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Sharing some interesting and inspiring ideas and projects today.   Happy Friday!

 Titanic II:  An Australian billionaire is building an exact replica of the original Titanic.  Full-size.  As in, you can buy a ticket and sail around the world.

Titanic II

It will be called the Titanic II and you can watch a video showing how it will look inside here:  Titanic II  (All photos are from the site linked here.)

Titanic II

Would you buy a ticket for Titanic II’s maiden voyage?

Titanic II


PoshMark, have you ever shopped here?  I have not personally purchased anything via Poshmark but it’s a site where you can buy and sell fashionable clothing you no longer wear.  Apparently, Poshmark handles all of the transaction (including shipping so they can make sure their members are completely satisfied with their purchase.  It sounds pretty much the opposite of eBay.)


They also have parties centered around specialty themes like Designer Handbags, Vintage Wear, etc…  Have you ever purchased or sold anything on Posh Mark?  If so, please share your experience.  Did you like it?  Would you do it again?


DIY Lego Floor Tray from Thifty Decor Chick:

Check out this multi-purpose Lego tray Sarah made for her son.  It’s really amazing and very versatile!

Lego Tray


I love Christina’s spring mantel!  She created it with her son and it’s delightful! You can see how she made it here: Remodelando la Casa

Spring Mantel


Madonna at Make Mine Lemon is an excellent cook and her blog is filled with amazing recipes.  She recently made Madeleines and I just want to reach through the screen and snag one!  You’ll find the recipe here: The Worlds Best Madeleines



Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, has created hundreds of “Google Webmaster Help Videos” online where he answers questions website owners and bloggers have about all things Google.  Occasionally, I like to listen to those because they are really informative.  The other night I stumbled across one that was a wee bit different and it made me laugh.  It’s very short…go ahead and check it out. 🙂



Google Reader is Retiring on July 1st

Have you heard…Google Reader is being retired as of July 1st.  I don’t read blogs via a reader.  I’ve tried a few readers over the years and I just never stuck with them.  I finally came to the realization I really prefer visiting the site in person.  So I still read blogs the old fashioned way by creating a folder in Bookmarks for my fave blogs and bookmarking them in the folder to read each day.

If you enjoy reading via a reader, here are some others to consider if Google Reader really goes away as Google as planned: Alternatives to Google Reader and More Alternatives to Google Reader

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Happy Friday!

Postcards from the Porch

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  1. Always great stuff to read when visiting you Susan…thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these links! (=

  3. I would absolutely love to go on the Titanic II if the tickets were affordable! I love watching reruns of the movie whenever it is on tv. That’s one movie where if I flip to a channel and its on, I can pick up anywhere and get right into it. Love the lego tray idea, and I’m one who is looking for a new Reader too. I like getting your posts, along with a select few other blogs, sent to my email inbox so I’m sure not to miss a post. But for many of the other blogs I like to check out, I like to keep track in a reader. Thanks for the links to some other choices.

  4. Yes. I’d buy a ticket for Titanic II! (If I could afford it, which I doubt)
    I am so out of the loop on Google Reader, that I’m not really sure what a reader is and how or why one uses one. So I guess I won’t miss Google Reader when it goes away. I keep a blog list on the right of my blog page, and visit my fave blogs from there.
    What is the advantage of a reader?

  5. Linda Page says

    I am a big Titanic nut. I saw the exhibit in Memphis at the Pyramid many years ago and was amazed at how well preserved the salvaged items were. I have watched all of the specials on National Geographic about the Titanic so going on a voyage on Titanic II would be wonderful. But it if is an exact replica, I would absolutely have to dress in vintage period clothing. I just can’t feature tennis shoes, flip flops, cutoffs or crop pants on the Titanic!!!!!

  6. Hi Susan – I just wanted to let you know I have you added to my contacts but the newsletter still has not come through. I have also checked my junk file and its not hiding in there either. Hmmmm….. mystery for sure. I am getting your Bnotp posts though, so that is still working fine. Have a lovely weekend! Patty/BC

    • Patty, will you let me know if you get the one that will go out tomorrow morning. I am so hoping to figure this out…why some folks are not getting them. I changed the “from” part to say Susan Between Naps on the Porch, instead of just Between Naps on the Porch, to see if the email servers out there will let the newsletter through. Please let me know, because I’ll keep bugging MailChimp until they help me figure it out. Right now they just keep referring me to the FAQ section about emails and it really isn’t helping.

  7. Oh my, what a nice surprise! Thank you so much for featuring my mantel, Susan!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh my gosh! I was not expecting this. I almost missed it.
    I am signed up in yahoo just to be sure I don’t miss you, but then I always click over and poke through your older posts. I love your blog help files.
    Thank you again for your kind words.

  9. Susan, BY ALL MEANS my husband and I – possibly even my ladies tea society club would go on the Titanic II’s maiden voyage – or any chance I had to see that ship. I would pack ONLY Edwardian/ early last century clothing and stay in character the entire time. I would give ANYTHING to be able to do that, holy moley that is so up my alley!

    Dreams dreams dreams.

  10. Hi Susan,
    I’m so glad you showed that mantel display because it’s the cutest one I’ve seen this spring! I was showing your blog to a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in several months. She has just added a very large screened porch to her house, and I was telling her to add a piece of furniture to her porch (like your cupboard.) She loved it as soon as she saw it. Nice to have smartphones to pull up blogs while you’re having lunch! Oh, and I never read blogs through Google Reader! I have to click over to visit, too!

  11. ….and a HAPPY FRIDAY to you too, Susan.

    Re an excursion on the Titantic 11; to begin I don’t have really good sea legs BUT if I had to choose between it or the replica vessel of Noah’s Ark that Johan Huibers has built; I think I would opt for the latter as we do know how both stories ended …… plus …… we all know ‘new and improved’ doesn’t always mean better. ☺ -Brenda-
    P.S: I wouldn’t mind a tour of it though.

  12. Well, I would tour the Titanic II if it was in the dock. I love stories about it and I also love cruises, but that smacks of one bitten twice shy, to me.
    The first time I ever toured the Queen Mary docked in Long Beach, California, was with my late mother and my daughters who were young. We went down to the pool section and all was quite and my daughter said, let’s go Mom this feels haunted.
    Forward a few years and set to go on a Mexican cruise, we decided to stay overnight on the Queen Mary. May daughter was horrified and said, “you know there are ghosts there Mom” so I checked it out and sure enough, there were sightings…so I booked a hotel further away and my hubby was so annoyed as the Queen Mary was right next to where we were to sail and the hotel was a long taxi ride away!! 🙂
    I don’t *do* ghosts!! 🙂 So, after all that, the answer is a resounding no to the Titanic!!!

  13. Did you see where they just found the violin that was played until Titanic went down. I had been placed in a suitcase and recently found in an attic in good shape. The price they expect it to bring at auction was something beyond belief. His “sweetheart” had given it to him and had a special plaque on it. He did not survive. Interesting, after all these years.

  14. Hi……i seen that about the guy building a “new” titanic…made me wonder if very many people are going to want to go anywhere on it…not too sure i would………i love that mantel too…what a fun thing to do with the kids…i’ll have to get my 3 grands involved in a project like that….hope your weekend is GREAT.!

  15. Love the photo with the Sorry game. It is an oldie, but goodie which my family still enjoys playing together. Kudos to Sarah for the Lego table. What a great way to integrate a design element into a room with usefulness. That’s the true sign of good interior design in my opinion…pleasing to the eye and functions the way the family uses the space. Bravo!

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