Delphinium & Bunnies For Spring

Welcome to the 347th Tablescape Thursday!

Today I’m sharing a tablescape I had hoped to share back around Easter but couldn’t quite get it ready in time. It actually works great for spring or summer, too.

Spring or Easter Tablescape on Screened Porch


I kept the centerpiece simple with bunnies and a big pot of Delphinium.

Spring Table with Delphinium Centerpiece


I love Delphinium but whenever I’ve planted them in my garden, they never come back the next year. I’m wondering if it just gets too hot here. As I was checking out with them in the garden center, the associate who was ringing me up said she had seen them growing a lot in Ohio when she lived there, so apparently they grow well in that state. Another plant I can never get to come back is Hollyhock. I love those, too! Can you grow Delphinium where you live?

Delphinium for a Spring Table Setting


The white chargers are from Horchow back in 2008. Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates are from HomeGoods many years ago. Stemware is from Pier 1 several years ago.

Spring Tablescape with Bunny Centerpiece


The beaded butterfly napkin rings are from Pier 1 a few years back.

Beaded Butterfly Napkin Rings


Salad plates are Ma Maison by Darrio Farucci and are from HomeGoods many years ago.

Darrio Farucci Dishware, Ma Maison


Polka dot/striped flatware was found on eBay last summer, I think it was last summer. It didn’t come with a salad fork so sometimes I’ll mix in a salad fork from a different set of flatware. It’s fun to mix and match flatware from different sets.

Striped & Polka Dot Green & White Flatware


Spring or Easter Tablescape with Delphinium


These little bunnies have held a number of things over the years. Today they’re holding a bouquet of white flowers.

Spring Easter Table Setting With Bunny Delphinium Centerpiece


If you have some tips for growing Delphinium or Hollyhocks, please share! I have a feeling it’s our summer heat and humidity that’s causing them to not return each year. Or, perhaps it doesn’t get cold enough here during the winter. Could that be it? Tulips never come back either…just their foliage comes back. Love to hear your thoughts on this!

Spring or Easter Tablescape on Screened Porch


Looking forward to the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Delphinium love Susan and I have Ma Maison envy everytime you share it πŸ™‚ I planted three delphinium last year and they came back but they look puny and nothing like the robust plants with all the blooms when I planted them. NC must be too hot and humid for them. I was curious too and just saw on a garden forum they can be finicky unless in just the right spot and prefer no more than two to three hours of morning sun followed by shade the rest of the day in the South. I may have to enjoy them as annuals, love them on your table!

    • That may be part of the problem for why mine don’t do well. Both times I’ve planted them in the past, they have gotten the west sun. I think I’ll try to find a shadier spot for these. Thanks, Mary!

  2. This is a cute tablescape! Love the delphinium centerpiece! I grow them here in Michigan and they do come back. I think Mary is on to it as far as where to plant them. Mine don’t get full sun here so I can imagine in your neck of the woods a southern or western exposure would be too much. I’d try them on the north side and see if they come back.
    I’ve always adored your Ma Maison dishes. Of course I looked for them to no avail. πŸ™‚ The bunnies are adorable flanking the sides of the flowers- cute-cute!

    • I think I’ll try that, Liz. Unfortunately, when I found that dishware in HG, they had very few pieces. I ended up having to drive to 3 different HG stores that day to collect enough to create a table setting. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember I had to order a few more pieces on eBay. I’ve never seen it anywhere since. Not sure why they made so little of it. Hopefully they will reproduce it again one day!

  3. Purple + green = regal! I think I need to plant some delphiniums (but leaving the bunnies on the table and out of my garden is perfectly fine with me!). Thanks for the party, Susan. I especially love the happy utensils.

  4. They survive in Michigan, just not in my garden πŸ™ They last for a few years – never to return again.

  5. Hi Susan,
    I don’t know anything about delphinium, but could your tulips fail to bloom because your winters aren’t cold enough for long enough? You might try digging up the bulbs and refrigerating them in the winter. Also, be sure to cut off the flower as soon as it is finished blooming, but leave the greens to nourish the bulb. I wonder if you have the same issue with daffodils. They usually last much longer than tulips here and they multiply on their own!
    I love this table! I’ve been admiring those dishes ever since I found you years ago and I love them whether they are on the table or in the hutch. And the soft greens on your table are perfect for spring into summer time!
    Thank you for hosting!

    • Linda, I bet that is the issue with the tulips. I love tulips but they are a lot of work to grow if you have to dig them back out. Yep, I do that with my daffodils…leave the foliage until it turns completely yellow so it absorb nutrients from the sun for the following year. I love that about daffodils, how they spread! Thanks, Linda!

  6. Oh Susan, those Ma Maison are my favorite plates, I always do a happy dance when you use them! I have no gardening advice, but I love the delphinium in that adorable ceramic pot for your centerpiece. Love the fun flatware and bunnies, it’s all so fresh and happy! Have a great weekend~

  7. Every time I see your tablescapes, you make me want to be a better housewife! Thanks for sharing your lovely porch.

  8. Mary from Virginia says

    cute cute table!!! Love the flatware and of course your cute house plates. I look for them when I shop and never find them, one day I will!

    I have not tried to grow delphinium. I was under the impression that they don’t do well in my zone, which is zone 8. We get too much sun and humidity for them to do well. After reading Mary’s comment, I might give them a try since I have a flower bed that would provide the lighting that she referenced. They look great on your table with the green.

    How is your yard coming along? Did you plant any annuals?

  9. Delphiniums grow well here in Colorado. I never had a problem with them. They must like a cooler temperature. I love your tablescape with those adorable bunnies and the stripe and dots silverware.

  10. You set such beautiful tables!! Thanks for hosting another fun party. It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in but love coming by to see everyone’s ideas!

  11. I’ve never tried to grow Delphinium, but your pot of them looks so pretty, I think I’ll try some. Reading the comments, I’ll look for a shady spot for them. I love how that fun flatware brightens the table, ad I remember looking for some of those napkin rings the first time I saw them on your blog. Your porch is a perfect place for Spring dining. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Rose Ann Bacher-Giallombardo says

    I just adore your beautiful table setting. . . .my favorite is the salad plate w/ the pretty “Little House” πŸ™‚

    Since I live in Rochester, NY. . .we of course had frost warnings last night so my husband & I had to cover our lovely plant filled window boxes!
    All is well this morning. It will be another week or two before I can plant annuals πŸ™ I’ve never tried growing delphiniums, they are very pretty.

  13. Anne Pritchett says

    Love the tablescape! Who made the cachepot? It’s lovely!

    • I found it in HomeGoods and it says “Hecho en Mexico” on the bottom. You can find these colorful pots in garden centers but they are usually pretty pricey. The best price I’ve found for them was in Marshalls, TJ Max and HomeGoods. Thanks, Anne!

  14. I just wanted to know where you got the summer breeze sign ?

  15. What an adorable table for Spring, so fresh! I love the bunnies holding flowers, very sweet! I live in southern California, and right now we are lucky if anything survives, it’s so hot and we are mid-drought. Thankfully, it’s raining the next few days! I wish I could help. πŸ™
    Thank you for hosting!

    • I feel so bad for y’alls drought. Georgia went through that a few years back and they were on the verge of rationing water where they would turn it off during the day and only make it available a few hours each day. Thank goodness they never had to do it but we were getting close. They were talking about in the papers. I hope the rains come and stay a while. I know you need it there.

  16. Mellodie says

    I just have a question. How and where do you store your tableware? I have a buffet and cabinet completely full.

  17. Linda Page says

    This table setting is just adorable. It is so crispy clean and bright and summery! I love the flatware. Better hide those when I come to visit!! I’m just saying!!!! The bunnies may be in danger, too!!! I also think you should try a north or northeast side for your delphiniums. They don’t do well in Texas either. Just too hot. Same way with peonies. I have wanted to have a peony bush my whole life but there is just no way in Texas but in New Hampshire peony bushes will get 10 ft tall and 6-7 ft wide and be covered in blooms!!! Not fair!

    • Wow! As much as I don’t like cold weather, this is making me think if I ever move to Ohio, maybe I’ll get to enjoy some of the plants I can’t enjoy now. I hope Magnolia trees grow there! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Linda!

      • Wait a minute–you’ve mentioned a future cottage upstate from time to time. So is No GA now spelled OHIO?! πŸ˜€

        • lol My son and dil would like for me to move to Ohio and I would like that, too, except the whole process feels overwhelming. Plus, I hate cold weather with a passion…I love hot weather.

  18. I’ve been tempted to grow them but haven’t taken the plunge. Our Michigan weather is very finnicky. Love the color palette and the cozy feeling of this table. Have a great weekend!

  19. Love this table setting…….so fresh and crisp for spring or summer!! I had delph. here for many years, then they died out and Lupines sprung up instead and I left those. They always come back and love them!! I am also in Rochester, NY…..had the frost warning last night but I haven’t put any plants outside yet, so was safe!!

  20. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I think this is one of my favorites! I usually love color, color, color, but the simple elegance of all the white and green is just so fresh and Spring-like, I love it! You have such a beautiful collection of items you have managed to collect over the years, my head swims just thinking about trying to emulate it! Somehow you’ve managed to make so many different things work together. Maybe I just don’t have the imagination, but I’m glad you do and I love this delicate table-scape. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  21. Marlene Stephenson says

    So very cute, i love those little house plates,bunnies,and the silverware. I am on the look out for unusual salad plates and i will find

  22. The green and white palette makes for a very welcoming Springscape. And I too adore the striped/dotted tableware.

  23. Love the table setting with the green and purple together! It seems like we have tried to plant the delphiniums before and they didn’t survive, sorry I can’t be more specific. I love purple anything in the yard.

  24. Hi, I am still trying to learn how to link up my tablescapes to your blog. I am still having trouble. I am not that computer savvy when it comes to this. I can see my blog square but when I click on it and try to view my pics by clicking on picture it does nothing. Why? Let me know if i did this right or wrong. Thanks.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Something didn’t go quite right when you entered the link back to your tablescape. I went into InLinkz and fixed it. It was showing this:

      Whenever you enter in the URL for your post, the easiest way to get that is to click on your post title at your blog, which is “Spring Tablescape” then copy the url that is showing in the address bar at the top of your blog, which is

      That way when folks click on the image you’ve linked up, it will take them right to your post.

      Lisa, your dishware is beautiful! What a gorgeous pattern! And the setting is wonderful! I love it!

      Btw, if you want your pictures to be larger, you can adjust those in Blogger. I wasn’t sure if you knew it would let you do that. It’s been a long time since I was blogging on Blogger but I remember there’s a way to adjust the picture size. You may need to go into the post and maybe click on the picture…not sure. But you can adjust them to be a lot bigger if you like.

      Thanks for joining in the party!

      • YAY! Thanks. I will practice again next week on Thursday. Glad to be a part of it. If you have time go to my other blog it is called Our Better Homes and Garden. You should be able to access it thru the other one. I want you to take a look at my Halloween Tablescape. I tried posting that one back in Oct. but had troubles. LOL! Thanks for your lovely comments. I love tablescaping. I have one that I created a month ago on my outdoor patio. It is a Seascape theme.

  25. What a cute idea to combine the deep purple blue with your green and let the white bunnies tie it all together.

    Delphies love it warm but not super hot and they don’t like to be wet. We grow them in Michigan where they do well when happy. They don’t live forever no matter what the circumstances; our best have been 3 to 5 years. In Georgia you’re probably best using them as annuals.

  26. Another cheerful and pretty tablescape, Susan! I love the green majolica plates with your Ma Maison. I have looked high and low and wide for Ma Maison dishes but I’ve had absolutely no luck. Maybe someday I’ll get lucky and find some. Have a wonderful day. :0)

  27. I tried to post this before, must not have done it right. News flash: there is a new item on EBay, one Ma Maison salad plate. Starting bid price is $64.95. Yowza.

  28. What a stunning and whimsical tablescape! The polka dot, stripes, greens, white and then to center it with Delphinium, just magical! I have always loved your porch, it’s truly magnificent! Love my visits here!


  29. Julia Innocenti says

    Beautiful Tablescapes! I enjoy them every week! I believe hollyhocks are biannual or every other year. Start hollyhocks this year and more again next spring and I think they will come every year after that.

  30. Like a breath of fresh air! Loving the stripe and polka dot flatware. ‘-)
    I’ve never grown delphinium, but bring it home from the grocery flower section when they have it. It’s so delicate that perhaps it needs a cooler climate. Never grown hollyhocks either, but I see them flourish in Santa Fe in the summers, so perhaps they too like cooler conditions. Good luck!

  31. Hollyhocks are biennial, meaning they only bllom every OTHER year. I am trying delphinium this year. I hope it will come back! Love your table.

  32. Cyndi Raines says

    Hi Susan,
    My Delphiniums only lasted a couple of years, even in my garden in Michigan (on the Thumb). Also love Lupines, Holly hocks and Foxgloves and Yes, I think your Magnolia trees would do well here as we have similar, but we call it a Tulip Tree. We just have to be very careful of the late frosts which can come until Memorial Day – like last night! Ugh! I was out there covering up my beautiful Bleeding Hearts and tulips, daffodils are already done. Have you ever heard of the “Balloon Flower”? The Latin name is “Platycondon grandiflorus”. Mine are a lovely periwinkle color (comes in white also) and the bud really does look like a fat little balloon until it is “full” and then it pops open into a 5 pointed star shaped flower. They are just beautiful and hearty and they do come back year after year. We have them in mid to late summer. Lastly, I just noticed as I read everyone’s comments you are greatly loved in Michigan, i.e. Liz, Cathy, Sandra, Kathy and myself. Don’t know these other ladies, but we sure have great tastes as we all love YOU and your blog! lol We should all get together to have a “Celebrate Susan Day”!

    • Cyndi, I’m the same way! I love Foxgloves, Hollyhocks and Lupines, too. I just love their tall spires and how dramatic they look in the garden. I used to buy and plant Foxgloves in my perennial garden every single year but it just got too expensive having to plant them every year. They are a biennial. I’m wondering if Delphinium is too. I’ll have to Google that and read more about them.
      I used to have a few large Bleeding Heart plants in my side yard garden, I wonder if they are still there. I haven’t checked in a while, they could have been crowded out by something more aggressive by now. I keep running into that problem with my flowers, some taking over others.
      Yes, I have one little Balloon flower in my front yard. I need to move it because it’s in a bad spot. It’s the taller version and unfortunately it always falls over. I need to buy some of the shorter versions. I’m not sure if they were available when I first bought it. I’ve had now for about 10-15 years. Are your’s the shorter are taller variety? To me they look just like Hot Air Balloons before they open. πŸ™‚ I love the shape!
      Awww, thanks so much! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful readers like YOU! πŸ™‚

  33. Kimberly Jorgenson says

    Darling…darling!!! Love it all. All Home Depots in my area, Sacramento, Ca sell delphinium, but it is much too hot here, they just die. They are so beautiful for a short time though. Hollyhock grow well here…

  34. Oh Susan, what don’t I love about this fresh, pretty and fun table. The bunnies are so regal, the butterflies napkin holders are so fun and yet elegant. The pale green stems are lovely and I adore the fun flatware.
    In our past huge house with huge gardens hubby planted Hollyhocks and lupines and they looked gorgeous!
    Thanks for hosting this great tablescape party, as tablescapers are running very low on blogland lately. I started blogging because of this Tablescape party, our Tablescaper-extraordinaire Bill sent me here and since I always join even late like today…heheheee.. I just adore dishes, plates, china…

    Have a lovely weekend.

  35. Love this springy table, especially all the green. Your bunny is adorable!

  36. Mary in Idaho says

    We live at 4,000 feet elevation. Here delphiniums like to be nourished & but not too much water. They come back each year. Hollyhocks love it here too. They like to be left alone. No water & no fertilizer. They also come back from their own seed every year. Wise gardeners here dig up their bulbs in the fall and store inside, the rest of us hope it doesn’t get -30 degrees in the winter. Then our tulips return beautifully each year.

  37. I’ve gone the same route with repeatedly replanting delphinium and larkspur in my garden each year. I’ve been trying to create a red, white, and blue garden and wanted the blue spikes to stand out. Just last week I looked them up in the Missouri Botanical Gardens website which is just a few miles away from me in St. Louis. Apparently I’m destined to treat them as annuals if I want them in my gardens. According to the website they like much more moderate temps than our summer heat and humidity which can rival that of New Orleans during the summer months. As much as I love their form and color I would much rather move someplace warmer than cooler. So I’ve just had to accept that I either treat them as annuals or give up on them.

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