Renovation of the Entry Foyer

Welcome to the 10th Metamorphosis Monday!

Ok, hold on to your seats. Β We’re going for another ride this week in my time machine…back once more to the year 1991. Yep, I’ve been at it again, playing with that ancient VHS tape that shows the interior of my home before we ever made an offer and bought it. I paused the tape, took some pics and this week I’m sharing a “before” glimpse of the Entry to my home. The “after” photos may look familiar if you’ve checked out the post on my sidebar.

Are you ready to time travel? Step up onto the porch, close your eyes and hold on…we’re on our way back to 1991! πŸ™‚

Woaaaa, what a ride! Here we are in the entry and it’s 1991…how do you like the “builder white” walls and the gold trim. Yep, it’s GOLD! Hey, that’s better than the green trim we saw last week in the master bedroom. πŸ™‚ And note the dark floors…Yikes!

The shell niche in the entry was also painted gold…

While we’re here, take a look at the dark parquet flooring. It actually looks lighter in this pic than it was, because this was taken with the front door standing wide open. It was reallllly dark and dated. πŸ™

Time to hop back into the time machine…we’re going back to 2009. While we are traveling, take a look at the two “inspiration photos” I found in magazines for my flooring contractor. I loved the sunny, yellow color of the hardwood floors in these pics.

Ok, we’re here…it’s 2009 and gone are the white walls and gold trim. The soft yellow paint is a Duron color called Sugar Cookie…same color you saw last week in the master bedroom. I love this color yellow…it feels so inviting and even a little elegant! πŸ™‚

No more dark parquet…instead, we have tongue and groove, white oak, hardwood flooring. Most hardwood flooring you see in homes is done with red oak, but the contractor suggested white oak to better get the sunny, golden look I wanted. The flooring was installed unfinished, then it was sanded and stained on site. Yep, it was messy, but worth it in the end.

Another view…I added the french doors to this opening that goes into the living room. I have big plans for that room…one day. πŸ™‚

Ok, grab hold to something…we’re taking off again in our time machine…back again to 1991. What have we here? It’s more gold trim and the previous owner’s entry table. Do you remember what I put here?

In the blink of an eye, we’re back…here’s how that area looks now.

One last time back in our time machine…do you have jet lag yet? Remember the ORANGE carpeting you saw last week in the master bedroom…it was all throughout the house. Note the stained balusters?

A full view of the stairway…didn’t orange carpeting go out in the late 70’s???

And here we are in 2009 again…for the “after” pic. We now have hardwood treads and white balusters…

A few more shots of the Entry today…this is the view from the family room doorway. You can really see the sunny, yellow color of the hardwood flooring in this pic.

The light fixture you see, is sort of a short chandelier. I know it’s hard to see it in the pic since it’s all lit up, but there are crystals all the way around the outside. I was not able to use a longer hanging fixture without completely blocking the face of the clock.

Close-ups of some of the details in this room…

Tam at The Gypsy’s Corner hosts Three or More Tuesday. I’ve always wanted to participate and here’s my chance! πŸ™‚ As you can see, I have a small walking stick collection here in my Entry…some are antique, some are new and some are just plain silly…Quack! Every room needs that touch of whimsy. πŸ™‚ Click HERE to visit The Gypsy’s Corner to see all the other Three or More Tuesday posts.

Brass ‘Torch’ Sconces by Virginia Metal Crafters…I have two of these in the Entry, one on either side of the french doors. I recently heard Virginia Metal Crafters closed up shoppe. πŸ™ I loved their brass even more than Baldwin Brass, so I’m really sad to hear they are out of business. They were the official brass makers for Colonial Williamsburg for many years.

A view from the other side of the french doors…standing in the future “library.” (LOL) We would need to take a ride in our time machine into the future to see that room…it’s a “someday” dream that is still growing in my heart. πŸ™‚

Well, now that we’re back to 2009, let’s go see all the “Before and Afters” posted for this Met Monday! πŸ™‚



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  1. Love the sugar cookie color! Beautiful updates!
    Robin Rane’
    All Things Heart and Home

  2. English Cottage in Georgia says

    I love how you have displayed your toile collection. What a talent you have πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Susan,

    I throughly enjoyed the ride in your time machine! (I have no idea how you took pictures off a VHS tape!) Your home is lovely and you have certainly realized your vision for a warm inviting home. I enjoyed seeing your inspiration pictures too. I have a file for almost every room in my house of ideas I would one day love to incorporate.—You are a bit ahead of me in terms of turning those dreams into reality however. Thank you for the very nice tour of your warm elegant home! Love, Paula Bee

  4. Susan, I’m going to remember that color. It seems that Duron has such gorgeous colors! Love all the changes to your house. Wonder if the former owners could believe their eyes if they could see it?! Also, love your fun with toile. I’ll look forward to that since I am a toile-a-holic, myself! Linda

  5. prof en retraite says

    Woah! I’m still dizzy from riding in your time machine!! lol Susan, I love what you have done with your foyer! And you know I love that tolie! I’m going to check out C’est Moi! Have a great week…hugs…Debbie

  6. You do have vision. I would have probably taken one look at all that bad parquet flooring and orange carpets and gold paint and just run. You have turned this into the most magnificent home. I love all the soft yellow and white. It is so crisp and fresh. Your toile bunny and place settings are also gorgeous. A very lovely post. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hey Susan! Although I posted pictures of my dining room re-do a week ago, I’m featuring it on your Met Monday post.

    Love your time machine post, isn’t it funny how our tastes have changed over the years? I wish I could find some photos of what I thought was really cool “back in the day!”


  8. What a great post! I can’t believe the difference you have made in your home. I really love that color, and your floors are gorgeous. I think my favorite change is probably the stairway, just beautiful. Kathy

  9. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Susan – I’m sorry. I got a little time-travel sick and “messed up” the seats. πŸ˜€

    I love seeing these changes in your home. I am so glad you were able to see the “good bones” of your home and envision what could be. The floors are glorious. Your toile tablescpae is one of my faves, and you’re right it is a cute Easter tablescape, as well. Thanks, as always, for hosting today’s event. Hugs, Barb

  10. Susan, I am loving the time machine before/afters! As always you have made some awesome changes! Love the Toile too! If you have time to participate I left you an award over on my blog. Hugs from Conroe TX!

  11. Raggedy Girl says


    Your home is really lovely and reflects all the hard work and energy you put into it. I don’t know what your job is but you could easily be a decorator.

    Roberta Anne

  12. Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer says

    Love all the toile….sigh…one of these days!


  13. ~CC Catherine says

    Hi Susan! I love your time machine! Wow…..what a powerful before and after! I loved your wall color., it reminds me of my Creme Brulee color in my formal dining room and living room. The staircase and ballusters look so much better and brighter…and I love what you did with the wall on the stairway. My Meta post is silly and green’ll get a chuckle! ;))) ~CC Catherine

  14. A Hint of Home says

    I enjoyed going back in the time machine. All that you have changed is quite the metamorphosis. You’ve done a great job and your home is lovely. I love the toile dishes on your tablescape.

  15. santamaker says

    Susan, what an outstanding job you’ve done to modernize your home. It’s so satisfying to see one’s plans and ideas come to life, isn’t it? Everything is warm and inviting, just like you!

  16. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Wheeeee! That was so much fun!!! Oops! had to comb my hair real quick…

    Susan, Your house is so beautiful. The colors, furniture and accessories are perfection! I’m eagerly awaiting your future library too. β™₯


  17. Susan what a wonderful ride for all in your time machine. Some of my rooms seem to be stuck in a time warp since I am decorator challenged. You have such talent and vision to take a house and turn it into a warm and inviting home. You truly inspire me to try different colors and furnishings. Thank You!

  18. I’m dizzy from the ride in your time machine but loved it just the same. I love how you show your inspiration rooms and the finished product is beautiful.

  19. Love that Toile Bunny and i am definatley joining that toile party… mishelle

  20. I love your toile bunny table. Darling…and the improvements on your home are fantastic!

  21. Whoa!!! I think I got a bit jetlagged, but I’m fine now… All those changes are incredible! You have great taste Susan and I’m glad that your home is being treated well by your awesome touches! That toile table is “Ces’t magnifique!”

    I will be there for that party!

  22. Susan, yo really freshened and beautified your front entry. What a big difference! You have a very good vision that is why your home is gorgeous! Pretty toile bunny, box and transferware!…Christine

  23. Your changes really are a metamorphosis, but I’m wondering do you EVER really get a nap on that porch?! You are one busy girl! πŸ™‚

  24. Dream Mom says

    Your home looks so much more gracious now. You have to wonder what people were thinking when you see some of these homes in the “before” pictures. Love the sconces too.

    Your toile dishes are very pretty. I would love to eat at such a pretty table!

    Toile has always been a favorite of mine. When I got married, some twenty years ago, my first bedding set was a black and cream toile. I can’t wait for the party.

  25. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says

    Love the red toile plates and the bunny in the box.

  26. You have made some fantastic changes in your home – it is gorgeous. I love the sugar cookie color!

  27. Linda/"Mom" says

    *Rare, I know, but I’m almost SPEECHLESS at how MUCH you have done to create the “home of your dreams”, and how beauuuuutiful it has become!!! Your foyer table is so fab, and I got a quick chuckle, thinking if you showed MY BACKSIDE in a pic, I’d just DIE! Die, I tell you!!! BUUUT, I don’t really think Ms. Bunny minded! Smiles to you, Sweetest Susan, and THANKS once again!!! Love, Linda

  28. Tamara Jansen says

    Wow! That’s just an amazing transformation! What a massive job πŸ™‚

  29. Happy To Be says

    Great ride girl I wore my helmet so I didn’t get a head rush…love your entry way and what a differ the years can make…and Hey I had those floors in my kitchen since 87 and still love them..Love your Toile table…have a great week…hugs and smiles Glβ™₯ria

  30. I love the table with the bunny! It’s beautiful!

  31. Pretty Organizer says

    Oh. My. Word. That must have taken you all weekend to write! I take FOREVER to post a snip and you’ve composed a masterpiece! Love the Toile bunny. How great will this be for a PreEaster Toile Tuesday! Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

  32. Susan,
    Thanks for hosting another Met Monday. Your foyer has be so inspired. For ages I have wanted to refinish my stair way. It is what I called golden oak, which drives me crazy with all my darker wood pieces. Now that you call yours sunny yellow I’m rethinking my obcession and begining to see it in a whole new light. Sunny Yellow! I think you just saved my husband a bunch of money…..

  33. Lady Katherine says

    I love the toile bunny and plates. I found a few of the bunnies I made and some in the making! That was a long time ago!

  34. Lady Katherine says

    I forgot! Your time machine was great! The floors do make a difference! The paint color too. I am glad I got to see this. Our wood floors need to be redone, but trying to get remodel done before we do the floors, Now I know I want to get it all done faster! lol

  35. Bonjour Madame says

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comments you left. I love the paint color on your walls and the transformation is amazing. You did a good job. Is that really your porch on the sidebar????? Oh my gosh! Off to explore more.


  36. What a transformation on your stairway! Love all your mirrors,photos and treasures on the wall. Beautiful!

  37. Things That Inspire says

    I always love a good room transformation! I love the results. It is a great thing to find kindred spirits who believe in the restorative power of updating a house; my husband just told me yesterday that he would keep everything the way it is, or until things completely wear out, if it were up to him! Sigh. I now take the approach to just do what I think needs to be done (I am very practical, do not overspend) and do it when he is out of town. It is better to ask forgiveness than permission in this situation! I have been married 16 years, and know my husband quite well!

    I found this post through Design Ties, and I wish I had known about it as I have done a transformation of my own front entry, and am planning a post about it. Maybe some future Monday!

  38. Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me says

    Your colors are so much more inviting and fresh! I love your collection of walking sticks and that clock is gorgeous!

  39. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Beautiful combined post, Susan! I love it all!

    The dishes are gorgeous. I have toile dishes on my post today. The post is my 300th. I’m having a giveaway on the post and hope you have time to come by the Back Porch and sign up.

    Have a great week!

  40. Susan, everytime you show the befores of your now beautiful home…I marvel that you had the foresight to buy it…LOL You literally saved this house…
    The red & white toile tablescape is one of my favorites of all of yours! Great post! πŸ˜‰ Bo

  41. Susan,
    That is a nifty time machine; could I borrow it to go back about 15 years? I think I looked really good then! I love all the wonderful changes you have made to your home over the years. Your home is simply charming, lovely; warm etc…the list goes on and on! Have a great week!

  42. Kimm at Reinvented says

    Wow, the transformation you have accomplished at your home is fabulous. I love your taste. The toile is beautiful too. Have a great day!

  43. Love the time machine! Thanks for hosting! I am having a party on Wednesday! top over!

  44. "Blossom" says

    The toile is beautiful; I don’t own any but this is beatuiful the way you decorated with it.
    The home you transformed is so like you and now it must feel like your home; it is very tastefully done.

  45. I really enjoy seeing the change in your foyer, over the years. Isn’t it interesting how our tastes change, and grow? What looked fine in one decade can just be not right for now.

    The Sugar Cookie yellow is really scrumptious. That shade looks so lovely with the mellow wood tones and dark accents in the space. Fantastic.

    Love the toile, too! Who doesn’t?

    Your house is gorgeous!!!


  46. This was so much fun, seeing the changes you made. The before/afters are awesome!

  47. Susan your home is just beautiful and I just love the toile tablescape. Deb

  48. Loved the rewind & fast forward! thanks for sharing. I am gearing up to paint but, just can't choose a final color. So… builders white lives on. Sad but true. Someday I will have the time & have finally decided on a color & magic will appear until then…

  49. The only thing I can say is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again for the look inside home!

  50. Beautiful foyer! I love the demilune table.

  51. redsoxmom says

    Amazing job. That crazy orange carpet wasn’t a good idea in ANY decade! LOL Love the lighter wood, too. The area really lightened and brightened up after you got a hold of it. That clock is beautiful!

    Oh, and I’m not actually hosting the Toile Party–I was just helping promote it to all my blogger gals in case they might want to participate. It’s gonna be fun. Thanks for sharing with all your visitors, too!!


  52. salmagundi says

    Your house sure was stuck in the l970s. You have done wonderful things to it!! Anxious to see what you have in store for your living room. Keep us posted. Sally

  53. Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 says

    Oh Susan! I always enjoy your posts so much! Your home is so beautiful! A friend at work has started following my blog and followed on over to yours…she love, loves your porch! God Bless! Lauralu πŸ™‚

  54. DesignTies says

    I’m in love with your red transferware, Susan! And that toile looks perfect next to the lovely china!

    And – I can’t forget! – your front entry is wonderful! I don’t have a formal entry so I’m a mite jealous of your space… πŸ˜‰

    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  55. Kathy's Red Door Welcome says

    I’ve never liked parquet floors so I’m thrilled for you that you have those beautiful hardwood floors. All the details that make your entryway shine look to have been well thought out. My dining room would love to have your toile dishes. Actually, my drapes in my dining room are red toile. I didn’t have a chance to join in on the Toile Party this week.

  56. Shady Creek Lane says

    Great time machine ride. Don’t you just love how things evolve over time.
    I love all the inspiration I get when I visit your blog.
    Have a wonderful day.

  57. The Country Nest says

    I love your idea of the time machine, how unique. The house looks beautiful, you do have a eye! I had burnt orange counters and dark pine kitchen cabinets!ohh and harvest gold appliances! Maybe I can find a picture and do a post next Monday!!!!

  58. Oh, God. I very much enjoy these photos. πŸ™‚
    What is Really Healthy-Health Blog
    Humor & Fun World-Funny Blog

  59. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    My goodness, what a busy lady you’ve been! I always love seeing photos of your beautiful home, but I especially love seeing the “befores”. You’ve come a long way, baby! It is absolutey amazing what you’ve been able to do with your home. laurie

  60. Susan, I just love your blog; it is simply “Fabulous!” Please accept my award that is on my sidebar. You are free to share it with whoever you want!

  61. lifeinredshoes says

    Isn’t it amazing what good taste and a little decorating sense can do? Not to mention 18 years!
    The floors are gorgeous, the paint, I used the same color!
    And, what can I say, the red dinnerware is right up my alley!

  62. This is why magazines are going out of business…who wants to flip pages when we can read your post. Incredible! It was so much fun to travel through time to enjoy the changes. This post has my vote for one of your best ever!

  63. You have really made such wonderful changes to your home that brighten things up. It’s beautiful. I love the 3 or more walking sticks you have. It was always fun to see walking sticks being used in England. I hope to be able to participate again in Tablescape this Thursday since my life will return to normal by then.

  64. Bama Belle says

    Your entry is breath taking! Thank you for sharing. I love the red toile. I did my guest room in black and white toile!

  65. Melissa Miller says

    It’s beautiful!

    I really love the how the
    staircase came out.

    Lovely red toile as well!

  66. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Susan- always love looking at the transformations you have made on your lovely home! I love the look of the french doors. And your stairs and ballister look wonderful along with the flooring. Did you completely redo the ballisters or just paint and restain?


  67. the pleasures of homemaking says

    Your toile bunny is adorable and your red transferware is gorgeous (a favorite of mine).

    You’ve done such a wonderful job transforming your home!


  68. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    Just love that tablescape with the red toile plates! Gorgeous!

  69. Sandi@ My Yellow Door says

    I love your toile bunny tablescape! Your home is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


  70. Kim @ Forever Wherever says

    I love the toile…red is my favorite!

  71. You covered a lot of bases with this post…very nicely done! Everything looks so pretty…
    xo bj

  72. Now this, dear Susan, is quite a post! Loved everything you presented to us today and really appreciate all the effort that went into it!

  73. Kim Chalfant says

    Seeing your walking sticks reminds me of my Dad. Brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

    And the toile bunny & plates. I love them!!!!!

  74. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says

    WOW! What a difference. Your home is so lovely. I can see that alot of hard work went into it and boy oh boy was it worth it!

  75. Hello there!!! Could your posts be any nicer,,, I think not!! Hope you are well my friend, all the best, Chrissy

  76. skoots1mom says

    wow…well done!

  77. 9405018--Pat says

    What a great post!! I can’t believe the defference you have made. Susan your home is really lovely…thanks for sharing…Pat H

  78. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ve been keeping up with yours for quite a while – it’s Beautiful! I must say your porch is to die for, and I just love your toile post.

  79. Dawn-Hydrangea Home says

    Love all of your toile! And your before and after pics are great. Your new look is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!

  80. Blondie's Journal says

    Hi Susan!

    I came to visit for TOMT and boy, I was in for a treat! Your time travel was just fabulous since I have never before seen your home. Just beautiful and wow, how you have transformed it! We have such similar taste, although my house is so old and very small, I could never fit so much in it!

    The toile party is wonderful. I think I may go visit some of the participants just to see what they have. I saw some toile fabric recently that I fell in love with and think I may make valances for my kitchen windows at the lake. Love your red toile china. The salt cellar I could just steal!

    Thanks for your sweet comments recently on TT. It was my first time in spite of having 4 sets of china and many bits and pieces. Maybe you will see me again!

    P.S. We are visiting Hilton Head in two weeks along with Charleston & Savannah. First trip to the South for this blonde yankee!

  81. Southern Charm says

    Wow, what a great post. I always enjoy coming here. Love the toile tablescape.

  82. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; Love your post, you are a very busy lady. Your before and afters are really great, you have such a beautiful home, I enjoy seeing it. Love the walking cane’s and your brass sconces ok I love it all, the bunny is so sweet.

    Have a great week.


  83. You post is just amazing– so many beautiful things- the metamorphosis of your entryway blows my mind! Just lovely!

    I covet your laced rimmed charger plates:) JK- that would be a sin:)

    You have a beautiful home, very inviting.

    Happy 3OMT!

    Linda C

  84. rosecottagegardensandfarm says

    Lovely tablescape! What a beautiful way to feature your toile.

    thank you for sharing your creative ideas!

    Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  85. Susan, I absolutely LOVE everything you do! You are so talented, and you have exquisite taste! Your home looks like I only wish mine looked! I love all of the changes you have made, and I also love toile! Hugs, Connie

  86. Susan…Beautiful home and I love your toile! We need to look at the before and afters to see how far we’ve gotten instead of how much more we want to do AND then ENJOY! Two Connie’s in a row! Just noticed that puddin07 is Connie too and she just left a message.

  87. Miss Janice says

    I still love this tablescape and that bunny is beautiful girl!

  88. Tracy Cottage says

    Ahh, thank you for your website! The pictures and info are so wonderful! Keep up the good work! You inspire me! THANK YOU!

  89. Pam ~ Crumpty Cottage says

    You had such great vision, Susan. I do understand that each decade has it’s own personality and styles change, but the previous owners didn’t seem to enjoy and embrace the idea of an ‘entry foyer,’ the way you do. πŸ™‚ I have always loved and wanted a foyer and our previous houses just weren’t designed that way. But finally! I now have my cherished foyer, lol. (It’s funny how the little things please us, isn’t it?) Mine isn’t as big or as interestingly shaped as yours, but I’m still happy with it! I get to have a lovely foyer table and mirror and a place to greet and say adieu to guests (now I just need the guests πŸ™ )

    You did a lovely job with yours and I love your idea for a library. I’ve always wanted one too. I recently saw a show on HGTV about a man in Texas who has 40 acres and actually built a library on her property! Several universities use it as their main source for materials; he specializes in ancient and biblical texts! It was awesome. I hope you can catch that program some time, I know you’d like it. He even has a 1/2 scale train that runs the property and a train depot!

  90. Pam ~ Crumpty Cottage says

    *Not to self* — proofread EVERY comment. “His property,” lol.

    And I forgot to mention, I have light golden floors too and love them. There are so many beautiful stains and dark floors can be quite dramatic and lovely also, but the light floors just seem sunnier and cheerier to me. πŸ™‚

  91. Pam ~ Crumpty Cottage says

    Oh my gosh! I did it again! PROOFREAD, Pam.

    *note* Heee … I need a little embarrassed smiley here.

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