An Accidental Mother’s Day Table Setting

Welcome to the 559th Tablescape Thursday!

I’m not exactly sure how I did this, but somehow I accidentally created a Mother’s Day table setting for this week’s Tablescape Thursday. lol It was super cloudy yesterday so I decided early on in the day I’d set a table inside in the breakfast room instead of on the porch. I thought I’d create a blue and white candlelit setting with the new lantern I just purchased recently.

Blue, White Opalhouse Hurricane Candle Holder


My gardenia bush near my garage is in full bloom so I wanted to incorporate a few blossoms into this week’s table.

Gardenia Shrub loaded down with flowers


I didn’t start this table until late at night since I had planned a candlelit setting, but as I started setting the table, I wasn’t loving how things were turning out. I needed more height in my centerpiece so it would be visible behind the gardenias.

I decided on a completely different centerpiece and suddenly the whole table needed to be redone. As I completed this table, I realized I had put together a table that would really be perfect for a Mother’s Day luncheon. I think this table would also work well for a baby shower.

I had the shutters closed since it was pitch black dark outside.

Spring Table, Gardenias, Wedgwood Etruria, Kaiser Porcelain


This morning it’s still super cloudy, but I snapped a few additional photos to share. So as you scroll through the photos, some may have been taken last night and some will have been taken this morning. As always, feel free to scroll through quickly if you don’t enjoy seeing a lot of photos from different angles/views.

Tablescape Thursday, Between Naps On The Porch


A view from above, late last night…

Gardenias in Spring Table, Wedgwood China


Many, many years ago I was given a beautiful Kaiser porcelain figurine for Mother’s Day.

Tablescape, Gardenias, Wedgwood Etruria, Kaiser Mother and Child


Normally this figurine is kept inside the secretary in my living room. It’s nice to pull out those pieces we already have to use in the centerpiece of a table setting. I’ll share additional photos of this piece toward the end of this post.

Gardenias, Wedgwood Etruria, Kaiser Porcelain in Spring Table Setting


It has been ages since I last used this china.

Wedgwood Floral Salad Plate, Etruria, England


The dinner plate is Lenox, Butler’s Pantry Gourmet, purchased over ten years ago. Butler’s Pantry Gourmet is a soft creamy color, very neutral and just a gorgeous pattern.

Wedgwood Etruria Salad Plate, England


The salad plates are vintage Wedgwood. Not exactly sure of the pattern name but on the back of the plate it says, “Wedgwood, Etruria England, Made in England.”

Wedgwood Etruria, Made in England


I found this beautiful pattern while antiquing one day many years ago. I never go antiquing anymore, I miss it! Not sure if you can tell but the plate is edged in a pretty shade of green.

Wedgwood Etruria, England


I took photos of my various napkin-creation-attempts but this post has so many pics, I’ll spare you those. This was where I ended up…layering three to get the look I wanted for this table setting. Butterflies have flown in to act as our napkin rings, undoubtedly drawn by the sweet, sweet scent of the gardenias.

Butterfly Napkin Rings


The water/tea glass is Waterford in the pattern, Araglin. The wine glass is from Dollar Tree. I seem to be using these wine glasses a lot this spring. I love their soft green color.

Kaiser, Mother and Child Figurine


The name of this porcelain figurine by Kaiser is called, Mother and Child, if I’m remembering correctly.

Kaiser Porcelain, Mother and Child


I love it so much! I miss my little boy, but I’m very proud of the man and father he’s become.

Mother and Child, Kaiser Porcelain


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday, Between Naps On The Porch


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  1. That’s a beautiful table, for Mother’s Day or any day! The centerpiece figurine is so special, and I love the gardenias surrounding it. I know they must smell divine. All the soft greens look so nice with the china and flowers.

  2. The figurine is gorgeous! How beautiful the fresh gardenias are. Motherhood can be celebrated any day! Thanks for hosting.

  3. veryl stockdale says

    I like this very much, just beautiful…I have a question…where do you put the extra napkins when dining with more than one

    • Thanks, Veryl! I typically just use two and the one that’s not used is just placed across the lap. I really like how two fill out a napkin ring nicely and the layering just adds a bit more interest/color to the table.

  4. Judy West says

    I love gardenias but here in Ill. you can’t grow them outside. I can almost smell them on your beautiful table.

  5. Cindy S. says

    I love the gardenias!!! Love the table also, but I really want to hear more about that lovely gardenia bush!! How do you keep it so nice and what do you put on it to bring out so many blooms!!! I live in the panhandle of Texas and it is normally so hot and dry I cannot get one to live outside. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!!

    • I planted that one many years ago…probably 15 years ago now. We had a terrible, terrible ice storm a few years back (not the last one we had, but I think it was the one before that) and it almost completely killed it. It had been a huge bush/tree, but after that ice storm, about 2/3rds of the shrub was dead. I thought I was going to have dig it up and get rid of it, but instead, I cut all the dead away. It looked pitiful and was very small bush again. It has taken it about 4 years to really recover and grow back up again.

      Last year, for the first time again, it had a few blooms. This is the first year that it’s finally getting back to its old self with lots of blooms. It’s still not as big as it was before the evil ice storm.

      Gardenias don’t like it too, too cold and they definitely don’t like ice storms. I know there’s something you can add to the soil if you start seeing a lot of yellow leaves. I did that once many years ago when it was having an issue with a lot of yellow leaves that were falling off, but I haven’t needed to do anything to it in recent years. I just pray another really, really bad ice storm doesn’t come along. Maybe if I hear of one that’s about to it, I can figure out a way to cover it.

      The scent of the flowers is so strong, I can literally just cut one flower and the scent will fill the entire house. It’s amazing! It was almost overwhelming when I was setting the table last night…having that many blooms in the house! lol

      I love it and hope I can keep it alive through our unpredictable weather here in north Georgia.

      This gardenia is on the east side of my home, so it only gets the gentle morning sun and a bit of the hotter mid-day sun. So it never gets the intense west sun. Also, it’s somewhat protected since it’s so close to the house. I’m wondering if your gardenias are getting way too much sun.

      I’ve forgotten the variety/name of this one but it is supposed to be one that does well here in Georgia. I would Google to see what gardenias/varieties are recommended for your area. I’m just not familiar with Texas and your growing zone. Wish I had more suggestions.

      • Cindy S. says

        Thank you for all the information, I will have to check with our local greenhouses and see if they can give me any incite. Yes the sun is quite brutal here and that might be a problem. Hopefully they can guide me to a variety that will work.

      • @Susan: The next trip to a Garden Center check out if they carry burlap as that is what we use (here in Canada) to cover up many of our shrubs just prior to the winter season. (Normally in late Fall before the snow flies and/or ice storms.) Just wrap some type of cording around it to keep it secure. (i.e.: Jute string or similar) It usually comes in rolls and is easy to store. -Brenda-

        • That’s a great idea, Brenda! I should do that before winter just in case we get another crazy ice storm. I would hate to see it ruined again.

  6. Like Judy, I can almost smell those gardenias. As a teenager our home had a huge gardenia next to the front steps, and gardenia (true gardenia) became one of my favorite fragrances. That scent always brings back sweet memories. I also love the salad plates.

    • It is an amazing scent that you never forget…I do love it so much! Thanks, Shelia, my photos weren’t that great of the plates, the raised design is so pretty in person.

  7. Well no matter how the tablescape finally was created, it is lovely and yes it would truly be a wonderful Mother’s Day table. I love the Mother and child figurine as the centerpiece. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Sandy! I just realized on Friday that I forgot to use chargers. I guess the Lenox Butler’s Pantry Gourmet plates are so big, it made me forget about using charger plates. lol Oh well, nice to change things up occasionally. 🙂
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Even picnic fare would have been lovely with all those gardenias.

  9. Love the gardenias and the sweet centerpiece! Thanks Susan!

  10. Kay Brown says

    Always post lots of pictures from different angles! I love them! Beautiful setting any mother would enjoy dining at!

    • Ah, thanks for letting me know, I always like seeing a lot of photos and closeups of tables…so that’s great to know, Kay! Have a wonderful weekend! XXX

  11. I love the gardenias, as I have a bush in my back yard. the gardenia and magnolia are my favorite flower. The table setting is so pretty, I have the ballerina figurine in Kaiser, not as pretty as the Mother and Son! You always have such beautiful china!

    • Those are two of my favorites, too. We are so blessed to have those here in the south and I do appreciate them so much. Thanks, Jackie! I bet your ballerina figurine is gorgeous. Kaiser makes such beautiful pieces!

  12. Kathleen says

    I like that you incorporated a gardenia with the figurine. It seems the butterflies match the color of the salad plates. Pretty!

  13. Oh, nothing smells as beautiful as gardenias. There was a huge bush outside my door in the Virgin Islands and I miss it so. I wonder if I could find one to plant here? The table as usual is beautiful. Well done.

    I did a major shopping trip today and I’m still a bit in shock at what I spent including an IPad Pro. I need to recover. Loved your latest post as I always do.

    • Thanks, Ginger! Ohh, an iPad Pro sounds pretty nice! My iPad is pretty old but still ticking along for the tiny bit I use it. Hope you can find a Gardenia that will grow well there.

  14. Laura Kump says

    My dad bought me that same sculpture on the birth of my second son. I use it every Mothers Day.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    What a lovely table and awesome figurine. The flowers put the icing on the cake! Glad your gardenia bush has survived and made a lovely comeback!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! Me, too. I need to probably cut a limb off of it this year…reshape it a bit. It’s still a little wonky from it ice attack.

  16. Isn’t interesting how you can head one direction with a tablescape in mind and it gets totally turned around and headed in the opposite direction. The best reward is when you realize that it looks beautiful, like yours does!!

    • Yup, that happens to me frequently when I’m putting one together for Tablescape Thursday. Aww, thanks Chloe! I realized on Friday (as I was driving into Atlanta)t I didn’t use charger plates. I pretty much always use those so not sure why I forgot them and not sure why I remembered them a full later while driving into Atlanta. lol My mind is a scary place sometimess! 😉

  17. How I love your breakfast room and porch. Wish I had both! The lighting for your tablescapes is always perfect! I look forward to reading your blog!

    • Thanks so much, Beth! So appreciate that! I should probably call it a breakfast area instead of a breakfast room since it’s sorta part of the kitchen.

  18. Honestly…that is some of your best work IMO!!! I just love it! KUDOS!! franki

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