Some Favorites for Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to the 407th Tablescape Thursday!

I had planned set a table this week but when my air conditioning went out upstairs on Sunday during the 90°+ weather we’ve been having, my enthusiasm for being creative went with it.

I have not been sleeping well this week since I’ve been sleeping downstairs on the sofa and working during the day on my small travel laptop at my teeny kitchen desk, a desk I’ve discovered isn’t the proper height for a desk. I awoke at 4 AM this morning, my body time clock is all out of whack! I guess it doesn’t take much to throw your body out of sync.

The company I have been using for heating and air finally reached me on their schedule yesterday. The problem turned out to be the exact same part they replaced just two years ago, something called a capacitor.

Isn’t it lovely? It looks and sounds like something Doc would have used in his Back to the Future, DeLorean time machine. Oh wait, that was a “Flux Capacitor.” lol

Of course, they only warranted the part the last time it was replaced for 1 year, so now I have a $248 paper weight on my desk. I hope the one they put in yesterday lasts longer than 2 years this time.

Defective Capacitor


Update: If you have Trane systems, which is what I have, this may come in handy to know. I talked with a Trane representative in person inside a Lowe’s store today and showed him the offending part. He said the problem is the part they used, that it’s a cheaply made part. He said the capacitor they used probably only cost them around $20.

He gave me the business card (after I ask who he would recommend) of someone in my area who services Trane systems and only uses Trane parts. So if you have a Trane furnace or A/C, verify that the company you use for service, actually uses Trane parts and hopefully you won’t have to pay $248 for a new capacitor every two years like I’ve had to do.

So since I wasn’t up for being creative over these last few miserably hot days, I thought I’d share some of the latest tablescaping goodies I’ve come across that are also currently on sale. Some are pretty exciting!

The star napkins I so often use in patriotic table settings are on sale. (Table below can be viewed here: A Patriotic Table for Two)

Patriotic Tablescape for Labor Day or 4th of July

Patriotic Tablescape for Labor Day or 4th of July 13


You’ll find them on sale here: American Flag Napkins (Table below can be viewed here: 4th of July Nautical-Themed Table)

4th of July Nautical Table Setting Tablescape 05_wm


This Napoleon Bee flatware that you’ve seen me use is also currently on sale. (Table below can be viewed here: Springtime Tablescape)

Napolean Bee Flatware


It’s available here: Bee Flatware

Bee Flatware


They’ve come out with a gold tipped version that I’m totally crushing on. I love how it really brings out the bee motif. Do you think I need a set? Sooo tempting! It’s on sale here: Bee Flatware with Gold Accents Update: Just noticed they are having a special promotion where shipping would be free and this purchase earns a $50 gift card. That makes it doubly tempting!

Bee Flatware with Gold Accents


This isn’t exactly a tablescaping item, but I was so excited they brought it back, I had to share it. I posted about this adorable toaster HERE when I first added it to my kitchen. Unfortunately, they were almost out of stock back then, and the few they had left sold out quickly. I almost bought a second one to keep in reserve because I knew I’d be sad if/when this one ever dies, especially if I couldn’t find it again.

Later on I discovered the designer who created it passed away, so I was afraid it had been discontinued for good. It must be a good seller for them because they have brought it back! So happy to see that!

Michael Graves Toaster


I love how the little toaster window on the front changes as the toasts browns so you can see how much longer you have left before your toast pops up. The little dots gradually go down, down, down until they are all gone and the toast pops up.

But most of all, I just love the design! It’s available again (at last) here: Bread-Shaped Toaster with Countdown Timer

Michael Graves 2-Slice Bread-Shaped Toaster


Love these adorable melamine salad plates for outdoor parties. They are on sale here: Beachy Plates plus you get an 15% off with the code EXTRA15

Beach Themed Plates


These are on sale here: Summer Dining and the extra 15% applies to them, too.

Sea Creature Plates for Summer Dining


I’m thinking about ordering a couple of sets of these napkins. They are on sale and the EXTRA15 code applies to them. They are available here: Ocean Sea Creatures

Sea Creature Napkins


I’m amazed the sailboat flatware I shared recently is still available and that it hasn’t gone up in price. So often when I link out to something, it seems like the price goes up a day or two later.

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


It’s still available here for a ridiculously good price. Sailboat Flatware

Sailboat Nautical Flatware


I’ve added all these finds to  my “Favorites for the Home” under the “Shop” category at the top of the blog in case you want to refer back to them later here: Favorites for Home.

Here’s to a cool day with air conditioning. Yes!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. So sorry about your air-conditioner, Susan!
    That is the cutest toaster. Love all the things on sale in your post.
    Thanks for hosting. Appreciate you.

  2. Bummer on the A/C; makes one wonders how life was without it back in the day. Because of the WV floods/outages we have been on our whole house generator, but to conserve propane we are not using A/C or ovens,dryer, anything that takes alot of power. Fans are the mode of cooling for which I am extremely thankful. People in the flood ravaged areas are trying to get their life back together in 90 degrees temps and high humidity. The smells are horrific and the mud just everywhere.

    • I’m so sorry your area is going through all that. We needed the rain and you guys were getting too much. I hope you don’t get anymore for a long time. I hope it’s not in the 90s up there every day like it has been here. The humidity has made it feel much hotter, so even fans don’t help. The only thing that helps with the heat is air conditioning or nightfall.

      This is the only time I wish I still had screens on my windows. I hate how they look otherwise and a painter encouraged me to remove them years ago because he said they held dirt against the windowsill and encourage spiders to build. In some subdivisions, they won’t allow you to have any screens on the front of your home. I should probably but a couple to store in the basement for those freak times when the A/C doesn’t work.

      On an historic home tour in Macon, GA once, the docent told us that back in the day (before A/C) they would throw open all the windows and doors early in the morning and let the house cool off. They could pull in a lot of air with all the windows and doors open. I’ve discovered it doesn’t work too well if you open just a few.
      Anyway, once the house had cooled down and it began to warm up outside, they would close up the windows and doors (and sometimes the curtains) to preserve the cool air. I was enthralled when I heard her say that because I had been doing something similar myself. In the morning I usually open the two doors that lead out onto the screened in porch, the one from the kitchen and the one from the living room. Then around 9:30 or 10:00, I close them. That night air really cools off the downstairs nicely, but it doesn’t do anything for the upstairs part of the house.

  3. Oh boy that’s rough. Dan looked at the picture of the capacitor and right away had an opinion. I won’t elaborate here. It’s nice though that you have two air conditioners so you aren’t without it on one floor or the other. My new post features those “Nantucket” dishes you showed on your post a while back from PB.

    • Oh, I want to see your Nantucket dishes!

      Liz, I want to hear his opinion for sure. Email me if you don’t want to leave it here. I was not at all happy about having to pay again for the same repair that was just made two years ago, especially when I use my air so conservatively. My electric bill was $92 last month, and that’s for June in this hot, hot weather we’ve been having. I keep my thermostat up around 78 and 79 because I’m so cold natured. With a fan on me while I work at my desk, I’m cool as can be at that setting. When I visit family, I freeze to death. When I go to the grocery store, I freeze to death. lol I guess your body adapts to what it’s used to. So, I totally don’t understand why a part would only last two years when I’m so conservative on how I even use the A/C.

  4. Susan, I love all the goodies you showed us this morning. I want that bee flatware really bad. I’m going to have to put it on my wishlist!!!

  5. Charlotte says

    So glad your A/C is fixed. They do seem to break at the worst times don’t they. I bought the Beachy Plates last week, got them in on Tuesday, I love them! I also have the Shark Cooler for our outdoor “Shark Bar” kitchen that we don’t have yet – LOL!

  6. What a coincidence, our AC guy just left as ours went out last night and the company that installed it couldn’t get here til MONDAY! So a neighbor recommended this guy, he came within 2 hours and only chaged us $120.00 and it was the capacitor too!!!! Now, I think I do need the gold embellished bee flatware. I do have the other set too and LOVE it. I’ll go look and see how much:) Thanks again for hosting and I hope your body clock gets back to normal!!!!

  7. Jennifer says

    Glad the acu was a simple fix & your back to being cooled once again! I had a similar situation at my home during these past hot humid July days, and now after 40 yrs finally agree w/my Dad that a brick home does retain until late evening, the earlier days heat. Thank goodness for ac units! I’m relatively new to your site, but I am never disappointed! Thank you and Thank all of you who contribute!

  8. Sorry about your air conditioner situation! Maybe a Flux Capicitor would have actually worked better! Love that movie! It’s been ridiculously hot here in NJ as well. I think we are expecting a thunder-storm this afternoon too. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  9. Ouch! Gotta have the a/c here in the South! Wonder how I grew up without it as a kid? Susan, google adjustable window screens. We used them in our prior screenless house. They fit inside an open window and adjust horizontally for the frame. Then close the window on the top to secure. We got ours at HD but you can find them online too. Not expensive, store flat in closet or behind furniture, wonderful on cool nights. Also those window fans with the accordian sides are great to blow cool air in when you want to ventilate or cool without running the a/c. Hope your a/c lasts a lot longer this time!

  10. I’ve already bought the original bee flatware thanks to your tablescapes. Now I guess I’ll have to buy the new ones too.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your finds and goodies Susan. No A/C in this heat is reason to check into a hotel! I hope your A/C is blowing arctic breezes soon 🙂

  12. Linda Page says

    The next time you take an extended vacation I think I will just have to burgle your house and load up a U-Haul truck with all of your stuff that I love and covet!!!! You have had fair warning!!! lol I’m so glad your AC is fixed but I just hate to spend money on heating & AC parts because they are so dang expensive and you just have to trust the repair people. The units are so expensive to begin with that it is very frustrating when an expensive part only lasts 2 years. So glad you got some good Trane advice.

  13. Love to read your posts, Susan. You have so many wonderful things that I never knew that I needed or that existed for that matter. Thankful for the cooler weather right now in So. Cal. but when it is hot it is really hot, but we don’t have high humidity and it usually cools off nicely at night. Would like to shop at some of the stores you have in the South and go to some of the antique shops. Sadly, our traveling days are over but I can still shop and look on line so keep the bargains coming. Bought the wonderful dove cote which you showed. Sadly, our doves don’t go near it but that’s o.k. It’s for me to look at.

  14. I also had and AC (south Florida) go over 4th of July weekend 2 years ago. The only smart thing the builder of this house did was to double zone the A/C. So…. we moved to the “kids” side (empty nest-ers now) and slept in twin beds (and moved a tv) and lived over there for almost 2 weeks while we researched companies and had to replace the entire unit for the living areas and Master Bedroom. It could have been worse.

  15. I bought the toaster, once I saw it on your blog. It is nice on the counter.
    I have bought shoes, purses, raincoats, garden tools also that you have talked about.
    Love them all.

    • I’m so glad you like the things I’ve recommended, Terri. I won’t recommend anything I haven’t used and loved or know without a fact is worthy. My Amazon has become my fave place to shop for so many things because they have just about everything you can think of and returns are so easy. I used to put so many hours and miles on my car running around trying to find things I needed, now I just go to Amazon. I think I’ll be a prime member for life.

  16. You made me drool over those sale table items, Susan. Thanks for hosting!…Cw

  17. Susan, it frustrating to have AC issues, then to find out about the inferior part really makes it frustrating. Sorry you had that experience!
    I don’t have a table setting this week unless you count Uncle Sam sitting on trays. Ha! It feels like a convention around here with all my guys out for the 4th.
    Enjoy your cool house. What would we do without our AC here in the south?

  18. FRANCES TROY says

    I have a Michael Graves toaster from when he designed a line for Target YEARS ago and it is still going strong. So not trying to keep you from buying a backup – it is adorable – but yours may last quite a while. I also adore his coffee maker. Check it out

  19. Oh dear, Susan, you are a bad influence! I have 4 teaspoons in that bee hive (WS), and I really like the weight, and an entire service set would be wonderful. I really like the gold on the silver too, so I can’t talk you out of them.
    I’m on the hunt for a few days with my sisters, and I am falling deeper into the dish abyss…..somebody help!!! 😉
    Thank you for hosting another edition of dishes anonymous.

    • Dishes Anonymous, lol. Yep, that about covers it! How did you come to have 4 teaspoons of that pattern? I am super tempted by the gold accented. Welcome to the abyss, you’re in good company! 😉

  20. Susan
    The sweet little brain of the unit is a very low cost item. Our air guy said everything is made to only last a few years to keep the companies all in business. Weather it is our air conditioner which 10 years this day and age is beyond a life expectancy, a refrigerator or toaster. He also explained the EPA enacted a new regulations that in 2017 if an air conditioner goes out, the home owner will have to replace it with a newer emission output unit entirely. The issue is they will no longer allow parts companies from China & Mexico to produce parts for our current air conditioners. He pretty much expressed his dissatisfaction calling it just a control issue to keep the air-conditioning businesses in business along with the parts manufacturers. *Dont shoot the messenger

  21. Susan, I bought the gold-trimmed Napoleon Bee flatware (service for 8), and it is FABULOUS. It looks so lovely paired with floral pattern china. :0)

    Thanks for sharing some of the other adorable items which are on sale. Have a great weekend.

  22. The info you provided re Trane is very much appreciated. We need ours serviced and can’t locate the Trane guy we’ve used in the past and were close to calling someone else. With your info, we will increase our effort to find our previous Trane rep. BTW, a few years ago we had a local company out to check our system and he told us it needed repairs. When he called back with an estimate, he quoted us $1550. It was only 4 years old and we had not noticed any problem. We located a Trane rep and paid him to service it and check the problem. He found nothing wrong and said if there had been a problem as the other guy claimed, it would have been covered under the 10-year warranty! We’re still mad about the first guy and his fraud.

    • Wow, makes you wonder how people can sleep at night, ripping folks off like that. Glad you didn’t listen to him. If you live in the metro Atlanta area, I’m happy to share the name of the company the Trane guy I talked with recommended.

  23. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  24. It sounds like our air conditioner has been behaving just like your’s. We have been without dependable a/c for about 10 days. The repair service, who we have a contract with, replaced the capacitor on Tuesday. The Friday before, they replaced a relay switch. Now our air is out again. I checked my records & this saw where the capacitor was replaced last October too. I bet, like Lowes told you, that they must be using an inferior brand. As a helpful hint, we were told if we flip the breaker switch back & forth for the a/c & turn the thermostat off for about 30 minutes that the unit will come back on & so far it has every time. That has keep us comfortable but hope it gets fixed for real on Monday.

  25. I don’t have this but i have heard about the warranties you can buy for most things in your house. It might be worth looking into. I have always heard not to buy that brand we got a lenox furnace a few years ago and so far (knock on wood) no problems. Someone told us there is a reason for the name …because it sounds like a train not sure if that is true or not.
    Hope you stay cool and have a more restful sleep.

    • My units are getting older now and they’ve lasted fine until the repair two years ago with apparently a knock-off part. Trane was the highest rated system by Consumer Reports when I purchased them years ago. Not sure who is at the top right now, haven’t looked in a CR magazine in a while. I wonder who ranks the highest today.

  26. Caroline says

    Yikes, you got ripped off! That is literally a $5 or $10 part that anyone can buy on eBay and only takes 10 minutes to install!

    My husband has done the same thing three times. It’s a common problem, they don’t last that long. You need to *turn off the power, open the cover of your AC, remove old capacitor, put new one in its place. That’s it, nothing else. If you can plug in a TV then you can do this.

    *Be sure to hang on to that old capacitor because you need to buy the exact same size and same shape, with the same numbers: 5/45 uF (microfarads), 440V, 50/60Hz. But brand can be different.

    DH learned this after watching Youtube tutorials. Internet is ALWAYS the first place we go, and Youtube is such an excellent resource for all sorts of repair and DIY. Thank goodness for the internet. It’s terrible that some people wouldn’t like us to have access to information!

    So it turns out AC repairman are a huge scam, and they KNOW they are ripping people off. Here’s a link to a Dateline video I saw years ago where they investigated AC repairmen and caught them scamming customers!–

    The more you know!

  27. Caroline says

    I just wanted to add to my earlier post about capacitors (aka run capacitors, because they keep the AC motor running). Anyway, those numbers I listed were for your specific AC unit (I pulled them off of your photo). *Other people’s will be different, depending on the type of AC unit. So really check those numbers on your old capacitor.

    You also need to measure the height and diameter of your old capacitor and note whether it is a round canister shape or a flattened canister shape so you can get the exact match size & shape wise. The brand can be any brand though, doesn’t matter, the amount of power will be the same.

    The important thing is the microfarads (uF is the symbol for microfarads, or sometimes MFD). And also make sure the Volts and Hz are the same. Otherwise the capacitor will be too weak or too strong, and will invariably fizzle out again in a few days, and you’ll have to buy another, correct, capacitor.

  28. Susan, I know this post is a jillion years old, but I was looking at the Michael Graves toaster on ebay. Then checked some other sites. It gets anywhere from a 4.5 to 1 star rating. And the 1 star rating is several people but in typical internet fashion, you cant tell if they are legit. How did you like your toaster. Did you have any trouble with it? Do you still have it? I still have the 1998 Target Michael Graves toaster and it still works.

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