Screened-In Porch Addition: Patio Becomes Screened-In Porch

Welcome to the 230th Metamorphosis Monday!

Recently, I received an email from author, Amy Gamet. She shared some exciting news.  Amy’s husband had just completed work on their new screened in porch.  In the picture below you can see how the back of their home looked before work had begun.


Before Picture of Screened Porch Addition

Construction was just getting underway in the picture below.  The brick wall surrounding the patio was now gone.

Building a Screened Porch

Amy and her husband did all the work.  The only parts they hired out were the building of the foundation and installation of the flooring.  Everything else they built themselves!  Wow!

Building a Screened Porch

Good friends helped Amy’s husband with some of the heavy lifting.

Building a Screened in Porch

Amy wrote that they used my porch as inspiration.  I can see some similarities, especially in the gabled roof.

Construction of Screened Porch

Porch was almost finished in the picture below.  You can see the screen has been installed.

Screened Porch Construction

The porch is 24 feet deep by 18 feet wide…such a nice, big size!

Screened Porch Addition 4

Regarding final cost, Amy said the construction of the foundation and the carpet installation ran $6,000.  They did everything else themselves at a cost of $7,000, making the final cost of their screened porch $13,000 including all the furnishings.  That’s an awesome price for a porch that size, especially including the furnishings.

Add a Screen Porch onto Back of Home

Let’s go inside and check it out.

Landscaping around a Screened Porch

Amy said, ” I got the patio furniture on Craigslist (except the black bench and the tiny square tables).  I was checking multiple times a day for months.  When the set became available they were only asking $200 for all 17 pieces, but my husband was out of town, two out of three kids had a stomach bug, and someone else was coming to look at it in a matter of hours.”

Screened Porch Addition 3

“I called my husband on the road, and he told me to offer them $300 if they’d hold it for us for 24 hours.  I still can’t believe they said, yes.”

Screened Porch Addition

Love how spacious it feels and such a great backyard!  Amy and her hubby went with indoor/outdoor carpeting for their porch floor.


Two Hunter fans keep the breezes flowing across this wonderful outdoor room. A porch this large really benefits by having two fans.

Amy also added woven, wood shades for sun control where needed.

Screened Porch Addition (2)

During construction, the porch was wired for music.  You’ll notice the outdoor speakers tucked up high in the corners.

Dining Area for Screened Porch

If you’ve been thinking of adding on a porch, hope this provides some inspiration for your porch addition. If you have any questions for Amy, leave them in the comments and I’m sure she’ll be happy to answer them.  You can check out Amy’s books at www.amygametdotcom.

Landscaping around a Screened Porch

Have you recently added on a porch or completed a room makeover in your home?  I can’t make any promises, but send me some non-blurry, large photos, taken without a flash, and if I can, I’ll feature your makeover here on BNOTP.  You’ll find contact information at the top of sidebar under the “contact” tab.

Adding on a Screened in Porch


Looking forward to the Before and Afters posted for this Metamorphosis Monday!


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  1. What a great transformation! I just love screened in porches. Thanks for hosting this week!

  2. What a beautiful porch. Such a nice addition to have. I would love to do something like this to my yard. Thank you for sharing, Susan!!

  3. Hi Susan,
    What a great addition, I know you were thrilled to hear that your porch was their inspiration! I would love a screened porch, and how wonderful that they were able to add such a large space, I know they will just about live out there!

  4. Hello Susan! That’s a magnificent space – they did an awesome job! I do appreciate you hosting,

  5. Wow! What a great addition to Amy’s home! Such a dreamy place…away from mosquitos…protected by screens. Congrats to Amy and her husband for a wonderful job. Thanks for hosting your party for us, Susan.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting! What a lovely porch! Always so many wonderful ideas! Have a blessed week! Christy

  7. Hi, Susan! What a wonderful screened in porch! So happy to see your post since we are getting ready to do the same thing! 🙂 Great inspiration! By the way, I just tried to link one of my post and it wouldn’t let me. It said the post did not contain a back link to your site, but it does. I wonder if the problem is on my side. Enjoy your week!

    • You’ll love your porch, Maria!
      Maria, click on the link in your post and see if it is a working, live link and takes you to the BNOTP blog. If it is a working, live link, Inlinkz should let you link up. If it is a live link and Inlinkz still won’t let you link up, email me at betweennapsontheporchatgmaildotcom with a link to your post and I’ll try to link you up.

  8. What an amazing job they did, It’s a beautiful porch! It gives me hopes and inspiration for my outdoor projects. Thanks for sharing their story, Susan!

  9. Thank you for hosting, Susan. I hope you’re enjoying summer!

  10. How I would love to convert and mosquito-proof my patio! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  11. What a beautiful space! Thanks for hosting! Life to the full! Melissa

  12. From one DIY’r to another…NICE JOB!! Many, many hours of enjoyment will be yours after all that hard work! franki

  13. What a beautiful porch and addition to the house. Thanks so much for hosting.

  14. Wow that is great! What a nice sized room too. She scored on that furniture!
    I sent this link to a friend who wants to build one that lives in New Mexico and they need something to protect them from the sun. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love your porch Amy. Kudos to your hubby…what a fantastic job you both did.
    Vikki in VA

  16. Though my back deck is not screened we enjoy it all summer long, it is where we eat, host friends and just enjoy the summer weather. I love summer. Glassing in that porch for year round use would make it even better. Pricey for removable glass panels but well worth it. Of course, I live in an area where we have lots of winter, they may have milder winters and glassing in is not needed. They did a fantastic job, they will love it forever!

    • We have lots of winter, too, and people are always suggesting we turn it into a three-season room. But I grew up with a screened-in porch and love it to pieces. Especially since the mosquitos enjoy me so much!!

  17. Susan, this is a great post. I love that Amy’s husband was able to do the work and I really love that friends helped him. It looks like the size of their house doubled.

    Thanks for letting me join in the party. Please try this dish. You will think you are at a upscale restaurant. I don’t want to sound like I am bragging, only that it is a wonderful recipe and when I find such an excellent recipe I try to force feed everyone. 🙂

  18. That is a great project. Obviously something that will get a ton of use. I kept thinking, no flies, no mosquitoes, no wasps…. how enjoyable meals will be out there and sitting into the evening without swatting and scratching.

    • Amen! The bees/wasps are so bad here that we couldn’t eat outside at all past mid-July. Plus, the porch is full southern exposure, so it was always super hot. Loving the covered space now.

  19. Linda Page says

    What a wonderful addition to their house. They will enjoy that for many years! It is great that they were able to do so much of the construction themselves. Plus, for the $13,000 spent, their home value probably increased by $18,000 – 20,000. Good investment. Also, the patio furniture was really a great buy. It is very nice looking furniture and so many pieces!!! Wow! Congrats, Amy!

    • Thanks! My mother told me I should have given the sellers of the furniture my phone number, so they could call me in 10 years when they were buying new furniture again. 🙂

  20. Susan – Thank you for sharing Amy’s great project. I soooo . . . want a screened in porch. Hence, my attraction to your blog! Thank you for hosting again this week and blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  21. Thanks for sharing this amazing porch, Susan, and for hosting this great party!

  22. Thanks so much for hosting each week, Susan!!

    Great transformation!!


  23. I hope you and your family and friends enjoy your screened-in porch as much as we did ours. When my DH retired the end of 1993, we took a nice vacation and the next Easter week, we started building our porch. The postage stamp patio wasn’t big enough so we build a 14×20 ft. deck first, then put ehe 10×14 ft. screened in porch over that. That gave us room on the deck for a picnic table and our gas grill and we had the stairs coming up that deck. As soon as some warm weather in March came, we would be out in our porch enjoying it till sometimes early November. How did you install your shingles? We rented a commercial stapler for roofing because we didn’t want the roofing nails to show through the roof. That worked out okay but the joining of the two roofs, for some reason we had to seal the valley about 3 or 4 times. Somebody more experienced then us even did it after we continued to get leaks in that valley area, guess his sealing worked. We loved that porch as did many of our friends (crab eating buddies)and family that came by just to sit out there because they didn’t have a porch to sit in. Our relatives couldn’t believe we built it. 95 and above temps had us working on the roofing before 9 am because by 11:30, I’m climbing the ladder to take shingles to my DH and I could hang them over my arm like a waiter’s towel because the sun had made them so pliable.
    We got smart and waited till after 6:30 pm from then on to finish up, as it was cooler. You don’t want to be up on those shingles in 95 degree heat. It was an accomplishment we were really proud of ourselves. That and lots of storage space is what we miss when we moved 8 yrs. ago and sold that house. I loved to get up early before everybody got stirring and listen to the birds chirping and the quietness of the morning, before people started leaving for work and the school buses started picking up the school kids in the neighborhood. Enjoy your new porch!

    • Your porch sounds wonderful. It’s a great sense of accomplishment, isn’t it? I remember the days Brian was roofing were some of the hottest days of the whole summer. Must be Murphy’s Law. He used regular roofing nails. Since we planned on finishing the inside anyway, they didn’t show in the end. We went to a sheet metal fabricator for the W-valleys; I had heard a lot about valleys leaking and wanted those specifically. It’s probably not as pretty as the closed valleys, but it should hold up over the years and stay watertight. Or at least I hope so! Thanks for sharing your porch with me.

  24. Are you live in an area where you get snow in the winter? Don’t be surprized if you have a few birds knock themselves out trying to fly through the invisible screen. I guess it was the way the sun was shining on the screen that they thought they could fly straight through. Seen many knocked out cold and a few must have broken their necks. I need to correct the measurements of the porch and deck. Total size of the deck was 20×30, then once we put the porch on, that was 14×30 leaving 6 ft. for the grill and table and stairs. I think I have it right now. We have the pictures in an album around here somewhere. Anyway it was a good size and our neighbors next door put their porch like you all did over the 1977 builder’s postage stamp patio, as they didn’t have the space or financing funds to build a large one.

  25. I enjoyed seeing Amy’s porch addition and the pictures throughout the process. It’s wonderful, and she was smart to use yours as her inspiration. Thanks!

  26. Great job!!! Amy, Any way of borrowing your hubby for a few weeks??? Thanks Susan for featuring this wonderful addition!

  27. Hi Susan, thanks for the great Party…LOVEEEEE the porch. Christine from Little Brags

  28. Beautiful porch! Thanks for hosting Susan!

  29. Wow, I’m so impressed! What a great addition to any house. Congrats on all that hard work paid off!

  30. Peggy Thal says

    Great screened porch! Wonderful hubby to do all that work. It turned out beautiful. Nice room and a great size. Good deal on the furniture too. Enjoy it with you family and friends.

  31. Mary from Virginia says

    WOW that is some major work to do themselves. It is lovely in every way. Wish we were young enough to have the energy to build one ourselves. There is nothing nicer than a screened in back porch. Beautiful job!

    • If I’d known how much work it was going to be, I never would have asked for it. It’s true! I remember saying something like, “Why can’t we just come out with a gabled roof and screen it all in?” My dad’s jaw hit the floor. “Why can’t we just?” I really didn’t get it. My husband and father say they were both aware of the size of the job. About three weeks into the two month project, I finally figured out what was entailed. Geez!

  32. Susan, I love seeing screen porch renovations and builds. I am looking to turn my upper deck into a screen porch and I love seeing what others have done to get ideas. Thanks for sharing this. susan

  33. Terriffic post! I wanted to turn our deck into a screened porch (at night I get bitten by mosquitoes and it’s just unpleasant). This is really inspirational and now I know it can be done well! I love it! thank you.

  34. Gorgeous new porch. So nice to have someone handy to do that.


  35. Beautiful job! Kudos to Amy, her husband and helping hands.
    Re all the comments about mosquitoes and here I thought we here in Canada were the only ones blessed with them …… ha. I feel much better now knowing it is not the case. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz …… so annoying considering their size. ☺

  36. What a great project! So glad you shared it with us. I love seeing the amazing things others create. Thanks again for hosting the party!

  37. Great job on the porch and finding such a great deal on the furniture! I’m sure you’ll get many years of enjoyment out of it. That ceiling is amazing!

  38. TY Susan for sharing the great DIY.

    Indeed, me & GH planned to glass in our open porch at the back of the Box (our home). But, applying for a building permit is not easy here in Sweden. Takes forever. We even built our entrance without permit Ok:ed, and it turnt it pretty at least in the Swedish eyes, LoL* as of now. It is on processed.

    We had been eyeing your back porch too. Hopefully, no changed for the plan.

    Happy Tuesday.

    Greetings from rainy Prague (having a week city tour).
    /CC girl

  39. Great inspiration. My husband is about to build us a screened porch, maybe I can send you photos when it is done! Take care – Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  40. What a great addition! Looks great!I Enjoy!

  41. Miriam Carlson says

    Planning a new screened in porch and enjoyed Amy’s pictures and commentary. Would like additional info on how the screens were put together. Are the screens easily replaced for any damage from animals, extreme wind, someone falling into it?

  42. Miriam did send me an email, but FYI we used the Screen Tight system, available at Lowes. We’ve been exceptionally happy with how easy it was to work with and how simple it is to put back a screen with somebody *accidentally* jumps through one. Life with kids!

  43. Is the 24 x 18 size including the roof and cement dimensions or the framed part of the screened in porch? Thanks

  44. How deep did you have to have the cement foundation? Thanks!

  45. Hi Cathy,
    The screened-in portion is 24′ x 18′. The little “curb” on the outside was necessary because we were going over an existing concrete slab that was not on a foundation. If we’d made the porch follow the new (wider) slab dimensions, the porch would jut out from the house line, so we made a decision to leave it as it is and figured we could throw some plants on it. The foundation is 42″ deep, as required by code for where I live, based on the frost line. Hope this helps!

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