Ron Howard’s Greenwich Connecticut, Conyers Farms Home: Take The Tour!

What if you could go inside and tour the Greenwich Connecticut home, Conyers Farms, where the famous actor, film director and producer, Ron Howard (remember Opie from The Andy Griffith Show) has lived with his family for the past 20 years? Would you say “heck yay!” and take that tour? Well, you are in luck because his beautiful home is available now for sale and we get to go inside! Spoiler: It does not disappoint!

Sometimes I don’t especially care for the interior design/decor found inside your typical “celebrity” home. I was surprised to discover how traditional, inviting and real Ron Howard’s family home is.

Ron Howard's Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT 01


The home sits on 32 acres and from the outside it has that lovely New England, Greenwich Connecticut feel. Love the roof line of this Victorian home–all those special little places that curve out, making what you know must be wonderful little nooks and crannies in those rooms inside. As pretty as the front of the home is, I like the back even more. We’ll see it toward the end of the post.

Let’s go inside and tour this beautiful home!

Ron Howard's Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT 12


Gorgeous entry! Look at that curved, floating staircase…just beautiful! I love the color of the walls, such an inviting entry!

Ron Howard Conyers Farm, Entry Foyer, Greenwich, CT


The living room is right off the entry and has a dressy, formal feel. This house has 7 fireplaces. Imagine a winter party–guests are arriving and as soon as they enter the home, they are greeted by a fire blazing away here in the living room. Love that!

Ron Howard's Formal Living Room, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT 16


The kitchen has granite countertops, mahogany cabinets and a large butler’s pantry just glimpsed through the open door.

Ron Howard's Conyers Farm Kitchen, Greenwich, CT


The kitchen looks so normal for a celebrity’s home, doesn’t it?

Ron Howard's Kitchen at Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


Beautiful breakfast room with gorgeous views of the lake. Can you imagine all the birds and wildlife they must have living here on 32 acres!

Ron Howard's Breakfast Room, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


Very traditional dining room with Zuber wallpaper panels featuring an historic, panoramic view of a waterfront scene. Love a fireplace in a dining room!

Ron Howard's Dining Room with Historic Mural, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


The family room is right off the kitchen…notice there’s a back staircase, too.

Family Room in Ron Howard's Connecticut Home


A better view of the family room…

Ron Howard, Living Room, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


A beautiful 2-story mahogany library…would love to see the upstairs of this library.

Ron Howard's Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT 18


Ron Howard’s office is just off the library and it includes a screening room with a large projection screen. Beautiful coffered ceiling! I see a spiral staircase in the background.

Ron Howard Home Library, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


The master bedroom…are you surprised by how traditional the furniture is in this home? It must have been nice to come home to such calm and beautiful surroundings after months of filming in the glitz and glam of Hollywood or somewhere on location.

Ron Howard's Bedroom, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


The master bath with a lovely Venetian glass mirror.

Ron Howard's Conyers Farm Bathroom, Greenwich, CT7


The lower level showcases a lot of Ron Howard’s past work with movies posters and movie memorabilia. Wouldn’t this have been a fun place to grow up!

Ron Howard's Rec Room,  Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


Of course, you would expect an amazing media or theater room in the home of a famous movie producer and director! Some of the movies Ron Howard has directed include: A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Parenthood, Cocoon, Splash, The Da Vinci Code, Inferno, Backdraft and so many more. It would take an hour to list all the movies and television shows he has starred in…you’ll find a detailed list at Wikipedia and his body of work is amazing!

Ron Howard's Theater Media Room at Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


I’m not much a pool person but WOW, love the sunshine feel of this room!

Ron Howard's Indoor Pool, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


There’s a great sunroom/observatory down on one end of the room. Imagine what it must be like to sit back, look up and enjoy the stars at night.

Ron Howard's Sunroom, Conservatory, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


Ron Howard’s home overlooks Converse Lake. What a gorgeous view! You can see the pool just inside those windows.

Patio Outside Pool, Ron Howard's Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


I love the back view of the home with its cupolas, eyebrow-arch windows, porches, deck, pergola and other beautiful architectural features.

Ron Howard's Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT 14


This is truly a home you could raise a family in, isn’t it? It feels like a real home and not a giant showplace built to impress, though impressive it is!

You’ll find additional pictures of this home at the Sotheby’s listing HERE where these pics were found.

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  1. Yes, this is lovely.

    I love the pool, patio and the grounds are just gorgeous and the game room and theater are fun features.

  2. Now…that’s just how I “feature” Ron Howard.. traditional, inviting and real!! That sun room!!! franki

  3. The architecture of this home is stunning! Love the staircases and roofline most of all. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me at all that he has this kind of home. He’s very down to earth and it’s pretty much exactly what I would have expected.

  4. This home reflects the down-to-earth reputation that he has. It is on the semi-glamouras side but still so comfy looking and welcoming.

  5. Thank you, Susan, for sharing this lovely home. I could almost see the family laughing and enjoying the many living areas! It reflects the grace, warmth and “realness” that we associate with Ron Howard (and you can tell his desire to work on his craft is never far from his mind—even at home!) Rosie M.

  6. Its a lovely home. Thank you for sharing. Several years ago I was a guest at his Park City Utah home. It had similar traditional style decor as well. His home is warm and welcoming and not at all over the top like some celebrity homes are known to be. Hugs! P.S> I invite you to share this wonderful post at my Thursday bog hop ♥

  7. I could move in and never change a thing. It is really beautiful and serene.

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    I love reading your blog and find it a shame that the link has not been updated.

    • Diane, I think Sarah may have added that link back when my blog was at Blogger. I moved to a self-hosted WordPress site a little over a year ago and I think the link is just for the old one so that’s why your getting that message. Thanks for visiting even though that old link doesn’t work well…so glad you are here! 🙂 You may find it ever easier to subscribe, that way when a new post goes up, you’ll get an email with a live link in it that you can click that will take you straight to that day’s post. If you like, you can subscribe here:

    • Diane, I have some good news. I asked Feedblitz about that message you get when you were clicking to visit and they said that’s a message they put up for a few weeks or days after someone moves to them for their feed distribution. I just move BNOTP to Feedblitz a few weeks ago. They are turning that message off so now when you click on the link at Sarah’s blog, it now takes you directly to the blog like it always did. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  9. SharonFromMichigan says

    This home is very comforting inside and out. Kind of like the comforting feel I get when I watch old reruns of the Andy Griffith Show set in Mayberry. American comfort at its finest.

  10. Susan, move this home to the top of our list and I haven’t even checked the price yet!!!!
    Gorgeous and homey at the same time. Love the crown molding in both the living room and bedroom. You took me in from the first photo when I spied the gazebo on the corner.
    The sunroom is to die for, that would be where I set my feet with a book. Also, three staircases, we could have a great time of hide and seek in that home and at the end of the day, we could view some of our movies where we notice all the fixtures and fittings!! 🙂

  11. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, what a lovely home. So many pretty spaces. I especially love the conservatory feel of the pool house.

    But am I crazy or didn’t you feature this home a few weeks back, mentioning how it’s has several acres on a lake front? 🙁 (I’m afraid to hear your answer.) Thanks for sharing it again … or, for the first time. It’s beautiful.

    • lol I have a fear one day I’m going to do something like that! Ha! It will be time for me to retire for sure! No, hadn’t featured this one. I featured Katharine Hepburn’s home which is in Connecticut, too. And I just featured a darling island home in Savannah. Ummm, maybe you’re thinking of one of those?

  12. Oh Opie! Ya done good, bro!

  13. Oh boy- how beautiful! There’s so much to like and enjoy in this home. I can’t imagine them leaving it- it’s such a classic. That pool room is fabulous. What a luxury to be able to swim indoors when the outside world is going through winter!

  14. I’m actually sorry to see he is selling it……but then he is at the age where we start to downsize.

    His daughter is an up and coming actress too, who was a replacement in the Twilight series- she’s an exotic beauty, but all grown up. So that is one heck of a house to grow up in for SURE!

    I love it’s real feel – though there isn’t anything truly normal about it, haha.

    I love these tours, thanks Susan!

  15. This has to be one of the most beautiful homes I have seen! I think it’s perfect.its so tasteful and really comfortable looking. The library is where I would spend my days if I wasn’t sitting in the conservatory or having coffee in the breakfast room! Thanks Susan for sharing.

  16. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon VA says

    Beautiful, and just what I was hoping for from “Opie,” luxurious to be sure, but comfy and keeping it real. Is that Verde Laura granite with ogee edging in the kitchen? So gorgeous.

  17. Mary from Virginia says

    Opie has done alright for himself! Beautiful home! So glad I got to see it here on BNOTP!

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