Inspiration for the Spring Table

Welcome to the 334th Tablescape Thursday!

I always like to stop by my local Pottery Barn this time of year to see what’s new for the spring season. They had lots of great tables set so I snapped a few pics for ya! This table would work well for spring or summer.

Spring Table in Green, White and Silver


See that tiny little silver thing in the center of the plate.

Spring Table Setting


It’s a cute little bunny acting as a place card holder. I didn’t see a price on him and I couldn’t find them online at the PB site when I returned home.

Bunny Place Card Holders


This was my favorite table…very springy!

Easter Spring Tablescape


In the center of each plate was a lidded egg-shaped candy dish. I did see those online at the PB site. In the photo above, you can see they are all stocked up with colorful napkins for spring.

Spring Easter Tablescape


I thought these white napkins with an egg border were adorable. Very tempted by those! Update: I think those are polka dots around the border…still cute though.

Easter Egg Napkins


Remember the DIY bunny-ear napkin rings I shared on Monday? (If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: DIY Burlap Bunny-Ear Napkin Rings For The Spring Table.)

I had saved the picture I used as my inspiration to make those, from the year before. When I wrote that post for Monday, I thought the picture was from Pottery Barn. After several folks mentioned Pier 1 having some similar, I Googled the Pier 1 bunny napkin rings and realized my inspiration picture actually was an old photo from Pier 1. It had been so long since I saved it to my computer, I had forgotten where I first saw them. Do you ever do that?

Burlap Bunny Ear Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Inspired 02


In that same tutorial post on Monday, I also shared this photo from Pottery Barn showing the bunny-ear napkin rings they have for this year.

Pottery Barn Burlap Bunny Napkin Rings DIY Tutorial


They actually had a table set with them and it was fun seeing them in action.

Bunny Ears Napkin Rings


The one thing that really surprised me was the size of the ears.  They didn’t seem that big in the picture online, but in person they are huge!

Easter Spring Table With Bunny Ear Napkin Rings


They really are cute! As mentioned in Monday’s post, these wouldn’t be that hard to make if you can do a little basic sewing.

Bunny Ear Napkin Ring


This was the last table I saw during my visit. It felt nautical to me with the blue and white striped salad plates and striped table runner.

So, did I buy anything.? I did buy one thing.

Blue and White Tablescape


This cute LOVE pillow came home with me. I thought it was a Valentine’s Day product since it was on sale and all Pottery Barn’s Valentine’s Day stuff is currently on sale.

Love Pillow 2


It turns out, it was actually a pillow they had available at Christmastime. Love pillow is available here: Love Pillow.

Love Pillow


I thought it would be a good replacement each year when I remove the Christmas stocking pillow from the bed after Christmas. Don’t you think it would be cute as a Valentine’s Day accent pillow? Nice to know it works for Christmas, too.

Tartan Plaid Bedding With Ralph Lauren Devonshire Shams
Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for the party Susan! Love your new LOVE pillow, what a find! Thanks for the trip to PB too, all those bunnies just make me smile! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Susan, You have me itching for a trip to Pottery Barn! Love your version of the Bunny Ear Napkin Rings. ♥

  3. Hi Susan, thank you for hosting! I love the Pottery Barn photos. I always mean to stop by my local PB but I never seem to get there, so thanks for keeping me up to date! Have a wonderful week:)

  4. Wow, looks like I need to go visit Pottery Barn! I love the white bunnies down the table with the rainbow of napkins!

  5. I just ordered those napkins with the little dots along the border. They’ll go with things I have and I think their so cute and classic! Those are some big ears on the PB napkin rings. I was thinking a little white felt insert cut to fit inside the ear would be even cuter! That was a good find with the LOVE pillow. Thank you as always for hosting the TT party!

  6. Great inspiration, Susan. I think PB was inspired by your napkin rings last year! I think they owe you a portion of the sales. Your Love pillow is so pretty. I would have thought it was V’tine décor too. It’s great when seasonal décor can be used for two holidays. Thanks for hosting.

  7. I was in Pier One this week and the gal told me that the Easter dishes, etc are going so fast that by the time we need them they won’t have any. I bought two adorable white rabbits. They made me think of some you used and I bought the white egg plates that go with the embossed white dishes. They had turkeys in the fall, so I have a complete set of matching accessories, but they don’t have any cups. Can you believe that?

    • That’s annoying…hate it when I can’t find every thing I need. Carol, check on and on eBay. That’s probably going to be your best bet if it’s the fall turkey cups you need. If it’s for spring, you may have luck calling around to some different Pier 1 stores. Hope you find them!

  8. OOOH…………I need to go check out my nearest Pottery Barn store!! :0) I haven’t been there in a couple of weeks, and the last time I went there they didn’t have their Easter and spring things out yet. Have a wonderful day, Susan.

  9. Hi Susan,

    I would love to browse through Pottery Barn too if only we lived close to one. I love the bunny place cards holders. Your “Love” pillow will look so nice on your bed. Beautiful!

  10. They haven’t made any cups to go with this set of dishes, but still they have plates for the various seasons. Can you understand this? I asked one of the guys that works there if he could get me a web site that I could use and ask if they could come up with some cups and they told me no.

  11. I love when we put out the new tablescapes. There is actually a new Friends and Family event at Pottery Barn that started today. 20% off. I love those polka dot napkins. Think I might be making a trip out there this week.

    I think the last tablescape with the blue and white circle striped plates might be my favorite. But I might be biased because I was in the Navy.

  12. They’re all so pretty dear Susan…specially, crazy about the bunny plates!
    Thank you for the great tablescape party.
    Spring tables are so pretty, sweet and happy.
    In the meantime, have a very happy Valentine’s.

  13. Hi, Susan,
    Thanks for the party! Our PB doesn’t set as many tables as yours does: thank you for sharing these. I love those glass egg candy dishes! Don’t you just love the colors of spring? Your “LOVE” pillow will be perfect on your bed with your other pillows. What a great way to spend a day: shopping and browsing at PB! Rosie

  14. Susan, I have been drooling over the PB goodies that I have seen on their internet site. I am so ready for spring and beautiful fresh pastel colors. I am absolutely in love with the Easter Village and would love to try to make one from scraps of wood that I have in the garage. We don’t have a Pottery Barn close by and that is a good thing. I would have to go back to work to support my plate habit. Have a wonderful weekend….. Candy

  15. I never tire of these tablescapes, and that first one, along with the natural one (with the bunny ears) are my favorites. I do love those tiny little place card holders, as well as the center linen on the diagonal (vintage?). I love the mix of the mossy naturals with green and white too. Classic.

  16. I wish we had a Pottery Barn! I love bunnies for Easter table. Years ago, my sister in England sent me some wooden white and pink bunny napkin holders. The ears snapped off one, but was soon glued together.
    Thanks for showing us the goodies Susan!!!

  17. Susan, your table looks wonderful! I was in PB the other day and it was all I could do to stop myself from buying everything I saw. I just adore that place…but have my daughter’s wedding and that’s where MY disposable income is going right now! : – )

    Thank you for hosting. Nice to join in the fun this time around. Hugs.

  18. So loving the whites and greys and …the whites and greys. I don’t find a Pottery Barn closeby for me but I did spot some WONDERFULLY ALL WHTE treasures for this season at Hobby Lobby….thanks for reminding me I gotta get back over there and pick up a few white bunnies [all sizes]
    and those ahhhhhhhmazing cabbage leaf place mats I found on the internet…thanks again for the inspiration. Again!

  19. Love that bunny table! Happy Valentine’s Day Susan!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. I love dropping by our PB outlet (no store here) to check out their seasonal tables and the sale items. I think the LOVE pillow would be perfect in your guest room! Also, when at our local mall WS is a stopping place too. Maybe I can give it some serious thought when the snow and high cold winds are gone! Happy Valentine’s, Linda

  21. claudette flanigan says

    Love the “LOVE” pillow you bought!

  22. I, too, went to PB last week and saw those cute bunnies. I took home some bunnies wheeling carts for eggs… And used them this week for a spring table. Love your pretty table, I am totally in the mood for Spring too!

  23. Beautiful tables with lots of fun ideas!

    It is 20 degrees here this morning. It is too cold to believe Spring will ever arrive.

  24. THANK YOU for posting these photos!!! Since my stupid back surgery has kept me indoors and out of shopping commission, I miss seeing things like this!!! I haven’t been in a store since….I can’t remember when! It’s nice to know the stores are starting to put out their Spring stuff. It’s cold, cold, cold here, and I like to be reminded that Spring isn’t very far off!

    Good score on the pillow! You will be able to enjoy that for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

    Have a wonderful, loving, and safe weekend!!!

    • Alycia, I didn’t realize you had back surgery. I hope you are healing quickly. I remember when you had shoulder surgery a year or so ago and I was so impressed with how well you did with that. I bet by spring you will be out and about, making up for lost time! 🙂

  25. Love to see seasonal tablescaping ideas. All seem to have multi layers of plates, napkins and center decor. Where is food placement? Do you buffet it, serve it or pass it around and put on side table? Table scapes never seem to have any room left for the food.

    • My tables are all too small to place food on the table if 4-6 are dining. So, when I have friends or family over for dinner and set the table, I place the food on my kitchen counter and each person serves their plate from there. Sometimes, I’ll place the tea or drinks on the sideboard nearby for refills, but there’s usually way too much food to fit on the table, even if there were no centerpiece. And honestly, I don’t really want to be staring at a half platter of ham or roast or a bowl of beans, etc… while having dinner. I’d much rather be looking at a pretty centerpiece. 🙂

  26. Diane Westbrook says

    Hi…everything looks so wonderful…I especially like the little rabbit place card holders and am sad that they are not available online. I have to drive a distance to get to a store. On another note, in a past conversation on your site we were talking about our favorite PBS and Masterpiece shows. I watched Downton tonite and there was a preview for Poldark! It is a new version that will be coming to Masterpiece. You mentioned that you had not seen it …nor I…so am excited to know that it will be on this year some time. Diane

    • Diane, thanks for letting me know! I think I’ve seen Poldark available on Netflix, but I never watched it. So I’d be interested in seeing the new one. So cool that they are bringing it back again! You may want to check on eBay for the rabbit place card holders, although if you find them, I’m sure they will be expensive. I think some ebay sellers buy up PB stuff, just so they can make a tidy profit once they are no longer available at PB. 🙁

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