Tour Rachael Ray’s New York Apartment: Cozy and Colorful

Welcome to the 366th Metamorphosis Monday!

For this week’s Met Monday, I have a celebrity home reveal that’s pretty surprising. We’re going inside the New York home of Rachael Ray. We tend to picture celebrities living in big mansions with over-the-top interiors, but the home Rachael shares with her hubby, John Cusimano, is actually very modest by celebrity standards.

Rachael Ray, Apartment in NY


Rachael and her hubby stay very busy since she shoots a 180 episodes of her popular cooking show each year. At first I thought that was the TV on the right in their living room, but I think that’s actually artwork. You’ll notice lots of colorful art on the walls throughout the home.

Rachael Ray's New York Living Room


John, acts as the CEO and attorney for Rachael’s media company.

John Cusimano, Husband of Rachael Ray


In addition to all that, he is the lead singer/frontman for a band called Cringe. Apparently the band is more than just a hobby since they are the opening act for Alice Cooper and The Motley Crew. You’ll find a video of them performing with Rachel in the audience on YouTube.

Cringe Band

Photo from YouTube

The most surprising part of Rachael’s New York apartment has to be the kitchen. You might expect a super fancy, large, gourmet kitchen but it’s actually very tiny. This is the kitchen…the whole kitchen! Look how small the refrigerator is! As fast as Rachael can whip up a meal, after all–she’s the Queen of the 30-minute meal, maybe this is all the space she really needs.

Rachael Ray's New York Cozy Apartment Kitchen


Here’s a better picture of the kitchen from People magazine.

Kitchen of Rachel Ray


What do you think is inside this box? Is that a cabinet for storing fresh spices…kind of like a humidor or something designed especially for the storage of fresh spices? Any ideas? I was wondering if that was garlic hanging along the top.

In the Kitchen of Rachael Ray


Rachael decorated their apartment in Mid-Century style with colorful Italian art on the walls. Do you see the wine storage near the window?

Rachael Ray's New York Dining Room


When the apartment next door became available, they purchased it so family and friends would have a place to stay when they visit.

Rachael Ray's New York Apartment Bedroom


This is John’s office and music studio. I love all the wonderful light pouring in, but I do wonder about privacy in apartments like this. There are shades that can be lowered when needed. Is it just an unspoken rule in New York that you don’t peer down into each other’s apartments? Or, are the windows tinted so you can’t really see in? I wonder if they worry about the crazy paparazzi trying to capture shots of them from other apartments.

Rachael Ray's New York Apartment Office and Music Room


I was amazed to learn that the apartment spans over six stories and has just one room on each floor! You would definitely get your exercise living here.

Rachael Ray's New York Apartment Office


The outdoor spaces are really pretty and they feel very private.

Rachael Ray's New York Apartment Patio Garden Tour


Love this outdoor eating space that’s completely enclosed and private. I could definitely see entertaining friends/family there.

I love how I’m not always reading in the magazines or hearing on TV about some big drama concerning Rachael Ray. She and hubby, John, really do seem to be making it all work, despite their crazy schedules.

Rachael Ray's New York Apartment Deck


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To see the video where these images were found, click here: Rachael Ray’s New York Apartment

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  1. Hi Susan, thanks for hosting each week! It is always fun to take a sneak peek into celebrity homes. It is nice to see that the warm, friendly personality that Rachel Ray has on her show is reflected in her home. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a lovely week! Christine

  2. Wow – 6 levels…that’s a lot of exercise! I think her apartment reflects her personality – colorful, warm and friendly. She really does seem very down to earth. Thanks for hosting MM and have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Susan – what a great post – thanks so much for sharing – just loved it ( I do a weekly series on houses so this is right up my alley ) Coincidently I linked up a Manhattan townhouse 🙂
    Thanks for the party – hope you have a wonderful week

  4. I always love a peak into New York apartments! If only I dream of owning my very own piece of Manhattan real estate …

    If only I was rich. Or famous. Or both. Sigh.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting! Hope you have a lovely week!

    🙂 Linda

  5. Such an interesting tour. You are so right. I would have expected a wonderful gourmet kitchen. It does look like she has a lot packed into a small space. Six floors! Maybe there is an elevator in the apartment, but I’d never know what floor my husband was on if I wanted to see him. Wonder if they use their phones to find each other. Thank you for hosting.

    • In the article/video I watched, it said that she’s normally in the kitchen and he’s usually in his studio. I bet you’re right, they probably text each other during the day, to see what floor each is on before heading up or down. The video described it as like “living in a treehouse.”

  6. Thanks for the tour, and party… the apartment is kind of charming, isn’t it? Liz

  7. The apt surprises me a little, it looks so tiny and cramped, but it does look like a real home…I bet they have another house somewhere…on the coast or in the country or mountains…love the spice saver…thanks for the tour and the party Susan, have a great week!

    • Right after I posted that, I was reading another article and you’re right, they do have several other homes. I guess having one right in the downtown area is super convenient, though.

  8. Jane Collins says

    The box looks like something to do with pork and their different cuts of meat. Pig on the top, looks like meat inside with a butcher. Just my thoughts.

    • Jane, you were right. I kept googling and I found another site that showed a close up of it. It’s kind of strange looking…a little too realistic! And the butcher, the guy standing down near the front, has a butcher knife in his hand a maniacal look on his face! lol

  9. Six stories…I’m guessing that would be a New York mansion of a different color. The box on the cabinet appears to be a miniature of a butcher shop. See the little man in blue. To the right of him is a miniature butcher block table, and further right is a table with a piece of meat on it…and a cleaver sticking out of it. What looked like pieces of garlic is really miniature pieces of hanging meat ready to be cut and dressed. Probably an Italian butcher shop. Neat tour. Very down to earth decor. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Cherry Kay

    • Yep, you are right, Cherry Kay! I googled some more and eventually found a close up of it, and it’s pretty graphic/scary looking, especially the butcher! I’m kind of surprised she gave up so much table space to a decorative piece when space is at such a premium.

  10. Six stories–makes it like a vertical mansion–but definitely looks real and lived-in and welcoming. Nice selection for a celeb home tour.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  12. So fun seeing Rachel Ray’s apartment Susan! I just finished watching her show right before I linked up:). Thanks so much for the party! Have a great week and take care, Tara

  13. I just wouldn’t make it in that! Six stories, oh no! And with peeping toms! And no views of trees would just push me over the edge!

    • I bet when you live in a home like that, you probably duplicate a lot of stuff, like having a flashlight and scissors on every single floor.

  14. She IS so down to earth…and I think that is the reason SO many people love her. When my grandson was two his favorite show was…”wachel way!!” franki

  15. Hmmmm……. interesting. Six stories is crazy! I agree with Cherry Kay about the miniature butcher shop. She seems like a down to earth person and her homes reflects that. No stuffiness!

  16. What a lovely tour. I can’t imagine living in New York City with people looking in. Maybe, they get used to it. I can’t imagine what that is in the kitchen. Would be interesting to find out! Have a great week <3
    Christi @ A Southern Life

  17. Thanks for hosting, Susan! Great tour!

  18. Thanks for the home tour and party this morning. Always a pleasure. Take care, Cynthia

  19. Thank you Susan! Always nice to see all of the inspiration. Rachel Ray has always been a favorite!

  20. I bet those were dog treats in the box

  21. I believe I’ve read that they have another home in upstate NY and I would imagine it is much larger with a very different type of décor and kitchen. Interesting apartment, though, and obviously reflective of their lifestyle while in the city.

  22. Jane Franks says

    Very interesting. Not my kind of living, but more power to them! I’m not a country girl. I’m from Boston, but NY doesn’t do a thing for me! Probably because I’m from New England! LOL But, I do think the apt. is very spacious by NY standards. I think the kitchen is HUGE for NYC. I have friends living in Manhattan, and you are lucky to get 2″ of real-estate that the average person can afford, or that is available. It’s all about living “outside” in the city. I’m sure this apartment is worth multi-millions. But I enjoy seeing them. They are all so unique! I imagine the windows are one way. In other words, probably like mirrors from the outside. Thanks again, Susan, for such an interesting blog!! xo Jane

  23. Susan,

    Thank you for the tour. Rachael’s home looks cozy – like I could come for dinner in my sweatpants.


  24. rattlebridge farm says

    Loved this peek into Rachael Ray’s digs. Thanks for hosting the party!

  25. I don’t care for it…just not my cup of tea. But am always appreciative of the many places you post. Love your blog!

  26. Very interesting, Susan. And I thought we lived in the house of stairs! ‘-)
    Her kitchen surprises me too. It seems pretty full of stuff for someone who is cooks. My “chef” likes an uncluttered kitchen.
    When we had our apartment in NY, seeing into other apartments across the way was something that I definitely considered. I liked to draw the blinds at night, but I was amazed at the number of folks who just left their life in full view. Only problem with closing off the windows is one misses the view of the city at night. I would sometimes the dining room window open to see the sparkle of the night lights.

  27. Loved checking out Rachael’s place. Not at all what you would expect, especially the kitchen. Thanks for sharing and for hosting every week. 🙂

  28. Interesting tour! Thanks for hosting each week, too.

  29. I enjoyed joining your MM party today. Thanks, Susan!

  30. I really enjoyed this tour, Susan so thank you. About her kitchen and the size that it is; I recall seeing another famous chef’s and it too was so tiny but for the life of me cannot recall (senior’s moment) who it was … ☺. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Maybe it will come back to me, but do not count upon it.

  31. I love that outdoor patio area. I always wonder do certain cities or apartments that are the higher floors not get mosquitos. Can I live somewhere that I can get a cross breeze while leaving the doors open? The little things in like that would make me happy

  32. Thanks for sharing these pics of her apartment. What is appealing to me is that it appears to be their own style. I get so tired of seeing celebrity homes that are so obviously designed by someone else and does not reflect the true personality of the owner. Having worked as an interior designer I always felt sad when a client would say “Do whatever you think like”, or “Give me a space that is in style right now”.

  33. This was a fun and cute celebrity home. The kitchen is tiny, cluttered and not to pretty, lol.. I guess it works for her, though and it’s what counts.
    Thank you for sharing. I founded and had to come and see it.

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