Porch Lighting: Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Lamps

Welcome to the 241st Metamorphosis Monday!

Five years ago when I replaced my seen-better-days-deck with a screened-in porch, I purchased white wicker furniture, including a wicker swing for this space.  I couldn’t really find any lamps I liked so I just decided to use lamps I already had thinking I’d eventually replace them with something better.

It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve gotten serious about finding lamps better suited for a porch. Once I started looking in earnest, I had a hard time finding anything I liked because the trend right now seems to be drum shades. I’m not crazy about that shape shade so I’ve held off buying anything, waiting for the right lamps to come along .

Screened-In Porch


In July 2012, while shopping in Tuesday Morning, I found a lamp I really liked. It came to live on the table over near the screens. I loved how the design of the lamp mimicked the white wicker furniture on the porch. The original price had been $150 marked down to $104.99 and then reduced once more to $49.99. Not too bad, one lamp down, two to go.

Growing Herbs in a Tabletop Greenhouse 2


In March of this year, I came across this cute cottage-style lamp in HomeGoods and it was priced at just $34.99.

Shell Lamp Cottage Style


The narrow shape of the shade was perfect since it had to fit on the hutch. It has a shutter design and shell/starfish accents–perfect for a summer porch.

Two down, one to go.

Shell Lamp Cottage Style


The lamp you see through the door leading from the den to the porch, was the lamp that still needed to get the boot. It’s not a bad lamp but it was too “fancy” for the porch with its faux-crystal design. It’s a nice lamp, just not great for a porch.

Living Room with Judges Paneling Decorate in English Country Style


A couple of weeks ago while shopping in Old Time Pottery, I spotted this lamp.

Green Lamp for Screened Porch


Loved the color and thought it would work well here on the porch.

Lamp Lighting for a Porch


I liked the square-shaped shade, the height and its fun green paint. Since the other two lamps on the porch are white, I thought it might bring a little attitude to the porch.

Green Painted Lamp With Square Shade


It works great with the colors in the settee, swing cushions and these Ikea floral pillows.

Wicker Swing with IKEA Pillows 3


It also coordinates well with the striped chair cushions and the garden seat.

Garden Seat for the Porch


The bamboo design felt outdoorsy and porch-like.

Lamp for Screened Porch


Really, it looks for the world like it was painted with the same paint I had custom mixed for the hutch.  Weird! Especially since I had the hutch paint matched to a cloth napkin.  (Psssst: Read about the hutch transformation here: Painting Furniture: A China Hutch Transformation)

The price was originally $39.99 but was on sale for $29.99. Awesome!

Green Painted Hutch and Lamp for Screened Porch


Three down, zero to go. The porch is now officially lampified!

Pssst: The seasonal footer at the bottom of the blog has been updated with lots of inspiration for Fall and Halloween!  Hope you enjoy!

White Wicker with Painted Furniture on a Porch


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  1. Oh Susan, you really did a great job on all the lamps. They all look so good together. Some times it’s so hard to find the right lamp and then the shade does not come with the lamp – more money. I love when they come together.
    Have a great week.

  2. I love your new green lamp. What a find and great price.
    Thank you for hosting such a great party.

  3. Good Morning Susan,
    Thank you for reminding. Now, that Fall & Winter comes, D´Box (what I call my house) needs an update of lightning too.
    Can you give me an idea on which lamp I need as my cottage don’t have a high ceiling?
    This is my delimma and I been looking for ages but there’s no lamps (I think) that fits of my petite new update lounge.

    Hope to hear from you and thanks a mill in advance, in case you happen read my comments.

    Have a nice week ahead.
    /CC girl

  4. Good Monday Susan! The hubs is going back to work after a week off~~I feel like I have been liberated! Did I say that out loud? My bad~~anyway, I spotted the metal dragonfly on your wicker side table. Where did you get yours? I can’t remember where I got mine, hoping your answer will spark my memory. Can you spark a memory? Hmmm, dunno. Monday, Monday, can’t hmm hmm hmm. Mamas and the Papas? Can’t remember the rest of that lyric either, better up my meds! LOL!

    • Denise, you are too funny about your hubby! 🙂 I can’t remember now where I found him, I’ve had him for so long. I just looked back at the tablescape I did in September 2008 about 2-3 weeks after I began blogging because I remembered using him in that one…you can see it here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/welcome-to-the-3rd-tablescape-tuesday/
      Unfortunately, I don’t think I mentioned where I found him. I still love him after all this time. Yup, it’s Monday. Just another “Manic Monday”…that’s my Monday song. 🙂

      • Ahhhh, he cracks the whip when he’s home~~I don’t know what I’m gonna do when he retires. I think maybe I’ll do some volunteer work or sumpin’. Heehee~~anyways, that tablescape is so beyootiful! You truly have a talent! I was just thinking, could it have been Kirkland’s where the dragonfly came from? Do ya’ll have a Kirkland’s where you live? Mystery, mystery.

  5. Susan, your new lamp is P.E.R.F.E.C.T and you got it at such a good price. Currently, I have a lamp on our porch but it is shadeless! Got to take care of that this week! As always, thanks for hosting this party!

    • Thanks, Jane! I didn’t even know it was on sale until I started to pay. lol I was extra happy about that. 🙂 Hope you are able to find a shade. I found them in Target before at pretty reasonable prices.

  6. It’s fun to tweak! Your lamps all look great. I like the variety. Your new green lamp was a great find. 🙂

  7. Wow, what a great buy, and I love the color! Thanks so for the great link party 🙂

  8. Your lamp looks great. Thank you for hosting!

  9. You lucked out with that green lamp! Nailed it!!

    Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great week!

  10. Oh I LOVE that new green lamp, Susan! All three lamps are just perfect for a screened porch. I remember reading when you got the first two (really love those, as well) and I think the green brings in the perfect touch of color. I love lamplight so much, and all the lamps in our home have been carefully chosen over many years. Lamps are almost like part of the artwork, don’t you think?

    Thank you for hosting Met Monday — have a great week. 🙂


  11. Very pretty lamp…color is perfect for the porch. Thank you for hosting, Susan!

  12. Love the new lamp, Susan! It’s perfect for the porch! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  13. I love your green lamp! Thanks so much for hosting another wonderful party. Have a great week!

  14. Susan, love all the lamps you have found. They have made the porch look so warm and cozy. I would love to curl up with a good book on your swing. I think I would spend all my spare time setting on your wonderful screened porch. You have such a talent to create beautiful spaces. Love your blog. Yarlette

  15. Hi Susan! Funny I just posted about my lamps this week too in my “Attic Collection” post this week! I love the green lamp, it’s beautiful. Have a great week!
    Michelle / newengland-style.com

  16. Really cute, LOVE the color!

  17. What a perfect lamp for your porch, Susan. I love the color and the shape of the shade too…Christine

  18. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Very pretty and a great deal, too! Love the color. I have been looking for outdoor lamps for a couple of years now. They are much harder to find than I realized. I don’t have a deep porch like yours, so mine really have to be able to withstand potential rain. Rats, I really wish I could find some. I love lamp light and much prefer the cozy ambiance of that to overhead lights. Hey, if you know of anyplace that sells outdoor lamps, please let me know! Thanks, Susan and have a wonderful week. (btw, I did notice the seasonal footer and I’ve already been checking things out. Hee. 😉

  19. Susan, I like all of the new lamps, but my favorite is the green one. Thanks for hosting a great party!

  20. A perfect lamp indeed! Thank you for hosting. Have a blessed week!

  21. Lamps look beautiful and perfect for your lovely porch. Your lamp hunt paid off!! They were made just for you. When that happens to me I just get so very happy, like I won a million bucks.

  22. Your porch looks beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting! Life to the full! Melissa

  23. Your lamps are just perfect Susan. Always hard to wait for “just the right thing,” but you were so right in doing so – they are lovely! Thanks for hosting Jane

  24. That is a great lamp. I have been on a roll with bamboo motif myself this year. It is classic. And I am not overly fond of drum shades either.

  25. Phyllis Boykin says

    Your lamps are wonderful and I always love to see your porch. How do you keep the lamps from blowing over? We don’t leave ours out because of the wind.

    • I’ve never had one blow over. I guess the bases are heavy enough, or maybe the wind just doesn’t come across the porch that strongly since the trees out back kind of protect the house. The lamp closest to the screens is super heavy so I don’t think it’s budging. The one that I had there originally was a very small and very light weight, inexpensive wicker lamp, but amazingly, it never turned over. Maybe it’s the way my house is positioned. Now that I’ve removed some trees that needed to go from along the right side of the back yard (getting ready to put some trees back) I hope I don’t run into that problem because I think the winds come from that direction normally.

  26. Hi…….lamps are hard to come by..those 3 are Fabulous..I went through the same thing looking for a mirror once…went in TJ Maxx and at the end of the aisle there IT was..calling to me to take it home..when I got home it had the same design on the frame as some wall hangings my daughter gave me..it sure know what it was doing yelling at me..same thing happened again when looking for the right size chandelier..TJ Maxx to the rescue again..and i’d never seen those in there before..or since come to think of it..that’s been some 18 yrs ago..WOW
    …I love Marshall’s..wish I lived near a Home Goods..my friend is always finding great deals there..if I lived closer to Marshall’s & TJ Maxx..well that might be dangerous.!!!

  27. Just a note about your mold or mildew you had on your last post (or at least I think it was), I had problems with my porch getting that and every year I’d be out there with rubber gloves and bleach and water washing it down. Well, finally I told my husband that was it not more. Then I had an idea. The porch needed painting and I told my husband that when he went to get the paint to have them double the mildew resistance that can be added to paint. Bingo it’s been two years and no mildew or mold on the front porch. When you paint again it might be worth it to mention this to the paint person. He should be able to add this to your paint. I would just double it though to make sure it takes. Hope this helps and maybe someone else has mentioned this, if so, sorry to add to it. Love the lamps. Don’t you just love TM and TJM and Home Goods.. where were these years ago when I first started house keeping??


  28. Your porch is just beautiful, Susan, and the new lamps are perfect! Thanks so much for hosting!

  29. These all look great, Susan. It’s always great to see your wonderful porch. I can imagine how pretty it looks from the outside at night, when the lamps are glowing. Amazing how well that green lamp matches your hutch. What a lucky find! Thank you for the linky. laurie

  30. Morning Susan! Well, you just proved the point that it does pay to wait for just the right accessory – these lamps couldn’t be any more perfect! Love the way they compliment your outdoor decor and color – wonderful textures! LOVE it! I’m sure they’ll make you smile everytime you pass them by! I am delighted to join your party – I hope you have a blessed week,

  31. The new lamp is perfect! All your porch lamps are “porchy” yet elegant – and great prices, too. It pays to add things slowly as you find the right thing, doesn’t it? Thank you for hosting each week – love to meander through the fantastic link-ups.
    Happy day!

  32. Love the new lamp! Thank you for hosting! Have a happy week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  33. Thanks for hosting! I love the new lamp….its a great fit!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  34. The lamps that you’ve found for your porch are so pretty. I love the look of a room filled with lamps. It makes it look so inviting.

  35. Love the new lamp. It looks perfect on the porch. Thanks so much for hosting!

  36. Love the lamps-as you say there are not very many to choose from in the stores that are not reminiscent of mid-century modern which does not work in my 1833 home. I usually have to search EBay and thrift stores to find a traditional look. You did well!

  37. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  38. Susan – love the choices you made. I am just curious – did you ever consider painting your glass/crystal lamp? I am loving the results of painting glass decanters with chalk paint. If they are not fine crystal that you want to show off it is another option to put that lamp somewhere else. Painting seems to make the glass less “fancy” and formal.

    • Chris, I didn’t know you could paint glass. Very cool! I noticed when I brought it in off the porch that it has a crack in it. You can’t feel it but you can see it down deep in the glass. I think I’ve knocked it off the table a couple of times in the past when I’ve been out there vacuuming and moving stuff around, so paint might be a good way to go if I use it some place else. Thanks for mentioning that!

      • The crack will be completely hidden with paint. I love red and so painted a cut glass decanter with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk, sanded the edges to slightly distress it and waxed with both clear and dark wax. It has so much dimension now and all of the little angles and edges show up. Love it

  39. OOPS! I linked up the same post from last week (Banana-tella Bread). I tried to delete it but I can’t. And, I love the porch! Lamp lighting always does wonders!

  40. Your new green lamp is just perfect for your porch. It is the perfect green for the hutch, too. Good job. Can’t wait until I can come take up residence on your porch!!!!! I keep threatening, don’t I??? lol Also, I love the links for Metamorphosis Monday. I have found some fantastic recipes through these links and I love all of the other creative blogs. Thanks for hosting!

  41. Great lamps. So glad you didn’t do matchy-matchy. Much more interesting this way.

  42. Oh Susan,
    love your new lamp! It looks like it’s made for standing on your porch!
    Isn’t it balm for the soul when you finally find something you have been looking for for a long time? 🙂
    I’m glad for you!
    ~Hugs to you~
    P.S. Love all those cute pumpkins, especially the little one on the window sill! ♥

  43. Susan, I just love all three lamps…one better than the other as you introduced them…….you have beautiful taste and the porch looks just lovely this summer…….take care. Carole M.

  44. Susan I am in love with the New Green Lamp! You found just the one you were looking for! It’s always fun to come across just the right one!

  45. Hi Susan. Love the new lamps…especially the green one (my favorite color!). Thanks for hosting an awesome party this week.


  46. Lamps are one of those items I have a hard time deciding which one to choose! Yours are adorable, my favorite is the one with the “wicker” pattern, the three of them fit so well in your beautiful porch!

  47. I love your lamps, especially the green one! They all add just the right touch to your porch décor! Thanks for hosting MM!

  48. I just want to say your house looks absolutely lovely!

    So… so cozy and comforting. I keep thinking “this would be a FANTASTIC place to go on a writing retreat.”


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