Tour Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott’s Real Home

Whenever I’m working in the kitchen and turn the TV on to watch HGTV, I’m always glad when the show, Property Brothers, is on. Each show always features a great house transformation but it’s the stars of the show, Drew and Jonathan who really make the show a success. They have great personalities and they play off each other so well in the show. You can tell they are great friends as well as brothers.

Jonathan and Drew are identical twins. If it weren’t for the way they are always dressed, it would be almost impossible to tell them apart. Drew is a Realtor, so he’s always in a suit and tie, while Jonathan is a contractor/builder and the one who actually oversees and works on the house makeovers that take place during each show. In addition to Property Brothers, the Scott brothers are the stars of several other shows including Buying & Selling and Brother vs Brother.

Have you ever wondered where the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott actually live? Where does a TV star Realtor and his TV star builder brother live? I’ve never really given it much thought until I came across a video where the brothers were giving a tour of their home. After seeing so many shows featuring makeovers designed and built by Jonathan, I couldn’t wait to see how his and Drew’s home would look in real life.

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott


I was kind of surprised to learn that they live together. I guess that’s super convenient since they work together, as well. Neither of the brothers is married although they have had (and may still have) girlfriends, something I learned when I came across their Podcast while researching this post. I only listened to part of one show but they did bring up girlfriends. Sorry ladies, I think they may be spoken for. 😉

Drew and Jonathan’s home is located in Las Vegas and here’s a view of it from the outside. It looks pretty nondescript doesn’t it? Wait until you see the inside and the back pool area!

Property Brothers Home in Las Vegas


The front door sports an “S” for Jonathan and Drew’s last name which is, Scott.

Drew and Jonathan Scott's Home in Las Vegas


As the doors open, we are greeted by the brothers. That’s Drew in the white shirt on the left and Jonathan in blue on the right.

In this view, we get a glimpse of a  modern style chandelier hanging over the dining room table. So the dining room is apparently just inside the front door.

Property Brothers Real Home


Drew and Jonathan completed a full renovation of their home. The house is designed in an open concept style. I think that’s the kitchen off to the left where we see the chairs around an eat-in bar area.

Where Property Brother Drew and Jonathan Live


Jonathan painted a herringbone pattern going up the fireplace wall.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home in Las Vegas 01


The Scotts love their widescreen TV here in the living room…it’s 83 inches in size!

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home in Las Vegas 05


Jonathan and Drew Scott are Scottish and they’ve been collecting Medieval weapons since childhood. Notice the sword there above the TV…that’s Drew’s favorite piece from their collection.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home in Las Vegas 02


They also have an authentic suit of armour, forged in Scotland. You can see it on display on the ledge high above the living room. This home definitely has a masculine, manly feel.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home in Las Vegas 03


Jonathan custom designed the chandelier for the living room. He wanted it to have a touch of that Medieval feel, as well. Notice that loft area behind the chandelier. That’s the game room…we’re going up there in just a sec.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home in Las Vegas 04


The living room overlooks a large swimming pool. I guess when you live in desert country, pools are a good thing to have. The pool is outfitted with a HUGE theater screen. You can see it being lowered in the photo below. The theater screen is 15 feet in size! The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew LOVE their big TVs. I wonder if they ever lounge in the pool while watching Property Brothers the 15 foot screen.

Okay, let’s head upstairs and check out the gaming area.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home Pool in Las Vegas


Jonathan, along with an older brother, JD are both big gamers so they enjoy playing their gaming systems here. Of course the game room has a big screen TV.

Jonathan Drew Scott Property Brothers Home in Las Vegas


At the other end of the room is a pool table.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home Game Room


The entire upstairs area is dedicated to gaming and having fun.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew and Scott in their Home's Game Room


Just outside the door from the game room there’s a nice veranda for soaking up the sun and the views.

Property Brother Drew and Jonathan Live Here


You can even watch what’s playing on the pool’s 15 foot theater screen below.

Where Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Live


The upstairs area also features a poker table with a TV nearby.

Real Home of Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew


One of the most amazing features of Drew and Jonathan’s home is this commercial grade water slide that shoots you down from the upstairs porch to the pool. Their home is the only home in the Vegas area with a commercial grade slide. Are you getting the idea that this house is all about fun?! When Drew and Scott aren’t working, their home is a wonderful retreat where they can kick back and relax.

Property Brothers Jonathan Drew Scott's Home in Las Vegas 12


Do you ever watch the Property Brothers? I think it’s one of the better shows on HGTV so I’m glad they are back for another season.

Update: Whooo Hoooo! Drew and Jonathan are hosting a design cruise to Key West and Cozumel!!! I had to join in and go. You can read all about the cruise in this post: I’m Sailing With Jonathan & Drew…Can You Come, Too?

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott


While we’re touring the real life homes of TV celebrities, you’ll find a tour of the Chrisley family home from the show Chrisley Knows Best here: Chrisley Knows Best Home Tour

Chrisley Family

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  1. I’ve watched them for a long time. They always do a nice job on their projects. I have looked at their Facebook page too and saw that big wall with all the built in shelves. I wasn’t a full view so I’m glad to see how the whole room looks. Im curious that they chose the Las Vegas area to live. Perhaps they just wanted to be sure they’d have a warm dry place to be no matter what time of the year they’re at home. Their game room area is great! I imagine there’s a bar there somewhere too! The pool slide is fun- definitely a one of a kind set up! I like that view from upstairs looking at the pool- that’s got to be fabulous in the evenings!

  2. Linda Page says

    Their house does seem to be all about the fun. Not what I would have thought it would look like though. I bet the custom shelving in the living room was expensive. It is massive!! I love the Property Brothers show so this was a fun treat.

  3. I love their show, and their personalities, but why did they have to start swearing on them? : – ((

  4. Good morning Susan,
    well, I don’t know Drew and Jonathan, but what I know, is: they have the home my husband dreams of every night! LOL
    Seriously, no annoying and with every season or holiday or celebration ALWAYS changing wreath on the front door, no fresh flowers in vases and no baskets filled with dried flowers (cough… cough…) no floral window treatments and no floral pillows, NO SHABBY CHIC, no laces, no pastel colors, NO PINK (!) 🙂 no heart-shaped silver or heart-shaped shabby chic picture frames everywhere for the beloved ♥Bee Gees♥ photographs, no “that’s sooo cute” here and no “that’s sooo sweet” there, 🙂 no (to him unnecessary) knick-knacks everywhere… in other words: the perfect home for “real men” who can show their “masculinity” even in their home decor and don’t have to “bear” feminine whimsies! LOL
    I think I am NOT going to show him your post today, Susan!
    I’m sure you will understand… 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

  5. Peggy Thal says

    Love the Property Brothers and the show. Their home is beautiful and very masculine. Huge TVs all around. My husband has done that in our home. Would love to have the big screen by the pool. – I really do miss the Christley Knows Best Show. I became hooked and now love the dad. Gave him some negative comments. I take them all back! Their home is gorgeous and the family is very fun to watch.

  6. perfect for a bachelor lifestyle, but if a female moved in I bet there would be some changes.

  7. Sharon Avinger says

    There is going to be a new Property Brothers show starting Nov. 26 about their new home renovation.

  8. A man’s domain that’s for sure. Love their show.

    Okay, so why aren’t they married?!!!

  9. They renovated a home in our neighborhood last year. I didn’t realize it until the show aired this year. Sigh. They were also at Brookstone Country Club to do some of the filming. And to think I missed it all.

  10. H.G.T.V. is my life!! Well that’s what hubby says!! 🙂 I love the Property Brothers, who can change grungy into grand and all with a sense of humour.
    I too am surprised they live together, for some reason, I thought Jonathon was married, he is so good with children.
    That house is certainly different, no wonder they goof around a lot, it is made to *play*.

  11. Oh yes, I watch their show and love it. They give us so many wonderful decorating ideas. They really are nice looking young men, both of them. However for some reason I think Jonathon is the cutest. I guess it’s that outdoor, cowboy look. 🙂

  12. I do watch their show, when I catch it. They do amazing transformations. Their home is probably every mans dream home. It sure looks like fun!!!

  13. I love the Property Brothers! I watch all of their shows. The house is very masculine and fun. Seeing their house really shows how good a job they do designing homes since they really do design each home to the homeowners likes and not their own. Some designers tend to only know one style. From what I have read about them, they also each have homes in their hometown in Canada. Big TV’s is a guy thing for sure, we have a 50″ TV and I can’t tell the HD from the regular – to me it all looks the same.

  14. Sorry, but that house is ugly. The outside is weird looking and drab. Not a fan, but appreciate you giving us a tour.

    • My son is 13 and has autism, and he will only allow the television to be turned to HGTV when he is home. And this has been true for almost two years. So, yeah, I have seen it all. Sadly, he got really upset during the Fixer Upper episode when JoJo gave Chip the car and he accidentally crashed it into the car parked in front of him, and now we turn off the tv entirely when Fixer Upper is on. Which is so sad because it was my favorite show.

      I feel like the decor on the Property Brothers shows is too trendy. One episode, I saw every trend out there now. Chevron print, a couple of poufs, and everything from the front page of Wayfair. But I enjoy the reno parts. And I love a Before and After as much as anyone. I also like their other show, Buying and Selling, for the renos J does on the home they are selling. Good ideas for what someone could do with under 10K to spend.

      Does anyone else enjoy Flea Market Flip? Who likes Jillian more than Hillary? I would like to see a host swap, with David working with Jillian.

      It’s like HGTV feels the Brothers are the only people who can do shows now. They have too many shows. That challenge show, Brother v. Brother was terrible.

    • Seems like a big waste for individuals who are very rarely home. But at least they were cognizant that they are in a desert and therefore designed the landscape (for the most part) accordingly. They also recycle water to at least some extent.

      They really could have an impact if they promoted an energy-efficient and otherwise eco-friendly lifestyle (since buildings use 40% of energy!). They most likely built to 2009 energy code (current requirement in Las Vegas) instead of the updated 2012 code. And why didn’t they use extensive solar to power all those lights and other electronics?

      On the other hand, HGTV is playing toward what it thinks its audience wants to see.

      • I saw an interview where they stated that there house is run on solar. It covers 90% of their power most of the year and a bit less in the summer.

        • If true, great. But would have been awesome for them to show and discuss. Just think how many would look into solar, especially with the tax benefits, if the Property Brothers highlighted it!

  15. I have to agree with Hannah. The house just isn’t pretty on the outside but then it’s probably just right for them. I love their show and they are very skilled at what they do. Have you see their older brother? He may not be as tall but he surely is handsome.

  16. I have watched the Property Brothers since they first began on HGTV. Their transformations are so nice, and you’re right about their personalities. They definitely act like brothers! Thanks for the tour. I can hardly believe they have a commercial water slide. So many other unique things, too. I bet they’d be great fun to hang out with.

  17. I don’t really care for their decor show and so I didn’t expect much when I saw the post. All I can say – is Bleechhh. Like Hannah – I appreciate the tour but this is a butt ugly house.

    Does anyone remember the great decorators they used to have on HGTV?- Lisa La Porta on Designed to Sell, Candice Olsen, Kitty Bartholomew, Mary Emerging. SIGH – everything today looks the same. I guess I am just nostalgic because I am out of style now. And you know I don’t care except I can’t find great shows and great magazines any more. Thank goodness for Pinterest and blogs!

    • Oh Lynn, you just took the words out my mouth (and my mother’s mouth). We used to watch HGTV for years, but now don’t so much anymore because it changed so much. Now, it’s definitely more about real estate and money rather than decorating. The only ray of light has been Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper, although I wish it was more on the decorating. I’m glad to hear my mom and I aren’t the only ones out there longing for Kitty, Mary and Joni.

  18. Important to remember that Las Vegas is a dessert (and the entire development of the town has been scrutinized as a few folks who made a lot of money with Federal tax help…many many years ago). From the air, you can see what is irrigated, other than that, it is pretty desolate and the houses are usually positioned and designed to bear with the hardest heat. It’s not pretty, but once you are there for a while, you gain an appreciation for minimal yardwork, that’s for sure! Very costly to live there. I like what looks like a swim-up bar window in their pool, very resort-like! I bet there is a water spray fountain effect in that pool at night, they have everything else, right?

  19. I have to agree with Lynn! I do not like their show and miss Kitty Bartholomew and Michael. I do appreciate your sharing, Susan. We cannot all like the same decorating.

  20. I love HGTV and have seen the property brothers shows. It’s not like real life and neither is a lot of what is shown on the internet. Renovations often go wrong. You often make mistakes and have to waste your money or live with an improvement you don’t like. As I have lived in the same house for 32 years I have dreams of moving into a place that fits my needs with little or no need to renovate. In 32 years I’ve done and redone my little 3 br house and now I am ready for a space that requires little renovation. I like the show where they do upgrades to a home and also look for a new space and the people decide to list it or live in it. I almost always choose to move.

  21. Lynn, I’m with you. I miss people like Sabrina Soto and the girl who helped people find apartments and then decorated a room for them ( can’t remember her name) but the person whose style is more in step with mine is Sarah Richardson. Her work is stunning, however, I’m not a fan of that little troll she drags around with her : /

  22. I’m not a daytime TV watcher, except when I’m at the gym. There is a rotation of HGTV shows during the time I’m working out, so I see them occasionally. They are pretty fun to watch. Kind of surprised that they live together & no women in the picture. I didn’t really care for their home. I think even bachelors need to balance the masculine side with some feminine or softer side elements. It was fun to see anyway!

  23. I ADORE the “Property Brothers”…if more of HGTV had “their vibe” I would watch more HGTV. It “used to be” my “go to” channel…not so much now. They really “come off” as the “real deal!!” Thanks for the “inside scoop!” franki

  24. I love you , property brothers, I would love to know where you got your dinning room chairs, for your home

  25. sam luciano says

    Is it Wednesday yet? Wednesday, is Property Brothers and me. I love the brothers and I like how they love each other – there brothers.
    I think their designs, ideas for properties for clients are thoughtful and not expensive. Some of their furnishings are IKEA and some from Wayfair and the rest – who knows.
    They built a home for their parents when they visit the “boys,” and then there is JD, we don’t know enough about him but their parents must have had their hands full with these two pranksters.
    Pranksters turned professional businessmen.
    This is by far my most favorite HGTV program.

  26. I LOVE PROPERTY BROTHERS!! Their show is GREAT, their WORK is FABULOUS. Not only FUN & FUNNY to watch, but, VERY GOOD LOOKING!!!!!! I am a HUGE FAN of the PROPERTY BROTHERS………..XXOO

  27. Tamika (aka) Tiki says

    To the producers of the Property Brothers & Buying & Selling Thank-you for more shows 2016 yeah baby! Lol

  28. Vickie Hicks says

    I love to watch the Scott Brothers as well. They are halarious. I am just wondering when they are coming to Fargo, North Dakota. I have a lot of questions to ask them about renovating forclosure homes.

  29. Rodney15 says

    It would have been awesome if Drew and Jonathan married the Mowry twins, Tia and Tamera.I think they would have made amazing couples.

  30. Linda Long says

    I just LOVE watching the property brothers, and the TALENT that these two have got, I just dream that I only had enough money for them to come to our home and remodel it. It would be a live long dream, but at the moment it is just a dream for my husband and I. But I guess we can Dream :). Plus we live in Iowa but I know they could turn our 130 yr old big square 3 story farm house into a awesome awesome home.

  31. Tammi Eaker says

    Would you ever consider coming to the Midwest to do a remodel of our home?

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