Restoration Of Historic Ski Cabin In Switzerland

Welcome to the 270th Metamorphosis Monday!

Do you have your passport handy? We’re heading off to Switzerland this morning to visit our friend, Cornelia! Cornelia has invited us on a tour of her historic 1853 ski cabin located in the Swiss mountains. It’s was being restored all last summer and was done in time for this past winter’s ski season.

You’ve heard of ski-in and ski-out? This cabin is the epitome of a ski-in-ski out cabin! During the winter, the only way it can be reached is by riding up the mountain in a lift and skiing back down to the cabin. Groceries are delivered this way via backpack during the wintertime. It can be reached via a road during the summertime. I think I’d look like a hoarded come summertime. I would be seriously stocking up! 🙂

Historic Ski Cabin in Switzerland


I’m going to let Cornelia take us on the tour. (Cornelia’s words are the ones in quotation marks below.) Take it away Cornelia!

“The Maiensaess (that the proper name of this type of cabin) was built 1853 and used for agricultural purposes in the summertime. The shepherd would live there with his cows or goats.”

Ski Cabin in Switzerland Before Renovation 1_wm

“The ground floor was divided into a stable and a living/working part where the shepherd slept and made cheese of the milk. The first floor was used to store hay. The cabin is at 1680 m. We can drive up in the summer but in the winter it is in the middle of the ski slopes. You can only get there by ski. The property has also some wood, a stream, moor and lots of pasturage where the local farmers have their cows in summer.”

Ski Cabin in Switzerland Before Renovation 3


In this picture, restoration has begun. A new foundation is being added.

Historic Ski Cabin in Switzerland 309_wm


The old foundation was in a deteriorating condition.

Restoration and Renovation of Ski Cabin in Switzerland 4_wm


A photo from when a new roof was being added. You can see the little village below.

New Roof for Swiss Cabin


This was taken toward the end of the restoration/renovation process. All the work on the cabin had to be done during the summer months since it was the only time materials could be delivered to the cabin and the only time is was easily accessible by the workmen.

Restoration and Renovation of Ski Cabin in Switzerland 3_wm


I love the chalet style windows and working shutters! They remind me so much of the cute chalets featured on wonderful old cuckoo clocks.

Restoration and Renovation of Ski Cabin in Switzerland 5_wm


A view of some of the work being done inside on the lower level/ground floor.

Restoration of Ski Cabin in Switzerland


“The beams inside are the original wood dating back to 1853, they are fir wood For the rest we used more or less local timber and stones. The floors in the ground floor are made of local granite from Vals and fir tree.”

Restoration of Ski Cabin in Switzerland 2_wm


Let’s head upstairs and Cornelia will show us around there next.

Renovated Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland


This sofa is a sofa sleeper and is great for extra guests.

Ski Cabin Switzerland


Cornelia said the stove dates back to 1938 and was used in the smithy in the old little village nearby. Love that!

Ski Cabin with old Stove


Here’s a close up of it taken during construction. It’s made of lard stone, also called steatite.

1938 Stove in Ski Cabin


Love the dining area! Wonder what style lighting fixture Cornelia will choose for over the table?

Dining Area in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland 2


Cornelia continued out tour: “The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, a cooker, oven etc. Because the ceiling above the cooker is pretty low we could not use a cooker hood ventilation so we have a system which makes the steam escape by a vacuum downward.”

Kitchen in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland


Lots of great storage! Love the cabinetry!

Kitchen in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland 2


“The house has fresh drinking water from a source higher up in the mountains, we have electricity and even fiberglass cable connection for telephone, internet and TV. We are able to switch on and switch off the heating and the warm water by mobile phone. The heating is based on a wood stove and electric floor heating system. We have a utility room with a washing machine and a tumbler on the ground floor. There is also a room for storing wood and the skis.”

Dining Area in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland


“The cabin has two bedrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor.”

Bedroom in Ski Cabin


“This bedroom also has a sofa sleeper.”

Sofa Sleeper in Ski Cabin


The second bedroom…

Bedroom in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland


“There are two bathrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. In the ground floor bathroom we used mainly locale granite from vals.”

Bath in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland


“The first floor bathroom was made with Italian slate stone.”

Bath in Restored Ski Cabin in Switzerland (2)


Cornelia thanks so much for the taking us on a tour of this wonderful cabin!

Ski Cabin in Switzerland 3_wm


The views from the cabin are just amazing!

ki Cabin in Switzerland 15


Ski Cabin in Switzerland 1_wm


Cornelia and I’ll leave you with some lovely pictures and views from the cabin.

Ski Cabin in Switzerland


Ski Cabin in Switzerland


Looking forward to all the Before and Afters linked for this Met Monday!

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  1. Morning Susan, that’s an awesome cabin – I can just imagine the magestic views! Wonderful details – thank you for sharing this tour! I do appreciate you hosting,

  2. Very amazing, but a little too cold and isolated for me! I’m a beach girl! Thanks for the awesome Monday party Susan, and yay April!

  3. Fabulous renovation! I especially love those gorgeous old walls…

  4. Thanks so much for hosting each week, Susan! Have a lovely day.

  5. What a labor of love…gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Susan!…hugs…Debbie

  6. Thank you Susan for the tour of the cabin. Gorgeous views! And thank you for hosting!

  7. Susan,
    Magestic SNOW views!!!
    Thank you for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week, dear friend!!!

  8. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!
    And another big thank you for taking us on a trip to Switzerland. It’s gorgeous . . . and that cabin is dreamy!
    Have a great week,

  9. So fun to see an update on the cabin and how it has come along. It looks amazing! Thanks for hosting.

  10. What a cool restoration project!! Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!

  11. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Breathtaking views! Thanks so much to Cornelia for sharing. I love winter, so I would love being cozy and snug in that little cabin, high up in the mountains. Of course, I’d want to being in extra supplies via dogsled. 😉 I’m sure it’s absolutely beautiful in the summer, as well. There are probably wild flowers growing all over the mountain. What a breath of fresh air it would be to escape to a place like this. God really did make us a beautiful world.

  12. What a fairy land complete with cottage!! Just an incredible transformation and labor of love. MANY HAPPY TIMES TO COME!! Thanks for sharing! franki p.s. That stove is a treasure!!

  13. This tour was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it!! I know they will love all the memories that will be made there. Thanks for hosting Metamorphosis Monday.

  14. Rattlebridge Farm says

    A fantastic renovation in a magical place. Looking forward to spring, aren’t you? xxoo

  15. What a charming Ski cottage! I have always wanted to snow ski and what a great place for inspiration. Right now, I am afraid I would have to slide down the mountain to reach the cottage!

  16. What a beautiful home tour – I think my favorite part was that gorgeous stove!!!
    ( sorry I’m too sick of snow to be impressed by the view LMHO )
    Thanks so much for another wonderful party
    Hugs from Montreal,

  17. Wow, what a glorious restoration and new life for an historical cabin! All the seasons have so much to offer in terms of lifestyles and landscapes – I love them all. As for me, I’m in the garden now, and I’m sharing the details of our original zone 6-7 landscape plan for those who aspire to a new plan, or adding to an existing one. Thanks for hosting, Susan.

  18. What a beautiful transformation. Thanks so much for sharing it and for hosting Met Monday!

  19. Wow what a transformation! They did a great job on it. I like the rustic interior and how they left the old wood from the original cabin. What a great place to own and have for a retreat!

  20. Thanks for that fabulous tour, Cornelia and Susan! I was so happy to see that the original logs were still visible from the inside of the house. A super restoration!

  21. This is so beautiful…what a transformation! And lucky you to be able to visit : ) My sister is moving to Switzerland next month and I’m so looking forward to visiting her. Can’t wait to see all the beauty!
    Safe travels to you!

  22. Well, that is quite a renovation! Certainly beyond my DIY skills! 😉 Thanks for sharing and thanks for the party. Enjoy the week!

  23. What an incredible restoration project but so worth it for those fabulous views! A special thanks to Cornelia for sharing her piece of heaven with us!

  24. Wow! What an amazing restoration project! Thank you for sharing it and for hosting another wonderful party!

  25. Oh My! Now this is really a metamorphosis! What a wonderful place, and oh those views are spectacular. I loved seeing this. Thank you, Cornelia and Susan. laurie

  26. It has been such fun to follow along on the journey of transformation of this chalet.


  27. Amazing, and exciting for her family to have such a beautiful place. The views look like postcards! Congratulations on your beautiful home Cornelia!

  28. Wow! What a transformation! I especially like the walls on the interior upstairs – new and fresh, yet with the history!

  29. What a great renovation. My wife and I are hoping to do a similar project. Not to be nosey but I’d love to know the budget for such a project. We are interested in doing something in the Berner Oberland area that looks very much like the location of your chalet.

    • Jeff, I’m not sure. The chalet belongs to Cornelia who lives in Switzerland and she’s never mentioned what the budget was for that project. I have a feeling it was pretty expensive because they literally lifted it up and redid the foundation. I know they had to follow strict guidelines and get everything approved well in advance.

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