Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis Bungalow Makeover

Welcome to the 300th Metamorphosis Monday! Do you ever watch the show, Rehab Addict on HGTV? I don’t catch the show as often as I would like but I always love seeing the latest old home Nicole Curtis, the star of the show, is saving from demolition.

Nicole has a big soft spot in her heart for old homes. In this interview where she was asked about her passion for saving old homes, Nicole explained her obsession with bringing neglected old homes back to life. She said it comes from when her grandmother’s 1890 home was put up for sale and no one in her family protested. Nicole who was in high school at the time wondered, “Why isn’t anyone buying this house? My family just let it go. So this whole thing is the result of that post-traumatic stress. I was heart-broken.”

This bungalow is a great example of the kind of work Nicole Curtis enjoys doing during each season of Rehab Addict. The home was in sad condition with a big hole in the kitchen ceiling that let the rain pour in whenever it rained,. The front steps were sagging and actually separating away from the home.


Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Makeover Before



When Nicole finished her makeover, the home looked as you see it below…much brighter and well-loved! I’m so thankful there are folks out there who see the potential in these wonderful old homes and bring them back from the brink of the demolition ball.

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Makeover After


Living Room BEFORE:

Here’s a shot of the living room before its makeover. It was a staging ground for the rest of the house since it didn’t require a lot of work during the makeover.

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Living Room Makeover Before



Beautiful woodwork! Central heat and air were added. The long table in front of the window pays homage to the radiator heat it once had.

Rehad Addict Living Room Makeover After



The dining room needed some new paint and the floors refinished.

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Dining Room Makeover Before



The aged quarter-sawn oak floors have been refinished to their original beauty.  The wood is so pretty in this home. Noticed the way the doorways are designed,,,the details in this home are really wonderful!

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Dining Room Makeover After


Love the built-in buffet and other built-in cabinetry in the dining room! Practical and charming!

Built in Buffet in Cottage Home


Details like this seen here in each corner or the dining room were preserved in the makeover.

Rehab Addict Bungalow Ceiling Details


Master Bedroom BEFORE:

The previous owner had started work to convert the attic space into a master bedroom suite.

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Attic Bedroom Before Makeover



It turned out great and with so much personality! Love all the little nooks and slanted ceilings. I’d love to see somewallpaper in this space…love wallpaper in attic rooms.

Rehab Addict Nicole Attic Bedroom After


A nook for the master bed…

Rehab Addict Bungalow Bedroom


Master Attic Bath BEFORE:

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Bathroom Before Makeover



It worked out well putting the master bath in this spot since the plumbing for the downstairs bath was just below. The floors are the original pine flooring.

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Bungalow Bathroom After Makeover


Don’t you love seeing old homes when all their beautiful molding, wood floors and unique features saved and preserved for future generations to enjoy! Hopefully shows like Rehab Addict will bring more attention to these old homes so badly in need of a little love.

You’ll find additional photos of the makeover of this home HERE where the above photos were found.

Love a great Before and After? This adorable Georgia cottage got a full makeover. Check out the Before and After of this cottage makeover here: Cottage Makeover

Cottage Gets a Makeover

Looking forward to the other Before and Afters for this Met Monday!


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  1. hi Susan, I have watched the rehab addict and her energy is level matches yours! She tackles the most difficult projects and has a magic touch, just like you do! Thanks for sharing those amazing cottage makeovers, it makes me want to get out the hammer today~ thanks for the party and Monday fun!

    • Thanks, Jenna! Appreciate that! I would love to be her apprentice for about 6 months! Can you imagine how much we could learn! She really does tackle anything…such an inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting another fabulous week of inspiration! ~Christy

  3. Wonderful rehab job…love it! I wish more older homes were redone instead of torn down, we’re losing so many jewels. Very sad. The cookie cutter crap that is thrown up in days and about two feet away from each other in subdivisions just make me shudder. Yuck!

  4. Hi Susan! What a transformation and thank you for hosting.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  5. Congrats on the 300th Met Monday!!!….and what a way to celebrate it by featuring one of the gorgeous home makeovers by Nicole..I LOVE her show…and I so love the fact that many talented DIY’ers are restoring and saving old homes . . . too many of them in the past were just demolished and new construction took its place…this home has so many incredible features that were neglected over time and Nicole brought that beauty back to life!

  6. Susan, I’m so glad this wonderful old home was saved! The woodwork and the details are amazing. Congrats on your 300th party and as always, thanks for hosting!

  7. Thank you so much for the party! 300!!! Wow!

  8. I love her show! She does some amazing things! Thanks for hosting, Susan…hugs…Debbie

  9. She is absolutely amazing what she does. I love watching her show. Thanks for hosting.

    Shannon ~

  10. I don’t watch this show but think I need to DVR it, I keep hearing so much buzz about how good it is. Yes, I love seeing homes like this transformed, thanks for sharing.

    And thank you for hosting the 300th Met MOnday – congratulations, you’ve still got one of the best link parties and you’re such a great host! Happy week to you.

    • It’s great, Rita. If you love seeing old homes brought back to life, you’ll love it. Nicole takes on some real challenges!
      Thanks! Wouldn’t be a party if you weren’t here! 🙂

  11. I love watching Rehab Addict. Thanks for sharing this home with us.

  12. What a stunning home! I adore Craftsman!!! Thank you for hosting – happy Monday!

  13. I enjoy watching that show a lot. I remember this house- it definitely was worth saving! She’s a Michigan born girl so I’m even more proud of her and she grew up in a town not far from where I grew up. It’s so wonderful to see her passion and strong will to pull these projects together.

    • Liz, that’s right! Glad you mentioned that! I think some of her most recent shows were in the Detroit. Glad she’s drawing some attention to that area…so sad to see what’s happened to some of the old neighborhoods there.

  14. Thanks so much for the party!!


  15. I love seeing old houses loving restored and am agreeing with you totally about hanging some wallpaper in the wonderful attic room!

  16. Hi Susan…i love this girl..been watching her since her first episode glad you shared this one..i want to recreate that decorative ceiling in my bedroom..i’ve never seen a more beautiful idea..hope you have a great week.!

  17. I love seeing old houses being saved, as it’s what I’m trying to do with my little Brittany cottage.

  18. 300!! Wow…congratulations! I love Rehab Addict! My husband says that I have a crafty girl crush! I totally do!! 😉

    • Thanks! We couldn’t have reached 300 without you and everyone who makes it so much fun each week! Girl crush…ha…love it! I think I do, too. She is pretty amazing!

  19. Thanks so much for hosting another great party!
    Have a wonderful week,

  20. It always amazes me what talent, and creativity. Wow 300 weeks that’s like, wait there is how many weeks I a year, 52. Gosh Susan you been before’n after’n a while….thanks for hosting. Have a fun filled week.

  21. So much detail! They don’t make houses like that anymore, and it’s nice to see them preserved. Thanks for hosting MM.

  22. Oh, yes, I am a big fan of The Rehab Addict. I really enjoy her passion for saving the past. I also really like her “can do” attitude, and the fact that she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She also has the most gorgeous hair!

    Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!

  23. Hi Susan! You’re right. The woodwork is fabulous, and what a shame it would have been for this house to become another demolished statistic. I watch Nicole quite often, and secretly wish I could be her! Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore ;).

    Thanks for hosting and have a great week!


  24. Susan,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E Nicole Curtis!!!
    “Mr. Ed” & I watch her on HGTV often!!!
    Thanks for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week, dear friend!!!
    Inspiration abounds!!!

  25. rattlebridge farm says

    Both makeovers are inspirational. The woodwork in the first one is a gem, and the tweaks in the SL home really transformed the space. Hope your gardening adventures are going well! Thanks for hosting MM. Have a great week.

  26. love the inside my husband is a woodworker by trade and so I really appreciate built- ins and all things wood….but, (I know always a but) you would of thought that using paving bricks for the outline of the sidewalk would of looked a whole lot better than the ones with holes in them. Looks kind of tacky.

  27. Too funny. What do I just happen to be watching when I open up your post? You guessed it…Rehab Addict! She amazes me. The only thing is I wish she would have more new shows. I find myself watching rerun after rerun after rerun. Guess you could say I am a Rehab Addict addict!

  28. I love her show – love old houses – and love renovating ( or rather really loved it before the current fixer upper we’re living in – I may just be cured after this one LOL )
    Thanks for the party- have a wonderful week ahead Susan!

  29. Congratulations on the 300th MM, and thank you for hosting. I love this rehab. I love to see a beautiful old home restored instead of gutted. I could easily become a rehab addict. laurie

  30. Well congratulations on 300! That’s great!

    I am amazed at the drive and grit she has on the show. The house was not inspiring but she brought out all the glory!

  31. Gorgeous! So wonderful that all that beautiful wood has been so lovingly restored. Always wanted a bedroom with slanted ceilings.

  32. Now…that’s one show I’d better start following…I do love to see a good “rehab”… just makes so much sense, to me, to use what you have…only better!! 🙂 franki

  33. Rehab Addict is one of my favorite shows, and so is Fixer Upper — love when people redo old homes! Thanks for featuring Nicole’ s house, and for hosting! 🙂

  34. 300! I can’t believe I am so late to the party. Although, I think I have poked through your blog and read your every post.

  35. I love Rehab Addict too, Susan! Nicole is amazing-and I especially love that many of the homes she pours her heart and soul into-are right here in Minnesota!!! Thank you so much for sharing this one-and for hosting the party!

  36. I love Rehab Addict! Nicole is amazing. Thanks for sharing this home was one of my favorites. I love all the old built ins.

  37. Hi Susan. Love the older home rehab…those floors are awesome! Congrats on 300 MM, I appreciate you hosting every week. Thanks! 🙂

  38. CONGRATULATIONS on the 300th. post sweet Susan and thank you for having me so many times since I’m blogging, almost 4 years in Feb. coming!
    I love this party, it’s so interesting and there’s so much to learn and to be inspired by, as it’s title says. The house you chose for today’s post is adorable and charming…it’s all in the fabulous old fashion details, from the built ins, to the ceiling and the gorgeous wooden floors.
    Have a wonderful week.

  39. Linda Page says

    I love the Rehab Addict. She cracks me up picking up stuff off the curb that people have thrown away and using it in one of her rehabs and making something beautiful out of a throw away! I think she is amazing. I love this house. The cabinetry in the living room and dining room is wonderful. Older houses just have so much more style and craftmanship than these new houses. #300MM…..WOW!!! Congrats! All of your groupies are hoping for 300 more!!!

  40. Hi Susan. I love watching her show, a couple of weeks ago she re-did the bathroom in this huge old house, it turned out fabulous.
    I like all the built in cupboards in the house above, what a sweet place to live.

  41. Congratulations on 300 Met Mondays! Thank you so much for hosting all these many weeks and giving us great metamorphosis tips and providing this great forum for inspiration. Love Nicole Curtis btw. She does a great job!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  42. Congrats on your 300 Met Mondays link up party! That is a real accomplishment! I love Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis is such a visionary and she does an amazing job giving life back to a lifeless house.

  43. Wow Susan,
    congrats on the 300th MM! I wish I could send you a “BNOTP” themed celebration cake, of course in the shape of that cute yellow house in your header, including the front porch! 🙂
    Susan, I don’t know Nicole, but I love what she did with that house! What do they do with the houses once the makeover is done? Do they sell them?
    Susan, have you ever read of or seen on TV any of Oscar de la Renta’s houses? You may know, he was one of the greatest fashion designer in the world, but I found out he also had an excellent taste in decorating his several houses. Unfortunately, I have only been able to see a few pictures of the homes he owned and I loved them all (especially his home in Kent, Connecticut!) and I’m sure you would love them, too! Not only great architecture, beautiful gardens and stunning interiors to admire but also piles of books everywhere! In the foyer, in the living room, in the bedroom and even in the dining room! One more reason to love that man! 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

  44. Hope you’ll get a chuckle out of this…When I saw today’s Met Monday blog entitled Rehab Addict etc., almost didn’t check it out. Asked myself, “Why would Susan be posting something from an addict’s (drug) rehabilitation?” So glad I went ahead & looked at it, telling myself that it must be something important or an inspiring story for Susan to post it. :-O Wow, am I glad I listened to myself. Catch her program when I happen upon it, but not a regular – thus my confusion in the title. Great rehab & I love those dining room chairs!

  45. Huge congrats on your 300th MM Susan–quite an accomplishment!
    I’ve watched her show, but too infrequently. Thanks for the reminder. Hope she has new ones coming up.

  46. I absolutely love that bungalow. Thanks for the party.

  47. I have never watched the Rehab Addict. Her story is familiar though. My Grandmother’s house was the first “summer” home built in Clifton Park (Lakewood, OH). It had it’s own private beach on the Lake. My grandmother put it up for sale in 1969. I begged my Dad to buy it. I was willing to change high schools because I loved that house so much. When no loving family would buy it a builder purchsed it and tore it down. Five modern homes were built on the lot. All the beautiful mahogany woodwork, including pillars, casings, baseboards were torn down. All 7 fire places gone. The ballroom gone. The very cool door knobs gone. The house was over 100 years old when it was torn down. I was so sad. It still breaks my heart today. I rehab my own homes. I have an interior design degree and work for a general contractor. I guess my story had its affect on my career as well. I love old homes!

  48. I’ve only watched the show a couple of times and her work is impressive. The dining room shown here brings back memories. When I was little we moved around a lot and one of the houses we lived in had a dining room with wood built-ins like this one. It also had hissing radiators that were messy and rather annoying. Haven’t thought of that house in years. Thanks for jogging my memory.

    • lol Hissing radiators sounds so funny, Sandra! The messy doesn’t sound like much fun, though. I love built-ins…those are always one of the most charming features of older homes!

  49. Can you tell me your colors you used inside?

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