever the outcome will be it will give him peace and not pain. I am hoping for the best for your Max. We just lost our 15 year old Basset Hound Molly. She was the first pet we ever had that we lost. I know how devastating that loss can be now and I feel for you and what you are going through. My Molly would lay at my feet while on the computer too. I miss her terribly but I can say it has only been about 2 months since she passed but time does not take the pain away but it does make getting back into a routine a little easier. You know the saying “Time is on your side” it is true. I hope you are not saying Good bye and only having the stress of treatment to deal with for now and Max will get to a better place. Susan I am so sorry you are going through this. My prayers are with you.

  20. Please know that you and Max are both in my prayers. I’ve always had a cat as a pet. They truly are precious. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m praying and thinking of you both. Hugs…

  21. Oh, I am so sorry for you!!! I know exactly the pain you are feeling, we went through a similar experience a few years ago. Our pets ARE our children, just with more feet and a little more hair. Hugs and prayers to you.

  22. We just had the heartbreak of putting my 12 year old adopted Lab to sleep last Friday.
    I totally understand how and what you are feeling..I actually am on lithate ( which helps even out my mood) It has been 5 tear filled days since she died.
    I was googling options last week prior to calling the vet to please come to our home.
    Two things that I read stayed in my mind, that brought me to the our decision.
    1.) are you keeping your pet..for you or for their quality of life?
    2.) it is better to put your pet to sleep one day too early vs one day too late.
    Only you can know the right time, but that surgery sounds very rough without any guarantees.
    Personally I believe love lives on in this world..even after death.
    My Ebony would not break eye contact with me all day..on the last day.
    She was tired and trying to tell me..enough was enough.
    Blessing to you..I’ll be praying.

  23. Susan my heart is breaking for you. I’ve never had a cat for a pet, but we had an Airedale that was my buddy for many years. When we came home one day and saw that she was down, I could not go with my hubby to the vet. It was too hard. She was my furry child, and when she passed I never have been able to get close to another furry friend. Please know that we are all thinking of you and your sweet Max. Pets are such a comfort to our souls and a delight to be owned by them. But it is hard letting them go. Take care of yourself.

  24. Susan, I do not personally know Max, but I have a lump in my throat and want him to get better! I will pray for you and for Max. I will pray that he is healed and gives you more years of happiness. I know how tough it is to lose a pet, especially one that has been in your life for so long. I will also pray that you are comforted during this time. Know that we are all thinking of you.

  25. Oh Susan I am so sorry to hear this, I know exactly how you feel!! We lost our Toby of almost 16 years in January, he was definitely my shadow too, wherever I was he was. We are definitely going to get another dog, this time a rescue…our home doesn’t feel complete without one. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for Max. Please keep us updated!

  26. Oh, Susan! You know I understand! I am praying! Hugs to you and to Max…Debbie

  27. Susan I know just how hard this is for you. But…I have gone through the death of three of my cats, two lived to be 17 and 18, and Gracie my garden buddy lived to be 10 or so, she was an adopted stray. The thing I want to say is when my 17 year old became ill, the vet gave us pills to give twice a day, our cat Taco had already stopped eating, and was losing weight. I had fixed a bed in the place he seemed to be gravitating to, the dining room, but the most awful part was the horrible time of forcing pills down his throat twice a day, we did this for three days before Taco passed. I was so mad with myself for doing this torture to Taco in the last days of his life. He led such a wonderful life and to have it end this way. So when Lash our 18 year old was getting to where I could see the sign that his life was coming to an end, I made sure there was no pain, no pills, no meds, I just fixed him such a comfortable place, he chose the living room, and I would lay down next to him and just love on him. But it was so peaceful and there was no agonizing over having to give him meds. So my advice to you is to Let Max choose his place, make sure not in pain and enjoy knowing you are doing the most loving thing for him, that you have done all through his life. I am truly sad for you.

  28. Praying, I have been there and its so very hard. We lost our Fluffy 2 years ago to Feline Leukemia. Very devaststing…Hugs to you!

  29. Oh Susan, I am so sorry about Max and will definitely be praying for you both. A couple of years ago I lost my 20-year-old kitty to kidney failure and I was devastated too. Something that helped me was to focus on the 20 years that I had with Skittles and the fact that she could not have been a more loved kitty. She had a very blessed life and I know that is the same for Max. He knows how much you love him and has had a very happy life. When Skittles passed away, I would have never considered getting another cat because it was too painful however, while dog sitting for a neighbor, I walked up on a tiny kitten on the side of a busy road who was near death. I picked him up and fell in love. He has brought so much joy into my life – it was as if God knew I needed Skippy and he needed me. I will be praying for wisdom for the decisions you have to make concerning possible surgery and treatment for Max. I will also be praying for peace and comfort for you and Max.

  30. Susan I will keep you and Max in my thoughts and prayers..I too have a cat that was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and give him medicine twice a day..I also had a cat with kidney disease that had the same type of food..they said Carmel only had a few months left, but actually had years left! Love can heal!!!

  31. P.S. – Something I bought for Skittles when I knew she didn’t feel well was a thermal cat bed that had a built in heating pad. She loved it and spent all of her time in it.

  32. Tamara Lin says

    Susan, I am so sorry. I do know that feeling. I just prayed for him and for you and for guidance for his medical caregivers. I’ll keep praying for you all.

  33. Susan, I’m lifting you and Max and your family up in prayer. I know how hard this is for you, many of us have walked in your shoes. Our four legged family members are so special to us and like you, my little Bichon is with me all day every day, I can even take her to work. I pray comfort and peace for you and healing and peace for Max. Love between our pets and us is such a wonderful gift and I know you cherish every minute. Sending you love, hugs and prayers.

  34. I’m so, so sorry to hear of Max’s illness. I know all too well how devastating it is when one of your furbabies is so ill. We lost our Raven in 2008 to a sudden illness she wasn’t able to recover from, and we still miss her. My heart and prayers are with you and Max as you go through this. I wish you both only the best.

  35. Your Max has the very same hyperthyroidism/bad kidneys/on medication and special food that our cat has. It must be common for them. Our cat is almost 16 years old, and went from a plump kitty to a skin and bones kitty within months. It was heartbreaking to watch. We’ve been told she is not in pain/not suffering, but who really knows that but the cat. My heart aches for you, and I was unable to read your post without bawling . Of course I, and many other animal lovers, will pray for your Max and your family. We all love our fur-babies so much. May God give you peace no matter the outcome. (Hugs)

  36. I’m so very sorry Susan. We at our house get so attached to our furry friends, I can empathize with you. Our MacDuff is 13, and we’ve had a few scares with him in the past year or so. Pets are so precious, but when we get them we always know in the back of our minds that their time here is so much shorter than ours. I’ll pray for you and Max — things could still turn around for him. Take care.


  37. I too am heartbroken for you! You and Max are in my prayers. I always enjoy seeing his furry little face in posts from time to time. God bless all of you.

  38. Oh, that’s so very sad! I know how devastating losing your best furry friend can be. I lost mine a year ago and you were one of the persons who sent me very sweet words then. When I think of my beloved Sjakie, I still cry. I miss him so much. I know what you are going through and will pray for Max a lot!

    Lots of hugs and wishing you strength,

  39. Oh Susan, you made me cry, not our lovely Max. It is identical to my lovely Tabatha who had exactly the same symptoms with kidney problems and was on special food for a year. I thought she would get over it, but she gradually got worse. She was sixteen.
    I know your heart is breaking, because even after ten years, I miss her so. I have her photo above me here on the shelf. They are not just pets, they are part of the family.
    Of course, I will pray for Mr. Max and you, he is such a lovely cat.
    God Bless you both.

  40. Sending blessings and prayers your way. I know my heart breaks for you. I have two furry babies, too.

  41. I am praying for you and Max! How tough! I know how critters can be family (I know mine are!). Please keep us updated! God bless.

  42. Max looks almost exactly like my Buck who I had to put to sleep about 6 months ago. Every time I looked at your post I thought of him (because Max was in almost every post) and I loved it. Buck was diabetic and I gave him two shots a day for several years. Only people who love furry kids this much understand how much we hurt and believe me I understand. Praying for you and Max.

  43. I am so very sorry. I know how hard it is to lose them. If you need distraction AbbyGoat had triplets:

    Nothing funnier than a baby goat other than three baby goats.

    We send goat hugs.

  44. I will be thinking of you and Max. Please keep us posted on his progress…

    -Lois in SWPA

  45. Dear Susan,
    thats a hard time for both of you and I will pray, too, that God will help you. I know how it feels when a beloved furry friend is so sick or dies. The only thing which helps, when it comes to the bad end, is the knowledge that few cats had such a lovely life like your Max. And he knows that, too. My thoughts are with you.
    Hugs and greetings, Johanna

  46. Please know you and Max are in my thoughts and prayers. I just lost my beautiful Golden Retriever, Fancy, about a month ago. I miss her terribly but knew it was time to let her go. I am comforted knowing we gave her a great home to live in and lots of love. I know she and my other two Golden’s babies are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I pray for your strength and comfort. God bless.

  47. Dear Susan,
    Im so sorry to hear Max isnt doing well, its so hard when they get older and sick. My prayers are with you and Max at this time. He has the cutest face! We havnt had a cat for a few years but they are special.
    Our furry child is an older beagle named Max, he was adopted as well. He is quite the character, the thought of loosing him would be really hard for both my husband and i.

  48. Susan, I am so sorry to hear that your beloved Max is having some problems. I will keep you and Mr. Max in my thoughts and prayers and will also say a prayer to Saint Francis to watch over him. (((Hugs to you and Mr. Max))).

  49. So very sorry to hear about Max. We lost one of our sweet kitties about 3 1/2 years ago & I still occasionally cry when I think of our sweet boy. It really is heartbreaking to you lose a pet. They are such a big part of our lives. Our boy was 19 when he died & it was hard to adjust to life without him in it. They are a constant in your life, with endless unconditional love. Hopefully things will turn around for Max. Our prayers are with you and your sweet kitty.

  50. dear Susan,
    I am so sorry to hear about Max. I know how devastating this is and only goes to show how important these wonderful creatures are in our lives. just over a year ago we lost our beloved cat, Stripes ,to kidney failure. she came into our lives when she was 5 months old. my son , who was six at the time, had asked for a cat. We already had two but he was totally mystified as to why there were three laps to sit on but only two cats. off we went to the SPCA and in one of the cages were five tabby kittens. as we approached they all cowered to the back except one, she came forward, made a direct line for my son and it was love at first sight for both of them. from that day onwards they doted on each other. she bought him gifts, she chatted to him all day, she waited for the school bus to come home and sat in the huge pile of Lego that he and his friends played with, so as not to miss out on a moment of his time. if, for some reason, she wasnt getting his undivided attention, she would start pulling books off his shelves and begin shredding the cover. boxes of klennex were another favorite, she would have the entire box emptied in no time. she was such a character. we loved her so much and to see her running towards his room with her favourite toy, a yellow felt snake, hanging out of the side of her mouth, much like Sir Winston Churchill’s cigar, always had us in fits of laughter. we miss her everyday. she had a happy and comfortable life and we did our best to give her what she gave us in shovelfuls-unquestioning love.
    I have a beautiful picture of her as my screensaver on my desktop and everytime i open it there she is, in all her glory.
    my heart is with you and I wish you and Max the very best. please give him a little head scritch from me.

  51. I know how it is to be very attached to our pets. I will say a prayer to St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals. xo

  52. Susan, I am so sorry to hear about Max. We do love seeing pics
    of him…..he reminds me so much of my kitty. Following me, always
    wanting to touch just like Max. I know the pain is so hard….feel comfort
    in knowing so many of us are praying for Max and his sweet Mama.

  53. Oh Susan,
    I will pass the word around that Max needs the POP on Cinnamon’s blog.
    I hope you don’t mind.
    xo Cinnamon and Linda

  54. Only people who are owned by their pets can understand what you are going through.. You have many friends who have you and Max in their thoughts and prayers. Many blessings to you both.

  55. Bev Finney says

    Praying for you sweet girl…you mean so much to all of us, so when you hurt, we hurt for you. God grant you peace and comfort during this trying time. I know how you feel, since I am going through something similar with my 15 year old dachshund. Pets are such a blessing from God. Unconditional love, like no other, except Christ’s. thanks for sharing honestly.

  56. I know exactly how you feel. We had out cat for about 10 years and then one day we couldn’t find her. She had sneaked under our house and went to the far corner of the house and died. She was such a great cat and we miss her everyday. It will be 2 years this weekend that she passed. It has taken time to get over her but I still think about her daily. Such a sweet cat and she just happened to come to our house also, so just an estimate on her age. You and Max are both in my prayers.

  57. My heart breaks for you too. Been there a few times, and it’s always such a tough time. But! I never spare my heart a bit, and continue to allow these precious fur babies into my life. I will pray for Max. We had one kitty w/ numerous problems off and on, who lived to a pretty healthy age 21! They can be pretty amazing. Love and hugs!

  58. I am so sorry to hear about your Max! I have 5 siamese, all adopted, and foster for our local humane society, cats only. They are a joy in my life, running to meet me when I get home, sleeping right beside me or as one of my fosters does, sleeping under my chin. My prayers and my heart go out to you and Max and please know we are all right there beside you!!

  59. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry. Our animal companions are family. I hope they are able to do something to heal Max. XO

  60. I’m so sorry to hear Max is so ill. I’m sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and Max. My heart goes out to you.

  61. Deborah Roberts says

    My heart is aching for you. We had to put one of our cats down a couple of months ago and I still think about him every day. It is very hard to cope when out babies are sick. My husband and I cried for days after putting Aubie down. He was the most laid back, loving cat I had ever seen. He never hissed, scratched, or growled at the other cats, people, or even the dog who pestered him immensely. I will pray for you cause I know exactly what you are going through. Sending my love and hugs!

  62. So sorry for what Max is going through Susan.
    I’ve been pampering my own Rikki for this past year.
    She has been with me for 17 years now and has been
    going through so much. As Max, Rikki never leaves
    my side 24 hrs a day and it will break my heart
    to see her go… but as you know you and I both
    have given them a wonderful life.
    Sending all the good vibes I can muster for Max
    to be comfortable and happy in your care.
    Remember to be good to yourself.

  63. I sat and cried my eyes out as I read your post along with everyone’s comments. We’ve always been a cat & dog house and have lost quite a few…kidney problems, diabetes, you name it. I am so sorry for what you are going through. The only advice that I can give is to do what you can to get through this with no regrets. I’ve second guessed our decisions and felt terrible guilt about keeping our kitties around for myself and wondering if I should have taken some action sooner. But that’s me and our situation(s) do whatever you think is best for Max , remember the joy it gave you to be his mom and God bless you. You’ll be in our prayers.

  64. Please know that I will be thinking of both of you…and Max is in my prayers. 😉

  65. Beth Coates says

    Praying for you and Max.

  66. Susan…I am so sorry that Max is sick and I hope all goes well and he isn’t suffering. We have 3 kitties and I know how important they become in our lives. Wishing all the best for you, Max, and his talented Vets.

  67. Susan, I just love Max. He is such a handsome boy. He is certainly in my prayers.. I am a huge animal lover and have a kitty of my own and 3 dogs. I help place dogs and cats e when I can . I understand your heart for Max. It’s like your child. I wish we had a miracle cure. The best we can hope for is treatment helps and that he continues a full comfortable life. Bless his heart. Love you both. Kiss him from me here in PA. MANY continued Prayers being sent UP.

  68. I am so sorry! Made me tear up just reading your post. Our sweet lab mix, Sam, is 13 and is declining too. We had him at GVS a few weeks ago; they also did emergency orthopedic surgery on my son’s dog last year. They are amazing and your sweet Max is in such great care. Our four legged friends are such a love for us. They know when we are happy, sad, in need of a friend like no others do. Praying for your sweet companion and for you as well.

  69. Susan – sending prayers your way for sweet Max! – maggie

  70. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I am a cat lover myself and have had to say goodbye to a few also. It is devastating. I am sure Max is so grateful that you adopted him and gave him a wonderful life. I will pray for you both.

  71. I am so so sorry to hear about your wonderful Max…I will pray for him and I thank you for letting us know, I know how I feel about my Tina and how hard it was when I lost my beloved dogs…I feel like I know your Max so well and have seen him all over your home in every warm sunny space…Be strong Susan and please keep us updated on how he is feeling…

  72. Hi Susan – don’t worry about us… just take care of Max for the time being. He needs you more than we do. My prayers are with him and you and your family. I lost my Hattiecat of 17 years, several years ago, and she was the same way… always by my side. I have such fond memories of her every time I opened the fridge she would expect some shakey cheese on the floor and of course I obliged! Prayers and blessings.~ Holly

  73. Diane Williams says

    Oh, Susan…I so feel for you, and my heart goes out to you both. I’ll say prayers for you and Max. God bless.

  74. Oh dear one….there are no words to ease your worry right now. You have so many people out there sending you Light and Love that Max is sure to feel it and respond. Keep yourself steady. That helps Max more than any medicine.

  75. I am struggling for adequate words – I am at a lost for a meaningful word of comfort. Just know we are all praying for you and for Max. He has made us all smile as he sneaked into our hearts.

  76. You and Max will be in my prayers. I am so sorry that you are going through this.

  77. I only recently found your blog and ‘liked’ you on facebook, and haven’t had a chance yet to comment on anything, but saw this in my FB updates and had to comment. I am so very sorry about what is happening to Max. He obviously means the world to you. I think so many of us can relate to the loss of a pet, especially one we’ve had for years and years and have become a part of the family. If only we didn’t have to say goodbye. I’ll be praying for Max and for your strength.

  78. Nancy Herin says

    I wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and so is our buddy Max. Chip let me know you were having a hard time lately and this only explains why.
    We know how hard it is to say goodbye when our furry friends have to leave us on this earth but I find healing and peace knowing that they are no longer in pain and can finally rest. And we can always continue to go on and find new furry friends. Just think, Max and Jake will be back together causing trouble!
    Please let Chip and I know if we can do anything to help during this hard time as the weeks pass and you need support. We know Max had a wonderful life and partner in you and he wouldn’t want you to be sad but happy to have shared the time together. You have been his savior and the best mom he could have hoped for! Love you <3

  79. Oh Susan,

    I am so sorry to hear about Max 🙁 I hope all goes well and that he recovers to spend many more great years with you. i will keep you both in my prayers.

  80. i am praying for you & max. our cat, magic, is his name, done the same thing a few years back, probably 13 to 15 yrs ago. he was not to live thru the surgery but he did and now he has to eat a certain kind of cat food for indoor cats. it cost a little more but it is worth it. magic is now big and pretty and still really loving. so i am hoping and praying that this is what will be the case too for max. i know too how it is to lose a furry child. magic had a wife and she died of breast cancer 2yrs ago and not only magic but all of us here are still not over her. if you ever need to talk or scream or what ever email me and i will listen. i will still pray for you & max every day & night. i will also ask God to send an Angel to travel beside you & max during this time. sending love & hugs to you both. sandra

  81. Oh Susan, I am so sorry and will pray my little heart out for Max….seeing him and reading this broke my heart and made me tear-up. I have two doxies that are babies but I love them so much so I can imagine what you are going through. I will be thinking of you and Max and as I said, I will pray!!!


  82. Sandi Reagan says

    Oh Susan, I’m so sorry as everyone else has expressed too. What is wonderful though is seeing how many comments are posted which shows you how you are loved and supported and your contributions to OUR lives is so important.
    I have been an animal rescuer my entire life. I used to hide the latest stray in my walk in closet as a child. My record was a mutt puppy that lived there for 3 weeks before we were discovered. LOL I’ve had many many pet funerals for all our babies over the years. In fact I have 4 tiny dogs and 1 lab/huskey mix with 2 cats right now, all of which are rescue cases. (Guess it’s not surprising that I’ve also adopted 4 special needs kids…LOL)
    My 4 legged children are just as important and I’m just as heartbroken if anything hurts any of my children, so I totally understand the pain your going through. But I believe that our Lord welcomes his animal children home just like the rest of us and just think when ever God calls him home he will be young, happy, healthy and playing with all the babies gone before!
    My prayers and thoughts are with you my friend!
    Sandi Reagan
    Central IL

  83. Lassiegirl says

    Will pray for Max and for you. I completely understand and can relate to what you are going through because I’ve been there more than once, too. The Lord will comfort you and give you peace, just keep asking Him for it when you need it most. God be with you and Max and your family who loves Max, too.

  84. Connie Davis says

    Susan, please don’t give up hope. The Lord loves His little furry babies too. I’m praying for a Resurrection Day miracle for you and Max. God’s blessings upon you both.

  85. Susan, I’m keeping both you and Max in my thoughts and prayers. I know the joy and love that one shares with a pet. It breaks my heart to hear that Max is suffering health issues. What a lucky guy he is to have you in his life. Thinking of you………..Sarah

  86. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

  87. The bond between a pet and their humans is something that people who don’t enjoy pets can understand.
    Last week our pastor told a member of our church he would do a simple funeral for the dog that had been killed and had belonged to his wife who died last year. When the pastor looked at the family standing around the grave all crying the pastor said I thought of how I love my cats and I started crying and that was the end of the funeral. There is a pastor who has written a book that says that God wouldn’t make us live in Heaven without our pets. Whether this theologically correct, it is a comfort.
    We will put you and Max on our prayer list. Even thought it is hard to understand, God gives us the strength to go on and you will. Spring will come and with it the promise of resurection and new life.

  88. I too will pray to the patron saint of animals, St. Francis. I am so sorry.

  89. I am so very sorry. I know personally how hard this is. We lost our 20 year old Sasha to hyperthyroidism just a few months ago. Getting the pills to treat it down was so stressful for her that we decided at her age to let things run their course. She was down to four pounds (she was tiny anyway) and died out by the garden where she loved to lay.

    No one can tell you what to do. You have to decide which is less stress/pain on your fur-baby. I will be holding you all in my heart.

  90. Awwww, Susan…my heart aches right along with you! Our fur babies are such a special part of our lives. Your devastation is completely understandable, especially by those of us who have gone through the same thing. My DD & I cried for days when her 18 yr. old blue-eyed, white cat named *Snowball* had to be put down. It was heart wrenching!
    Consider yourself {{{HUGGED}}} long distance. Wish I was closer so I could bring you some tea & cookies. We could cry together.

  91. PAM JACOBS says

    Susan, I feel your sadness. We lost our dog Daisy 4 years ago and I’m still grieving. My prayers are with you and your family & of course prayers for Max.

  92. All our prayers,


  93. Susan,
    I am new to your blog. I cried when I read your post about your little fur baby, Max. Then I cried some more when I read so many loving responses. It is so difficult when you lose a family member. Our little fur babies love us unconditionally and it hurts so much when we know they are hurting or we can’t do anything for them. I’m praying for Max who is such a devoted companion for you and I am praying for you, to ease your pain. I’m so sorry Max is going through this. I lost my beautiful, fur baby Yuki after 18 years and I was heartbroken and devastated. There are just no words… {{{hugs to you and Max}}}

  94. Susan, I’m very sorry to hear about Max. We went through this exact same thing with our dear little Spooky, who was a rescued cat. It finally became apparent to us that we couldn’t go on giving her subQ fluids and syringe-feeding liquified food and pushing pill after pill down her…she was unhappy and so were we. Our furry little friends are a significant part of our family. Losing them hurts…a lot. I am praying for you all.

  95. Susan, as hard as it is to let him go, please take comfort in the knowledge that you gave Max a wonderful life. Not every kitty has someone who loves them, and Max is well-loved. I’ll pray.

  96. So sorry to hear he is not well, and I know you are doing the best for him. Prayers for you both. I totally understand about your attachment to your furry child, it is the same for me. Prayers, blessings and support fully understood and given to you at this time. Hugs to you and soft pats for Max, sweet, sweet boy. Patty/BC

  97. Sarah Svoboda says

    I’m praying for Max and for you. I have a calico cat that I love with all my heart and I watch her aging with sorrow. It’s really too bad their life spans can’t mimic ours. I hope that Max gets good news and lives by your side for several more years.

  98. I am so sorry to hear of what is happening with Max. I have gone through thath pain many times with the loss of a “furry family member” and it never gets easier. To this day I think daily of my “Maggie” who passed away 6 years ago. They are our family and they give us so much love. My prayers and thougths are with you and Max.

  99. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Max. Sending you a hug too. laurie

  100. Tears. Hope…. franki

  101. I’m so sorry about Max. My heart aches for you. May God rovide you strength and wisdom for the days ahead. May he provide a miraculous outcome for Max!

  102. 15+years, obviously a well cared for and loved cat. Hoping the sweet memories help you through the hurt of today

  103. Ah, Susan. I am so sorry.

  104. My heart goes out to you. I have been through this a couple of times. I echo the comments in the last post. Take comfort in knowing you provided a wonderful loving home that so many animals never get to experience. Max would thank you if he could and want only your happiness to shine. He would not want your life to be clouded in sorrow if he should pass. Praying he improves and you have more time to enjoy each other. Sincerely, Debra

  105. Susan, I do know how hard this is. Our Sam, my baby boy, our sweet dog had to be put to sleep. We tried the feedings and everything else. But there was a look in his eyes that told me he couldn’t go on anymore. And I held him in my arms, talking to him because I couldn’t let him see how upset I was, while they gave him the shot. The vet left the room crying. So I understand your heartbreak. I will be praying for your Max. And for you.

  106. Many prayers for your beloved furry kitty is almost 16 and I am so attached to her. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. It must be so difficult for you. Just keep on loving just like you always have! As you’ve seen before, you will get through this!

  107. stacey Purser says

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!!! I am so sorry for what you are going through.

  108. Mary from Virginia says

    Aww, I am so very sad for you and for Max. I am thinking of you and praying for a good outcome. Keep us posted.

  109. Oh, Susan, my heart is breaking for you. You really put your feelings out there in a way that I never could. Sharing this will make others feel that it’s okay to open up about the special love they have for a pet and how it can just devastate you at the thought of losing one. I am sending many prayers your way. You are a smart woman and you are seeking the best help possible for Max. Find comfort in that. And you have to take care of yourself, as you are…losing a beloved pet is life changing.

    I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best. Please stay in touch.


  110. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Max during this difficult time. I hope you hear good news about him soon. I know what you are going through, I’ve been there and it isn’t easy. He is such a sweetheart, I know how much you love him.

  111. Sarah Pacheco says

    So very, very sorry. Praying for both of you. It’s not over yet, there may be good news ahead. Hold tight and never give up. {{{hugs}}}

  112. Susan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Max. We lost our 19 year old Westie 14 months ago and my heart is only now starting to heal. So difficult to lose our animal family members. wishing you love.

  113. I am so sorry Susan. It really is heartbreaking to lose our furry family members. I said goodbye to my sweet lab a year ago and can just now think about her without crying. It is a sad part of life that those who love deeply must go through. Hugs hugs and more hugs for you. Blessings.

  114. Can’t talk about it, huh? Oh, I am so able to empathize. Writing is no better. We lost out greyhound, Superstition, last week. She was 14 and would go to work with my husbnd everyday. He’s a mess. I have been praying all week for everyone going through this. You as well as Max will be in my prayers.

  115. Bless his heart, I’m sure Max is sad too. But he really hit the jackpot when we came to your family. On the day we lost our 16 yr old cat Sam (2 yrs ago) we both felt…he was telling us it was OK to say goodbye. I believe that he’ll be with us again someday. So whatever happens to Max, just remember he is yours – forever. ♥

  116. I’m SO sorry to hear about Max. He and your family will definitely be in my prayers. May you get positive news from the specialist. Thinking about you all every day. Hugs, Pam

  117. Susan, I’m so sorry to read this, I remember you going through this before, loads of prayers and hugs coming your way. fondly ~lynne~

  118. Barbara Shores says

    Max is in my prayers…

  119. Donna Tullis says

    Susan, my prayers are being said for you, Max -the most photogenic kitty in blogland- and the doctors helping him. I immediately started crying for you and this situation upon reading your post, our pets are kids and they are just so precious, I think its the unconditional love they give. God really hit a home run when he created them, and I am thankful that you had Max and that he had YOU, and it is my ferverent prayer that you will have many more years together.

  120. Susan, I am so sorry to hear this. Sending hugs and well wishes for you and Max. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Flossi

  121. Oh my, I know from experience how difficult this is for Max and you. I’d say to follow your heart and do what will help Max feel better as opposed to placing him in too much risk or pain. Here’s a website I always refer my clients (I’m a pet portrait artist) to when they have lost a furred baby so if that happens, you will find comfort in knowing that he will always be with you. George Anderson says, “Our pets are the eyes of God.” Here’s his website: and here’s his pets page: I’ve lost several cats and made the mistake with my last little girl, almost aged 12 (found by my mother-in-law, she was unconcious as a kitten in a city street gutter) to have many vets and meds which perhaps prolonged her life a little but wasn’t fair to her and I felt such guilt for years…and for all my little ones who passed, I cried incessantly, crazy crying, even lost my job because I couldn’t get control…so I totally, TOTALLY empathize. Still, I will dream of my little ones once in awhile which is truly comforting…and maybe their spirits are coming through. Do check those links, too. God will guide you. Blessings to you and Max. ;o)

  122. Susan and Max: I am praying to God and all the good Angels and all the positive, loving entities in the Universe to help you and support you in any way possible. Yes, I DO understand your heartbreak and your dread. Know that I join many, many others sending up your names in prayer and will keep you close, will keep praying for you both. Our furry babies are not “like our family;” they ARE our family. Many of us love them as much as we love any other member of our families. Please keep us informed about your sweet boy. It is important that you take the best possible care of yourself, Susan. Much love to both of you.

  123. Susan, I will add both you and Max to my prayers. I have been down the road you are currently on many times and this is indeed one of the hardest times of life. One thing that I learned through my own experiences is that my grief was made significantly sharper and unrelenting if, in retrospect, I felt I had done anything that only served to increase my pet’s suffering as I pursued any possible medical solution that was offered to me as I traveled from specialist to specialist. Even though I was aware of this each time with each pet, it is incredibly hard to decline a medical intervention in hopes that it may make all of the difference. My heart still aches for my soul mate, my black & white cocker spaniel, who passed away 9 years ago. But I can tell you that I had comfort and peace that I hadn’t with prior experiences because I wasn’t separated her from me in her last days, trying extreme medical interventions, causing her more anxiety and fear. A kind, holistic veterinarian explained to me the natural process her body was going through in the final days. I had greater peace because I was able to be with her through the day and night, keeping my hand on her body to make my presence known to her. I felt I was able to give her comfort through my presence and did feel as I had “abandoned” her when the medical professionals took over as I had felt with other pets at this time. My very best to you and Max. I will pray for you both.

  124. Oh, Susan, I’m so sorry. I really have no other words because all I can do is just pray everything will be o.k. You will get through this, and I am pulling for Max! Hugs to you!

  125. oh Susan, my heart is breaking for you. I’ve been thru this same thing and I know how devestating it is. I’m praying for God’s peace and comfort for both of your sweet hearts.

  126. I’m so very sorry for you and Max Susan! Just last month I lost my sweet little pomeranian Tootles. He was 17 when I had to let him go. I understand what you’re going through and I’m praying for you and Max to be eased through all this pain you’re having right now. I don’know if you’ve seen this poem before, but its so nice in a time like this. We shall meet again!

    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…

  127. I do know what you’re going through and I feel for you.

  128. Susan I am so sorry sweet Max is not doing well. I also will keep him in my prayers and sending healing thoughts his way. (((hugs)))
    I know this is a really rough time for you right now, but please take care of yourself also.

  129. We have our paws crossed here for Max. My sister lost her cat Snoopy which you can read about on our blog,
    so we know just how you feel. I love your blog too.

    Diana and Jazzi

  130. Karen Murray says

    Susan, wishing you strength, prayers and a virtual hug to help you through such a difficult time. Bless you for sharing.

  131. Susan, I am so sorry to hear you and Max are suffering. From what I read on your blog-Max lives the life every fur baby deserves`and then some. I’m pretty sure Max will fight to get healthy and back home so he can once again oversee running his house. I know it’s very difficult, but please, try to stay as upbeat as you can so Max wont worry about you. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for you.

  132. I’m really sorry to read about Max. I have the feeling though that you’ll do anything you can for him and I’m sure he knows that as well deep inside.

  133. Prays and blessing going out to both you and Max! So much for Max to have to deal with and for you I send strength and hugs. Max has been such a good kitty. I have kept up on his posts from the beginning. I send you ((hugs)) and understand for what feelings you must be dealing with. May Max be with us for years to come. Peace be with you.

  134. My heart is breaking with you as I think of Max being in pain. I lost my 15 year old mixed breed dog, Sandy, over 5 years ago and there is not a night that I don’t look at her picture on my computer and talk to her…letting her know how much I miss her. It gives me comfort to think that she is in a better place now , as I know all dogs go to heaven (and cats, as well). Prayers have gone up from our home and will continue to go up for both of you.
    Thoughtful Hugs,

  135. Dear Susan,
    Prayers coming your way, dear friend!
    Prayers for Max as I know he is not feeling well right now!!!
    Prayers of wisdom for the physicians that are treating Max!!!
    Prayers for you to be able to let go when the time comes!!!
    We had our beloved Maurice for 11 years…you will be in my thoughts daily, dear friend!!!

  136. Dear Susan, So sad to hear about your Max. You remind me of my daughter who was devastated when her Jodie passed and would need the mood altering drugs if anything happened to her current baby Ramsey. I am sending your post to her because I know she will feel your pain and will pray for Max. Max is one lucky kitty to have you as his mommy. He has a wonderful life and no matter what happens you can take comfort in knowing that Max was happy and it has been his pleasure to make you happy. God bless you and Max.

    • Susan…I thought I’d send along what my daughter wrote in hopes her thoughts help you.
      Jodie was 15. Max is at that age. You can only do so much before their tiny bodies have had enough and it’s time. I hope I’m lucky enough to have 8 ore more years with Ramsey before he turns 15.
      I wonder if Susan would do better with something like Zoloft or Xanx? Those are anti-anxiety taken when you feel the need and work at that moment instead of like an antidepressant that you take everyday and can take up to a month to build up in your system and start working.
      I firmly believe that the best thing to do when you lose a pet is get another one. Or already have one or more when one passes.
      1. I need the little scurrying furry feet in the house. I feel uneasy and out of sorts if there isn’t something fun loving and goofy to watch out for, and feed, and laugh at. I feel an actual hole in my heart without a fur baby. I was like that before we ever got our first cat and I can only assume I’ll always be like that.
      2. I don’t see getting another pet as a replacement for the one that has passed. I don’t connect it with guilt or trying to forget. A precious loved one, human or not, wouldn’t want me to grieve alone, wouldn’t want me to keep my love from another who needed a home out of guilt, and in my eyes, would never be replaceable or forgotten. I just see another or a new pet/fur baby as part of a cycle and ignoring that can make things more difficult than they have to be and go against a natural flow of things. I have all this love to give to fur babies and keeping that to myself doesn’t help me or the potential fur babies I could rescue and spoil rotten.

  137. I’m so sorry to read this. Prayers for Max (and you) coming your way. I lost my best friend Beauregard the Bulldog 7 years ago last month and I’m still sad for the loss. Thinking about you and hoping all goes well.

  138. Joining all the others to Send you support, light and love

  139. Vicki in KY says

    Prayers up, many are praying…….

  140. Kathy McCann says

    Dear Susan,
    You and Max will be in my thoughts and prayers. As many others have already written, we truly empathize with you. When I lost my English Springer Spaniel, Clancy, almost exactly 11 years ago this month, I was devastated. My friends were worried about me. One year earlier we lost our other Springer, Riley, and I was worried about our youngest son who had grieved so deeply over both. One friend asked us to come over and have play therapy time with her two litters of puppies. She knew she had those puppies sold so it wasn’t a way to get me to buy one, but I did, for Dan and for me. Almost eleven years later, our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Haddie, is having her own health issues but we continue to be thankful every day for her love and devotion. I look forward to your posts and so enjoy your happy times, just as we share in your sadness as well. Good thoughts are going out to you and to Max.

  141. Susan, so sorry to read this. My heart broke when our furry friends died. My love and pets to you and Max.

  142. You and Max are in my prayers! When my corgi had a disc in his neck rupture I had everyone I could think of praying. The things vets can do these days are amazing. Cad (the corgi) and I will have you in our thoughts. Like other commenters have mentioned, please keep us posted.

  143. Oh, I am so sorry for you!!! I know exactly the pain you are feeling, we went through a similar experience 8 years ago. Our pets ARE our children, just with more feet and a little more hair. Hugs and prayers to you!
    XXOO Diane

  144. Bernadette Gibson says

    Susan, I am heart broken for you. I have two cats, Hope and Faith. Hope was adopteed after my husband died, and she gave me hope to go on. Faith came a few months later. Since I live alone, they are my everything. The thought of them dying is more than I can bear. I will think of you and Max. Love him all you can in the time you have. Know that he couldn’t have had a better home.
    Wishing you moments of peace

  145. Praying for you and Max. So sorry to hear this.

  146. Oh Susan,
    I am so very sorry and can identify with you. All I can do is pray for Max. He has been so blessed to have gotten to come live with you! He has been so loved and given so much joy, companionship , and love back. You and Max our in my thoughts and prayers.

  147. Oh Susan, I am SO very sorry to hear this. My sister’s cat also needed chemo and it gave him an extra year. I also know what you mean about when we lose our pets. Joe and I both cried for 3 days after our sweet Nanette died. I knew I couldn’t go through that again so we didn’t get another dog. Max is the sweetest cat, and yes, we do enjoy whenevr we see him. My sisters cat was her companion too, as she lives alone.I will pray for Max….and you too. I know this is so hard. XOXO, Pinky

  148. Nancy Carr says

    Susan and Max, My love and prayers have gone out for you.

  149. I am so sorry to hear this. I’m a veterinarian, and despite all the terribly sad cases I’ve seen and dealt with, to hear of a sick pet is always still hard. I pray that the mass is operable (and his heart is ok-hyperthyroid kitties commonly have enlarged hearts as their heart rate is faster due to the increase in T4 levels). You were very smart to see a specialist. It is absolutely amazing what they can do. I have so much respect for them and their knowledge!

  150. Susan, I will pray so, so hard, for Max, for his doctors, and for you and your family. You spoke directly from your heart into the hearts of all of us who consider our pets to be some of the very best “people” we’ve ever known….and we all are holding all of you in our hearts, believing that miracles can happen. Hugest hugs to you all…..

  151. I have enjoyed Max and his presence all these years. I have been what you are going through with so many cats, I can’t even begin to tell you. Indoor cats live so much longer now that kidney failure is pretty much the way older cats decline. As you know 15 is quite old and he is a senior now. I am not you, but I would not put him through surgery at his age and with his kidney deterioration. Anemia is also common with CRF in cats. I do hope they have given him subcutaneous hydration which will make him feel better. My prayers are with you as I know how difficult this is. If you do have to decide to let him go, I do know how very hard this is. I’ve made this decision countless times. It is never easy, but know that the word “euthanasia ” means gentle death. He wants you to think of him and not yourself….hard to do I know, but it’s the very bravest and kindest thing we can do. You will know when it’s right for him. Hugs! Nanci

  152. Oh Susan~my heart is breaking for you.
    Pretty much everything you describe, we went through Jan ’10 with our little Phoebe.
    Her’s came on fast though–4 months and it was over.
    She was nEver a big or even rEGular-sized cat, she ALways looked like a med-large kitten–about 6lbs. But at the end she just barely weighed 3lbs. She passed in my lap a couple weeks after her 22 b-day.
    I still miss her. Does the heart ever REally heal when we lose our loved ones–?
    From all of us who have been there before you, and those on the path with you—you’re absolUtely in our constant prayers~Catherine

  153. My heart breaks for you, Susan. Our precious pets are not LIKE family, they ARE family. Please love up on that baby, hold him close. Thinking about all of you. I hope that Max will perk up and make a great recovery, but if not, I know of a fabulous little Isabel that will be waiting to greet him. I don’t think, I KNOW.

  154. So sorry to hear about Max. Our pets most certainly are family and with us no matter what happens. It’s a tough thing to get through, I’ll be thinking of you.

  155. I am just as heartbroken almost as you are about your situation as this too I have been through and to see them suffering is horrible. I was giving my cat fluids everyday to help him get through the day. My prayers for Max and for YOU who is suffering probably even more than Max is. I HATE this, why why why?
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Helen

  156. Susan, I have been weeping since reading first two sentences of your post. I’m so sorry that your heart is aching so. Losing a beloved pet is a pain that I don’t believe can truly be expressed in words….I am and will continue to pray for you, for your sad, hurting heart. I pray that you will find true comfort and peace. I pray not that God will make you strong, but that He will be your strength.
    God bless you, dear Susan.

  157. Laura Clements says

    Max and you will be in my prayers!

  158. OH Susan,
    I am so sorry, my heart breaks for you, and my eyes have tears, poor little Max. I know how it is to lose a dear pet/friend. I have lost many myself, it does not get easier because each one is so special, and yes they are part of the family. I think about my Tommy boy who is 16 years old, so far he is still doing well! I love my cats!!
    Keeping you in prayers , many the good Lord comfort you !
    Hugs, Paula

  159. I will pray for Max…..I lost two kitties in the last two years and I know the pain. I would not wish it on anyone. Still have three kitties and a Yorkie. One of my cats is eighteen and the Yorkie is twelve both with health issues, so I try to tell myself to be prepared. We never are since they become so much a part of us. My heart goes out to you.

  160. Oh, Susan,
    I’m so sorry to hear sweet Max is suffering and you are going through this painful and difficult time…
    I know how you feel… (whenever you read my e-mail to you, you’ll know why…).
    I will pray for you both… I so wish I could give you a big real hug… ♥

  161. I’m so sorry to read this. I hope you will be able to manage through this without too much difficulty. These furry little friends are a blessing to us aren’t they. I’ve been through this with a cat of ours named Jesse many years ago, he was 12. 15 years is a good long life for a cat, take comfort in knowing you’ve given him a good home and lots of love. My prayers go out for both of you. Take care, Liz

  162. Mary ashcraft says

    Susan, I have never left a comment before, but I had to today! That sweet picture of Max has always warmed my heart as I too love cats. I will keep both Max and you in my thoughts and prayers. Mary

  163. Hello Susan I sure will be praying for Max and for strengh from the Lord for you. I have tears in my eyes, I know this kind of pain. We have lost many beloved dogs down through the years. We lost our beloved Nike a little over a year ago and we still miss him every day. He was almost 19 and died peacefully in his sleep, I was right beside him and watched him go to Heaven where we will see him again. So sorry for your pain. We will remember you & Max in our prayers every day. Love to you both, Linda

  164. Oh noooooo! I’m devastated to hear this. I saw your post a couple of hours ago while waiting for a friend at a restaurant. There was no cell service and I felt terrible I couldn’t respond or read the entire post. I saw the beginning which was enough for me to understand your sweet baby is in trouble. Nothing is worse than losing your best friend. That’s what they are, aren’t they? People that don’t love animals just don’t get it.

    Please don’t feel like you have to post about anything other than what you’re feeling. We get it, and we all want to support you during this trying time. Whatever happens, know this…just as Max was a gift to you, you too were a gift to Max. You have given him a life full of unconditional love, and don’t think for one minute he doesn’t know and appreciate that. You will always have a piece of his heart, just as he will always have a piece of yours. It is a wonderful thing, this thing called love. (((Hugs)))

  165. Jill Jones says

    Susan – I am sending many positive thoughts your way. It is so wonderful that you have given Max such a lovely life. I know he loves you as much as you love him. He is a sweetheart which makes his illness even more hard to cope with. I will be thinking of him in the coming days . I understand that we want to do everything we can to help these little animal babies of ours. I have a seriously ill little dog that I would do anything for just like you with Max. Take good care.

  166. I understand and am so sorry. Will pray for Max & you.

  167. Oh sweetie, you are both in my thoughts. I know exactly how you feel, and it is tough. TOUGH. I was put on Wellbutrin a month or so ago, but I will be staying on it as a mood stabilizer. Take good care of yourself now, for you are needed there.

  168. Amy Davis says

    I have you and Max in my thoughts and prayers.

  169. We will be praying for you & Max. It was not easy losing our beloved dog, it is terrible pain. My husband said he could not go through this again and I agree with him but then somone was giving a way a Golden Retriever and so we took him and then a few months went by and someone was giving away another Golden so now we have 2 two year olds and they make us laugh everyday. Sill miss all of our dogs but love these two very much. It does help a lot to love again. Prayers & hugs, Linda

  170. Sweet Susan, there are no words to express how deeply I feel for you and Max right now. And what a blessing to see so many that are praying for you and him. I truly believe that when we hurt for any reason, our Lord hurts with us and since He created animals, He definitely cares about them. When you have time during your week, be sure and let us know how he and you are doing. You are deeply loved by so many and we are hurting with you because most of us have lost precious pets too.

  171. Susan, I will pray for you and Max. I had to put my cat to sleep last Sept due to cancer after several months of illness, and I still am not over it. I miss her every day. This is such a hard time, but know that Max has had the greatest life with you.

  172. Oh hun as I was reading this tears are just pouring on to my keyboard. Prayers, hugs and wonderful healing thoughts to you. I too find myself looking for Max in your posts. My girls…Sassafras, ( a rather chunky torti), and Lucy ( a comical little ginger) are my constant companions. They were bottle babies I was fostering and well? Just grabbed my heart! I tell you they have been with me thru thick and thin. A horrible breakup, the loss of a parent, and two pretty major lifestyle changes. Nothing means more then the love and the trust of an animal. Animals and their people always hold a special place in my heart. Please know we’re all thinking about you.

  173. prayer sent. Hope he get’s better soon.

  174. This sound very similar to my kitty’s story who was 19. Just when we decided to put her down, she perked up and we thought that a good sign that we should claim a little more time. A couple of days later, we returned to Houston from Maine and next morning Magic breathed her last. I think she wanted to be at the home she was most familiar with and to go out on her own terms. Losing a pet is a real heartbreak, but as with other things, we move on. Thinking of you.

  175. I am sending prayers and hugs to the darling Max

  176. Linda Wilbur says

    Susan, I will pray for you and your beloved Max. I too have a shadow. His name is also Max and he too is 13 years old, soon to be 14. He is my baby, my beagle. I work at home and he is with me always. He has had some health issues and surgery. I hope that you feel all the love here for you on your blog. Stay strong.

  177. Ahh, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Max. I am not a crier, but I have been fighting tears since I started reading your post. The tears are definitely winning. We love our furry babies so much and they are soooo worth everything. But it is sooooo hard when we have to let go. And we are never, ever ready. Please feel my hugs to both you and Max. Your blog is a real joy. So glad I found it.

  178. My thoughts are with you both. They give so much for such small creatures and leave a huge void in our lives.

  179. I know your pain. I’ve been through it. I will definitely be praying for you and Max.

  180. I love little Max. He is most definitely going to be in my prayers tonight.

  181. 🙁 You and your little Max are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there girl.

  182. Susan, I am so so sorry about Max. Many many prayers are going up and I will be lifting both you and Max up too. You have much support. Hope you will find comfort in knowing how much all of us care and are sorry you are going through this.

  183. Sitting here with tears in my eyes.Heartfelt prayers for you and Max. This hits so close to home right now as we are treating our 12 year old cat for congestive heart failure right now and spoiling her with as much affection as she will tolerate. I will also pray for the specialists you will be seeing as they make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. Our pets ARE our family and in return give us back the love and devotion that we give to them.They are so very special ——-that ‘s why it hurts so much. Lots of prayers heading your way.

  184. Oh Susan i am so sorry that Max is not well. I will be praying for him and you. There will be a lot of prayers coming Max’s way. Hang in there – he needs you now.

  185. Susan, What a comfort all this out-pouring of love and heart-felt expressions of hope and care for you and Max this must be–we all love him too. My Skedaddle is 16 and failing too (he was a stray and a Wedgie/Maine Coon type) and my heart knows your pain and grief. Praying for St. Francis to intercede for you both. Di

  186. Sarah Kulzer says

    Susan, I read your post today and about fell over in my chair. I have already prayed in great earnest for you and your sweet Max and I will continue to do so. It sounds like you are doing everything you can to help sweet Max. He is lucky to have such a wonderful mama. I know you have given him an excellent a life filled with love, affection & great care. I grew up with cats and my cat lived to be 23 years old. She had five kittens and she outlived all her kittens. I used to take the catnip my mom grew, dry it in the oven and I used it to make her catnip toys which I fashioned out of various cotton fabrics. She loved that. I know male cats have a tougher time with urinary and kidney issues. When I developed allergies severe enough, and I could no longer have cats, my husband and I got a dog. My very first dog was a border collie. She was brilliant, fun & so sweet. When she died of cancer at age 11 I thought I’d die, too. She meant everything to me. She was just like my child. It’s a long story, but it was quite miraculous how I discovered the church I am now attending and came to be baptised in. It was a divine appt. my Pastor says and I do believe it was. I am certain I will see her again. People who have never truly loved a pet so deeply have a hard time understanding, but believe me I do. They are with us constantly, give us unconditional love, affection and make our days joyous. I was quite depressed after losing my cat and later my dog. The happy side is I now have a border collie named Abby Rose and she is the light of my life. I doubt there could be a sweeter more loving dog anywhere. We love each other to pieces! She’s 4 and I worry about the day when we have to part. I take peace in knowing God loves his sweet creatures and I am certain he is with you every step of the way. I understand your agony and my heart is breaking with you. You are such a good person and we love you dearly. I hate to see you suffering and worried. It is my deepest prayer Max will pull through this. He’s a lovely, loyal friend. I will continue to pray in great earnest. Take care my sweet friend.

  187. Bonnie Schulte says

    I am so sorry to hear about sweet Max. I have been in your place several times in my life, and every
    time it has been so hard, if not more difficult each time, to go through. You can rest assured Max and You will
    be in my prayers, and I too will have tears in my eyes. Sending you Hugs…..

  188. Oh my dear Susan.

    I am praying hard right now – I cannot imagine my life without Romeo kitty…….I have lost two cats prior to him, and that HURTS. When the time comes to lose Romeo I will be a total mess, he is by far the best kitty I have ever had EVER – he sounds a lot like Max…………so so loving and touchy………………I am so sorry.

    Give him loving pets from me.

    Hang in there.

  189. Suzanne Donzero says

    Susan, I think everyone who has been fortunate enough to be owned by a kitty (or other type of fur person) knows exactly how you feel; animals connect with our souls and that makes us whole. I know Max senses your anxiety and sorrow and I know that you are being, and have been, a wonderful kitty mom. I will be praying for you, for Max, and for your other family members.

  190. I have not written before, but certainly have loved reading about your life and seeing your lovely home. Part of that joy is seeing lovely Max. I have kitties too and have loved every one that has had my heart for 70 plus years. God will comfort you . It’s so wonderful you have all these lovely friends that have written such comforting words. Jesus know, and cares. We all long for the better world where there is no more tears and pain. I’m praying for you and dearest Max.

  191. Sending prayers for Max and for you.

  192. Judith B. says

    Praying for Max…..praying for you. I just put my hand on Max’s picture (on my computer screen) and said a prayer. May God bless you both.

  193. Oh Susan my heart goes out to you, having rescued dogs for many years I’ve travelled this journey so many times to want to count. Max will be in my prayers as will you, one of my dogs is the touchy, must be with you all the time type.
    Big hugs to you

    Peg xx

  194. Susan, I hate hearing this. He has the same name as my late kitty of 18 years had. It is so hard losing a beloved fur baby. It never ever gets easy. I sure am praying he is able to have surgery to get better.

  195. I am so sorry. You and Max will be in my prayers. There is something so much harder about losing a pet in some ways. Maybe because they show such unconditional love. My heart breaks for you.

  196. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Prayers are coming your way.


  197. I am so sorry to hear about Max.
    At some point, you do want to consider that doing too much might be more painful for him.
    Get all the Dr. opinions and see what they think is best.
    I wish you and him the best during this terrible time.


  198. Oh Susan, I’ve been through this with a beloved pet and I know how gut wrenching it is. Prayers for Max, you and your family. Hugs too. –Lucinda xo

  199. Susan, I know what you are going through. Max will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care of yourself, and take comfort in the fact he touched your heart.
    Your fan,

  200. I am so sorry. My heart bleeds for you. Max is in my prayers, and you too.

  201. I am so so sory that Max is ill! I pray that his condition will improve! I know how hard it is to have a furbaby who becomes ill or passes. I lost my last dog, Sullivan, last June. He was 16 and my “velcro” dog. He followed me everywhere, was always underneath my feet and wouldpanic if he didn’t now where I was. I loved that little guy! EVen when we know that lewtting og is the best thing for them, it still breaks our hearts. Prayers and loving, healing thoughts to you and Max! Hugs, Leena

  202. Susan, I am sorry to learn about your Mr. Max and what you are going through. I can relate to what you are feeling at this time as the uncondtional love given to us by our beloved pets is difficult to ignore with their paw prints upon our hearts. Both of you are in my thoughts and as you know him better than any of us; may your decision reflect what he would want if he could tell you. -Brenda-

  203. Much sympathy, Susan. I do know what it is like to lose a trusted friend, like Max. I will be praying for you and Max.

  204. Oh my, dear Susan! My heart akes for you and for me, as you just reminded me of Ben’s illness, our beloved pug. He was with diarreah and he did have serious problems with his kidneys, which didn’t function and in humans they have to intervene with dialysis, but our beloved pets have to go to sleep! I am praying for Max immediatelly, hope he gets better honey. Blessings for your sweet companion..yes, I did miss not seeinghim around your posts. Big hugs,

  205. So sorry you are going through this. I lost a precious shih-tzu last year that we had had for 15 years. Our furry animals are just like our children. Don’t feel pressured to be happy or upbeat. The heart feels what it feels and we all understand.Prayers and hugs for you and your little one.

  206. I completely understand. I hope you feel all the cyber hugs, thoughts and prayers that are coming your way. Many, many of us are lifting you up. Lori Lucas

  207. I’ve never posted here before, but I visit often. You and sweet Max will be in my prayers. My family has three cats, one of them also named Max. Our oldest cat, Clarabelle, is very attached to our 13 year old son, and I am dreading the day she becomes ill because I know it will break his heart (Clarabelle is adopted and I think she’s at least 12). I know well the heartache of losing a pet, as I’ve been down that road several times.

  208. {hugs} and prayers

  209. Susan you and Max are surrounded by love and compassion from all over the country and I pray for peace to fill your heart as you walk through this difficult time. Blessings. Melodie

  210. Denise Fernandez says

    My heart aches for yours. I know all too well the aching in your heart, hoping that somehow, something can be done. I lost my Blackjack ( cat ) in 2008 to feline Leukemia. I cried for a week and every time I saw something that reminded me of him, I’d lose it. He was my boy & my forever friend. I miss him so much!! He was an amazing companion!! When I took Blackjack to the vet they offered medications & such and later surgery, but I knew he was too sick to keep going. I didn’t want to put him done right then & there, so I took him home to die around the people he had grown to love. He would lay around all day, not really wanting to eat much. I kept a close eye on him for a few days. He’d lay down on my bed ( on my pillow ) at night, we’d sleep head to head. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. He was saying good-bye. I guess he was reassuring me everything would be okay. We lost him on December 24, 2008. He took his last breath in my arms.
    I often go to for comfort. I pray for your comfort and peace in this most difficult time. Max is a beautiful cat!! It’s no wonder he’s so loved! I have made a special folder on my computer w/ all the pictures you post about Max. My favorite pic is the one where he’s squirrel watching. For comfort you may wish to celebrate his life w/ scrapbooking, if that’s your thing. From a fan

  211. Susan, I also know and empathize with your pain. I have had two cats who are now in heaven and my current very big black cat Abe is 10. He is totally family. I cried for a week when my two female cats died within months of each other (at ages 15 and 16). I am praying for Max and for you. The love you share will live forever in your heart. Hugs

  212. Dear Susan, my blog friend , my heart aches for your situation. I have been through the same sort of thing. I had a kitty named Gizmo, from the time he was 15 wks old until I had to make the unbearable decision to end his suffering at 15 yrs old due to brain tumor. I, too, was fortunate to have had some great specialists to take care of Gizmo over the years with some health issues. Gizmo slept with me every night on top of my pillow near my head. He was at the door to greet me every day coming home from work. All of us with furkids dread this day. I am thinking of you and Max., praying that he doesn’t suffer. God will be watching over you all. Keeping you in my prayers.


  213. Susan, I’m so sorry for what you are going through. You’ve been through this before and so have I, it’s one of the worst experiences we have to go through. You and Max are in my prayers.

  214. I will pray for Max and you too, Susan!

  215. Susan
    I am so very sorry to hear your little guy is sick. These little fur babies grab onto our hearts don’t they. I will pray for his recovery. I know this must be so very difficult and I will pray that you find strength. Lots of hugs and love coming your way from our house.

  216. Oh my dearest Susan,

    My heart goes out to you, your family and to Max! Yes, it is excruciatingly painful and deeply agonizing seeing them (our pets and loved ones), have serious health difficulties, there is that special place in our lives and in our hearts for our precious fury companions, our dearly beloved pets. Our furry babies… They cannot talk , yet they do communicate such love and affection. They are such marvelous and comforting companions and presence to be sure.

    I will even now, and I am continuing to pray for Max and especially for you as well. I also have suffered such similar devastating pet illnesses, even also losses. In fact with regard to human friends as well as pets, my husband and I just came back home after visiting the bedside of a dear lifelong, human friend who is in palliative care and very ill. So sad. We were reminiscing ironically about the loss of her beloved fluffy grey kitty Oscar, just tonight.

    My own elderly mom frequently gets special permission from the palliative care unit in the nursing home to bring her new little kitty named Cuddy in to see our mutual friend Linda, who is permanently bedridden due to her grave illness in the last stages of suffering from MS. My mom’s frisky little kitten Cuddy, he is a such a ray of furry sunshine. A comfort and joy to her. Yet my friend Linda also misses her won dearly departed kitty, Oscar… In facy my mom also suddenly recently lost her own kitty, Lady Velvet a few months ago and she was devastated. Her kitty Lady Velvet was 13 years old. I personally have lost 5 cats and a dog over the years and I do understand all too well, the pain .

    We actually almost lost our own precious fluffy calico kitty, Peaches while I was also sick with anemia, a month and half ago. She has rallied well, yet it was and is scary!… Life is so very beautiful, yet hard at times.

    Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and dear Max. We hope that he can be helped with the best possible treatments.

    Thanks for all that you do. I cannot tell you the inspiration , yes… even also the very real even comfort and joy that your magnificent, creative blogging effort and presence have brought into my life and to countless other in blogland dear Susan. You are such a delight and a true blessing.

    Blessings upon you and yours and also dear Max this holy Easter week and weekend.

    Hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee

  217. Mary Anne says

    ((hugs)) and prayers.

  218. I am so sorry your baby kitty is sick Susan, It is so hard to see them hurting. I am praying for comfort for Max and you.

  219. you all have my prayers.

  220. I am so sorry you and Max are going thru this hun; we will keep both of you in our prayers…He’s diffidently a beautiful kitty..

    Hugs, Shar

  221. Keeping you, Max and your family close in my thoughts and prayers.

  222. Linda Sproull says

    Susan, I am so very sorry. I pray for Max and for you. Our pets are family who love us unconditionally.
    I love Georgia Veterinary Specialist. They saved my Maltese eyesight. I am thankful they are in our city.

  223. Susan, I feel for you as I lost our beloved Sheltie about 7 years ago. I, too, cried for days on end. We eventually rescued an American Eskimo/Sheltie mix . I know the day will come when I have to face her demise. It’s painful that they can’t relay to you their pain and you feel helpless. They give us unconditional love. I will keep both of you in my prayers.

  224. I’m truly so sorry, Susan. Our little fur-babies are so important to us.


  225. Rosie Moreno says

    Dear Susan,
    I feel the heartbreak in your words, and I am so sorry for the difficult time that you are going through. I remember when you first told the story of Max and the journey that the two of you have been on together. Keep remembering what a good life you have provided for him and how different his life would have been without your intervention. Find comfort that you both have had some wonderful years together that might not have ever happened. You have both been blessed to have found each other. That’s all any of us can ask; that our lives are enriched by the connections we make and the love we share. Feel the support around you and be heartened that you are not alone. We’ll all keep praying for you and Max.

  226. Maggie Amis says

    Hello Susan, and Max.
    I worked as practice manager for a local veterinary hospital for years. I would cry with the loss of every animal. It sounds as though you are doing everything in your power to get all the correct information, and make the best informed choices you can. We are their voices….
    There are no words that will help you feel better through this time, just know that you are doing everything right, and you have a very large community of people sending positive, healing, loving thoughts your way.

  227. Susan I am so sorry your sweet Max is sick.We will keep in him our prayers <3

  228. Oh Susan, my heart is breaking with yours. Your sweet furry baby is blessed to have a mommy who loves him so much! Of course I will pray for Max and for you too.

  229. Susan, my prayers are with you.
    Take care,

  230. Dear Susan,
    I am hitting all the wrong keys with tears in my eyes for you and Max. I know what you are going through since I have had so many special furbabies in my 80 some years. Prayers are out there for you and your family as you love and care for Max, your special baby.

  231. Susan, we learned about you and Max from some blogging friends, Linda and Cinnamon. We stopped by to let you know that we are crossing our paws for Max to be OK and Mom is adding her prayers. It is never easy when such a well-loved pet is so sick. But do take comfort in the many years of love and care you have given to your very special boy.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and our Mom Kathie

  232. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. While I have no children, our two goldens are my boys. I love them so much . I can understand how you must be feeling. I always look forward to seeing Max on your blog and his poses. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please give Max a kiss for me.

  233. I am so touched by your post I had to comment. I’m sending up prayers for your Max.

  234. Linda Godwin says

    Susan I am sorry for what you and Max are going thrught our 4 legged babies many times become out closest confídents .,I have been throught the same thing.. I am praying for a wonderful outcome. Prayer heals! Linda

  235. Oh Susan, I feel so much for you-I’m an animal lover and have rescued many animals over the years. When they pass it is heart-breaking. Their little lives are so short. I’ve reacted just like you crying not eating-its so hard. Please know many people will be praying for you and your baby tonight.

  236. Susan, I am praying for you and Max. Just know you aren’t facing this alone. We all love you. When you can update us, but spend your time with Max. We can wait.

  237. Yoly from Miami says

    Susan, I’m so sorry to hear about Max. He has such a sweet face and a peace about him in the pictures you’ve posted. I pray that God will give you peace and strength to deal with whatever happens.

  238. Susan,
    I am praying for Max and you! I remember reading about how Max came into your life. I have a kitty next to me now that had a blood transfusion a few months ago. He was so sick but is healthy now. He never leaves my side and follows me around the house everywhere.
    I lost my daughter Amber 3-1/2 years ago and thought that I would never mourn the loss of another pet. But I have because they are like members of our family! My furbabies give me so much comfort when I get “down” from missing Amber. They are all precious!

  239. Oh no! Poor Max! Poor you! Prayers for both of you. He is sooo cute- love thatfurry face.

  240. Prayers for Max. I really feel for you. Our pets become our family members . Please keep us updated.

  241. Kim Brewer says

    I am so sad. I cried as I read your post. I have two rescued cats that bring our entire family joy. Cats are wonderful pets, and I think that people who say they don’t like cats have never met the right cat. I will be thinking of Max and hoping for the best.

  242. Sorry to hear about Max…my niece & best friend both had this happen with their cat…they both changed their food too…praying for good news from the specialist…I have 3 cats myself…look forward to finding out how you guys make out at Georgia………..Wende

  243. Susan, I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult situation. It is always so hard to lose a fur baby. We know that they won’t live as long as us, but some how we just don’t let ourselves believe it. Sending prayers for Max and for you at this difficult time.

  244. I buried my 17 year old Bichon on Halloween of last year. My cat lived until 16 and that was 5 years ago. My heart aches with missing them. I’ll pray for you and Max and ask that you find comfort and peace at this difficult time.

  245. Edith Bice says


    Will keep you and Max in my prayers. I have lost 2 cats in the past 3 years (19 yrs old and 18 yrs old) and I found myself crying while reading your post. I hope for the best possible outcome and the courage and strength to deal with whatever happens. God bless!!

  246. My heart is breaking for you. I’ve been through this situation a few times and it is devastating. All these beautiful little souls want is to love and be loved. They don’t deserve anything less than a perfect long life.
    I too had to go on antidepressants when I lost my kitties. Unless you’ve loved or been loved by a little fur face you don’t know how much it hurts to loose them. I promise to pray for you and Max. I hope you find some happiness in knowing that Max knows how much you love him, and you’ve made his life purrrrrrfect.
    God Bless.

  247. Bonnie Brown says

    We have a furry child as well and Molly is our constant companion where ever we go in the house. She will be six this month and our cats before her lived 16 years and 14 years. It is absolutely heart wrenching when they leave us. Will be praying for Max and for wisdom for you to know what will be best for his treatment and comfort. Please keep us informed.

  248. Sharon McMurray says

    I sure will be praying for you and Max! I am so sorry and know that your heart is breaking! I have 4 cats of my own and dread the day when I have to deal with this worry. He sure is beautiful! Hugs to you and Max from me, my daughter and our cats Boot, Zip, Oreo & Ruggles. <3

  249. So sorry,
    Sending prayers and a piece of my heart to help you through this tough time. There are no words of comfort I can give you, just prayers…

  250. Thank you soooo much for all your prayers! I held Max here in front of the computer today and told him all about all of you and how you were praying for him. I’ve read every comment, some 2 or 3 times. Thank you for sharing your stories, they brought more tears to my eyes and told me that I’m not alone in my feelings. Thank you to each and every person who has left a comment here today and/or sent an email. I do wonder like Helen…why, why, why. And I do hope as many of you have said, we’ll see our fur babies in heaven. I have 4 kitties and 1 doggie already there and it would be beyond joyful to see them all again. Thank you for all your suggestions and love. They are so, so appreciated. XO

  251. Susan, my heart is breaking for you! I cannot offer up any other comforting words that have not already been expressed, but know that you and Max are loved by so many people. May all the love surround the two of you during this very trying time and may God guide you in making the best decision.

    Hugs from me, Leo, Lucy, Henry, Rascal, and Juicy

  252. Mickey Mauney says

    Hi Susan,
    Hands down, Between Naps on the Porch is my favorite blog. I look forward to your next post everyday. I feel like we are old friends who just haven’t seen each other in awhile. We have very similar taste and I just love all your decorating ideas. The other day I read your post about the baby birds and I was in awe that you are such a kind and sweet person, and that you took the time to record the entire ordeal and share it with all of us. It hurts my heart to hear about your beloved Max. I have 2 dogs, Jake and Dakota, and Dakota is a 13 year old Golden Retriever who has numerous health issues. My family and I have been prolonging the decision to put him down because we can’t bear to loose him; so I know how you feel. I will pray for Max’s recovery and I will pray for you. Our furry friends are a huge part of our lives and families and their health can have devastating effects on us. Whatever happens, know that you are Max’s human and he loves you as much as you love him.
    Praying for you both, Mickey M.

  253. Lynn Hutchins says

    I am so sad to hear about Max. My heart breaks that you have to go through this. I, too, have been down this road and it is so hard. I have already said a prayer for you and Max and I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.

  254. I’m so sad with you about your sweet Max. Let’s face it, these furry creatures leave deep paw prints on our hearts. Prayers for a gentle end to his life if he is not to be healed. You loved him well Susan and it sounds like he loved you back. Wonderful gift and memories. Blessings,

  255. JayGatsbysGirl says

    Susan, walk closely with the Lord during these difficult hours, as I know you are doing. He loves you and He loves Max – and He is so right there with you both — the Ultimate Matchmaker who put you both together. Think of all the happiness that Max has given you and you have given him. These things are eternal.

  256. Susan, I am so very sorry to hear this discouraging news… Mr Max is definitely in my prayers and you are in my thoughts. I have lost two beautiful kitties myself in the last six months and there are some days that I see the spot where they used to lay or run across a photo and I end up sobbing. I feel your pain and hope forhe best possible for you and Max. You have given him a wonderful life and the best of care and that is to be commended… Bless you xoxo

  257. So sorry about little Max; he’s so soft and sweet. I’ve said a prayer for him and will say one for you too, Susan. *hugs* to both of you.

  258. Susan, my heart is grieving with you…our furry ones are such a great part of our lives and when they are ill and suffering, we suffer too. Regardless of the outcome, you know that you are doing everything you can possibly do for your much loved Max. We’ve been in the exact position you are in and it’s simply heart-wrenching. I pray that the right decisions will be made by the specialists and I also pray for you. Wish I could hug you and give you more comfort as I’ve always felt like you are more of a neighbor than a blogger. Blessings, dear one!

  259. Susan,
    I will be praying for Max and for you. My family knows the love and loss of a furry family member.

  260. Susan, I’m so sorry to hear this. I know what you’re going through, and I will definitely say a special prayer for you.

  261. Debra-Jean says

    Oh Susan the tears have already started! I’m from Fort St John, Canada and I can say, without a doubt, I feel like I know you and Max well. (I have your Blog saved as my daily favorite). What a sad time you are going through. I also have a cat, Kate (stands for “kisses available to everyone”) and I know what these special furry friends can mean to us. You have given Max such a loving and caring home. So nice that you rescued him. My daughter is a volunteer as a “fund raiser” for our local SPCA and we love animals! We will pray for you both. A special big hug from Fort St John, Canada

  262. Hugs to you Susan, so very sorry. Praying for sweet precious Max. I understand it never gets easy. Praying for you also. God bless you and Max much!!

  263. Susan, I am so sorry! I recently posted about my sweet Molly on my blog. We love our babies, and that is what they are! Our stories are similar, and I am praying for you and your sweet Max.


  264. My heart is hurting for Max and for you. Max is so blessed to have found you that day. He obviously found a brand new life when you found each other. His life has been so much more than it could have been. Praise the Lord for your compassion. I pray that your time with Max will be filled with peace and thankfulness. I pray for God’s perfect will for Max and you. I love knowing the true meaning of ‘Between Naps on the Porch.’ I’l keep you both in my prayers. Cherry Kay

  265. Oh I understand how you feel. Pets are like our children. we lost our Gino ,suddenly .Finding out what a tough guy he was, never really showing signs on how sick he was til the end. I still dream of him and talk to him . We adopted another member Harley soon after , but he wasn’t to replace Gino , he just was meant to be in our family. My husband is still devastated because Gino was his buddy. No words can take away your sadness. But keep in mind. Miracles do happen. And remember , Max is loved and you gave and have given him a wonderful home. And cherish the fullness he has given you. Sending a lot of prayers and hope to you and him. And last but not least My Rudi is 12 years old .He has been temporarily paralyzed twice. One dr. told me that I should put him down,ect.He would never walk again. I knew my dog.He was and is a spitfire! I couldn’t get him out of that drs. quick enough. lol. And even after 2 strokes Rudi is walking and still jumping off our bed! ugh.:) Go with your gut instinct . And do what you think is best for your Max!

  266. Susan, I read your blog from Italy every day: I’m Italian (sorry for my bad English).
    I understand you very well, because my cat is also ill: he has pancreatic problems and my heart is destroyed. I pray every night and every day for him, and now I’ll pray also for Max and you to give you the force to carry on.
    Blessings from Italy
    )0( Shani )0(

  267. Dear Susan, I have lost 3 dogs over my lifetime but one was particularly special – my lab mix Ziggy. It was a soul mate connection that few of us have even with humans! He was my constant companion. I could not have gotten through my separation or divorce without him. He knew when I was hurting because he would stop begging to play ball and just stay close by. Thirty years later and happily married my heart still breaks and my eyes still fill with tears when I remember him. Max will always be your forever kitty. Prayers for both of you. Aloha.

  268. hi Susan, i am reading this post, during a quick break at the office and my eyes are welling up. i am so sorry to hear that Max is not well. He is such a special companion and we enjoyed seeing him doing office duty. I pray that God will comfort you and heal your furry child. Love & hugs!

  269. Susan, This makes me teary-eyed. Our four-legged companions bring us so much joy. Thinking and praying for you & Max.

  270. Susan, my heart goes out to you. I know your pain with our present and past feline friends. Will keep you and Max in prayer. {hugs}

  271. MariaElena says

    Oh Susan, my heart is breaking for you! Yes, I understand what you are going through. Will keep Max and you in my prayers Big hug.

  272. So sorry to hear this! I’ve only recently become acquainted with how close you can get to a pet, since we adopted our doggie last year. I was thinking the other day what a wreck I’m going to be when she dies. Pets are so precious. I’ll be praying for both you and little Max as you go through this difficult time! =(

  273. Madilyn Davis says

    Prayers coming your way, so sorry to hear. Max is a beautiful cat, and I bet friend.

  274. Madilyn Davis says

    Prayers coming your way, so sorry to hear. Max is a beautiful cat, and I bet friend.

  275. Charlotte says

    I don’t usually comment, but I always enjoy reading your blog. I have always enjoyed hearing and seeing Max on your blog and know how much he means to you. He is such a sweetheart! Also, I know just what you are going through. We lost our sweet lab Tommy six years ago . We will always miss him and he will always be in our hearts. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope it comforts you to know all of your readers are thinking of you and Max and praying for you both! Please keep us posted.

    Thinking of you and Max,
    Charlotte T

  276. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, but have never commented. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Max. I have been in your position several times and currently have 3 rescues (2 dogs, 1 cat). Stay strong and keep us posted.

  277. Oh Susan I’m so sorry to hear this. It is heartbreaking to go through this with your little one. We will pray for Max, and for you to get through…to navigate this storm strong. Our animals are such a big part of our everyday life…give yourself a sweet hug from me please. Will stay up with you to see how you are doing.

  278. Susan, I truly believe these little four-legged angels come into our lives for a reason……I have three little “Angels” that bring so much love into our lives…..stay positive and give Max extra hugs all day long. I am thinking of you, and my little guys send a big Pennsylvania “Get well Max”!


  279. I feel for you. I just found out that my very last kitty died – the one I took on (she looked like she might not live past kitten-hood) when I was a teenager. After I left home she went to live with my sister, and then with a friend when my sister spent a couple of years traveling. She was born when I was a teenager, and just died at the ripe old age of 16. She had a chest full of tumors – there was nothing they could do. But she had a very good life – adored by all of her people (she was Siamese – they accept no less), indulged, well-fed, and always to be found sleeping in the sunniest spot in the house. I know it was time, but I’m still sad – I guess I thought she would be around forever.

    I hope the vet can help Max and you don’t have to part with him for many more years!

  280. Susan: My heart goes out to you and I understand how much Max means to you. Our pets are definitely hearts wrapped in fur coats. Dianne

  281. Dear Susan ~ I am so very sorry to hear about Max. Sounds like there are some excellent specialists in your area, they will decide the best treatment for your sweet shadow. Me and my 22 pound bundle of fur will be sending our thoughts and prayers to you and Max. Take care and update us when you can.

    Hugs ~ Jade

  282. I am praying for dear Max, and for Divine intervention. He is just the sweetest cat, and your relationship with him echoes the ones I have with our 6 kitties, who are all rescues, too. I will continue to pray, and light a candle for him each day. Wishing you peace.

  283. I will pray. Incredible how many comments are here. You (& Max) have touched a lot of lives. Lots of us understand the special love for pets. Some days now that the kids are grown my dogs are the best love I get. You were smart to get help for yourself. This is no different than the disease or death of any family member. G-d Bless you, Susan and Max.

  284. Linda (Phila burbs) says

    I rarely post here, but wanted to say that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry to hear about Max, but happy that you both were able to touch each other’s lives so profoundly. God bless! Linda

  285. Cheryl Gordon says

    As so many of us do, I too know what it’s like to love a beloved pet. I have loved all my kitties, but Ginger was my special cat. I always loved cats, my mother doesn’t, wouldn’t let me have the orange kitten I held in my lap and wanted so desperately. I was in my 30s when I finally got my orange baby. She was beautiful, played fetch, wagged her tail when I called her name, snuggled under the blankets with me. I still miss her so much. New kitties are wonderful, but can’t replace her. I like to think of them being cared for by friends who have passed and where animal lovers. And it helps to know I will see her, and all my babies again some day.

  286. Sending prayers to Max and you, Susan. I know how hard this is, but I have faith that his perfection will shine through and he will be restored to good health.


  287. Oh Susan, I am so deeply sorry. I’m crying with you. I have a furry friend who works with me too. Saying prayers for Max and you. Tons of hugs for you.

  288. Dear Susan,
    My heart goes out to you and Max. Mine broke when Kody, my 13 year old fur kid left us after many heroic tries to keep him in our presence. From a frightened black fur ball to a wonderful little brother for my children when my husband died, our little guy was more than just a pet. Your Max has that kind of place in your heart. Brokenhearted I cried for days myself when he left us. However what finally got me out of my slump was knowing that he found my Mom, Dad and brother up above and is warming their hearts until we all meet again. Those little ones never last as long as they should, which makes the time we spend with them all the more precious. Give Max extra hugs and he’ll become strong with your love.

  289. When my Buddy went home (see the word I never use?) ten years ago (schnauzer mix rescue) I cried in a fetal position for three days and had to be put on a sedative. Over the next month my husband and I saw a therapist who specializes in pet loss once a week. I could barely cope too. I remember driving and thinking, “How can the world still be functioning as usual? How are birds still flying? Doesn’t anyone understand my fear (when he got sick)? Why isn’t the whole world slowing down, too?”. Actually, for you though, we are slowing down too. Will love your decorating posts, will send you both healing prayers while you love your boy and take all the time you need. Remember that love like that never goes anywhere.

    • Thanks, Joy. I can tell you understand, appreciate that so much. When I was at GA Vet Specialist today, every room there has several bulletin boards on the wall. They are all filled with pictures of sweet dogs and cats and hand written letters and cards from owners. Some have happy endings, some don’t. But without a doubt, all those folks understand and experienced horrible grief when their pets went home. Max will be the last pet for me. I can never do this ever again. I’m so sorry about your sweet Buddy. I hope we see our babies again when we go home one day.

      • I remember looking feverishly for a support group online and couldn’t fine one at the time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to cry and talk to someone who truly understands. Psalm 84:3 was helpful for me, as was the book ‘Cat Heaven’ (also ‘Dog Heaven’). Love each other, and give Max a chin scratch and some kisses for us!

      • (and we’re going to plan on and hope that he gets to feeling better!)

  290. Linda Kafer says

    Oh, Susan, I am soo v. sorry. We have rescued all our ‘fur babies’—dogs and cat. We had to put one dog down in Oct., another in Jan. Both of old age & problems. It was v hard. On a Friday in Jan. this year, we put our dog, Max, down. The next day, my daughter found a little dachund loose late at nite. We now have her. She has helped us & fit right in. I pray Max will recover and live more years and be with you.

  291. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved kitty being ill. You and Max are in my thoughts. I lost my 15-year-old cat two weeks ago, so I know what you are going through. She had quit eating and was really, really uncomfortable and very unhappy. The vet said it was her liver and nothing could be done to help her, so I held her while she went to sleep, trying not to blubber until she was gone. She was the sweetest cat I ever had, and I’m allergic to cats! I am feeling better now, but reading about you beloved friend’s illness brings it all back. Our cat was also a shelter kitty, and I take comfort knowing that she had an ideal life for any cat out here on the farm.

  292. JoJo from FL. says

    Big tight hugs for Max as well as you. I have a cat for each day of the week. All are rescues found, starving or sick. They love not worrying about their next meal. I’m fighting a battle with one of my boys Beau. I’m thankful for each day he’s with me. Again prayers for Max and you.
    Hugs from KoKo, Frost, M.C. (momma cat) Beau, Pookie, Tigger and Ali

  293. I will pray for your Max….we are going thru a similar thing…it is like living underwater…slogging thru the days…..our fur babies are the world to us, and there WILL come a day when we can look back and smile at the memories. But it is so difficult now, and not everyone will understand, although enuf people will, so don’t worry about your posts, just concentrate on Max.

  294. SO sorry to hear about Max. We have a kitty that is the same “has to be touching you” kind of personality but he is fixated on my husband. Animals usually have fav’s too. I know Larry especially can empathize with you. Take care

  295. Marti Rippy says

    Susan: I started reading about Max and said out loud “Oh no! Not Max”. I am so sorry for you and will pray for you and Max. Blessings….Marti

  296. Meghan Grace says

    Oh, I am so sorry for you and Max! What a beautiful boy he is! Prayers and love are with you, Susan! Hugs, Meghan

  297. Dear Susan,
    I understand that your pain is so terrible you think you would never expose yourself to it again. But never say never and making life decisions at a time like this is usually not a good idea. Do what you have to do for now & life will bring you what’s next when you are ready. I really feel for you and the photo you posted here shows one beautiful cat lounging on one beautiful chair cushion. Try to enjoy the spring and whatever holidays you celebrate. Life can be very hard but that’s why we’ve all stepped up to the plate to tell you our stories. Hope this helps. xoxo

  298. Susan,
    What a terrible situation you are in. My heart is breaking for you. Please know you & Max will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  299. Susan, my heart is breaking for you and your family. Please know that we are all praying for Max’s recovery. I know too from experience how hard it is too lose a furry member of your family. Judging by all the wonderful comments you’ve received, God will certainly hear them all and bless you with his grace. Max will be in good hands.

  300. Susan, my heart breaks for you. Having experienced a very similar situation with my Casey Cat a few years ago, I can relate to what you are going through with Max. Our furry friends steal our hearts and love us unconditionally. I am praying for you and Max.

  301. Pam Moore says

    We have 5 furbabies, and I know all too well the pain you are feeling. The last one we lost, I mourned at least a year for her. Heck, I still do. I am praying for you and for Max.

  302. Oh Susan, my heart hurts for you. Our pets are so important to us. They give us so much and expect so little in return. PRAYING! God bless you, [email protected]

  303. I’m so sorry to read about Max’s condition. I’ll be sure to keep him (and you) in my prayers – praying for the best possible outcome. I have three daughters, but my fur babies are a big part of my family as well, so I know too well what you are going through. We lost our little 12-yr old yorkie-poo, Britty, this past September, and I have an appointment for my cat, Tigger tomorrow. Tigger hasn’t been himself lately (very lethargic, bloated and suddenly can’t jump up to his usual perches), so I’m hoping the vet can give him something to help the situation. Peace and blessings to you and Max! ~ Mary

  304. I am so sorry Susan. Your Max is so beautiful. I will keep both of you in my prayers. I have a little Maltese that has had 4 surgeries in the last year. The last one was about two weeks ago and I was devastated. I can certainly relater with your pain. My little pooch is my heart and I could not bear if anything happened to him.

  305. Rose Marie Navas says

    My prayers are going out to you and Max. It’s never easy…I had to put down my 5 year old fur baby dog Jasper last May and I feel your hurt. God Bless You and Max!

  306. Prayers for both you and Max. March 14 I lost my BEST friend our boy chihuahua due to an enlarged heart. I have cried everyday since. I miss him soooo much. We are going through the same thing with our 16 yr. old cat Silly. He has been on sulfasalazine and then prednisone. He has done somewhat better. They haven’t been able to tell us what the mass is…we will will consider chemo, but probably won’t make him endure the other treatments. My heart is broken.

  307. Susan I am so sorry to hear about Max’s declining health. I totally understand your fear and grief. We adopted a yorkie 10 years ago, he will be 11 this summer. He is our furry child and we love him so, so much. He is my constant companion. I will be in the exact same place as you when it’s his time. My prayers are with beautiful Max and you.

  308. You and Max are in my prayers. I know this isnt easy, I know the devastation. I just lost my nearly 17 years old cat on March 15. The love we have for our four-legged babies is unsurpassed, the bring us so much happiness and joy, love and laughter. God bless you all, and thank you for adopting Max from a shelter.
    Please keep us updated and give Max a squeeze for me.

  309. Oh Susan, I know this pain well and it breaks my heart that you are going through this. My Yorkie, Lily, passed away at only 7 from kidney disease. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and think maybe it was my fault for some reason. My vet said it absolutely was not my fault and that this sometimes happens. Still, I always wonder. I know how much Max means to you and you to him. You have given him a wonderful life. Take care of yourself and cuddle and love Max as much as you can. I will be praying for you both. Much love and kitty kisses.

    • Debby, I always do that, too…wondering if there was something I could have done better or differently. I’ve asked the doctors several times what could cause this and they said that it’s a genetic thing. But I still question if it was the special kidney food he was on for a short while that was so greasy looking…if that could have caused the mass. He didn’t eat it everyday because he didn’t like it that well, but he did eat it some. So I do the same thing, beat myself up over what could have been the cause. I’m sorry you do this, too. Please listen to your doctor and don’t blame yourself. I’m sure it was absolutely nothing you did or didn’t do.

      • Susan please don’t question your role in caring for Max. I have regrets about some of the things I did or did not do before my mom passed. I know I did the best I could and with love. That is all we can expect for ourselves. Despite your situational depression now, deep in your heart you know you did & do all you can for Max. This post has profoundly touched me so I keep coming back to see more comments. I’ve even been giving my dogs a little extra attention. Hope you are doing well & that this period will resolve itself the way it’s suppose to soon. Sending prayers.

  310. I am praying for you and Max. I know how difficult it is to see one of our fur babies hurting, and the thought of losing one is just heart wrenching. Our golden retriever passed in October and I miss him everyday. We have a beautiful cat (Zoe) who looks alot like your Max! She has cancer also. She had a tumor removed from her leg several years ago, but unfortunately it is back again. Some days I feel like my heart is literally going to break into a million pieces. Obviously you and Max have had many wonderful years together…I pray you’ll have many more!

  311. Good Morning Susan. I have followed your blog for some time now. I loved Max from the minute I saw his picture and read about him. I am a HUGE cat lover and was so very, very sad to read today about your darling Max. I know all too well how terribly devastating it can be to have our beloved pets fall ill. I will say a prayer for Max and also for you…..many blessings.

  312. Prayers are coming to you from Michigan. We went through this with 2 cats of ours. They were getting close to 20 years old. It’s hard to watch their bodies get old and begin to fail right in front of your eyes. Cuddle and love your Max as much as you can! He knows how good you’ve been to him and if he could talk he’d thank you for a wonderful spoiled life full of love. Please know you have many “soul” sisters out here who are with you in their thoughts.

  313. Bobbi Campbell says

    Susan, Thinking and praying for you and Max today… Blessings to you this Easter – from a fellow kitty lover..

  314. Alisa Luna says

    So sorry . We all love our furry family members. What you are going through is so very hard.

  315. Millebourne says

    Perhaps the departing words of Eugene O’Neil’s dog will provide you with comfort. The bonds of love, loyalty, wisdom, and humor as explained by Blemie are so well put, so hopeful, so reassuring ….. the dalmation says it so much better than any cat has or human can!

  316. Patti Buser says

    Susan, my heart is with you and Max. It’s just so sad. Take comfort in the fact that he is aware of your absolute love for him and make the best of this time you have with him. I have been there.

  317. Deb Surman from Illinois says

    Hi Susan, I found your blog when I saw you post on Susan Branche’s and have been enjoying it for months. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this most stressful time, dealing with a beloved sick pet. My husband and I have been married for 27 years and in those years we’ve loved 6 shelter cats. Only our Monty is still with us and we treasure every day with him. I’ve been through the anxious vet visits, we even had our Angel receive nourishment through a tube in her nose and when my husband and I would leave for work, we’d have to drop her off at our Vet’s for daycare. When they passed, the people at the Vets office sent us the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and expressed how sad and fond they were of our beloved girl. It’s during these times when our creativity seems to go by the wayside. The important thing right now is for you and your family to enjoy as much time as you can with your sweet Max. There’s a special place in heaven for our wonderful pets who have brought such joy and unconditional love to us. Have a blessed Easter Susan.

  318. I’m so sorry to read about Max’s illness, it’s so sad when they don’t feel good and so frustrating that they can’t tell you what hurts. I’m sure you’ve gotten lots of good advice from friends, vets and people who read your blog.
    I didn’t read all the posts but wanted to share these remedies with you:
    There are several others and perhaps you can review them to see if there is one that might be a better fit or you may decide you want a couple of them.
    Sending you & Max lots of love and healing

    P.S. I suggest that instead of the Rx you might want to try something herbal for depression (speaking from experience) 5HTP & GABA are excellent and you don’t have all those annoying side effects!!

  319. Oh Susan – bless your heart. Our precious fur-babies are such sweet gifts. Prayers of healing for Max, strength and courage for you and wisdom for Max’s doctors.

  320. So sorry to hear about Max, we lost our cat, who went to the office with my husband every morning. He is still greatly missed, especially by my husband. I haven’t read all the comments, but one stood out re the difficulty of giving meds to ailing pets. I discovered that Compounding Pharmacies can make up prescriptions in salves and creams that can be gently massaged inside the tips of dogs’ and cats’ ears. Wish I had known about that sooner. It is so much more soothing for all concerned. Hope this is of some help. Max is the darling of so many of us and it is his gift to realize all the love that is out here for us to share with each other and our furry friends…
    All my best,

  321. I just found your blog a few moments ago and I saw the sweet photo of your kitty and clicked on it and read the story. I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear that your poor Max is going through this. It is so difficult to see our beloved furry children suffer. It’s heart breaking. I wish all the best for you and Max. May you find solace in all the wonderful things that everyone here have posted.

  322. Lynn Case says

    I have continued to pray for you and Max ever since your post concerning his health. I hope you have had encouraging news or options for treatment. You will continue to be in my prayers. ((hug))

  323. I’m so sorry to hear about Max. Our pets are family and we can’t bear to let them go, it hurts too much. I hope your meds help and you can get off them in a month or so.

    Praying for you both!


  324. Thanks, for sharing what you are going through with Max. I’ve enjoyed seeing him in many of your posts. Thinking of you as go through this tough time.

  325. Oh my, you’ve given each other many beautiful years. You are a most wonderful kitty Mom. I will pray for you and Max.

  326. Barbara Ann says

    Susan, I will not give you any trite condolences. Just know that I am praying for both you and Max during this difficult time. May God hold you both close.

  327. Margaret Robinson says

    I just got around to reading your more current posts and I’m so sorry. This is always such a difficult time and hope it has helped in some small way to share your concerns about Max on your blog. I read some of the messages and you have such a huge support group out there, with so many caring and wonderful people standing by. Whatever you need to do for Max, you’ll do – Max is very lucky to have you as his adopted Mom and good friend. Good thoughts and prayers for all of you – MMR

  328. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Susan, my prayers are with you and Max. Big hugs and XX.

  329. Oh, my dear. It’s so sad to hear that. There are no words to abate your pain and suffering. From the moment I read your story I was almost always thinking of you and Max. I am sure today the air is full of praying for Max and you. Blessings to you, Susan!

  330. Lisa Dudgeon says

    So sorry about Max just know that he and you are in my prayers

  331. Susan, the Lord must have told me to come on your blog today, and I happened to see this.

    I have just prayed for Max and for you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. I fully understand about loving animals. I went to bed when the last of my dogs died, literally. And when I lost my 16 year old kitty, I thought my heart would break. I have had pets my whole life, and each of them bring their own unique paw print to our lives. So I truly understand your love for Max.



  332. JoyceB in Atlanta says

    Oh, Susan, I’m so sorry you and Max are going through such a hard time right now. I pray that God is always with you both and gives you strength and courage to look forward. Having lost my share of the most wonderful pets in the world, I do feel for you and know how you are hurting. I just read this post and all the comments tonight, and after going through half a box of tissues, will give you my theory on why God made our precious pets not live forever. I think He intended our hearts to continue growing as we love a succession of pets. One pet cannot replace another, but each comes into our lives and offers what God thinks we need at that time. Max may have more wonderful years ahead, but whatever the outcome, please don’t close your heart to love. Be open and accepting. Loving a pet brings pure joy to one’s life. I hope that Max lives out his full life without pain and, when the time comes, goes with tranquility. I hope you feel surrounded by God’s spirit. Like your other readers, I offer you my love and support. All of us ache for you as we relive memories of our own losses. If this is Max’s time, you’ll have to lovingly let him go. But, one day you’ll notice something – a picture, an article – and you’ll feel God opening your heart. My two poodle boys came from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue totally by accident. I had never adopted before, always going the reputable breeder route because I thought only puppies could love one ‘that way’. Wrong!! I love them to pieces, though I fought long and hard with myself about allowing another fur ball into my life. Enjoy whatever time you and Max have together. Keep telling him you love him right to the end. When enough time has passed, throw a bandage on your heart and allow yourself the pure indulgence of being utterly possessed by another furry love. Life goes on even when we don’t think it can. You’ll be OK. Don’t worry about us. Take however long you need. We can wait till you can think again about decorating and making the world pretty.

  333. Please know that my prayers are with Max and you.

  334. Susan ~ I know it has been a few days, I hope Max is improving. My heart breaks for you. I know exactly how you feel, my Hobbes is a constant worry for me. He also likes to keep his paw on me at all times while lying across the keyboard. They are such Angels, always there for us. My prayers are with you both. I know they cannot stay with us forever, and I have heard the most wonderful explanation of why , by a 6 year old no less. “Our reason for being here on Earth is to learn to be the best we can be and to love all. Dogs and cats already know how to do this, and thats why they are only here on Earth with us for a little while.” More true words were never spoken. Take as long as you need and spend time with your love. We’ll still be here.

  335. timecard24 says

    Susan,I am so sorry to hear about Max. I too am in love with him.
    My family are all cat lovers.I have had at least one cat my whole life(70 yrs old).
    We will be praying to St Francis for your furbaby, and to God for you.
    take care,

  336. donna babbitt says

    Susan, last Nov. my dear 18 yr. old cat was dying, had not eaten in days, I was forcing water, he has that awful feline virus and is too old for vaccine. I took him to the vet and there was nothing he could do. In desperation I ordered a product from in the pet dept. called Vibactra, it is organic and must be given four times a day for ten days………….Right now he is chirping at me feet nagging me to come feed him!!! He has gained three pounds and eats like a little piggy, he is on thyroid meds and I give him Lysine for the virus. He is a new cat and everyone is amazed!!! I hope and pray this would work for Max as it did for Ernie and I am in no way connected with this product, was just searching for a miracle……………………….the Vibacta and prayer did the job. Thank God!!!

  337. I’m so sorry about your beautiful Max. It’s beyond heartbreaking to deal with a pet who is ill, or when one leaves us. I will send good thoughts your way. It’s never easy and I know how you are feeling. We have 5 cats, 3 of which have had serious health issues. Ironically, right now, our beautiful gray cat, also named Max, is going through some serious health issues and I’m a wreck as well. I love coming to your blog and seeing your Max, he is just gorgeous and sounds as sweet and good natured as he looks. Best wishes to him and you. Give the beautiful little mana kiss from me, too.

    (W Girt)

    The Lord looked down upon His world, created fresh and new,
    With soaring, shining mountain tops and gleaming seas of blue.
    The lordly lions roaming free with tigers golden bright,
    All very grand, magnificent, but somehow, not quite right.
    He stroked His beard and mused awhile and thought of this and that,
    ‘All these are far too big,’ he said, ‘I’ll make a smaller cat;
    To edge towards the fire at night, out of the chilly wind,
    An independent animal, but needing human kind;
    With fur so soft and warm to touch, but brimming full of guile,
    With pansy-faced wee kittens to make the children smile.’
    All that was very long ago, but still the cat’s with us,
    Aloof and condescending, but loving all the fuss.
    You’ll never, ever own a cat, as all cat lovers know,
    He’ll curl himself around your heart and never let you go.

    Susan, I thought you would like this.


  339. I’m thinking about you and Max right now and wanted you to know that you both are on my heart. I really understand how you feel and all the self-doubts about “what could I have done differently”. Please don’t let yourself think that way; I know from my own thought processes how that is easier said than done. Max IS a very loved kitty and you would do anything for him. Sometimes there is just nothing we can do other than to just love them as much as possible. If sweet little Max is “reading” through the comments right now, please tell him that he has brought me joy through your blog and give him a little kitty kiss on the top of his head for me.

  340. Hugs and love and prayers are being lifted up.
    Linda M

  341. JoyceB in Atlanta says

    Thinking and praying extra hard for Max and for you tonight. He is one gorgeous and well loved kitty. My favorite picture of him is the one in the cubby under your computer monitors. Hope you are both enjoying the nicer weather this week. Sunshine helps everyone.

  342. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry for you! Our little furry family member is also named Max. I don’t know what the kids and I would do if something were to happen to him. He’s our first family pet, and even tho’ I know life isn’t forever, my family will be devastated. PLEASE keep us posted on how Max is doing! Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  343. thinking of Max today….. I’m hoping he is doing better……please let us all know…….he is so adorable and so loved.
    Stay well Susan…..


  344. Susan, I am so sorry and I pray for you and sweet little Max. Oh boy does it hurt! Every time we ever lost a pet we both were so sad we couldn’t function. Your kitty has lived such a wonderful life with you and you can be happy you did good by Max. Please know we out here are thinking of you and sweet Max.
    Jeanette Duke

  345. My heart aches for you and Max.He looks like a sweetheart.I too am a kitty lover.I have a big boy named Bob whom I rescued from a neglectful neighbor.I should say that he actually adopted us.He just kept coming by and then one day was injured and just came and laid on my porch.We have been inseperable ever since.So you see,I know where you are coming from.I lost a treasured cat 11 yrs ago to old age and a sudden kidney issue.I cried for weeks.I still get a little teared up thinking of him.Pets are family.In fact, there is an affection for reserved only for them that cannot be explained.Please take care and give Max a special hug from me.

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