Spring and Summer Table Settings

Welcome to the 201st Tablescape Thursday!

Wow!  Has it been crazy weather where you live?  We’ve been having stormy day after stormy day.  Monsoon weather and lots of lightning!  I awoke yesterday to find several very large branches in the turnaround portion of my driveway.  They were so large I could hardly move them.  So glad they missed the house!   My decks are covered with leaves and debris,  leaves are even stuck to the siding on the back of the house.  That’s summertime in the south…never boring!

I videotaped part of one storm with the idea of sharing it with you.   Porches can be wonderful places to hang out on a nice rainy day.  Not this time, though.  It got so scary and intense I had to head for the basement.  I sort of wish I had stayed on the porch now, it would have made for an exciting video!  Maybe next time I’ll stick it out.  HA!

With all this bad weather the last few days, I didn’t get a chance to finish a table I had planned out on the porch.  So this week I’m sharing three previous spring/summer table settings:  A Bee Themed, A Beach Themed and A Garden Themed.   Hope you enjoy!


The centerpiece for this Bee themed table setting was created with daffodils from my garden and dried lavender I had hanging from an antique hat rack in the guest room.  Bee Skep Soup Tureens from Old Time Pottery made for a whimsical tablescape.    I only had four but I managed to locate two more online back when this table setting was created.  Come a bit closer to see where all the bees have landed.

French Inspired Table Setting with Lavender and Daffodils


In addition to buzzing around the skeps (tureens), they adorn our La Roche tea glasses.

Daffodil, Lavender, Bumble Bee Table Setting


They found their way to the flatware, too, so be careful when you pick up your fork! πŸ˜‰  You’ll find more pictures of this table setting and details about the dishware/flatware/glassware here:  A Springtime Tablescape

Daffodil, Lavender, Bumble Bee Table Setting


Beach Time!

Recently, HomeGoods featured this table setting in an article titled, Getting Some Summer Color.   I put this table together right after Independence Day last summer.  I can tell because the porch was still all decorated for the 4th.


Minus the chargers, this was truly a budget friendly table setting.  The glasses were dollar stores finds, the “crab” plates were from HomeGoods and were only around $4 each.  Dinner plates were part of a large set that sold at Big Lots for just $29.99 and actually went on sale for $19.99 later.  The beautiful lantern was a frugal find from Old Time Pottery.


Shell necklace “napkin rings” from Michaels completed this fun, budget-wise setting.  For more pictures and details about this beach inspired table setting, click here:  Coastal Summer Table Setting

Beach Inspired Table Setting


Garden Party

I had so much fun with this Garden Table Setting!   Large terra cotta, flower pot “saucers” made great “chargers” for this garden party themed setting.



The flowers pots with their slimy green worms πŸ˜‰ are really Oreo Dirt Cheesecake with gummy worms slithering their way out.  Ground up Oreos makes some pretty realistic dirt!  Even the straw in the center that held the flower was edible.  Yum!  (You’ll find this table setting linked under “Good Eats/Recipes” at the top of the blog, along with several other recipes I’ve featured over the years.)

Garden Party Table Setting with Flower Pot Chargers


This tablescape was also the first time I accidentally captured the Blue Hour!  It’s had me in its spell ever since.  For more pictures of this setting, (and the recipe to make your own Oreo Dirt Cheesecake) click here: A Garden Party  You’ll find additional posts about the Blue Hour here: Blue Hour Photography

Garden Party Table Setting with Flower Pot Chargers


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  1. Good morning Susan,
    We are in quite a weather pattern this week! Each evening has been different – one full of lightening, another full of heavy rain and then at times both. I am very thankful for the rain – helping the pond levels and watering the gardens thoroughly – it is quite awe-inspiring – but you’re right to respect them! I love your garden themed one – and the gorgeous lantern in the one above – I appreciate you hosting and hope you have a blessed week,

  2. Our weather is crazy too, but in a different way. We’ve had alot of heat and virtually no rain whatsoever. In my entire lifetime of living here, I’ve never seen the grass so dry & burned out like this.
    Hopefully there will be nice weather ahead for you now.

  3. I love all your summer/spring tablescape, Susan. I think my favorite is the garden one with the use of terracota pot, just so original. I love your bee tureens too and the green house and I could go on and on….Christine

  4. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Glad you were safe from the storm, and that it didn’t blow away your scape in the making!

  5. Gee Singh Newbanks says

    πŸ˜€ As always I just luv your tablescapes. Must say, never thought to use the large terra cotta saucers as chargers. Hmmm.. I have used the little ones as coasters before. Got me thinking.
    Yes the weather has been blustery to say the least. But all our storms are summer afternoon ones. Wild wind, loud thunder and lightening. Not always rain though… Summertime in the South. Gotta luv it!

  6. Your tablescapes are all so enchanting. A few of them (the garden theme) even make me squeal out LOUD with delight. I have a few warden boxes, and I now have a new vision for incorporating them into my dining table!

  7. Oops…that’s wardian boxes

  8. Ooh, I think my favorite is the garden tablescape! I love the little greenhouse with the candles.

  9. I’m glad you weathered the storm with only minor damage. The upside is we’re treated to three lovely tablescapes. Your greenhouse terrarium reminds me of the Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, California.

  10. Such a joy to view your beautiful tables!
    We have been having so many forrest fires out here in the West, it’s been so very hot. Nice to come inside and view your blog. Thank you!

  11. Susan, it’s a treat to see these table again. You have such flair!
    Glad the storm didn’t damage your home. We’ve had some good rain the last couple of days. Would love some more, but I think our chances have dwindled now.
    Thanks for hosting. ~ Sarah

  12. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Loving your new blog, and going back to visit lovely tables. ~Zuni

  13. Hi Susan,
    I been loving your TS since I started to blog & follow your meme.
    It is hard to choose a fave. I just love them all… in every occasion.

    BTW, I suppose to join your TS party today, however, I can’t link my post. I got an invalid message saying “I don’t have a back link”. What does this mean? Pls advise.

    Would appreciate if you can link me? Just if you have time doing.
    Thank you once again, for an enjoyable time every Thursday.


  14. Hi Susan!

    I love all of these tablescapes! Just gorgeous! We are not far from you and have been enjoying those same crazy storms!!!! We had a 100 foot tree fall across the driveway!!! SCARY stuff!!!

    I have a question, the blue glasses that are on your bee themed table, do you know what those are called or remember where you got them? My mom gave me two in pink. I just adore them and would love some more!

    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks! Glad that tree missed your house! That’s a big tree!!! I found those at Pier 1 a couple of years ago…pretty sure it was Pier 1. I’ve also seen very similar ones in HomeGoods, TJ Max and Marshalls. Not sure who the manufacturer is.

  15. Hi Susan,
    Your tablescapes are so bright and cheerful πŸ™‚
    Thank you for hosting each week – always a pleasure visiting!
    Greetings from Australiaβ™₯

  16. Susan…I so enjoyed seeing the tablescapes again…I can’t seem to get enough of them…they are all so truly beautiful….Sorry you had some bad experiences with the storms…this summer weather has been a bit crazy!…I am just happy that we are out of the triple digits…for now at least!….Have a wonderful weekend…and thanks for hosting as always…loved joining the party this week!

  17. Susan,
    I really love your bee flatware and the little greenhouse, but my favorite in all of you posts is the use of the terra cotta saucers as chargers and the flower pot desserts! So Cute! Thanks so much for hosting another great party!

  18. Hi Susan,

    It looks like your transition over to Word Press has gone pretty smooth. It looks great. I’ve thought about moving over as well…actually was advised to go with Word Press in the first place…but blogger seemed so easy at the time.

    Well, I have LOVED that first tablescape ever since you first shared it. In fact, I looked for some of the bee skep tureens/covered dishes. I would love to have four of them also. SO CUTE!

    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursdays for us!


    • Thanks, Nancy…it’s getting better…still working on a few things. πŸ™‚

      I found the first 4 of the skeps at Old Time Pottery and then lucked out and found two more at Replacementsdotcom. Of course I paid a lot more for those two than I did for the four at OTP. OTP’s pricing is just so much better.

  19. I was just talking to a very dear childhood friend who lives in Atlanta and the sound of thunder was rolling through the phone lines! It’s been quite a summer all over the country so far. Thanks for another wonderful party!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. Oh how I loved your bee themed table! Those french bee glasses are my total favorite. I got a great deal on them awhile back when a World Market near me was shutting down. $3.00 each! Thanks for hosting again this week – always beautiful tables! Jane

    • That is a deal! Jane, I have so fallen in love with them, I took all my plain La Roche glasses and put them in the basement and I’m using the bee glasses full time now. They make me smile every time I see them! πŸ™‚

  21. Wow, I love the garden party! Looks so amazing.

  22. Your tables are always so beautiful! Thanks for hosting πŸ™‚

  23. Thanks for hosting us again and for the reprise of your wonderful tables. Our grandson is here through the weekend, and I almost forgot to link up my post. Glad that I remembered. Cherry Kay

  24. Your table settings are just amazing.
    Our weather has been wacky here, but I just want to
    talk about your porch, and your tablescapes, and your talents,
    and your style, and your new lamp!!!!

    I could live on that porch and never leave.
    Just fill those plates up from time to time and
    I will keep the room spotless clean and I will live there.

    OMG….. just gorgeous.


  25. Hello
    My sister is looking for some china which is cherry design (or red berries).

    Which is made by Royal Norfolk, Greenbrier International. I saw that you had a display with lemons pattern china. However I’m unable to find this china, I was wondering where you got the lemon pattern? Perhaps they have the cherry pattern or would know where I could get the cherry pattern?
    Thank you for your time and or information.

    Gus Kincaid

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