Restored 1912 Cottage with Beadboard Walls and Gorgeous Lake Views

As I get ready for bed this evening, this is what the thermostat in the upstairs part of my home reads. That’s a huge improvement over what it was all day yesterday and today, which was 90 degrees. It cooled down a bit after it rained today.

Midday on Sunday, the upstairs A/C ceased to work, it just gave up the ghost! I called my heating and air company right away and the person who answered said the first available appointment they could give me was for Wednesday, July 6th. I guess they don’t consider it a big priority if you still have one floor with working A/C. Hopefully I’ll have working air conditioning by tonight and can sleep in my own bed instead of on the sofa. I like my sofa, but not for sleeping.



In the meantime, let’s head for a place that’s much cooler, a wonderful cottage named Pinewold Cottage with waterside views. This cottage dates back to 1915 and was restored and freshened up by Whitten Architects in 2007. Previous owners had made some additions that weren’t well thought out and they took away from the home’s original beauty and function. All this was corrected during the restoration and renovation.

This Foursquare cottage gets much of its charm from it’s cedar-shingled exterior and fabulous wraparound porch.

Beautiful Lake Home


Such a fabulous porch and don’t you love those lanterns! I’m kind of surprised they didn’t opt for ceiling fans but maybe the breezes off the lake make those unnecessary.

Spacious Front Porch with Lanterns and Shed Style Roof


Inside you’ll find tons of cottage charm including hardwood flooring and beadboard walls.

Beadboard Paneling for Cottage Style Home


Love this sunroom and the wonderful built-in bookcases. Why don’t we build bookcases into our homes today? You just can’t beat the features like this found in an older home.

Built-in Bookcases, French Doors, Cottage Style


The kitchen has been updated, yet they managed to keep its original cottage feel. Love that! I also love the placement of the microwave, not too high and not too low. I’m guessing there are some wonderful views through those double windows over the sink.

White Kitchen, Painted Green Island, Pendant Lights, Black Countertops


I wonder if the butcher block countertop is original to the home? It appears to have been well-used and enjoyed over the years. I love how they left as much original character as possible when the home was restored/renovated.

White Cabinets, Butcher Block Countertop, Wolf Range, White Subway Tile


Another lovely feature that was left in this fabulous lake cottage is the built-in corner, china cabinet.

Cottage Home with Built-in Cabinetry


You’ll see beadboard walls throughout the home. I love this color green, it’s so soothing, so restful.

Beadboard Paneling, Floor to Ceiling


And then there’s this, the view! So, so wonderful!

Lake House


I bet someone enjoyed a fabulous 4th of July right here in this spot a few days ago!

Dining & Entertaining on Deck Overlooking Lake


Read more about this beautiful cottage at Whitten Architects website where these photos were found: Pinewold Cottage (Photography by Rob Karosis and interior design by Betsy McCue Train.)

Love a charming seaside cottage? This dreamy cottage is one of my faves.

A Dream Seaside Cottage


Love this room so much!  You’ll find the full tour of this beach home here: A Dreamy Seaside Cottage

Dreamy Cottage Bedroom


You’ll find other beautiful waterside homes I’ve featured previously here: Waterside Homes, or by clicking on the collage below.

What’s your idea of the ideal beach cottage? Where would it be located? With summer in full swing, I would love to spend a few days with my toes in the sand somewhere. 🙂

Beach, Lake and Waterside Homes



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  1. Oh my! What a beautiful house!!! I love the porches, and I agree old houses just have more character with their built in bookcases. I also love the gorgeous kitchen and beadboard bedroom. So pretty…. Thanks for sharing! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Linda Page says

    I would want this house to be my full time house and not just a weekend or holiday retreat. It is beautiful and looks so comfortable for relaxed living. So sorry about your upstairs A/C. That’s miserable but your couch does make a good bed. I know first hand!! Hope you get cool air today.

    • I hear ya! Who would ever want to leave! I’m glad you thought so when you broke your ankle and slept there but I definitely prefer a real bed. lol You have a trip coming up soon, right? 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I want a cottage (wah, wah, wah)!

  4. oh yeah, I could live there easily! The outside of the house is so well done. Love it!

    I don’t know how you are standing the heat! The humidity was awful here yesterday and our house was gross feeling by the afternoon. I am such a wimp. I need the house to feel cold!

    • I mostly stayed downstairs the last three days. They finally got out here today and repaired it. I was so mad because it was the same part they just replaced two years ago. They had no explanation for why other than to say that sometimes you just get a bad part, it’s the luck of the draw. So not only did I have to suffer with no air for three days, I had to pay all over again for the part and labor a second time.
      Needless to say I will never use this company again. Hard to believe they are on Angie’s List when this is how they do business.
      I now have a $248 paperweight in my office, the part they put in two years ago that last two whole years. Companies in Atlanta do not care if they lose your business because there’s so much business to be had. Makes me want to move away from Atlanta to a small city where hopefully people still take pride in their work, care about their customers and have some ethics.

      • I love Spencer’s Heating and Air. Have used them for 26 years. I think they work in most of Atlanta, certainly on the north side. Tell them I sent you if you decide to call them. I have had their maintenance contract for about the same length of time. I never go to Angie’s List for recommendations, but to friends.

        • Thanks, Ellen…I’ll check them out! I wonder if they service Trane furnaces and A/C’s. All my systems are currently Trane.

        • Everything is working fine again now, but I do want to plan ahead, so appreciate the recommendation.

          • Susan, I’ve never heard that they don’t service everything. My service guy was just telling me last week about how well they treat their employees – which we both know is the first rule of good customer service. He also said they are paid well, but only by the hour, not for parts or equipment they sell. For instance if the “board” only needs a small part, that’s what they’ll tell you. The servicemen don’t make any more money if you buy the whole board as opposed to just the small piece you really need. You could discuss those kinds of issues if you decide to call them. (I have no idea what the “board” is. haha!) Oh, and they’ll know me by Marty, I think.

  5. Oh Susan….I feel the heat and humidity you are suffering all the way up North here in the cool mountains of Pennsylvania! Sorry, but this is the price you pay for having mostly moderate, snowless winters in your part of the country. If that AC guy does not show up today, pack a bag and come on up and enjoy breeze-filled, dry days in the low 80’s with nights down into the mid fifties. Blanket nights! This is why I cannot leave the northeast and will suffer through the endless winters for the rare days we are experiencing now.
    I bet that wonderful water front cottage you have kindly shared is not far from here. Come on up! We’ll take a dip in the cool mountain streams
    nearby and sip a beer.

    • Alyce, it’s worth it. I love it here in Georgia and love hot weather. I hate being cold with a passion. My son and dil have encouraged me to move to Ohio where they are but I am dreading the thought of winters there. I’m just super cold natured so I would have to stay inside the entire winter. lol
      Okay, I’m on my way! 🙂

  6. Jo Oneal says

    Wonderful home! I would want to be there year round! Thanks for sharing.
    We have an AC unit down since Sunday and heat index will be 105 today. Thankfully, we have two others working so it isn’t too bad but the AC man will be here today. Stay cool and thanks for all the beautiful articles!

    • Jo, hope your A/C guy fixed yours today. It was in the 90’s here the last few days so I know exactly what you . It felt way hotter because of the humidity.
      I don’t know what I would have done if the A/C unit downstairs had gone out at the same time.

  7. What a beautiful home! It really pays to hire an architectural team that specializes in older home restoration, otherwise you might just get rooms that are renovated instead of restored.
    We have a cottage in a lovely beachside community. Most of the homes here are up on stilts and were built in the late 80’s. And though we’re not oceanfront, we can hear the waves from our front porch. However the roofer we hired a few weeks ago told us we had a slim waterview from up there in an upper left corner, which got us thinking of putting up a third level someday lol. You know, when we win the lottery – that “someday.”
    So far we’ve replaced the kitchen, bathrooms and completely changed the exterior, but tried to keep a cottage beach vibe with colors and decor. Exercising some bragging rights I’m happy to say our hard DIY work paid off as we won the annual curb appeal contest.
    PS: We replaced two HVAC units last year – both times in the summer in the south. I feel you!

    • Oh, that would be so cool to take advantage of that water view, Terri. I hope you win that lottery because I would love to see that addition!
      Wow, sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot! I still have to do all three of my baths. I’m not much of a bath person so I’ve put it off and done other things, but the baths are next on the list.
      Congrats on the winning the curb appeal contest! How cool is that!

  8. That’s a great house! I like everything about it!

  9. I have been listening looking for a light to put over my kitchen table for quite awhile & I love the one in this lakeside home. Any idea where to purchase it?

    • Pam, I’m not sure but you may want to contact Whitten Architects and ask. I bet they will be able to answer that for you. It’s a great light!

  10. Kathy Hammett says

    That “dreamy seaside cottage” has to be near Nantucket. The Nantucket basket, Claire Murray rug and the rest of interior design screams Nantucket. Dreamy describes it perfectly!

    • It’s in a place called Boothbay Harbor in Maine. Is that kinda close to Nantucket, Kathy? I don’t know that area very well, would love to visit one summer, though!

  11. Pardon my French but OM*G! That cottage is amazing. Absolutely everything I want in a house. I’ve bookmarked the architect’s page. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love that cottage. I could see myself on the porch with a great view and a breeze. If you think it’s hot in GA, try FL. My AC sounded like it literally fell apart inside when it broke. It’s H-O-T.

    • As bad as the humidity has been here, I can’t imagine what it’s been like there, Myrna! I hope you got that air working again. They just now finally got out here today to fix mine. It was the same part they fixed two years ago. Needless to say I’ll never use them again and will never refer them to anyone. 🙁

  13. Marlene Stephenson says

    My what a beauty. I love how they left all those old built-ins. Hope your foot is better and you get that air-conditioner running. I know it has been hot here in Okla.

    • Thanks, Marlene, it is much better. Only thing is I’ve gone from being in extreme pain to extreme itching. lol Actually, the itching is better today, but over the weekend, I was going nuts! Finally have working A/C again today.

  14. This cottage is over the top charming and what views!!!….Hope your A/C is up and running!

    • They finally got out here today. It turned out to be the exact same part they just replaced two years ago, and of course they fully charged me for a new part and the labor all over again. Will never use them again, terrible company! Hope you are staying cool, Shirley!

  15. That cottage is just gorgeous. I feel your pain. Our bedroom a/c unit is ancient and has gone out three times for different reasons already this year (the most recent being July 3rd). So now we are waiting a week for a new unit because it would just be dumb to throw any more good money at it.

  16. Beautiful homes! I could happily spend the summer in one of these.
    Hope you have cool air by now………

  17. love this house and love your post. wow. wonderful!

  18. Just enough shade to still let the sun shine through

  19. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, my! This cottage is so pretty and cheerful. I so love the built-in corner unit and bookcases, but I’d be satisfied just to have that view…love Maine! We’ve had REALLY humid days the last few days. We don’t get too many of those kind up here…I was just dragging while out shopping. Seems the AC only goes on the blink on the worst days. I remember when ours went out totally in FL, and everyone was sitting around with feet in pans with ice from the convenience store. Trying to sleep for those three days was impossible.

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