Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

Welcome to the 211th Metamorphosis Monday!

I have had so much fun reading your comments on the Downton Abbey Personality Quiz.  Y’all know your characters and your reactions to the quiz results were too funny!  The comments kept me laughing all weekend as more and more folks took the quiz and left a comment.  Thanks to Derrick (aka Lord Grantham) for humoring me and choosing the foxhunt/cigar/billards room answer.   🙂

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Here’s a video with more info about 2-step verification: 2-Step Verification Video.

Metamorphosis Monday:

My friend, Michael, author extraordinaire and the fabulous blogger at Rattlebridge Farm, is knee deep in a bathroom renovation and she needs your help.  Last year she and her hubby purchased this beautiful home.  The renovations on the outside are getting close to being finished…just needs shutters, a new window above the porch and a few final touches.  As soon as the outside is complete, I’ll post a follow-up post so you can see how the exterior was finished.  If you missed the previous post showing the “Before” and the plans for the exterior, you’ll find it here:  A Dramatic Porch Renovation

Painted Brick Home with White Front Porch

Michael is currently working on the master bath and she is facing some tough decisions.  I told her you guys are awesome at making suggestions and that we would help her brain-storm the problems she has run into during her renovation.

First off, let me show you how the bathroom looked when Michael purchased the home.  The walls were painted yellow…kind of hard to see in the pics.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom, Before Pic

Michael moved the mirrors you see here to another location in the home since she has different plans for the mirrors in this space.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom, Before Pic

Recently, Michael had her bathroom walls painted.  The color is “Macadamia”  and she said “it has a green base, and it did muffle the orange elements in the tile.”

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

About the paint color she said, “In person, it looks passable, but a little “off. The floor tiles aren’t quite so orange in real life. Photos seem to pull out the color.”

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

Another view…

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

Michael said, ”  In some places, like next to the tub, the paint is almost too matchy-matchy. In other places, the paint is a little “off.”  I’m wondering if the color will look different once Michael has her window treatments in place.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

Michael has considered painting her cabinets a color called “Thatch Brown” shown below.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

Inspiration Room from Restoration Hardware

Michael fell in love with the sconces and mirror you see below at Restoration Hardware.  Michael said, “I’ve ordered a wooden mirror from Restoration Hardware and two rather big sconces.”

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

Michael added, “I think the sconces are going to be too big. I love the mirror (it’s here–I haven’t put it up), but I’ll have to try and match the paint on the vanity.  Or, break down and buy the Restoration Hardware vanity (the tile on the floor doesn’t extend under the present counters, so I would have to have more tile installed.”

For clarification, I asked Michael what she would be matching to the vanity and she said, the wall paint, if she does repaint.  So, she’s thinking of repainting the walls to possibly match closer to the the color of the RH mirror and vanity.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation

One last inspiration picture from Restoration Hardware…

Restoration Hardware Inspired Bathroom Renovation


Michael needs your help:

Michael wants to know what you think.  What would you do in this bathroom based on her inspiration pics above.  She already has the mirror and the sconces and is thinking of buying the vanity if she really needs to, since she’s concerned how the mirror will look with her existing cabinets or if she can find a good color for her existing cabinets.

Please leave your suggestions for Michael, she wants to hear them all and greatly appreciates your help. 

Here’s a summary of how Michael sees some of the problems she’s facing and a few solutions she is considering:

The Problems:
* The floor tile and the tile in the shower and around the tub do not match. The floor has black inserts, and the inserts around the tub/shower are blue, almost navy. I can’t rip it out due to the budget.

* Can’t remove the odd-looking tub. Was installed by previous owner, and it’s a pricey “soaker” tub. Too wasteful to remove it.

* Counter tops (granite or granite-like) don’t match tiles. Might be able to get a lighter counter and repurpose counters in the laundry room or upstairs baths. But will push the budget.

* The layout is unbalanced. The tub and vanity are crammed together. I don’t like how the vanity on the other wall eats up the space. The shower/tub end is heavy; the other side is light.  It will almost be worth it to buy RH cabinets and have tile installed!!! However, I have no guarantee that this will fix the problem.

* Can’t find a paint that works with the tile. I have tried. I don’t want to go darker, as the rest of the house is creamy white/neutral. The SW Macadamia is almost too dark for me.

Possible Solutions:
*Buy an inexpensive rug and cover the tile.

*Add plantation shutters to deal with the clash of east and north light, which makes the paint color look “off” in one end of the room.

*Make the large, arched window the focal point. Build a divider between the tub and vanity. An architectural arch or open shelves.

* Wait and see if the RH mirror and sconces work. If they do, deal with the vanity and tile.

*Move deeper in the neutral direction. Add a creamy white mirror and paint the vanities cream. Add sparkle with a chandelier.

*Have the carpenter build a divider between the tub and the vanity.


I’m so dreading the day I renovate my baths because the decisions can feel so overwhelming at times.  Thanks so much for helping Michael with your ideas.  She is eagerly waiting to hear your suggestions.

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Hi Susan: If Michael paints the cupboards in a darker color and the walls too, it is too much beige/brown. Somewhere there has to be a lighter color to pick this up. I could not really see the colors in the counter top to judge whether it should be the cabinets which should be painted in the lighter color. Personally, if the walls are going to be brown and the floor is beige/brown, I would paint the woodwork/cabinets/mirrors in an off cream, which helps them pop against the brown walls. The same color shutter blinds would work too.
    Other than re-tiling the floor which seems to be the nemesis here, paint is the only way to go. The eye will be drawn to the walls and cupboards, rather than the floor. It would be cheaper to change the counter tops than the floor.

  2. Remodels can be so hard! So many decisions to make. I’m sure whatever she decides the outcome will be gorgeous!

  3. Gosh, I love this bathroom,you could hold a dance in there!!!! I like the wall color, would love to see you go deeper into the neutrals using more texture like linen/burlap…….too expensive to replace cabinets and counters etc., and wasteful. I’d remove the smaller window all together and put in a shelf unit/cabinet…..there’s room there for a chaise or a large bench with cushion….I love the floor. Perfect room for brass!!! Or, copper!!! Good luck with this one…..I know it’ll be to die for when you gals are done!!!

  4. What would I do? Probably bring a sofa in this bathroom and invite my friends for tea… I mean the space is about the size of my living-room!
    I believe you can never go wrong with painting the cabinets white and see if it goes with the mirror. You can always repaint them in a bolder colour if you like later on.
    I’ve never tried it but paint for the tiles exist and maybe you can fix the tile problem by painting the navy one with black to make them match. It’s worth the try, don’t you think?
    You could also try white on the walls, just to see how it goes with the tiles.
    Good luck with your decisions and I hope we’ll be invited for tea when the bathroom is finished!

  5. I’ve gotta think about this…but one thing’s for sure, I can’t wait to see the finished space!
    Thanks for hosting Susan

  6. I wish I had the problem bathroom…mine are about the size of a phone booth. I would check into having the tiny little off color (blue) tiles taken out and replaced with black. Keeping the cabinetry that she has except adding a darker glaze/stain over and lightening the walls. I would add plantation shutters and would have to see how the lights would look. The cabinetry looks shorter than the RH cabinet. If so then raise the cabinetry.

  7. Susan,
    Renovation problems seem to strike the budget more in bathrooms than any other project.
    Michael is certainly facing some hugee dilemnas. Here we did a whole “gutting” of the bathrooms as not one thing was salvagable. Looking a big budget items…I would probably keeep the tile. Good luck to your friend!!!
    Our progress is s l o w in updating Studio One, but I should see some MAJOR progress this week. Supplies have arrived!!!
    Thanks for hosting Metamorphsis Monday each week, dear friend!!!

  8. If she is going to paint the cabinets with the color suggested, she needs to lighten the walls, something creamier. Then I think the mirror and sconces will work very nicely! Gorgeous bathroom!

    Thanks for hosting today;)


  9. Thanks for the advice on the 2 step verification. I’m going to check it out now!

  10. Thanks for the party Susan! As for Michael’s bathroom, I wish I had good advice but I have had some paint horror stories due to changing light and it looking different from the sample. I would try going more neutral and adding some sparkly light as you listed. She can always bring in more color/richness with changeable accessories!

  11. It is going to be GORGEOUS, no matter which way ML goes! I wouldn’t dream of offering any advice but I sure hope we get to see the AFTER photos.

    Thanks for hosting MM, Susan.
    Warm Hugs,

  12. Stop fighting the colors of the tile and distract from them with accessories! I would paint the walls white. I know it sounds boring, let’s add the whole picture together. I’m not a huge fan of the mirrors you picked out, I would go with something that has more of a flat frame – in a dark brown stain. This will bring out the look of the light sconces you’ve chosen – which I love by the way. I would also rework your cabinets to bring out a darker (brown) stain look. Add in a chair in the large blank corner between the windows, such as…,default,pd.html?cgid=wicker_furniture. Add on the “Calliope Deluxe Cushion-Moss”, with this embroidered pillow:,default,pd.html. Then put an ottoman/storage piece next to the faucets of the tub as another piece to separate it from the sink, such as: This will not only act as an extra storage piece (great for kids bath toys), but also a great place to lay your towel, bathrobe, or set a candle on for a little extra ambiance while in the tub. For the vanity, add the Isaac Ottoman in Red (also by Pier 1) – this may be too round – but great color! Or add in this piece for the vanity – it’s fabulous: Now….add in accessories such as a 12-18 inch tall vased decorative reed arrangement and candles along the top of the 1/2 wall between the sink and tub…an inexpensive way to make a visual wall. Also – the final touch should be the towels…bring in some wonderful colors that you can pull from the pillow on the chair…such as these: – check out the deep red! I would also purchase these: … in teal. It’s difficult to tell whether the colors would work together with the chair pillow – always best to bring your accent item with you when purchasing. In my own bathroom, we hung towel hooks for each person in our family – which totals 5 – this way the beautiful towel colors became a part of the decor! Enjoy! I hope it all comes together!

  13. I can’t see changing the vanity cabinet to the Restoration Hardware one, which would be very costly on all levels since the tile flooring wouldn’t match the footprint any longer. The cabinetry she has is very nice quality, and the finish is quite nice.
    The RH mirror is very rustic. I think the sconces will help tie the vanity together because their shade color is similarly colored to the vanity and the rustic look of the sconces works with the rustic nature of the mirror. The bathroom is large and it seems like the setting can handle the size of the sconces.
    The wall color appears like it should go well with the RH mirror but I’d have to see it leaned up against the wall so I could see it near the countertop and vanity before I could decide.
    She could have the little blue accent on those tiles painted black, so it will tie into the flooring. There are epoxy paints for tub and tile that should do it. That would be a super simple cost effective fix for that issue.
    An etagere or one of those tall bath cabinets by RH in the left corner would bring some height in and may help give a sense of balance to the room.

  14. Finding the right “neutral” can be one of the hardest colors to find! I would not decide on the paint until I had the window coverings up. A neutral will change dramatically with the light! Good luck to your friend! Thanks for hosting! Life to the full, Melissa

  15. Thanks so much for hosting! Clearly, I’m the wrong person to give advice, because I thought the starting point looked really good. Of course that could be my jealousy over the size of her bathroom. My postage stamp sized bathroom seems so tiny compared to her huge bathroom!
    Have a great week.

  16. I really think this is a lovely bathroom, but with the dark tile pops you have, you need to introduce some more dark colors to make it work. I recently redid one of our bathroom cabinets using the tutorial from this website to stain the cabinet a dark “mocha” color, and I have to say, I am THRILLED with the result. (And my cabinets were not oak like in the tuturial, but a color very similar to the one in this post.) I am thinking of doing our master bathroom now, I love it so much. I would also look into adding another fun piece of furniture (dark colored as well) in that empty corner, to balance out the two heavy sides. Perhaps a fun antique chair, or even a dark bakers rack or tall corner shelving unit, with stacks of bright white towels… For about $50 in supplies, it is at least worth a try. It is so much less expensive than replacing cabinets, and if you don’t love it, you could always sand, prime, and repaint.

  17. I have spent the last hour trying to get my cellphone (where I recieve gmail) set up with the 2nd step verification and now have now lost my email on my cell phone. I have gone through all of the steps 3 times and now when I open my gmail on my android it is not authenticating!! I am now walking away and will attempt this again later. I cringe when I now realize just how often I actually do get email via my phone. I see a trip to the phone store in my near future.

  18. What a great space to work with. I would paint the vanities black for drama. I think all the neutrals work together, but it’s hard to tell from the computer monitor. A big overstuffed, slipcovered chair in the corner with a small table and lamp or floor lamp. I’d love to see dramatic fabric on the chair, accesorize and I think the whole thing will come together. Other options, white linen on the chair with a pop of color on the pillow. Get the wall color right, accesorize with pillows, lamps, wall decor, towels.. the room will be gorgeous.

  19. HI Susan and Michael: In my professional opinion the bathroom is floating with the vast tile floor. Consider painting the cabinets a charcoal gray/black this will help to anchor the floors with the wall space. You should still be able to use the mirror and sconces if not too big. The mirrors should be an accent. The small blue tiles around the tub can be removed with a dremel tool and replaced with black or just painted. There are paints you can use on tile.
    The wall paint needs to be darker then the tile. You need the contrast, this can still be neutral but look for a darker value. There is so much light and consider the paint as frame work for windows, and any art you use.
    I agree you need a chaise/bench and window coverings. Plantation Shutters are beautiful but a budget buster and in a bathroom I would go with plastic if the bathroom gets steamy. Really Sillhouette blinds and valances would give you more softness in a room that is all hard surfaces. Also a sisal or wool rug would be fabulous in there and help warm up the space. Would love to tackle this myself you have very good bones. Hope this helped. Good Luck.

  20. Love the inspiration pics and the fabulous size of the bathroom. Love the idea of a divider with open shelves. Also, an big ottoman in the vanity area would be amazing – with a rug underneath.

  21. Thanks for hostessing the party!


  22. Thanks for hosting Susan.


  23. Paint always becomes a problem when the base of the paint is a different color than the flooring. For instance, if a carpet or tile has a yellow base and the paint a red base they will clash even if they are both in the beige family. Michael can change the paint base to match the flooring or she could go with a very soft LIGHT dove gray which would pick up the color in the granite (which looks gray in these pics) and also go with the black and navy disparate tiles. I agree with the lady above who said “see if you can have a tile installer remove the navy tiles and replace them with black” – IF that ‘s a budget friendly option. If not, the gray would solve the problem as it works with both the black and the navy.

    Paint is the least expensive “fix” , so I would start with that before proceeding with any other decisions.


  24. Remodels can definitely be a pain but at least she has a particular style in mind. That makes it easier. She should definitely invest in the Restoration hardware vanity. She will not be able to get her current one to look anything like it. The other option would be to find an old dresser and turn it into a vanity. Strip the finish and pickle the wood, but that is project for a true DIYer. The wall color is off and sadly the only correction is to repaint. I would suggest a light gray it will offset the pinky beige tile. The current wall color is fighting against the tile too much. A gray would work with it better. It’s either that or replace the tile (which is a huge job and very expensive). I wish her luck and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  25. Beautiful sized bathroom! As far a colours go, has she tried the ‘chip-it’ feature on the Sherwin Williams website as it may assist her in her choice of colour palette. (I am a firm believer that under-tones play a major role and when it comes to computer generated images, one cannot really tell what they are.)Regarding the mismatch of black and navy accent tiles, I would be tempted to try and paint those in the tub area to co-ordinate with the black ones in the flooring prior to installing any separating wall.
    Good luck Michael on the reno but I am sure what ever you choose will be beautiful. Concentrate on the fixed elements and it will all come together. -Brenda-
    P.S: Just don’t put yellow beside pinky beige or it will look dirty…☺).

    • Correction: Re my P.S: — Should have read ‘YELLOW BEIGE’ beside (or paired) with pinky beige or it will look dirty. (The same applies to Gold-beige or orange-beige next to pinky beige.) -Brenda-

  26. Beautiful bathroom! The vanities are stylistically just fine, but need to be painted or stained a darker color, maybe to match the mirror you have selected. This would anchor the room, neutralize the flooring, and frankly add some visual interest. I’m afraid the color you already picked out for the cabinets is a little too light. The wall color, howver, looks just fine to me. It’s backdrop, not the main event. Add some natural fiber window coverings and a big rug. Use accessories to build a barrier between the tub and sink. Tuck a big chair and beautiful picture in the corner and your done! Good luck!

  27. It is hard for me to relate to a bathroom that big!!! Mine are tiny. I like the idea of the plantation shutters and adding a rug. Thanks you so much for hosting, Laura

  28. This bathroom is gorgeous just the way it is. The home is gorgeous and the owner is certainly very blessed. As am eclectic person (especially when it comes to decorating), I would prefer so see something that shows the personality of the owner. I really dislike picture perfect dyed to match sterile as an emergency room homes that reflect excellent decorating tastes but show nothing of the love and warmth of the family that lives there. Who cares if the paint is a little off in color because of the windows? What is the owners’ favorite colors? Do they like antiques? Art Deco? Modern?
    One of the greatest compliments I ever got was from an office friend who when entering my small flat (but it did have a foyer) exclaimed “Even if I were not here with you, I would know instantly that this is your home. It screams Jacque from every inch of it”. That was 40 years ago and I have lived in many places since then but I always remember what that co-worker said and I always try to show me in every room. A home is not made from tile or paint or sconces – it is made with the smiles and laughter inside. Enjoy this beautiful home and your family as after you are gone no one will remember what color tile or paint you used in your bathroom.

    • I couldn’t have said it better! I’m very eclectik, too! From an artist’s standpoint, I can’t live with shades of beige and the best advice I can give is to liven up your house with the colors you wear! You will always look good in your home, because it’s just another accessory for you! *lol* Why are so many folks afraid of color? I would love to see a mint wall with black distressed cabinets and punches of color in the accessories! Of course that’s just me…

  29. Sometimes trying to work with what you have is more of a headache than it’s worth and ends up costing more in the end than just ripping out what doesn’t work and putting in what DOES work. I don’t think Michael will ever be truly happy with her bathroom unless she gets rid of what she doesn’t like.

    From the sound of it, the main problems are the orangey floor tiles and mismatched countertops. If Michael and her husband are handy, they could remove the floor tiles themselves and install new tiles and it wouldn’t be that expensive to do (depending on the tiles that they choose). Also, there’s so much beige in the room and all the different shades are competing with each other. I’d paint the vanities cream rather than bringing in another shade of beige. And a greeny-grey on the walls that works with the shower & tub tiles would cut the beige too.

    Good luck to Michael!

  30. Dear Michael,
    How I love a challenge… I can’t help wondering if the original owner/builder had a plan in mind re the choices of tile colors, but in any event, I wouldn’t let the difference bother me. A faux oriental, drapery fabric and/or upholstery fabrics can bring those colors into harmony… How many mirrors are you putting up? I can see the need for two plus one for the vanity. I am wondering if the RH mirrors are too angular??? I like the vanities, but I would change out the countertops and maybe the plumbing fixtures and reconsider something warmer (like a burnished metalic) and curvier for the mirrors). Several people have mentioned adding in various furniture pieces for that difficult big corner area and almost all have suggested something round… I think we are all seeing the need to soften the angles of the room.
    Re paint colors, it is hard to match a color when there is so much light from different sources, the question seems to be how does/would the color look when the windows are shaded and/or how does it look at night? Consider checking out the Donald Kaufman Color Collections, very pricy, but truly magical in the way they make our eye perceive color. Since a bathroom, even this one is a relatively small area to paint, the cost is do-able and the ahh factor is amazing, think soothing, relaxing and as I said, AHHH… Can’t wait to see the final result. In the end your good taste will have us all saying AHHH I’m sure. All the best, SheilaC

  31. Thank you Susan for the 2 step verification advice as well as hosting today!

    As for the bathroom, it is a great space with tons of room! Sometimes more room can make it much more difficult to renovate. If it were my space, I personally would lighten the walls to a cream color to tone down the tile color. I would also definitely add plantation shutters on the inside. I think they can make a window pop and with the amount of windows in this space it would add some nice detail. I would also paint the cabinets a darker tone. The mirrors she likes need to be balanced and with a darker base and lighter background I think they’d look nice. She needs some dark in the space so it won’t be washed out. Right now it looks a little too blended. I would also add a nice tall bathroom cabinet into that empty corner, either a white or fun color that would tie into her master bedroom colors. A round rug to go between the two vanities and a vanity chair with a middle high back. So many different ways to go. Just remember for the fixtures, wall paint, rugs, cabinets….if she doesn’t like it, she can always return them and try something new. One thing I definitely not do is build a wall between the tub and the vanity…it will make it feel too closed off. Also for the vanity area, I would do a nice build in shelving unit in the place of the mirror that was there, just have a mirror over the sink and then have counter vanity mirrors in the vanity location with some vanity top organizers.
    Look forward to see what gets done! I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  32. As I already stated, a gray would go great in there with the pinky-beige tile, but if you don’t like gray, a blush colored paint, a neutral with red undertones (look at something like Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball, mixed at 80%) would go great in here. Also you definitely need a chaise lounge or something in that corner.

  33. Knowing how Micheal is such a perfectionist in everything she does, from her gorgeeous tablescapes, to her books, to her wonderful home…I am feeling that Michael may order that vanity….It seems like she is in love with that Restoration Hardware bathroom and I say go for the RH look as you love it!!!…I so love that total look!

    • I agree Shirley. I love that look, also.
      As you know, I’ve followed the renovation of your home, Michael. I’ve also enjoyed your other home. You are brilliant. I know whatever you decide will be amazing.

  34. Susan – I am so glad I found your site. I took to heart your advice on 2-step verification and am so thankful you gave that very important warning. Though my blog is only months old I would be sooo . . . upset if I lost it due to some nasty hacker. Love what your friend is planning for her bathroom and the paint color for the cabinets will be lovely if she goes with it. I’ve joined your party this week and I’m also your newest follower. Hugs to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  35. Thanks so much for hosting! I am a newbie blogger and this is my first post I ever linked!

  36. Once again, Susan I am not able to link up. It says I don’t have a link back BUT when I click on my link in my post it does bring me here????? As for Michael’s bathroom. I wish I could see it in person. I love the SIZE of the bathroom but agree that the shower area does look “heavy”, as you said. But I bet she can balance things out with accessories etc. I LOVE the RH mirror and sconces and don’t think they will be too big. I am guessing she will end up orderig the vanity, since she doesn’t want to go darker. That would have been my solution for paint….darker XO, Pinky

    • Pinky, right click on your link and copy it to the address bar and look at it. It’s for and its directing you back to the .net address. In links won’t recognize that old blog address.

  37. That bathroom is as big as my living room and kitchen put together LOl what a house !! wonderful

    I just showed a small make over I did this last

  38. I meant to say my make over I did this last week . I love coming over here

  39. Susan, I think the first thing Michael needs to do is contact one of your fellow bloggers, Maria Killam, the go to color guru in all the land. She has studied undertones for years and can help minimize conficting undertones in any room. Her address is She does long-distance consultations.

    FWIW I have no relationship with Maria except reading her blog.

  40. I want to add one more thing…..IF Michael prefers a totally neutral palette, even if she goes with a cream colored paint, make sure the BASE color in the cream is the same as the floors and the cabinets. Start with matching the tile, as that’s a given and has to stay. Michael, you can always paint the cabinets a darker color, but make sure the BASE color is the same as the walls and the flooring. If you’re not sure, ask whoever is mixing the paint color what colors go into the paint “recipe”. Hope I made this clear enough.

  41. Thanks for hosting! I love your bathroom inspiration photos. And thanks so much for sharing about Google! I just switched my log in! Thanks so much 😉
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  42. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Lots of great ideas here!! I’m going back to re-read all of your comments. Thanks so much for writing them. And thank you, Susan, for the beautiful presentation and for featuring my bathroom on Met Monday.

  43. Susan, Thanks for the heads up about the 2 step verification. I followed the instructions and it works!

  44. Thank you so much for hosting Susan, a renovation is so exciting, thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  45. Climb in that bathtub, lean back and ask yourself, what do I want to see in here. what would be pleasing to me? It will give you a perspective difference than standing in the room or the doorway.
    1. Regarding the slant wall/vanity space: do you actually plan to use the little dressing table/makeup station, as that is a definitely a girl space, or will you be dusting that on a regular basis? Can it be taken our without destroying the connected vanity? (The NancyDrew in me wonders what is behind the slanted wall)
    2. If you love said space, I can imagine a darling upholstered vanity chair or stool to be a great added touch, and the idea of a chair or the RH tall storage in the empty between N and E windows corner would have enough substance to hold that corner in place.
    3. I am all about light, so that big over tub window could be something special. My green thumb sister(she who can grow any.thing.) says use that wall between tub and vanity for some lovely ivy &/or airplants…I thought she said airplanes but there is an “air plant”. I say glass block divider, so that light comes through and tub feels cozier. Glass block repeats the square in your trim tile, always neat and clean. Definitely get the blue accent tile piece out/replace or paint black.
    4. If your windows are not facing developed property, you could do window treatments that leave the top row of panes uncovered, again, I love the light.
    5. Regarding color, I always spend a small fortune on paint samples. One of the best colors I was introduced to came from a wonderful painter/stainer who did a lot of custom homes, so if you have access to one of those talented people you might ask.
    6. We will all look forward to the outcome 🙂

  46. Hi Susan,

    I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for this bathroom. So many questions and decisions — I’m not sure where to start. 🙂 It will be fun to see how it turns out; I’m sure Michael will come up with a pretty solution for this room.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the tip and warning about our g-mail accounts. You’re so good to keep us updated on these issues! I had no idea — I’ll have to check into it right away! Gosh, what next?

    Thank you for hosting Met Mondays, Susan, and have a great day.


  47. Gorgeous bath and great natural light. I agree with others – go with cream walls, cream rug, buy the two mirrors and paint the cabinets to match the mirror frame. Even though you don’t have white coutertops to bring in the color of the tub – you have white mullions on the windows.
    1. ELECTRical: cap the 5th sconce near the vanity area.
    2. After Patching electrical area: Paint window Trim, crown and base the color of mirror frame which will match the cabinets and surround on tub. NOTE: leave window mullions white! It will unify everything. The cream wall color should be the same color as sconce shade.
    3. CABinets: Purchase tall unit for the far end (as in inspiration room) and paint tall unit to match other cabinets. I’m big fan of upper storage in bath for perfumes, makeup etc…so it doesn’t stay on the counter and is eye height.
    4. Furniture: A small bench under the long wall and a small backless seat under the vanity area to finish it out.
    5. ART: Tall bold rectangular art work on the angled wall with high vase over small drawer area to weight the area.

  48. I find the older I get the calmer I want my environment. I will not advise since the reason I read Michael and your blog is for help. I actually love the bathroom as is except for the navy/black combination. I am a little curious about how that combination came about, but if I had that bathroom, I would be smiling. I will be anxiously waiting to see how Michael resolves her dilemma. Thank you for sharing the process.

  49. Thank you for sharing the renovation process. Reading all the comments is fun and informative.
    Since there are numerous comments regarding color I am focusing on the area between the tub and vanity.
    I can imagine a metal piece such as a beautiful old gate hanging in the space. Along with the visual interest the space would be divided but not “blocked”. I look forward to seeing your finished home.

  50. Rattlebridge Farm says

    More great ideas to ponder! Thank you!

  51. Thank you so much for letting us know about 2 step verification!!!

  52. I would call Maria Killam ( I think she might be able to come up with a solution to Michael’s problem.

  53. This is a beautiful bathroom and seems to have fabulous natural light! But, it needs contrast!! Too much neutral is boring. I say, paint the walls a lighter, creamier color (like the RH inspiration photos) and the cabinets the darker color. The cabinets are beautiful, not dated or too plain or fancy. I wouldn’t replace them, seems a waste of money. I love the counter tops as well. Also, as mentioned above, paint the little blue tiles black. There are plenty of directions on the internet. I would like to know what Michael has in mind for the window coverings. Needs a good pattern and some texture. A white fluffy rug would make it a soft space as well as the towels. Please show us the finished room! Thank you.

  54. The bathroom I know will be fabulous. Thanx for hosting!

  55. Thanks so much for hosting!

  56. That is a gorgeous home!! I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom. Wow, that’s a huge bathroom. Thank you so much for another awesome party!! 🙂


  57. Thanks for the 2 step verification tip. I did that today 🙂
    Marty@Marty’s Musings

  58. That bathroom can be made beautiful

    what a “To die for ” bathroom! It is screaming for Navy and Gold~~~give it what it wants, Paint the walls Canvas Tan-Sherwin Williams. Paint the cabinets navy blue, big oval mirrors trimmed out in the color of gold found in leopard skin. Do the curtains in same color. Please do a chaise lounge in the corner , navy and gold, do some black accessories and add a huge peacock painting on the wall over the tub. Do away with towel racks. Put up a see thru shelf on the ledge dividing the sink and tub, for towels candles, interest. And really a tree and smaller plants must go in front of the glass shower enclosure. give that bathroom a little sex appeal and some life! that bathroom in the pictures showed signs of death. Live it up in there, make it cheerful, alive and love it!


  59. Hi Susan: Thank you for hosting the party today. I like the idea of a chandelier in the bathroom that is being remodeled.

  60. Susan, I cannot wait to see the completed space! I’m sure it is going to be fantastic. Anyhoo, thank you for hosting and have a pretty week! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  61. So many great ideas are coming in! In my SO unprofessional opinion 😉 , I think the room is starting to look too monotone with all the beige/brown colors. Because the vanity countertops are so dark, I would go with a light creamy color for the vanities. I think the colors on the walls are okay. They are a tad darker than the ones in the RH inspiration photo but I like them. I think that once she gets her curtains and shutters (I would SO use them) on the windows, I think that the “off” color will go away.
    I love the idea of a chandelier but really don’t care for the sconces that are shown. Yes, she needs something in that blank corner. Maybe a large, open, corner cabinet where she could not only store towels, etc, but also display some pretty pieces…vases, small sculptures, etc. And I am leaning towards some type of architectural element on that half wall next to the bath. Something like a scroll work piece or stained glass window (my preference). All of these details would add such interest to this large room.
    And…I would most definitely use some type of rug! Using a contrasting color (pick a color from the curtains to bring contrast) would not only anchor the room but give it some much needed warmth.
    Lastly, paint over the little tiles (black or navy) that she doesn’t like. An easy, inexpensive fix. Well, that’s my two cents worth. Keep us posted on how she finishes the room!

  62. Paint the tile floor professionally, then the palate will be wide open.

  63. Has she looked into the Rust o leum transformation products for the countertops. They also have products for the cabinets and I don’t know about the floor. I have a very good painter (an true artist) and he has done floors with paint and epoxy and it really holding up. I would check Angie’s List and see if you can get advice from a really good painter. I covered my Formica with transformations and used more coats of epoxy and it’s going on 3 years and I have a couple chips on the edge and I am going to have them fixed, but I get so many compliments on the countertops and they look like granite. Working on a tight budget makes us creative.

  64. I’ve been keeping up with MLWest renovation @ Rattlebridge,It is always lot mind-boggling decisions,but I know what ever she decides her home will be beautiful.I’ve read several of her books and she is fantastic author with smart wit and funny too….she will not disappoint us readers,can’t wait to see what she decides.

  65. Theoretically by using a green based color it will only make the red/orange more pronunced. When ever you want to make something not stand out you paint it in the same color family as the object you are trying to ignore, in this case the tile. Instead of contrast go more monochromatic so there is a blending quality. That is what is attractive about the RH bathroom, However it is in a whole different color family. Pull some chips that match the flooring and then go on either side of that chip for a neutral color. I would tend to go lighter rather than darker on the walls, but NOT white that is so opposite of the look you are going for. If I am correct you are going for a smooth, creamy monochromatic look. Good luck, Michael. Wish I had the tile and I would do a color match for you.

  66. PS, I am only going on what I see on the monitor varies the color and I understand that, but look at Benjamin Moores Litchfield gra y HC-78, it is a warm gray and also bradstreet beige HC-48

  67. PSS one more BM Putnam Ivory HC-39 not too gray nor too pink, right in the middle.

  68. My two cents worth…Remove the little tiles , replace with black. Are both vanities staying? Assuming they are – paint very dark brown, almost a black. Repaint the walls. SW offers it’s neutral line of paints in warm and cool. I was able to find a perfect cross between light taupe and cream for my living room where I had the same window light problem. Remove the makeup desk and drawers on the one vanity. Use the sconces; along with the large mirrors, they should help balance the room. Somewhere on the opposite end of the room from the tub and shower use an antique piece with some open storage for accessorizing. Think about either cut to order soft wool jute rugs in both areas or a muted oriental in the vanity side that will hide some of the floor as well as soften the room. I think that trying to separate the tub and vanity with any sort of wall might add to the off- balance feeling of the room. Good luck and when you finish your room will you please come help me with mine? I have been working on a design (and tearing my hair out) it for a year.

  69. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Kathy Sue, thank you for the paint ideas. I’m going to look at my BM fan deck. Iris, thanks. I’m going to try a dark brown on the cabinets and see what happens. I don’t want to add to the imbalance in any way. The mirror and one sconce was put up today. It’s clear that the sconces need to be higher–but I do love the mirror! Susan, thank you for everything! This has been fun and helpful. xxoo

  70. Susan, I cannot wait to see the completed space!

  71. One of the greatest compliments I ever got was from an office friend who when entering my small flat (but it did have a foyer) exclaimed “Even if I were not here with you, I would know instantly that this is your home. It screams Jacque from every inch of it”. That was 40 years ago and I have lived in many places since then but I always remember what that co-worker said and I always try to show me in every room. A home is not made from tile or paint or sconces – it is made with the smiles and laughter inside. Enjoy this beautiful home and your family as after you are gone no one will remember what color tile or paint you used in your bathroom.

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