Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Renovation

Welcome to the 105th Metamorphosis Monday!

I hope your weekend has been fun and relaxing! I’ve made a bit of headway in the “bedroom to home office” project I’ve been working on. Last Met Monday, I left you with my son’s old bedroom looking like this (see photo below.) I had worked about 6-7 hours straight taking apart his whole bedroom…you can see the “Before” in THIS post. Stop by that “Before” post if you have a sec…you’ll see what I was facing when I first started. It was truly overwhelming!

I was able (barely) to move all the furniture by myself except for this huge bookcase and my son’s desk/hutch. A very nice gentleman, who has delivered furniture to my home in the past, came by with his son. They moved those last two huge pieces downstairs to storage for me. I spent this past week carrying a million and one boxes of “stuff” downstairs and cleaning out the closet. I didn’t have the nerve to show you guys a “before” shot of the closet…but let’s just say, it was a challenge! Exhausting and a challenge…but finally done!

I began striping off the wallpaper. After having been up for around 18-20 years now, it was beginning to peel up at the seams. You can see how much I was able to remove without using any special tools or solutions. The backing of the paper stayed on the wall, but much of the top surface came off.

This weekend it was time to get serious about getting the wallpaper down. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about “messing up the carpet” with dripping water or solutions since the carpet is being removed next Friday and hardwood flooring will be going in. That will leave just two rooms still carpeted in this house, the guest room and the upstairs family room. I love the look and low-maintenance of hardwood flooring so gradually I’ve been “hardwooding” the whole house.

The remaining top part of the wall paper came down pretty easily. Does that silhouette on the left look like Kermit, the frog to you? Maybe, it’s Big Bird? πŸ˜‰ Or, perhaps I’ve just been sniffing wallpaper remover for too long! πŸ˜‰

I sponged plain ole water over the top of the paper and it seeped down under the edge…you can see that in this pic.

Then it just peeled right off.

During my work today, I had an unannounced visit from the Building Inspector. He thoroughly checked everything out. I waited nervously to see if I would be allowed to continue.

His parting words: “Keep calm and carry on.” Yes Sir, Mr. Max…uhhh, I mean, Mr. Inspector.

I’m eager to get this room completed. The view out the windows will be nice as I work each day. Try to imagine it with leaves on the trees. πŸ™‚ The new office is just above the deck with the pergola, and you can see the roof of the screened-in porch from here. It will be a reminder that all work and no play makes this girl a very dull blogger. πŸ˜‰

So here’s how the room currently looks…empty of furniture and the top layer of the wallpaper all gone. The bottom layer is still there, so guess what I’ll be doing all this week. Yep, more sponging, scraping and peeling. Fortunately, there’s a t.v. connection in here, so I may bring my son’s t.v. back in to keep me company while I work.

I hope to get the backing of the paper down by Friday…the day the hardwood flooring will be installed. It will get a coat of poly that day…then they will come back Monday to apply a second coat and Tuesday to apply a third coat.

The mural is still here. But once the flooring is in and I can arrange the office furniture…

…and try out some of the rugs I’m auditioning, I think I’ll know what direction to go with the paint. There are a bunch of paint chips in that bag on the floor. I’m not ruling anything out at this point.

In the meantime, my guest room looks like this…

It’s housing most of the Pottery Barn, Bedford office furniture, including the top of the corner desk that’s hidden/protected under that throw. I have one piece that’s on back order to mid February, if the PB site is correct. I’m hoping it will come sooner than that…keeping fingers crossed.

If you’d like to follow the progress of this room, I have a little “To Do” list on the sidebar. So even if I’m not posting about the room, you’ll have an idea what’s gotten done during the week. I hope you’re enjoying following along…I’m having a blast sharing the process with you! πŸ™‚

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  1. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Poor Susan. I have felt your pain on numerous occasions. I don't think there is anything more frustrating than removing old wallpaper…bit by torn bit. ugh I know you will create a masterpiece of a room though and I am anxiously awaiting and watching each tedious step. Have a great week…preferably one void of wallpaper. πŸ™‚ ~Barb

  2. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says

    wow, so much work!! I hate peeling/scraping wallpaper, I'm so glad we didn't have any in this house!
    Thanks for hosting this blog party.

  3. Allison Shops says

    Taking down wallpaper is one of my least favorite decorating jobs! Your office is going to look great, and you will enjoy that view!


  4. Oh, my favorite job — removing wallpaper! HA!

  5. Melissa Miller says

    Susan it is going to be beautiful! Love Max doing his *inspecting*. Too cute! πŸ™‚

  6. Beeutiful by Design says

    I know it takes so much work to redo a room – sometimes you begin to wonder why you got started! Looks like you've made tons of progress and I know you'll love the new work space (esp. that view). Thanks for hosting. Jennifer

  7. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Susan, I love your "inspector", I'm sure with a bit of bribing, I mean a few treats, you'll pass everything with flying colors. The room is going to be "great". So bright and sunny. I would give anything to have more light in my little corner of the world, but alas not to be. πŸ™ Looking forward to seeing more. Oh.. is the rug a hint of what we might be seein in the room? Guess since the guest room is full, I can' bank on having a place to stay, I'll put my coming for a visit off for a while. :-))
    hugs ~lynne~

  8. Chari at Happy To Design says

    Hi Susan…

    Wow…your project is coming right along, my friend! Ohhh my…I can't tell you how many times that I have put up wallpaper and stripped it as well…eeeks! I'm sooo curious as to what wall color that you are going to choose for your new home office…can't wait! Ohhh…and the hardwood flooring is going to be sooo nice and sooo pretty! It won't be long now, Darlin'! I'm really enjoying following your project's process…thanks for sharing it with us! Also…thank you again for hosting another fabulous Met Monday!

    Warmest wishes, dear friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. Custom Comforts says

    What a huge job ahead of you and how sad to tear down memories. It is always had to have our children move on and changing their room is a more permanent reminder that it is a life change.
    The view from the room is just gorgeous and will make a wonderful place to work. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  10. What a job taking down all that wallpaper. My home was once covered in wallpaper and matching borders so when it came time to take it down I found thru trial and error a squirt bottle filled with HOT water usually took off all that paper backing. A paper tiger never worked for me!

    Your view is stunning…not sure how much work I'd get done in that room looking out the windows!

    I've got to get started on making over son's old room, turned junk room. I've pretty much decided on the wall color and know how I'm going to decorate it (black & cream toile) which I already have in the drapes and pillows. I've got to partially rebuilt a bookcase, get the room painted and then the fun starts….decorating!

    Maybe I'll get around to it before spring….


  11. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    You've made huge progress. Getting wallpaper down is a huge job, and once the floors are done, you can really start the fun stuff. Can't wait to see it all done. Hugs, Marty

  12. Ugh! I feel your pain, there is nothing I hate worse than removing wallpaper. We have one area left, then it is ALL gone! I'm really excited to follow the progress of this room. I have been slowly transitioning Cait's old room into a guest room/writing room. Love the furniture you've chosen. I just wish I had that view when I write! Kat

  13. It's going to be a wonderful office Susan. I love the view.

    We have sanded and finished on site hardwoods and love them. They seem to get better and better with age.

  14. Kelly @ JAX does design says

    Your office is coming along nicely πŸ™‚

    Removing wallpaper isn't the most exciting job in the world, but so worth it once you're done πŸ™‚

    We had the walnut hardwood in our loft sanded and finished on-site for the same reason – we didn't want those bevels. Definitely worth the extra time and mess, I think.

  15. Carol in Denver says

    You are certainly an ambitious and hard-working woman! I just had my oak floors refinished and love them. They were sealed before applying the finish (Bona) so have a light and airy appearance.

    Your office will be lovely.

    Carol in Denver

  16. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Hi Susan, Your room is going to be fabulous and you will enjoy it even more knowing that you put all that TLC into it! Oh when I think of all the wallpaper I have stripped and put up over the years I feel for you! In one house we bought, a bedroom had velvet flocked paper that had been there for 30 years, and it was not peeling. We steamed, scrolled, sprayed, but in the end it came down in little tiny feather strips one at a time!!! Ug! But it's worth it and your furniture is beautiful. Glad to see that you are being properly supervised! πŸ™‚ Can't wait to se the finished product! Linda

  17. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming says

    Thanks for hosting Susan. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  18. Whew, that looks like a ton of hard work – you go girl! I see from your to-do list that the bank robbery is scheduled for this week. Good luck, and let us know if you need to make bail.

  19. On Crooked Creek says

    I am in awe at the continued progress you've made in your new office! ADORE your Building Inspector!HA! Thank you for taking us through the process. . .one step~at~a~time. I, truly, think you'll feel as if you're "on top of the world" with your view out the window in your Pottery Barn adorned office space! Thanks for posting! Keep us updated.

  20. The progress looks great. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  21. Confessions of a Plate Addict says

    Oh, Susan! What a job! But when you have finished, it will be wonderful! Can't wait to see it! Loved seeing Mr. Max! The staff sends their regards!…hugs…Debbie

  22. OMGOODNESS I can't believe you took all that paper down and still have more to go!! I did that in our tiny bathroom and about pulled my hair out! It will all be worth it though, your room is going to be so beautiful and I love the view that you have!! Good luck this week!! πŸ™‚

  23. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says

    It is really coming together! And I am glad to see the Building Inspector let you continue with your work! πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting too!

  24. One Cheap B*tch says

    I am enjoying watching your progress!


  25. Renae Moore says

    Oh Susan! I have taken wallpapwe soqn once..not fun. Yours seems to cooperating more than mine did…hooray. I can't wait to see how it all turns out! I know it will be great!

  26. Luncheons at the Junction says

    Susan you have made so much progress since I checked in on you earlier in the week. You must be working night and day! I can hardly wait to see the new floors. I agree with the 3/4" wood flooring – go with what you love.

  27. Linda (Nina's Nest) says

    Hi Susan. I know that's a lot of work. I have removed more wallpaper than I would like to remember! But I know you are on your way to a gorgeous office! Linda

  28. Glenda/MidSouth says

    First – My heart goes out to you about the wall paper! If I ever get the last of it out of my home – it will not come back. πŸ˜€
    You have really taken on a major project with that room and I am really looking forward to seeing the final result.
    I need some of your motivation and energy.
    Have a great week.

  29. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Removing wallpaper…not a FUN job…I know it will look great after the makeover! Thanks so much for hosting:)


  30. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Thanks for hosting, Susan! The only time I recently had to remove wallpaper, it was in our powder room. I feel for you! I'm am sure you will be so pleased when you are all done and sitting in your new office.

  31. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity says

    What a job you have undertaken. That's why I have an aversion to wallpaper – yikes. It's going to be a fantastic room to work in though. I'm looking forward to seeing the afters.

  32. Pam - diy Design Fanatic says

    Wow Susan! What a job! I can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for hosting!

  33. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    You accomplished a lot this weekend! That must feel good – even if it wasn't much "fun." I had a "fun" weekend, too… and posted about it! Thanks for hosting Met Monday.

  34. Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss says

    What a great room (with a great view) for an office! Lucky you!

    Removing wallpaper is the pits. Fourteen months ago we bought an old home that had wallpaper EVERYWHERE. One of my readers recommended a wallpaper steamer (just $50 @ Lowe's) and it was money well spent. It saved me a ton of time and aggravation.

    I'm sure looking forward to seeing how this room turns out. πŸ™‚

  35. Your project is coming right along! I don't envy you taking down all of that wallpaper! Your guest room looks beautiful even with all of the stuff in it!Thanks for hosting!

  36. Well Susan, if you do not want that new furniture cluttering up your guest room….you can move it on over to my house!! πŸ™‚

  37. Sorta Fairytale Girl says

    wow…i was just pondering wallpaper removal and removing solution, how funny that this was featured in your post! now i have a solution to look into πŸ™‚
    looks like good progress and hard work so far!
    love "The Inspector"!!

  38. Sue@Uniquely Chic says

    Removing old wall paper is a big old drag. Did it once and swore I'd never do it again. LOve your guest room even w/ all the clutter!

  39. I hope you photo document the bank robbery for us! Nice work so far.

  40. Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement says

    Susan, I am so impressed with how much work you did all by yourself!! I would imagine that you hit the pillow at night and crash! This room is going to be beautiful (as all of your other rooms are.)

    You are amazing!!

  41. Paige @ The Wandering Cottage says

    Removing wallpaper is no fun! I have 2 Bedford desks. I love them.

  42. martinealison says

    C'est formidable, vous aviez une aide psychologique avec cet adorable minou!

  43. Can't wait to see the outcome…I know it will look awesome. I love the big windows and the shutters.

  44. Bonnie@Creative Decorating says

    You have to be the hardest worker I know!!! I can't believe how much you did on your own. That is a very overwhelming task to complete. Love the furniture you have picked out!

    I am sure it was a bit emotional as well. My oldest is getting ready to leave for college in the fall and I'm not sure how well I am going to handle it!!

    Anyway, I am linking up a little late with my lamp makeover!! Thanks for hosting!

  45. You go girl! You have done so much!! I am impressed with your speed and determination.

    Do you have anyone that you can borrow a plate wallpaper steamer? It looks as though your paper is coming down fairly easy (compared to some I have had the pleasure *cough cough* of removing) Adding a steamer to the wallpaper remover is worth every penny in my opinion πŸ™‚ The paper will fall off.

    I am looking forward to everything you are doing and I bet you will have the prettiest office ever! Very clever idea for adding the check list on the side of your blog.


  46. Laura Wilkerson says

    I'm getting so excited for you but I think us out here in blogland are more anxious to see you're ongoing project.
    I feel the wallpaper removal pain! I had a border in a room that the previous owner smoked in for 25 years! It was horrible to get off but someone told me use 1 part cheap liquid fabric softner to 2 parts water. I mixed in a spray bottle and soaked it up, let sit for a bit and it peeled right off….much better than sniffin' the alternative!
    Have a great Monday

  47. That was quite a lot of work you have accomplished, Susan. I can't wait to see the room when it is finished…Christine

  48. Colleen @ MuralMaker&More says

    Susan!!! I don't know where you get your energy! Wow, so much work! I'm tired just looking at the pictures, lol. Can't wait to see what you do with the room.

    I keep forgetting to tell you how sensational your mural is. I didn't know that you paint! I'd love to see more of your work sometime!

    Have a great week and take a break once in a while! :))

  49. Haven't been by in a while… Hope you're having a wonderful NEW year… which you do seem to be having with you home office project!! Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the transformation post!

    Thanks again for hosting yet another wonderful link party! I've seen (and shared) so many wonderful DIY projects!!

    πŸ˜€ Lynda

  50. Susan, I covet that Pottery Barn desk!! It's definitely on my wish list. So, I can't wait to see it in the room. I will live vicariously through you, since it's not in my budget right now. Hurry, hurry, I'm excited!

  51. I've stripped a few thousand yards of wallpaper in my time and here is the trick: Vinegar! Go to the store and get the cheapest vinegar they have. Mix it one part vinegar to 3 parts really warm water in a cheap garden sprayer(best) or a spray bottle. Saturate the walls and the remainder will practically fall off. Slide a plastic scraper over it for perfectly smooth walls. Tip: If you are doing this on paper the first layer hasn't already been removed on, use a paper tiger (from home improvement store) to score and penetrate so the vinegar solution can soak it. It works every time!

  52. Carmie of the Single Nester says

    Ah . . . the patience and the pain. Can't wait to see it. Everything hard is worth waiting for.

  53. Life in Rehab says

    Wow, you've been busy! That's looking really good, and I love the bed in your guest room. But then, I have the exact same one in king size.

  54. Susan, I know it will be fantastic, and I know how much you are going to enjoy having this space.

    I was so excited when we redid my home workspace, and I still love it every single day.

  55. Serendipity Chic Design says

    You're making great progress!

    Take care,

  56. Great job! I can't wait to see your new space. XOXO ~Liz

    P.S. Thanks for hosting! =)

  57. Little White House says

    I've been reading nearly everybidy's posts for some Mondays now: first because it's a pleasure to see what you're all doing and also because I hope people do the same for me when I link to my blog. But sometimes I can't leave nice comments (or even nasty ones…) when some blogs don't have the "Name/URL" line… So could you please add it, so people from abroad can tell you they appreciate your works? I guess you all like comments!
    On a side note: my cat is so jealous of Mr Max's fur!

  58. i love remodels! so exciting! it will be beautiful-even your cat is beautiful! thanks for hosting met mon.!

  59. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    It is so hard to believe that this is the same room! Well done.

  60. Sweetladyelaine says

    Susan, I can't wait to see the room finished. It is going to look fabulous!
    A little hint; go buy a steamer to get the wall paper off…it is fast and easy. I love mine!
    Blessings my friend,

  61. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here says

    Susan, There is not much more frustrating than removing wallpaper. I know all your hard work will pay off with a beautiful room.

  62. Honey at 2805 says

    This is really shapeing up to be a great from with that beautiful PB furniture. Your walls are sure to be happier with that wallpaper down!

    Thanks for being such a gracious hostess!

  63. Looking good! BTW, I found a solution for the old cargo furniture I may try out. The suggestion was to put bead board in the recessed areas and paint it white.

  64. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Can't wait to see it all finished…you've got such nice taste and imagination…….soooooo gogogogogirl!!!!!!!

  65. Great progress Susan! It is going to be lovely…would you ever consider showing us how you put together the layers of your bedding? I love a couple of your bedrooms and have always wondered what you use and how you put them together?
    Hugs Lisa

  66. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Thanks, Lisa,
    I will try to do that sometime. πŸ™‚

  67. House Revivals says

    Susan, great progress on the new office! I'm glad to see your work passed muster with the building inspector πŸ™‚ I will be doing quite of bit of wallpaper stripping in the next few weeks on our beach house reno. All the old grass cloth wall treatments have begun to rot, and cats have sharpened their claw on it, so it's got to go. And where it's not grass cloth, it's vinyl, with mold behind it πŸ™

  68. Missouri Gal Nicole says

    First time I ever went in Pottery Barn was in KC about 10 years ago. I had never heard of it and was bummed there was no pottery in the store. πŸ™‚

  69. looks like you've made great progress. I can imagine taking down wallpaper is hard work. I can't wait to see what your room looks like all finished!

  70. Would you mind sharing what kind of hardwood you've installed in your home. You wrote that you have done it over time. I'm wondering: where you buy it (in order to keep it consistent), what wood, and the stain. Looking at your home, it's obvioius you carefully tie all of the areas together, but that's not easy when you don't do "everything" at the same time.

    Thank you, Susan. I love your home and all your ideas and "how to" info.

    We've learned that how the paper comes down is much about how it was put up. A "pro" told us that we should first paint the walls in a color matched to the wallpaper that will be used (in case seams later pull slightly apart). Paint it in an eggshell type finish (not flat). Let it "cure" for one month. Then, be sure to use a good quality sizing before papering. We've never had a problem removing paper that "we" put up…something done by a former owner on the other had could be a pain !

  71. Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating says

    Wow stripping wallpaper- that is one tough job. You go girl!

  72. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Suzy, Thanks! I'll try to do a post real soon about hardwood flooring…and how I chose to use it in my home.

  73. just as mac said.
    Use a "tiger" to perforate the wallpaper surface. Next use a garden sprayer, fill the tank with water and a little bit of fabric softener. Pump up the sprayer push the trigger and wave the wand all over the wall paper to saturate it with water. Use a plastic scraper to remove the paper. This method works excellent, is cheaper and easier than a steamer.
    I can't wait to see the finished project.

  74. Chicago office furniture says

    I just enjoyed your fine post. I hope to design my new office with more lucrative way.

  75. Hartwood Roses says

    I see someone beat me to the suggestion to use a garden sprayer instead of a sponge to wet down the backing of your wallpaper. Not with fabric softener in the tank, tho … get Dif wallpaper remover instead. It will break down the paste so you can get it off the wall fairly cleanly. You know to prime the walls with Kilz before you put your paint on, right? If you don't, even the tiniest bit of paste left behind will act like crackle medium and you'll have a boogery spot in your new paint job.

  76. Your room is coming along very well. I love all the white PB furniture. Can't wait to see it all put together.

  77. Susan, you're an inspiration! I wish I'd had everyone's ideas and tips on wallpaper stripping a few years ago — two rooms, with some sheetrock damage, such a job.

    When you get to the next item on your list — Robbing Bank to pay for Hardwood Floors — please post details …..

  78. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Marlene…shhh, then I'd get caught and have to change my profile pic to a mug shot. πŸ˜‰ Do you think I can blog from jail?

  79. Great job on the wallpaper. Ugh, that is a hard job.

  80. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, this is going to be wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished office (I know you can't wait either)! laurie

  81. Susan, I really love how you added the links to your old posts! And your transformation of your Home Office. Great job! Thanks for the party. Hopefully, I'll get linked up sooner next time. I certainly meant to. :o)

  82. Oh my Susan, what a job! But the flooring in, and the view out the window looks so wonderful! I need to get to work on mine as well, but thankfully no wallpaper in this one, only a paper-logged mess of unbelievable proportions! Keep up the good work. The furniture will look fabulous!

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