Screened-in Porch Freshened Up With Paint

Welcome to the 287th Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Monday! Hope you had an awesome summer weekend! I was fretting a bit over mine, wondering how I would be getting a post ready for Met Monday since I dropped my computer off for repairs early on Friday and when last I checked on Saturday, they still haven’t gotten around to working on it. I was 4th in line, now 2nd, so hopefully they will be repairing it today.

In the meantime I’ve been working on my somewhat slower laptop which doesn’t have my stash of photos or any of the software I normally use to crop, resize, sharpen and watermark photos. I managed to figure out a work around, albeit a slow one.


The Porches and Decks

I got a good workout this weekend staining one of the decks and the staircase that’s off that deck. I’ll be sharing how that went real soon. I chose a different material and a different look so you’ll have to tell me whatcha think when I post it. Since I can’t access any of those before pics (they’re on my other computer) I thought I’d share how the work on the porch has been going.

When you last saw it, the porch was looking like this. White wicker furniture was all piled up in the center, the porch hutch and ceiling fans were covered in plastic along with the swing, all done in preparation for the painting to come.

Screened Porch Prepared For Pressure Washing & Painting_wm


In this older photo we see how the porch normally looks with wispy, soft sheers hanging at the corners of the screened windows.

Screened Porch with Sheer Curtains and White Wicker Furniture


The painting has been completed and the furniture is back in place but the sheers have not been rehung. I gave them a good wash while they were down but they haven’t been rehung yet because all new screens are having to be built for the porch. 🙁

Unfortunately, when the crew finished painting and installed the screens back, they over-tightened most of the screws causing very noticeable dents in the metal frames of all the screens. Each screen has multiple screws holding it in place so that’s a lot of dents. I tried living with it a few days to see how badly it was going to bother me. The answer: it really bothers me. The light coming into the porch catches all those dented areas making them stand out, even visible from half-way across the porch.

Fortunately the painting company I’m using stands behind their work and immediately offered to have new screens made. That’s why I went with this company, they had a high rating on Angie’s list and a friend had used them and recommended them to me.

I contacted the company who made the screens (fortunately they’re still in business) and they came out on Saturday to verify their measurements. They will send over the estimate this week and I’ll give it to my painting company, then the replacement screens can be made.  Once those are in, I’ll probably rehang the sheers, although it’s kind of nice seeing the porch without them for a little change. Every once in a while I take them down and leave them down when I’m craving a more open feeling.

Porch After Painting


In addition to the painting that took place inside the porch, the exterior of the porch and the deck rails have been painted, too.

Porch Newly Painted


Remember the woodpecker damage on the corners of the chimney?

Woodpecker Damage to Chimney


All the corners have been replaced with Hardieplank, just like the siding that’s on the chimney itself. Mr. Woodpecker will be in for a surprise if/when he returns. One of two pecks and I think he’ll give up pretty quickly!

Chimney After Repairs


It’s been six years since the porch was painted so it was due for a little freshening up.

Screened Porch Freshly Painted


A view from the other end of the porch…

Screened Porch Decorated For Summer


I do have one wee addition to the porch…do you see it over there under the lantern? It may look vaguely familiar.

Screened-In Porch Freshly Painted


It made a brief appearance in a tablescape-for-two a few weeks ago here on the deck. (Tablecape can be view here: Coastal Summer Tablscape for Two

Beach Coastal Tablescape


Please, No Talking To The Lifeguard. 🙂

No Talking to the Lifeguard Sign


I placed it near the door to the kitchen, a whimsical touch for a summer porch.

Beach Sign for a Screened Porch or Beach House


The porch hutch is still decorated for summer, as seen in this post: Decorate a Hutch In a Beachy Theme for Summer

Freshly Painted Screened-in Porch


Remember the end pieces that were coming off the side of the pergola? One had already fallen off and the others were fast following suit.



They always looked contrived and out-of-place sticking off the right side of the pergola, pretending to be the ends of cross boards that didn’t exist.

Screened in Porch


They have been removed and the pergola looks much more natural.

Add a Pergola To A Deck


The hibiscus topiaries on this deck have been blooming continuously, treating me to beautiful flowers all summer.

Hibiscus in Bloom


Oh, and remember the tree-form Tardiva Hydrangeas on the other deck? Several of you wanted to see them once they bloomed.

Tardiva Topiary Hydrangeas for the Deck


Here they are! They are in full bloom and I’m in love!

Tardiva Tree Form Hydrangeas in Bloom


I definitely have to find a way to winter them over this year. The pots are too heavy for me to easily move around. I’ll probably need to buy a handcart or dolly and try to cart them off to the garage. I absolutely love them so I’m determined to keep them alive to be enjoyed again next summer here on the deck.

Tree -Form Tardiva Hydrangea In Bloom


Thinking about adding a screened-in porch to your home? Do it! It will fast become your favorite room! You can read more about this porch addition and get all the details on how much it cost to build in this previous post: Screened-In Porches: How Much Do They Cost?

So, that’s what I was up to this weekend.

How was your weekend? Working on any home maintenance projects?

Porch After Painting


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thank you for hosting, Susan!

    • We are building a screened in porch soon at our cottage and am wondering if you cover the screens in the winter. We live in Canada and get lots of snow over the winter

      • No, we rarely get snow and when we do, it doesn’t come very far in. So, haven’t had a need to cover anything. Pollen is the biggest issue in the spring. I cover the cushions until that passes, which last 3-4 weeks. If I forget, I just vacuum it off.

  2. Wow I love the look of the pergola w/o those extra brackets….it looks great! and the chimney…I have never seen woodpecker damage so bad, he really found a spot and tried to dig in! lol You have had a busy weekend, especially with your computer down. I’m sorry, I know that really stinks, especially to be at the mercy of others and their time limits.

    Thanks for hosting a great party and I look forward to seeing what everyone else is posting!

  3. Susan, your porch looks wonderful! Though it looked great before. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint. I was painting this week end too. Painted the oak vanity cabinet in our hall bath white. I’m loving how fresh, clean and updated it looks now.

    • Thanks so much, Jan! Paint is like magic, isn’t it? lol Nothing gives that instant gratification like a fresh coat of paint. I’ve really been falling in love with white paint lately…just feels so fresh as you mentioned.

  4. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. Sorry about the screens, but glad they will be fixed soon.
    Hugs, Gee

  5. A fresh coat of paint can lift one’s mood, isn’t it?

  6. Susan, You have been extremely busy overseeing all these projects. I also know you have been working too. It looks great and I am sure feels great to have it all clean and restored.

    Thank you for your amazing example of hard work, creativity and diligence.

    Thanks for hosting MM.

    • Aww, thanks Bonnie…you are a love! Appreciate those kind words more than you know! It has been crazy between porch and deck painting projects, repairs, dented screens, traveling out of state, etc… Then, just in case I was slacking off, I decided to stain the new washed deck. lol Am I a gluten for punishment? I could hardly move yesterday…good exercise and shows me how out of shape I am! 🙂

  7. Susan your porch looks beautiful…so fresh and bright!! I love your connected deck with pergola also! Thanks so much for hosting…have a great week!

  8. The porch is looking fabulous!! Awesome job! 🙂

  9. Rebecca Francis says

    Your porch is so beautiful. I have one question.. Because your outside porch is open to the outside elements, does your hardwood floors get damaged? Rebecca

    • Thanks, Rebecca! No, it’s a special tongue and groove porch flooring known as KDAT, which stands for Kiln Dried After Treatment. That just means it’s pressure treated and then kiln dried afterwards to pull the moisture back out. My contractor installed it on a special super-thick subflooring and it’s both glued and nailed down. It also got three coats of polyurethane when it was installed. It’s probably time to have the floor lightly sanded and another couple of coats of poly applied since that hasn’t been done since it was built, but it has held up beautifully. If you google KDAT porch flooring, you’ll find more info and pictures online.

  10. Thanks for hosting Susan –
    I’d give anything to have a screened in porch – yours is magazine worthy – truly !!!
    Have a great week

  11. The porch looks great. I agree with removing the pieces from the pergola, even though I never noticed that before:) I am glad yoir painting company is going to pay to replace the screens. I have such porch and deck envy!!!! Oh and I have one of those hydrangea trees planted in our yard. It wintered over up her in Pa. just fine and is now blooming here too. In fact the builder planted 2 smaller bushes and they are fine too so you could probably plant them in your yard!!!!

  12. Don’t you just love how everything looks when it’s all clean and newly painted! I was going to suggest a nap on your beautiful porch, but the temps this week make that a bad idea! Mr. Woodpecker is going to have a headache when he comes back!

  13. Mary from Virginia says

    How very lucky you are the paint company will replace the screens. They sound like the BEST company ever. The porch looks lovely, clean and fresh! The lifeguard sign is cute!

    There are no other porches that even compare to your porch, it was so well thought out! Love your flooring!

  14. There is nothing better than fresh paint! And after all the mess, knowing everything is clean! That is awful about your screens, I would have gone ballistic! Everything looks just beautiful now, such an inviting spot~

  15. What a huge job but well worth it. It looks so clean and fresh. Thank you for hosting.

  16. Peggy Thal says

    Everything is looking beautiful Susan! What a big job. So sorry about your screens. I guess something always has to go wrong. Men over tighten screws ,I think they just can’t help it. I bet you are just happy to get this all over with and get back to normal. Anyway it all looks so fresh , clean and beautiful.

    • Thanks, Peggy…I’m guessing they used a drill. You would have thought the workman who installed them would have noticed after he dented the first one but apparently he didn’t since there are multiple dents on all of them. Grrrr. I’m just glad the company is standing behind their work…sign of a good company!

  17. Your porch is beyond fabulous! Now I have to paint my wicker porch furniture so it’ll look as good! Is the lifeguard sign available anywhere? I love it!

    • Thanks, Yvonne! I just found it in a Marshall’s earlier this spring, so you may still find one around. Check your local Marshalls and HomeGoods since they sometimes get in the same things.

    • Yvonne, I told you wrong. It was HomeGoods where I found the sign…I remember now. I was standing in the check out lane and spied it there. It was an impulse buy but I knew I had to have it. So check HomeGoods first.

  18. I love your screened-in porch! It seems to get more beautiful each season. Thanks for hosting this great party each week.

  19. Good Morning Susan, what a relief to cross that big project off your list (looks great, btw). And doesn’t it seem that no matter what the project, there’s always a punch list left – where you literally want to punch the contractors up the side of the head??! I hope you get quick resolution to the screens. Speaking of bothered, I’m on a mission in my basement, and I’m also sharing a behind the scenes tour of going to Antiques Roadshow in person. Have a great week, and thanks for having us.

    • How cool! They (Antiques Roadshow) came here once to my hometown but I didn’t have anything to take so didn’t attend. It would be fun to just go and see it, though!

  20. Susan I always love seeing photos of your beautiful porch.You inspired this fellow blogger to build one….and we love it.We are out sitting on it all the time!Thanks so much for hosting too!

  21. Thanks for hosting! You must be so excited now that everything is fresh and clean moving into fall.

  22. I like the pergola without the side caps, too. It’s a much cleaner look that really compliments your home. Thanks for the party, Susan…and a few weeks back you sent me a link to your pretty fireplace screens. Thank you so much for the inspiration, they are lovely and I already have handy hubby really to make me one! Now, I just have to get my paint brushes ready! 🙂

  23. Carolyn Price says

    Good morning, Susan! : )
    Great post for Met Monday … as usual. Your posts are aways so informative. We are getting bids to redo the screening on our screened porch. What kind of screening (are there certain grades?) do you have and does it keep mosquitos and other critters out? Another question, please, if you will allow me. With the arched/scalloped tops on your porch sections inside and out, where are the screened panels screwed in? I’ve never noticed any metal trim, even when I go back and look through pictures. Would some close-up photos be possible?
    Thank you.

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I remember when I chose my screening, the contractor told me there are different grades. I went with the standard screening, whatever that is. I didn’t go with anything fancy. I think they make some that stand up to hard weather better, like if you live where it gets super cold. I also think they make some that’s thinner or more sheer-like but it also more delicate and easier to tear. Yes, it keeps out all the mosquitoes and bugs…love that!
      The screens are all square and I don’t remember now what they are screwed into. When the guy brings out the new screens, I’ll take some photos and do a post all about the screens. I get a good many questions about how those are installed, etc… so I’ll just do a post on it with lots of photos. That should happen in the next couple of weeks.

      • Carolyn Price says

        You’re welcome, Susan. Thank you so much! I think a screening post would be very helpful. Your screens seem to be invisible. We do love our screened porches here in the south. : )
        Are your screens screwed in from the inside or the outside of the porch? I have never noticed any metal trim at all.
        We had our deck replaced this past month and went with KDAT as you have recommended. Because we are coastal NC and backup to a lovely marsh, we went with cabling between the supports. What an improvement in our view! Thanks to your diligence, I have spent many hours researching first … as you do. It has paid off well. I am so pleased with the first part of this redo! Before I followed you, I didn’t even know KDAT existed! You’re my “go to” for all things porch-related!
        Now, the finishing paints and stains … and more researching. I’ve been told about TWP products. I wonder if any of your other blog friends and/or fans have used those products for treating wood. Anyone … ???
        I don’t know how I missed commenting on your trees. Goodness … both hibiscus and hydrangea are absolutely stunning! Was there any special fertilizer that you used? What is your back deck exposure? Morning? Afternoon? I am afraid they would cook on my deck. : /
        Thanks for everything. You’re. The. Best!

        • Yep, can’t survive outside for long without them! The screens are installed on the inside, which actually created a small issue with leaves getting trapped. I will go into detail about that in the post. They installed them inside I think so if one became damaged, it would be easy to remove without needing a tall ladder.
          Yes, research saves a lot of heartache later, doesn’t it?
          Oh, for fertilizer, I’ve just been adding some Miracle Grow to the water occasionally but i’m not sure the Hibiscus liked that too much. I was getting a lot of yellow leaves at one time and they were falling off so I quit adding fertilizer to the water I gave them and them are doing great now. I need to research a bit more about what they do need. Exposure is varied for the decks. The Hibiscus on the deck under the pergola are somewhat shaded and get the morning East sun but are shaded a lot during the rest of the day…not heavy shade…just light shade. They seem to thrive in that. The Hibiscus and Hydrangeas on the deck with the grill get regular sunlight during the day until late afternoon when the West sun beats down on the them. I have to water all the plants on that deck every single day unless we are getting rain each day. It wasn’t to bad until I had to remove the Leyland Cypress on that side, then the sun became pretty brutal. I need to replant some Cypress again just in the backyard…should have done that last fall and just never got it done. A future fall project for this year!
          Thanks for those kind words…appreciate them so much! XO

          • Carolyn Price says

            Thank you for those exposure, fertilizing and watering tips. I used to have a green thumb but it seems to have withered a bit with the exposure in this new house. I had thought about giving up … until you explained your exposures. I have brutal sun and heat as well. I will be more diligent with watering as I have recently retired from teaching and will have the time to garden more.
            Thanks again, Susan. Have a great day on the porch! : )

  24. Susan,
    Your porch was gorgeous before and it is in the afters, as well, dear friend!!!
    I know being a “homeowner” requires scheduling maintenance and remodels,
    but the satisifaction is sheer bliss!!!
    Amazing work done to your chimney repair and the pergola!
    Bummer about your screens. . .hope they are completed soon!
    Personally, I adore the softness the sheer curtains add to your screened in porch!
    Yes, “Mr. Ed” & I have new ceramic tiles in our Entry Hall!
    However, I have a work order in as some of the tiles are jagged cuts
    and some of the grout work is not satisfactory. Always something!!!
    Once those are corrected, we are bring in a new wall color to complete our “freshening”!!!
    Keep those inspirational ideas coming. . .and here’s to an amazing week ahead!!!

    • Thanks so much, Pat! It is amazing how much maintenance Happy Homeownership requires! 🙂 Oh, I know what you mean…there always seems to be a catch…some thing that don’t quite go as they should. Hope you get your tile issues all resolved so you can just enjoy that beautiful new entry!

  25. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    The porch looks wonderful, Susan. It always does, and it was hard to tell that it even needed freshening up, but now that it’s been done, it really does look brighter and fresher. 🙂 I love the way your sheers billow in the breeze, but seeing the porch without them really opens it up! Even though you keep them scrunched, it’s amazing how much more of the greenery outside can be seen without them.

    I’m sure you’re glad to have that job behind you. The sign is a cute addition to the porch.

    • Thanks, Pam…I think I may leave them off for a while. I do love the openess! I seem to do this about once a year, take them down to wash ’em, enjoy seeing the porch without them, then start missing ’em. lol So I’m sure they’ll be back sometime in the future. Happy Summer, hope you’re having a great one!

  26. I hate computer problems. I saw a sign in a computer repair shop. It said something like “you must fix it, my friends are in there.” I admire all you have manage to get done in such a small amount of time. Love your hibiscus.


  27. Susan, your porch looks amazing. So bright and fresh! Thank you for hosting. Happy Week to You! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  28. Hi Susan. Your porch is looking great, so fresh and bright and new. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of white paint can do (although your porch is beautiful to begin with). Thanks so much for hosting and I hope you have a great week!

  29. Your porch looks so fresh and clean now. It was worth the tiny bit of turmoil for a time. So pretty!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  30. I’ve admired your porch for a long time and find a lot of inspiration from it. One day I’m going to have one built off the back of our house!

  31. Your porch looks amazing. Your work is always impeccable. Thanks for your inspiration and a wonderful party.
    Make it a great week.

  32. Your parch looks so fresh and clean!! 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

  33. You have such a wonderful ‘porch’. It’s so nice I hesitate to call it that! I know you must truly enjoy it. Meanwhile I haven’t observed any bets being taken on the link-up situation with me! It’s always a miracle IF I do it right! Beside that I am working on a future post with ‘flowers’ found growing on the side of the road. I am itching, uh – oh!

    • Thanks, Jan! Glad you mentioned that…I just checked and InLinkz was holding yours and two other links for moderation. I just approved it so it should show. It wouldn’t be necessary to have that but last week for Tablescape Thursday, I turned off the link back option and a business linked up twice to advertise two products there were selling. Fortunately, I saw it and deleted both links and then had to turn back on the link back option. It’s the bad guys who have to make it more difficult for everyone. Just copy and paste this sentence into the end of your post each week and it InLinkz should let you link up without holding the link for moderation: I’m participating in Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.

  34. Marianne in Mo. says

    The porch looks so fresh, amazing what paint can do! Inspires me to get my son in law the painter over here to freshen our house. Seven years since being built, I think we’re overdo for it! I just have to get him when he’s not so busy – a tough job, he’s always busy!
    May I ask where your light fixture is from under your beach/lifeguard art? I love the design and pattern. I want to replace ours, they were cheap lights, and already look awful, the finish has dulled in the weather. I could take them down and paint them, but it would be complicated.

    • Thanks, Marianne! I purchased that lantern at Home Depot Expo back in 2008. Now they are all out of business. I found it again online at Lighting Universe a few years ago when I wrote this post: It’s by Hinkley. I lucked out and got it on sale at HD Expo. I had never heard of Hinkley until I bought that lantern and I was a little shocked how expensive they are. It has held up well, still looks like the day I bought it. It doesn’t see a lot of bad weather sheltered on the porch, but I do think Hinkley has a reputation of being well made. I was just glad to find something that wouldn’t look too ugly on the porch. lol

  35. Wow, lots going on at your house this week! Thanks for hosting.

  36. Thanks for hosting Susan!! I have to tell you…your screened porch is probably my very favorite of all! I have always adored it.

  37. WORTH IT!! 🙂 franki

  38. Your porch is just beautiful, Susan, and I had to laugh at the lifeguard sign — how fun! Thanks for hosting, and have a great week! 🙂

  39. Hi Susan,

    I SO love your porch! Every time I look at it I just want to crawl into the photograph and live there.

  40. I scrolled back and forth between the with sheers/without sheers photos and I like both equally. Love the softness with the sheers but without them it’s hard to believe you’re not in a treehouse.
    As for the hibiscus–you grow them as lush and beautiful as my mom did. And that’s saying something!
    Looking forward to more porch follow-up.

  41. I admit it, I have a serious case of porch envy! Thanks so much for the party, Susan. Hope your week is off to a great start 🙂


  42. Love the porch!!

    Thanks for the party!!


  43. Your porches are beautiful and I want your backyard!!! We are re-doing 3 bedrooms and a bath on our second floor and are waiting for the contractors to come in to re-frame, wire, plumbing, sheetrock and floors. A lot of the “stuff” is on the 1st floor so my whole house is a mess! I am starting to get hives from not being able to “re-do” stuff in the house. I know the end result will be wonderful but I am not a patient person and it is driving me crazy.

  44. nan, odessa, DE says

    Always enjoy a screened porch! Yours is lovely. I look forward to your seasonal changes.
    Give me details on your sheers!!! Where is the rod? What type of rod? Do you leave them up in the winter months?
    DETAILS, please.

    • Thanks, Nan! They are just inexpensive sheers ($4.99 a panel) from Walmart. They are hanging from wooden rods, also purchased at Walmart. The sheers were just barely too short so I let the hem out and rehemmed them and they were perfect for the porch after that. They stay out all year long…dry in minutes after a big rain storm and never mold or mildew since they are nylon or synthetic or something like that. They have held up beautifully for 6 years now…never dreamed they would last that long! They blow out in the breezea and are soooo pretty year around on the porch. You can see them blowing out in this post:

  45. bobbi duncan says

    Even in pictures, you can see how freshened up everything looks, and it looks beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful when you complete those big jobs? I like the pergola much more now, without the extensions. Enjoy your lovely porch.

  46. Susan, it looks so bright and fresh. I badly need to have some painting done. I’ve been putting it off, because I have wall-to-wall furniture and wall hangings. How will I ever get through that? I have always loved your porch, and seeing it all spruced up makes me want a screened porch more than ever. Although I probably wouldn’t ever have thought of it, I do like the pergola better without the decorative wood on the side. Well done! laurie

  47. Few things are more frustrating than computer issues. You always seem to rise to the occasion though Susan! You’re my hero!!

    When I look at your porch, I just want to take a deep breath and sign. It’s so lovely it makes me swoon! The paint does wonders!

    I’m going to link up pics of my daughter’s wedding. It’s not a Metamorphosis per se so I hope that’s ok? I don’t usually ask for a visit, but truly these pictures are worth your time Susan! I hope you can take a few minutes for a peek. Don’t forget the slide show at the bottom. That’s where the magic happens ;).

    Thanks for the party! Have a great week!!

  48. Your porch looks so pretty and fresh, Susan! Now we have some cooler weather this week so you can actually enjoy it! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  49. We’re doing some much needed work here – it’s lots of fun, but definitely lots of work! I hope you have a great week, I appreciate you hosting,

  50. Wow! Beautiful
    Thanks for the hosting

  51. Hey Susan! Beautiful porch! We are getting ready to build a house with a screen porch. I’m having a herd time visualizing! Would you mind telling me the deminsions of your porch? Thanks!!

  52. Susan I always love seeing photos of your beautiful porch.You inspired this fellow blogger to build one….and we love it.We are out sitting on it all the time!Thanks so much for hosting too!

  53. I love your porch so muchhh! It looks so pretty and fresh, Susan!

  54. I love your porch so muchhh! It looks so pretty and fresh 🙂

  55. Love your porch!!! Can you tell me the white paint color you used? It looks so fresh and clean!

  56. Love your porch! Could you tell me the white paint you used with the lodge brown. It looks so fresh and clean!!

    • Thanks, Linda! It’s Sherwin Williams, Extra White or their Super White. I’ve used both on the exterior of my home, so I’m not sure which one, but they are almost identical.

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