Something New! What’s In the BNOTP Library?

From time to time I get questions regarding the books I have here on the shelves in my office. When I first set up the office, I decided to limit the books I placed in this room to those on the topics of decorating, gardening, cooking and crafting.  In the past I’ve occasionally created a post where I took pictures and shared my latest finds. Those posts take a really long time to create and unfortunately end up buried in the archives.

Recently, someone left a comment asking when I’d be doing another book post. I had been thinking one was long overdue. That question gave me a great idea. I love books and I love sharing them with you. In fact, when I was sending out a weekly newsletter, I always ended it with a decorating/gardening/crafting/cooking book I was currently enjoying. I know many of you enjoyed that from the comments I received.

BNOTP Library 3

So here’s my idea: A few of times a week I’ll create a short post sharing a decorating, gardening, crafting or cookbook I have and like, with a bit of info about it and a link to where you can find additional information on Amazon. I mostly buy decorating and gardening books so the e-mails will probably lean more heavily in that direction. These posts won’t take the place of my regular posts, those will still be here for you, too.

The post will always be short with just a bit of info about what I liked about the book and they will always go up on a non-party day since I don’t want to post on top of our Metamorphosis Monday or Tablescape Thursday party.

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I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I love books so much, all kind of books! And I love sharing them with you!

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  1. Great idea!! Books are my favorite thing next to decorating, antiquing, etc so will so look forward to this post!

  2. I can’t wait to see. I already subscribe.

    btw – have you named your new teapot? He seems to need a name.

    • Not yet, I went out of town right after I found him so never got around to it. Any ideas? 🙂 We were also debating if it is definitely a “he” teapot and not a “she” teapot. I thought the face looked like a “he” but some folks thought it might be a “she” due to the hat.

  3. Sounds good. I especially love a good decorating book. Although I keep some and others I donate to our local library if I realize I probably won’t look at it often. Nate Berkus’ book , was beautiful to read but I really didn’t think I would look at it many more times. Look forward to seeing what peaks your interest.

    • Thanks, Ann! Looking forward to hearing which books you love most. I have a feeling doing this a few times a week, I’m going to hear of a lot of books I’ll want to add to my library eventually!

  4. Great idea, Susan! I love beautiful books, too. My most recent is the Fowers one by Southern Lady. Have you seen it?

    • No, hadn’t seen that one. Love the cover though! It must be a good one, Jane because I noticed it’s showing “Out of Print” and it was just released on February 28th! I wonder how it can be out of print so quickly? Were you able to get a copy? Looks like no one has reviewed it yet.

  5. Tina Lewis says:

    Thank you, Susan, such a lovely idea. Although my library is bursting, I can always make room. 🙂

  6. YES! love the idea. I am looking forward to receiving the email with updates of what you are reading.

    While at Smith Mt. Lake, Virginia with my sister, I snagged a terrific book on shade gardening. It was in the cutest consignment shop. I thought of you, the lady had several sets of dishes, and lots of pretty glassware, punch bowls, etc., but back to the book, I got it for 2.95. It is loaded with lots of details and how-to’s.

    Can’t wait for the email!

  7. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says:

    Your teapot looks a little like Milton Berle. Maybe it’s a cross-dresser. 😉

    • HA! Too funny! I was thinking maybe it was a “he” in one of those old-fashioned night caps.

      • Nancy B of Lake Stevens says:

        By the way I am really looking forward to seeing your posts about your favorite books. You have recommended some real gems in the past. The sun is shining here in Wa state. Hope you have a sunny weekend.

  8. Love the tea pot! Love your posts! You’re pretty awesome!

  9. Christine says:

    I love books and was also curious about your library! Thanks

  10. Hi Susan! I think your teapot is a he… seems to me if it were a she, it would have eyelashes! Maybe it is one of those night caps! And I wanted to look at your book titles, but could hardly take my eyes off that face! LOL!! Looking forward to your Library updates.
    PS- He looks like a ‘Mr. Potter’ to me!

    • lol Sondra, I know what you mean about the face! And, I think you’re right about it being a a Mr. Another BNOTP visitor found a teapot online that looked very similar (same nose, eyebrows, handle, smile, collar etc…) except it had on lots of eye shadow, so it was obviously a “Mrs.” teapot. This one doesn’t have the eyeshadow or eyelashes so I’m leaning toward it being a guy with a funny nightcap, too. 🙂 Thanks Sondra…hope you enjoy the updates!

  11. Susan, you are completely awesome! I had to buy a big house just to accommodate all my books! Every room has some sort of bookcase or shelving unit for my books. And still . . . I’m running out of room. Barely a week goes by that I don’t received a delivery from Amazon with a new cookbook or decorating book inside. At present I believe my children estimated that I have over 1,000 cookbooks and they haven’t gotten around to the decorating books yet. I say this with the utmost sincerity . . . I truly love you! (In the non-creepy sense of course, haha!) Thank you again!

    • HA! Thanks Deena! There are definitely worse things to collect, right? 🙂 That sounds like an amazing cookbook collection! Didn’t HGTV used to have a show where they showcased amazing collections folks had? They should have visited your house for your cookbook collection! Do you also look for rare or out-of-print cookbooks?

  12. Ah, what the heck. Let’s get this party started. Do you have The Art And The Artist, by Mary Engelbreit? I’ve had it for years – it has “pride of place” on the top of the dresser in my bedroom. And, an awesome cookbook is Mad Hungry – Feeding Men & Boys by Lucinda Scala Quinn – my oldest sister sent this to my husband for Christmas several years ago and it became an instant favorite in my house – lots of easy to make comfort-type food. Last, but not least is The Layered Garden – Design Lessons for Year Round Beauty from Brandywine Cottage, by David L Culp w/Adman Levine – one of the reasons I love this one is because I grew up in southeastern PA and when I get homesick, I can open this book and be instantly home.
    Can’t wait to read about what you’ve got on your shelves!

    • I just love Mary Engelbreith’s book, Kathy! I have three of her books but I don’t have The Art and the Artist. I will have to look for it though! I love that title, Mad Hungry. What a great title for a cookbook! 🙂 I will check out The Layered Garden, too! Thanks for all these suggestions!

  13. Great post, I love a good book so I have room. The tea pot is amazing. Thanks for the sahre

  14. Renee' Martin says:

    Great!!…also love the teapot!

  15. Linda Page says:

    I think giving us updates on the books you are reading is a great idea. I was in an antique mall this morning and saw your daisy plates and matching tumblers and I t bought of you!! Wish I could have found a Mr. Teapot for me. Yours looks right at home on your book shelf.

  16. Hello Susan! I accidentally found your site while browsing. I have to tell you that I find your site amazing! You have such patience! I am so inspired to try new things and it’s because of you. I have a “potting table” of sorts, lol! It must be because it was called a potters table when I bought it. It’s been out in the sun (I live in Las Vegas) for a few years so I guess you could call it “weathered” ! I think I will pull it out of the hottest spot to a place that only gets the morning sun, and see if I can’t revive it, put some cute little pots containing flowers or herbs. Thanks for the motivation. I am on a very strict budget. Hubby and I are retired and we will have to go slowly on account of that. Thanks again, I will check back here and let you know my progress. I will take before and after pics also.

    • Aww, thanks so much, Diane! I like that…calling it a Potters Table. That sounds better than potting table. 🙂 I bet with a little tlc you can make it look almost new. If you use that marine varnish, do it outside for sure…couldn’t believe how smelly that stuff was! Let me know how it turns out!

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