Pottery Barn Knockoff Shell Chargers

Welcome to the 184th Metamorphosis Monday!

Shell Chargers are Done!

Another significant metamorphosis checked off my “should-have-finished-ages-ago” list, was the completion of the shell chargers I started a while back.  Remember those?

You may recall, I came across these six Pottery Barn shell chargers on eBay while searching for chargers for an Easter table setting.  I briefly thought about bidding on them but never got the chance since the bidding escalated quickly to way beyond what I would have been willing to pay.  They ultimately sold for for $233.49 with shipping.  That’s a pretty hefty amount for six chargers.


They were pretty awesome looking, though.


Since I have lots of shells from a trip we took many years ago to Sanibel and Captiva Islands, plus you can find shells in all the discount stores pretty inexpensively, I decided to try making my own.   You may remember I made one shell charger and posted a tutorial for making them in this post: Pottery Barn Knock-off Shell Chargers for Summer Dining.

Pottery Barn Knock-off Shell Chargers


I had not had a chance to finish them since I’ve been spending almost all my spare time categorizing posts for the new system that went live this weekend.   Since my categorizing days are behind me (YAY!) I got back to work on the chargers.  I’m happy to report, they are done!  Double Yay!  (Sorry these pics are a bit yellowish, they were taken after dark so not the best lighting.)  Click on any pic to enlarge it for a better view.  Then hit the “back” arrow in your browser back to normal. Or, click Ctrl + on your keyboard to enlarge pics, then ctrl zero when done.

Shell Chargers for Nautical Table Settings


I was curious how many shells each charger contained when completed.  So, I counted all the shells on one charger…231 shells!   It took me pretty much all day Sunday to complete the last 5 chargers and that was after getting a good start on those last five a while back, as seen in this post:  Shell Charger Progress

Making Charger Plates with Shells


All in all, I’m guessing it took about 10-12 hours to make all six.  I noticed the longer I worked on them, the more “3-D” they became.  I added more of the taller shells to the last five chargers than I did the first one.  I liked the multi-dimensional look around the outer edge where it wouldn’t interfere with a plate.

Pottery Barn Knockoff Shell Chargers


I really do like how they turned out so it was worth all the work.  Good thing, huh?  😉  I”m looking forward to using them in a beachy tablescape sometime soon.

Update:  Shell chargers were used in this summer, beach-themed tablescape: Shell Chargers for a Coastal Themed Table Setting

Pottery Barn Knockoff Shell Chargers


Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the PB chargers that sold on eBay for $233 (on the left) and my DIY knockoff shown on the right.

Pottery Barn Knock-off Shell Chargers


The final cost was around $27 for all six chargers, plus a few hot glue burns and some sore fingertips from poking approximately 1,400 sharp, little shells into place.

Pottery Barn Knock-off Shell Chargers


There are so many ways you could make these.  I think they would be stunning with touches of blue or aqua seaglass mixed in!

Pottery Barn Knockoff Shell Chargers


Would I do it again?  Yup, definitely…sore fingers and all.

You’ll find the full tutorial for making your own shell chargers here:  Pottery Barn Knock-off Shell Chargers for Summer Dining

Pottery Barn Knockoff: Shell Chargers


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  1. Those are super cute! They would be so cute at a beachy theme dinner party!

  2. you did GOOD , Susan.. they look great.

  3. Your version of the chargers is much better than the PB one. I love the variety of shells that you used and also the pretty pattern that you created.

  4. They are gorgeous, Susan! I know that was a labor of love, but it was worth it! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  5. Susan, Your chargers look great. I’m looking forward to the tablescape I’m sure we will be seeing soon.

  6. Kudos to you for having the patience to make the chargers which will, I’m sure, become part of many a wonderful tablescape. To what did you glue the shells?

  7. pretty- can’t wait to see how you use them on the table.

  8. Those chargers came out amazing and I think they are even prettier than the inspiration pieces. Nice job.

  9. WOW! Amazingly gorgeous!!!

  10. Your shell chargers are just to die for! I loved seeing the process of how you did them…they really are works of art now. Thanks so much for sharing the “how to”s and for hosting your party for us today.

  11. Good morning, Susan!
    As always you have been a clever, busy little bee and you really did a great job!
    Your chargers look fantastic… and… you saved a lot of $$$…!!! It couldn’t be better, right?
    Well done!
    Happy new week, my friend!

  12. Your shell chargers are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the tablescape that you will create with them. I don’t have anything to link up today, so that is telling me that I need to get busy!

  13. I like your chargers even better than PB. They look great. xo, Ron

  14. Oh.My.GOODNESS! how beautiful! Your chargers are lovelier than PB’s. Now to start gathering shells…

  15. I really like the chargers you made, and think your’s looked much better. Beautiful 🙂

  16. I like yours so much better than the PB version!!! They are beautiful.

  17. LOVE these chargers! I’ve always wondered what I could do with all my shell collections that I would actually use. These are PERFECT! Pinning, then linking up. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Oh Susan, I have to say that this is probably one of my most favorite projects that you have ever done on BNOTP! I am now eyeballing my various containers of shells. Well done and thank you for hosting!

  19. KUDOS!!!! franki

  20. Your chargers are just beautiful! Thank you so much for hosting such a fun party, I look forward to it each week! Hugs, Penny

  21. Valerie Emling says

    I also like yours better than PB! Super Cute!

  22. WOW! I can’t even imagine what all went in to making this terrific chargers…the shells, hurt fingers, and time!! They are beautiful and better than the original. Plus, you will enjoy them more, as they are a labor of love! Thanks for hosting! Christie at three pixie lane (lantern love-kitchen remodel)

  23. Morning Susan,
    Wow, Loved your shells chargers and honestly, I think yours look way better!
    I think the color of the shells show up more, and I too, like the more 3 dimensional look.
    Good work, and good for you……………….
    Have a great week,
    blessings, Nellie

  24. Thanks so much for hosting! Have a great week!

  25. Nice job. Thanks for hosting.

  26. Hello Susan,
    Your shell chargers look amazing! Wonderful interpretation of the Pottery Barn versions! What an amazing price they were going for!
    I do appreciate you hosting,

  27. These are going to add beautiful dimension to a tablescape. I can imagine these took lots of patience, but the endeavor paid off. Such a great idea! ~ Sarah

  28. Thanks for fixing the links. I can now see which link I have visited – they turn a lovely green. Maybe you would post how you did that?

    • Madonna, I knew how to do that on Blogger, it was easy to change, but on WordPress, I think you have to change the style sheet or something like that. I don’t know enough about WordPress just yet to tinker with the style sheet or anything else so I just asked the person who moved my blog to change it to a sage green when clicked on. Thanks for reminding me about that…it’s good to have it set up that way! 🙂

  29. Thanx for hosting Susan! Love your PB knockoff!

  30. Thanks for hosting!! I love your chargers! Great DIY! XO, Aimee

  31. Your charger is so much prettier than the Pottery Barn ones. Seriously…they are beautiful.

  32. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Very Pretty ! Personally I like yours better than the PB ones. You have a lot more patience than I do. 😀 I started putting shells on a frame one time and ended up passing it along to someone else to finish.
    Thanks for hosting again this week. I am in with a necklace again this week, as have not been working on house projects.
    Have a great week.

  33. must love junk says

    Your chargers turned out amazing! Some things are worth the work 🙂
    Thanks for hosting!

  34. I like yours SO much better than the PB ones!

  35. Susan – definitely worth a few burns!! Love your version much better too!

  36. Those are gorgeous!

  37. Susan, you are freakin’ amazing! The chargers rock! Big time!

  38. Your shell-art looks better than my originals! I have enjoyed mine, but now I am thinking I might like to whitewash the wicker. Great eye for the placement of all the shells.

  39. Anna Starner says

    I love the texture of the Pottery Barn chargers but, you don’t see it when it is on the table. No one would appreciate the $213 price but they will enjoy the table set with your wonderful knock-offs. They turned out just beautiful!

  40. I have to agree with some of the other comments; your version is so much nicer than the PB version! Beautiful job!

  41. Susan, I like yours much better than the Pottery Barn ones! Congrats on finishing the project. I would worry a bit about food spillage ‘lodging’ between the shells though…

  42. Thanks for hosting Susan! I’m not sure if there’s a problem with inlinkz but the posting to the party that I added this morning (and every posting done after mine) isn’t showing up on your page. If you click on the inlinkz link at the bottom where you submit a post you can see that many more posts have been added that aren’t showing up.

    • Hi Cheryl, I just looked and I can see all the links, so maybe whatever you were seeing is okay now? Let me know if you can see the links okay now. trying clearing your cache…just to see if that helps on your end.

  43. I like your chargers better. Actually,,,, I LIKE THEM MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!

  44. Stevie (@Garden_Therapy) says

    great knock-off – I love how the project turned out.

  45. You can always tell custom made. Yours are so much better than those from Pottery Barn…more depth and shading in the shells. You’ll enjoy them for years to come and so will your readers.

  46. Susan, your chargers turned out darling. I wish I had a bunch of shells hanging around. Wow! So pretty. I did an Anthro knockoff Farmers’ Market Basket today. Good day for knockoffs! Enjoy your week!

  47. They’re lovely. As a shell collector, I can appreciate such beauty.

  48. Susan, I just have to compliment you on those gorgeous chargers! They are amazing and they are MUCH prettier than the PB inspiration pieces. Well done! Enjoy!

  49. Thank you for hosting, Susan! I LOVE your chargers–they are beautiful. 🙂

  50. Your shell chargers are beautiful! Wouldn’t they look pretty with a clear, aqua blue (sea glass color) plate with them.
    Always enjoy your postings!

  51. It’s always so much fun to see what you’ve been up to, Susan. Thanks so much for hosting 🙂 Have a fantabulous week!! Hugs.

  52. HI Susan, Love ,Love your own restyle way better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love from Canada , Wendy !!

  53. Susan,
    What a fantastic job you did on those chargers! Love how they turned out!
    Thanks so very much for hosting!


  54. Oh, I love ’em! They’re so much prettier than you-know-who’s!

  55. Susan, your knockoff PB chargers are AWESOME! Thank you so much for hosting a fab party each week , hugs 🙂


  56. Love your “knockoffs” – MUCH prettier than P/B’s. Watch out PB.. you’ve got some competition!

  57. Merri Jo says

    Oh, Susan, your chargers are just STUNNING! It’s mind boggling to consider the labor required to make these. What a delightful addition they will be to any table setting!

  58. I just found you from Frugal Ain’t Cheap. Thanks for hosting. I have a “Best Linky Parties on the Web” linky page on my website: OneCreativeMommy.com. I would love it if you linked up your party so that I and my followers could find you each week! (I would also love it if you joined my One Creative Weekend Party every Friday.)

  59. Thanks for hosting love how your shell chargers turned out!! Very creative.. Thanks for hosting, Laura

  60. Susan,
    Your shell chargers are gorgeous!!! I know how beautiful they will look on your tablescape.Thank you for hosting!

  61. Just wanted to say that the eBay cost of the 6 you thought were expensive at $35.58 before shipping is just about what they originally were when Pottery Barn came out with them in 2006. They cost $36 each. The one you show is mostly white shells but the first ones were tone on tone, more like the ones you made yourself. I originally saw them at a store in Charleston, SC while on vacation. I purchased 20 Pottery Barn ones for a retirement party in 2006 and love them. Since I needed so many and needed them quickly, price wasn’t that important. I felt lucky to get them as they quickly sold out nationwide — had to look in several different states to find enough at different PB stores. They are lovely and added great dimension as chargers to my retirment party table. I am sure you will love using the ones you made.

    • Thanks for that perspective! I never used to shop Pottery Barn…only started going in there in the last 2-3 years, so I never saw those. Definitely don’t think I could make 20…my fingers would be bleeding or else you would have to do it over a long period of time. 🙂 I know they must have made for a wonderful retirement party. I’d love to see a photo of them being used. Glad you were able to find enough. The good stuff always sells out so quickly at Pottery Barn. I’ve learned if I see something and I love it, I had better get it then because it will not be there a month later, sometimes not even 2 weeks later.

  62. This technique would make cute picture frames. Maybe for a wedding on the beach or a tropical vacation. Very pretty, but more than 1000 shells!! wow.

  63. merle turner says

    lovely plates

  64. Love the chargers, you did a beautiful job! Thanks for hostessing the party, I linked up my Paula Deen Peach Cobbler. Hugs ~ Mary

  65. I am in love with your creations, Susan!! They are just lovely and would make such a nice statement in a wall arrangement. Although the glue gun and I are not on the best of terms after third degree burns on my fingers a year ago, I would still like to attempt my own version of your masterpieces. 🙂 Sue

  66. Love those chargers, even better than PB…. Thanks for hosting the party. So much inspiration here!

  67. Was wondering what happened to those chargers!!! Wow, they are amazing!!! Each one is so different, love the variations in the color family…..you did an excellent job…..can’t wait to see the table setting…..

  68. Gorgeous, Susan! Thanks for sharing the details!

  69. Hi Susan,

    I remembered when you started this project a few months back. Wow, they are GORGEOUS! Will you make me some!?!? lol
    I may have to copy you!


  70. I love this with the seashells…lovely!

  71. Oh, I just love these. So beautiful! Good for you for sticking with it until you finally go them all finished. Now you fully appreciated why the PB ones were so expensive. Someone had to glue all those on there by hand like you did, these could not possibly be mass produced quickly and easily.

  72. Hi Susan: You always know how to throw a great party! I love your seashell chargers, and what a lot of determination you had to finish them, but so worth it, because they are gorgeous.

  73. So glad to have found your link party. LOTs of great stuff!

  74. Hi Susan,

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now…ever since I became obsessed with updating my china and crystal. I must say, we have a few things in common. I love Sanibel and Captiva and the wonderful shelling! Your chargers are such a cute way of displaying your memories.

    And I have used the exact blue and yellow plaid fabric you have in your upstairs family room. I found it ten years ago and I bought the small amount available and made some beautiful pillows. I even learned how to make my own piping that year, in yellow of course! We seem to share a fondness of yellow. And then those buffalo check curtains…swoon! I have been in love with buffalo check for years but have never gotten around to incorporating it. Maybe this time next year that will have changed!

    • Jen, that’s amazing…all the similarities. I also found more of that blue and yellow plaid fabric at Calico Corners many, many years ago. It’s been about 15 years (at least) since I decorated the upstairs family room. I doubt I’ll ever redo it since I don’t need to update it for any particular reason. (I still like the plaid, after all these years.) The upstairs family room was created to give our son a place to play board games or whatever when he had friends over…all his games are stored in the long window seat. It’s also a 2nd guest room since the sofa is a sofa sleeper…great for sleepovers when he was growing up. You would love the buffalo curtains from Country Curtains. You can hardly make them for what they cost to buy them from CC, and the quality is excellent. You’ll love them if you order them!

  75. Yay! the chargers are finished! They really are lovely, Susan. You did such a beautiful job. (Who needs PB??)

  76. Thanks so much for the tutorial for grabbing a blog button!! My sister said it worked! You explained it well and had good visuals! You rock!!


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