Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy

Welcome to the 103rd Tablescape Thursday!

Come on out on the porch! Tonight we are traveling back to the 1960s. We will be dining at a retro tablescape…inspired by a ceramic lemon tree that once belonged to my sister’s, Mother-in-Law. We don’t throw anything away in this family…just pass it right on down.

I have a little surprise for you. In addition to pics, I’m taking you out on the porch so you can see the table setting for yourself.   I’ve created a little video of this week’s tablescape. Please leave a comment letting me know if you enjoy walking around the table with me…and if you would like to see videos more often. Hope you don’t need a translator for my southern accent.  Ha!

Oh, and I kept calling the Metlox dishware “china.”  I know it’s not china but I have a bad habit of calling everything china, kind of like the way we called all tissues “Kleenex” and all bandages “Band-aids.”  I do know the difference, I promise. 😉

I started talking a bit too soon, so the first words are, “Hi Everyone.”

Hope you enjoy!

Come on out on the porch…we are dining retro tonight…going back to the 60’s.

Don’t you just love this lemon tree? It has little white daisies tucked in between…you would think it had been created just for this china!

China is by Metlox…from their Poppy Trail line. Pattern is Sculptured Daisy.

Sculptured Daisy…it is a raised pattern and is as much fun to touch as it is to view.

See the daisies? 🙂 Normally, I would place some greenery around the bottom to hide the overturned bowl I’m using to raise the centerpiece. I left it uncovered for this tablescapes so you could see this little trick. 🙂

Usually the coffee cups wouldn’t be on the table at the start of the meal…normally brought in with dessert. But this is a casual tablescape…no rules this evening…just fun.

For what purpose do you think this would be used? The top is attached to the underplate…the way you see with gravy bowls. Do you think it’s a gravy bowl? A vegetable bowl? A planter? I’m not sure but I think I would use it for either gravy or veggies.

Stemware is from Pier 1…

Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to seeing your wonderful tablescapes!

China: Metlox, PoppyTrail, Sculptured Daisy, 1-2 years ago, found while antiquing and some serving pieces were purchased on eBay
Stemware: Pier 1, 1-2 years ago
Flatware: Can’t remember…maybe Big Lots or HomeGoods, 1-2 years ago
Napkins: Kohls, several years ago
Napkin Rings: Kohls, several years ago
Lemon Tree: A gift from my sister…thanks, Sis!

Looking forward to viewing your beautiful tablescapes!

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  1. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic says

    Susan, what a beautiful summer tablescape in the sunroom! I LOVE the green glasses! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Allie and Pattie says

    I absolutely love these dishes Susan! I got a bit confused at not being able to link till I saw that it starts at 8. Back to check out the video! Thanks for hosting!
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  3. Oh what fun and perfect for summer. It's so clean and so refreshing looking! Very nice…

  4. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Wow, if the heat is anywhere near in your neck of the woods as it is here, you are really brave to be out on the porch.

    Glad you were there. Your tablesetting is lovely. Love daisies!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  5. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Hello Susan,
    What a fun tablescape…love that little bowl trick:) Yes…I did enjoy walking around the table with you…thanks so much for hosting this great party…it's always a lot of FUN!


  6. vignette design says

    Your table setting is so perfect for summer Susan. I love the lemon tree centerpiece. Looks great with your daisy dinnerware. It looks so inviting, especially set up on your porch. Thanks for hosting another TT!

  7. Nice video. Nice voice. Beautiful Table! Love the daisy dishes!

  8. Of course we want more videos!!! And I didn't have a bit of a problem understanding you with your "Southern Accent"!! 🙂 LOVE your tablescape!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. vignette design says

    Oh Susan,
    Just watched your video. I missed it the first time through. Love this! I didn't realize the dishes were from Poppy Trail. They really are vintage! Great job on this video, and love your accent! lol!
    xo Delores

  10. Susan, what a nice idea to create a video of your tablescape! I just felt like I could sit down in a minute and enjoy a wonderful dinner with you.And the most important thing: even a non-native speaker could understand you perfectly! It is a treat to come to see what you have created ~ you are so talented!

  11. Sailing Simply says

    First off, love your video! No,you don't sound southern to me. Of course, I'm from S.C. you sound normal to me. LOL! I love those green glasses! So funny your setting colors are similar mine this week only mine is Lemons and Ivy. I also really like the Lemon tree too! Very pretty!

  12. Thank you for being such a great hostess, again! I love your party!!!
    I was WOWed by your daisy dinnerware! What a collection… very impressive! Love the Pier 1 stemware as well (green is just so soothing!).
    Thanks for the fun!

  13. Great job on the video, Susan! I loved it! Do that all the time! It definitely adds to the post.

    This week I did my very first video on my blog, too. It was of dancers from Ghana, West Africa. I was so excited to have added it!

    Take care and thanks for showing your lovely summery china! Susan

  14. Hi Susan!

    I love the video. You have such a beautiful voice. I felt as though I were in the room with you on a private tour. I appreciated the setting even more.

  15. Really love these dishes. Thanks for all the hard work. The video doesn't show how pretty the dishes are compared to pictures. But would really love any video you will post. Sweetpea

  16. Marsha's Mpressions says

    I remember these dishes from way back! When I first married I had a passion for daisies!

  17. carolinajewel says

    I love that china and I LOVED the video! Thanks for such great ideas!

  18. Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful says

    Love the video! It was such fun to hear your lovely voice describing the table elements. Please do another video soon! Your table looks great, and I really love that butter dish!

  19. Dear Susan,
    You have a lovely southern accent!
    It was fun to hear your voice. The video was great as you talked about the pretty tablescape. I like seeing the still pics as well as the video.

    I wouldn't mind it one bit if the background music was turned down just a touch so we can hear your voice even better.

    All in all…I always enjoy visiting yor place!!!
    God bless,

  20. What fun to hear you! I enjoyed the video so much. This china is so sweet. It just makes me think of summer days. I love the raised detail. The centerpiece works with the china so nicely.

  21. Beeutiful by Design says

    I love the tablescape and I love love love the video! It adds a whole new dimension to the post. Wonderful 🙂 Jennifer

  22. Donna@Conghaile Cottage says

    "Beautiful Susan", like a crisp clean summer day!!!

  23. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I loved hearing your voice on the video — Loved it – please do that again. Life got in the way of tablescaping for me this week – but I'll be enjoying just being a visitor at all my friends tables.

  24. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    I love the pretty daisy china!

    I enjoyed seeing the video and hearing your nice voice. I'm originally from Alabama, so you don't sound real Southern to me! LOL!

    Great idea!


  25. Cabin and Cottage says

    Yeah, it was fun to listen to the video and look over the stills at the same time! Good job–such composure! Very cheery and fun table. Jacqueline

  26. That was my sister in law's china. She lost it in a house fire-I cried!!!! It has always been one of my favorites. My daughter loves daisies so it might be a nice Christmas gift. I better start looking now! Thanks for a wonderful idea!!!

  27. How fun to have the video tour of your table! I loved hearing the details. It made everything multi dimensional.

    It's a lovely and HAPPY table, Susan!

    And as always, I thank you for setting such a pretty hostess table and inviting us to join your party.

  28. what a fun, summer setting on that beautiful porch of yours Susan! You have such a talent for putting tablescapes together for a lovely effect.
    LOVE all the daisies.

  29. Kathleen Ellis says

    Hi Susan!
    Your tablescape looks so light and airy and COOL! Perfect for a steamy summer night!
    Good job with the video! I'll be venturing into that unknown territory myself real soon!
    Looking forward to visiting with everyone again!
    Have a beautiful day!
    ;-D Kathleen

  30. LOL, you do sound Southern you sweet thang!!!But I understood every word!
    I love the table, so nice and crisp and summery!
    I need those glasses!

  31. Your dishes are so perfect for summer, Susan. Its very clever how you raised the lemon topiary. Very pretty!…Christine

  32. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Susan, It was so lovely to hear your sweet voice giving us this tablescape tour of your pretty lemon and daisy table.
    I would love you to do this more often. Now I feel like a know you so much better! And your accent is one I envy! I am a southern belle at heart!

  33. Oh How FUN, Susan!! I LOVED hearing your sweet southern drawl. 😀 Wonderful idea! Encore~Encore!!

    The table is very pretty & it truly IS from the 60's. My very first kitchen was done all in green & yellow & I can STILL visualize my pretty curtains. I loved them!! Such happy memories you have dredged up for me with this one. Thank you!!


    p.s. Did you notice your ceiling fan in your spoon??? IT looks just like a flower! How appropriate!

  34. Hi Susan!
    I LOVE the video! This is a great addition to your Tablescape. You have a very pretty voice! I bet when you were school you were called on often to read out loud.

    The dishes are so pretty and just perfect for summer. I love the lemon tree and think it is great that your sister gave it to you. Your family sounds like mine, we keep everyone's stuff and pass it on to others in the family.

    I would enjoy more videos and tours.


  35. Wonderful china Susan! Love this table and I loved your video. It was wonderful to view your table this way. You sound so very gracious.
    Thanks for hosting another fun TT.

  36. Hi Susan~ Loved the video~ fun retro table! Your accent is only mildly southern to me 🙂

  37. Terri at Finder's Keeper's says

    Loved this setting. Would you believe I have the platter that matches the dishes? My Mom use to have the whole set. I never see this pattern around anymore. It is so pretty and you're right, wonderful to touch.

  38. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Nice video. (Your voice is lower than I expected!) I wouldn't mind seeing one on occasion, but I'm not sure I'd vote for every week. LOVE the upside-down bowl trick … LOL

  39. The Tablescaper says


    Such a great set of china. The three dimensions of this pattern make it truly spectacular.

    It was fun to see and hear the video.

    – The Tablescaper

  40. I admire your creativity so much! And what a wonderful gift from your sister — it makes the tablescape shine. However, when you said the 60's, I got excited that I'd see a lava lamp and tie-dye!

  41. Good evening, sweet Susan! I loved the video and would love more. The only problem I had was it was a little hard to hear you over the music! Was it just me and my computer maybe???? Loved seeing these dishes again, and the centerpiece is a real family treasure! How sweet for you to have gotten it! Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  42. sharonavinger says

    Susan, I have those same dishes, including many of the serving pieces like the salt and pepper, butter dish and bowls! They were the ones I selected for my "informal" wedding china in 1972 (dating myself!) when I got married. I love them just as much today as I did then. Adored the video and would love a porch tour. Being from S.C. myself, you sounded just fine to me!

  43. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Hi Susan, The video was a wonderful addition to your post! These dishes are so happy–I love daisies and all my attendants carried them at my wedding (in 1980!!). And the lemon tree, very pretty! The video made me feel as if I was right there in your beautiful home. Please do more! No tablescape post for me this week as my camera has rebelled and will not focus! Linda

  44. Your table is so summery and fresh. I love the green and yellow. Your scapes always inspire me. I love looking at them! Thanks!

  45. Michael Lee West says

    I adored the video. Everything is beautiful and inviting. I miss you like crazy!!

  46. Thanks for posting your tblescapes each week. They give us so many ideas. I've always loved these daisy dishes. I love being able to hear your voice, it sounds so pleasant and lovely, must be just like you!
    Stella Boatman

  47. Cavie Family says

    More videos please! I would love to see your whole house. 🙂

  48. emptynester3 says

    Hi Susan! The video was very nice. I bet we will be seeing more of those from more people! Love the lemon tree and the daisy plates. So cheery! PS- sweet of Bill to take a picture on his trip for you! Love,~Nana~

  49. I love the colors of that table! It's refreshing!

  50. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    What a treat to get to hear your voice. I would never be able to do a talking video on my blog. When I have taped my voice, it sounds so horrible, I tape over it a dozen times before I decide I have to erase it! Your tablescape is, as always, wonderful. Loving the lemon and daisy tree centerpiece. How great that Glenda (I guess) kept that and passed it on to you. This is such a classic pattern, and a tablescape with it always looks so "happy". Thank you for hosting. laurie

  51. Nellie's Cozy place says


  52. Sweet tablescape! It was neat to get to HEAR you to go along with feeling like I KNOW you from all of the postings! The video is fun, but don't replace the pictures!!!! The photos have so much more detail and color! You have the knack for getting just the right angle! I have tried photographing some of my tablescapes and they never come out as nice as yours do!!! Video+Pictures=GOOD! 🙂
    Thank you for all you do each week!!!! It brings me great joy! I LOVE Mondays and Thursdays now!!!! 😀

  53. Hi Susan, That was so fun seeing your video and hearing your voice for the first time. Love the daisy patterned dishware. Didn't you just love all the daisy decorated mod style dresses and head scarves from back then too. They were so cute. Thanks for taking us on a trip back in time.

  54. Wonderful post, Susan! Next week you should let one of us film YOU as you walk around the room and describe your tablescape. It would make a great audition vid for next season's HGTV Design Star! 😉

    It's such a happy table … fresh as the proverbial … well, you know — the one with the yellow centers and white petals!

    Thank you for hosting and for sharing your unique voice and vision with us.

    Warmest regards,

  55. I LOVED the video. It was good to hear your voice describing the table. My mom had those dishes when I was a kid. I got all nostalgic looking at your table. I miss those dishes.

  56. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    I really enjoyed the video and you did such a great job with it. I love that little bit of Southern I heard in your voice! I tend to think that we here in the Midwest don't have accents, but I've been told I'm wrong:)

    The table is very fresh and pretty. It does have that 60's charm!

  57. Fifi Flowers says

    LOVE the lemons!!! You do FABuLOUS tables!!!

  58. I loved the video…then I went on to read everything with your southern accent! Ha! Happy TT from N. Washington state…my first time participating!


  59. Hi Susan, It was a lovely idea to show your tablescape on Video, I found the background music a little loud though, sorry. I felt as though I was on the porch with you and look forward to some more videos in the future, thank you. Jackie in UK.

  60. Your tablescapes always give me such inspiration! This one is beautiful!

    Thanks for Sharing,


  61. I love the video and the tablescape you did. Keep doing the video; it's so nice to hear your voice describing everything.

  62. Hi Susan,
    Beautiful tablescape again and Love the video. I tried doing one of the garden yesterday and I get dizzy watching it-guess it takes practice.Love your southern accent!
    Thank you for hosting and I have joined in today too.

  63. amariaf2000 says

    Love your lemon tree! I have a similar one, but it's all fruits that belonged to my husband's grandmother, and we keep in our kitchen year round!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  64. Carolee in Kansas says

    Susan – I loved your tablescape today. Lemons and daisies are so summery and refreshing! Also really enjoyed the video and would love a tour of your porch. I always start my Thursdays looking at the tablescapes. Thanks so much.

  65. I love the dishes and really enjoyed your video. I always enjoy looking at the tablescapes and hope to participated more often. I am always on the lookout for dishes after being inspired by all of the lovely table settings.

  66. my home sanctuary says

    oh I love your tablescape. I have the same dishes at least a few. They were our wedding pottery. And we used them like crazy. I have a ton of beautiful serving pieces. Thanks for sharing yours.

  67. What a gorgeous table Susan!! I have just discovered the Metlox Ivy pattern, and I just love it! At first glance, I thought your glassware was the LG Wright "Daisy and Button" which I used in amber this week. There is a green the same shade as yours. I have to thank you for all you do here at BNOTP! It is solely because of you that I started trying my hand at tablescaping, and it has grown into an obsession, lol! Every table you do is just fabulous! Thanks for the ideas!

  68. Donna Marie says

    Hi Susan… I found something that I thought you might be interested in. Please check your In box on Facebook.

    Your Table scape is stunning as usual! I have an almost complete set of the Metlox Sunflower. (Im sure it's from the Poppytrail collection) I LOVE your collection.)

    Donna M

  69. What accent? asks the girl from Louisiana.
    Loved the video and your table is so fresh and sweet. You would never know we are swealtering in 100+ heat. I would love to see a porch video!

  70. This is just lovely. So summerly and bright. You always do the most amazing tables. Thanks so much for sharing yours and for hosting this party.

  71. Hi Susan:
    I really enjoyed the video, the dishes are lovely, a real summer treat.
    In answer to your question, I would definitely like to see a walk around video of your porch.
    Everything you do is so enchanting, I love coming here.

  72. Lovely! Crisp, fresh, and very summery looking! Tall pitchers of cold, iced tea and lemonade, A cup a perfect vichysoisse (I realize I have no idea how to spell that word!), a chilled with chicken lemon salad, a loaf of crispy french bread, and a raspberry sorbet! Let's eat!!

  73. Zesty & Refreshing tablescape Susan! Perfect feature for a hot summer day! Thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursdays…

    😀 Lynda

  74. Carol in Indian Springs Village says

    I just have to comment today. When I got my first real paying job (in 1974 I believe) the first thing I bought with my piddly paycheck was a set of Sculptured Daisy dishes. I saved and saved the money and then put the china on my store card (you had to use a card to get the discount) and then prompty paid it off. Over the next couple of years I added serving pieces and ended up with 12 place settings. I still have the china and have managed to not chip or break one piece in all these years! The glasses I have are Noritake "Sweet Swirl" in green which I have also had for several years. It was so good to see this used today! My mother in law also made me a hand embroidered tablecloth in white with the daisies on it right after we married – and we have been married 28 years now. Once I find something I like, I tend to hold on to it. I think this looks just as fresh and pretty today as it did back when I first got it.

  75. My Ugly Garden says

    The casual feel of this tablescape is just perfect for summer. The video was great, really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


  76. I like the video and think it makes a nice addition. I've always liked that pattern. In fact, I almost bought it once, but it had been sold when I returned to get it. Think it would be great for a bridal shower (if I knew anyone getting married. :O) I have never seen all the serving pieces that you have, so that's cool. I do have the pitcher and planter. Love the green stemware too.

  77. Things That Inspire says

    Gorgeous! I love the soft yellow, green, and white color scheme.

  78. Hi Susan! How lovely to hear a voice to go with that sweet smile of yours…I finally have had a moment to spend online for a change this summer, and wanted to 'check in' on my fav's. Just a question though, where are the white curtains blowing in the gentle breeze on your porch? I hope they are only down for a short while! Put some of my son's wedding photos on my facebook from last week if you'd like to look…take care, and I will check back soon.

  79. bunny, The Paris House says

    Hi Susan,
    I love this table, everything is fresh and Summery. The daisy dishes are just making me smile they are so sweet. Love the lemon topiary.
    I'm off to watch your video now

  80. Entertaining Women says

    Your sister knows you well…I can tell. That is one great centerpiece. Seeing so much yellow and green these days….speaks well to summer and light. The goblets are such a wonderful shade of green! I can visualize them in so many variations of tablescapes. Thank you for your continued dedication to Tablescape Thursday. It is so much fun to find so many kindred spirits. Cherry Kay

  81. Andrea at Opulent Cottage says

    Hi Susan,

    I loved the video! I don't usually watch videos on the internet, but it was so fun to make that extra "connection" with another blogger. I adore the Metlox too, it was my parents' choice for their wedding dishes, so it's always sentimental for me. Loved the extra commentary, I hope you do this again!

  82. All The Pretty Dishes says

    Hi Susan,

    The video was a great idea and I love your tablescape with all the daisies. Isn't it fun when you have a theme in mind (daisies) and you shop around and finally find your treasure? I'm sure you were thrilled when you found the daisy pitcher and the daisy butter dish. What fun!


  83. paperbutterfly says

    How could anything be as refreshing as daisies and lemons for a tablesetting in the summer.
    Thank you for the walk around and being a wonderful hostess once again.
    I was so excited to see you are a follower of my blog. Your creativity always inspires me.
    Have a blessed week.

  84. Super sweet dishes! And, that lemon tree is darling. I love the retro feel, Susan. Now I'm going to see the video. It will be fun to hear your voice and be able to match that with your picture.

    Have a great weekend,


  85. Loved the video it was great, do itagain sometime!!! Things look beautiful as always!!!

  86. lulumusing says

    Your porch is certainly an inviting setting for all your wonderful tablescapes. I'm thinking it would be nice to join you there.

  87. I'm in love with those dishes! Beautiful table!

  88. Pearl Maple says

    Loving that fresh green and lemon theme, thanks for hosting such an intersting group.

  89. Susan this glasses are gorgeous and I love your whole "retro" look. So fresh and summery!

  90. Love the video…my best friend in high school picked that pattern as her everyday china when she married in 1969!

  91. Sally Hamilton says

    Your tablescapes are always inspiring to me. I look forward each week to seeing what you will come up with next. I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award – details on my blog. Thanks again.

  92. I so enjoyed the video! Yes, please do consider making more of them. My usual thanks for all of the inspiration that I receive from your blog…When will you write a book?

  93. Paige Thomas King says

    I love participating, but I love looking even more! I am, however, worried about my mother's addiction! I think she looks through each and every link. (And gets distracted by the other content once she gets there!) You've started a great thing and ALWAYS have the best tablescapes.

  94. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says

    Susan! I LOVE your voice! And you do not even have a thick Southern accent, it's lovely and lilting. I thought your voice would be higher, so I was surprised. It's deep and very sophisticated! 🙂 I'd hate to have you hear MY voice – a real New York accent at times! Thanks for sharing.

  95. Life on the Edge says

    It's been a while since I've come visiting, but I must say, I never fail to be amazed at what you come up with! Those daisy plates are so cute! Also really love the lemon tree. This is so summery and fresh.

    Life on the Edge

  96. My daughter chose this pattern of dishes when she married in 1975, I loved it then and still do! What a beautiful table setting you created
    with your set, so cool-looing and
    inviting!! Very, very pretty!
    Have a good weekend Francy

  97. My Plate is Full says

    How sweet! Looks so cheery and fun!

  98. You have no idea how often I wonder 'what does he or she sound like' … do they have marvelous accents? Thank you for the gift of your voice. And your talents!!!!

  99. Jacqueline says

    How fun to hear your voice!!! You have a lovely soft accent. I loved hearing your thoughts too. How fun was this. Great addition. Thanks for hosting. I am not sure my husband thanks you for hosting! Actually he doesn't complain. The other day, I had moved two of the outside tablescapes inside and he said he felt like he was a newlywed with all of the pretty dishes out!

  100. once in a blue moon... says

    loved your video, next time lets see you too!

  101. I loved that pattern the first time I saw it, and still do. It makes me smile. I looked up the piece you were questioning and it is a gravy boat…to me it looks more like a planter.

  102. Lady Katherine says

    You know I love this setting and I remember you getting this lemon tree from your sister. I had so much fun listening to you in the video! You sound just like you do when we have talked! Great job! Loved it! Got my laptop up and running! lol

  103. Susan,
    I love this table setting so fresh and fun. It takes me to warm summer days while I sit here watch the wind blow the snowflakes around. The videos are really fun and I would love a video tour of the porch. Thanks for your wonderful blog.
    Can’t wait for the first “Postcard from the Porch”.

  104. Leann Williamson says

    Hey Susan: I just looked at a large set of this Poppytrail Daisey pattern at our local antique store. They had a full set with several serving pieces i.e. divided bowl with this pattern. I remembered seeing this in one of your other table scapes & thought of you! I think the price was $25 for the bowl I looked at. If you need any serving pieces I can give you their phone #. I have really enjoyed following your blog! Leann

    • Thanks, Leann. Appreciate that so much! I have a good bit so I’m in good shape. Wow, $25 is a lot. Usually you can find it on eBay very inexpensively. I also see it a in the antique/thrift stores around here from time to time.

  105. Always check vintage dishes for lead before eating from them. The Metlox factory in M.B., CA is a hazardous waste site due to lead contamination. However, they do make a delightful landscape. I’m so happy I found your site.

  106. Sorry. Meant tablescape.

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