Dreaming of Spring on a Warm Winter’s Day

Welcome to the 436th Tablescape Thursday! The spring-like weather we’ve been having and the flowers I received for my birthday from my beautiful friend, Linda, have put me in the mood for a springย table.


Hard to believe just a few weeks ago my front garden looked like this!



Hope this table brings some sunshine into your life on this January day. Are you having some warm days, too?


I placed this vase of floral sunshine on a small tray I’ve had here on the porch for many years. Two little birds longing for spring, flew down to enjoy and bask in the warmth.


A daisy centerpiece calls for daisy dishes. Eyelet napkins are from Pier 1 many years ago.


The pierced chargers are from Horchow in 2008. I was doing a lot of entertaining back then and purchased both white chargers and these cream-colored, pierced chargers online at Horchow, thinking those two sets would work with almost any china/dish pattern I had. At the time, I didn’t realize I’d one day be blogging and using them a lot.


Bird/floral wine glasses are from Old Time Pottery several years ago.


This vintage dishware is by Metlox Pottery, the pattern is Poppytrail, Sculptured Daisy. I found it 6-7 years ago while antiquing and filled in my collection with a few more pieces found on eBay. I love using it here on the porch during the spring and summer months.


As Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) said about daisies in the movie, You’ve Got Mail, this is the “friendliest” dishware! ๐Ÿ™‚

I paired this happy pattern with my silverplate “twig” flatware, found years ago online at West Elm. Though West Elm no longer carries it, you can still find it available here: Silverplate Twig Flatware. ย It’s one of my favorite patterns and I find myself using it a lot.


I love how it looks with the whimsical spoons I custom-ordered a few months ago here: Silverplate Stamped Spoons. Do you recognize this quote? So fitting for a spring setting, even if it’s not quite spring.


I need to buy a few more with spring-summertime quotes. I love mixing them in with my other silver patterns. Love this one for winter!


And this one…


Knowing our crazy Georgia weather, we’ll probably have freezing temps come April!


Of course, you know I needed this one. ๐Ÿ™‚ย I was just thinking what a great gift it would be to have a spoon made for each guest attending a birthday or anniversary dinner, or a bridal luncheon. The spoon could be inscribed/stamped with the guest’s name and the date of the event. Love that idea!


Wishing you lots of sunshine on this warm winter’s day, dear Friends!


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  1. What a pretty table! The daisy dishes are perfect for inspiring that Spring dreaming in all of us. I have ordered spoons like these in the past, but I think your idea to have one for each guest as a favor is a delightful idea! Thank you so much for hosting!

    • Thanks, Chloe! I’m love, love, love these spoons. I think I’m going to order a few more, I love using them into table settings and they do make the best gifts!

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty Susan. Your little birds look real. We are having mild days this week, which is a wonderful treat for those of us in MI in January! No snow on the ground compared to 3 years ago with over 80 inches! I like it this way! haha Thanks for the touch of Spring ~looking forward to it’s arrival.

  3. What a gorgeous tablescape, Susan!! And those spoons!!!! Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Gay McLeod says

    Hi, Susan,
    I was excited to received a stamped spoon as a Christmas gift because I’d seen them here at BNOP first! Love the idea of using them as party favors.

    About that “vintage” dishware: My mom purchased an entire set in 1978 for her new yellow kitchen in our vacation home. Because it wasn’t used everyday, the set is still in mint condition, and I’m enjoying it now. So happy to recognize my daisies in your photos this morning.


  5. Oh Susan, this is so refreshing! I just love those daisy dishes and the eyelet napkins! My tablescape is quite pensive today, still in a winter theme, as January is a hard month for many to get through. Your table is just the right prescription after this typically dreary month (although, I’ll admit, our winter weather has been pretty mild, all things considered). Thank you for sharing, thank you for hosting.

    • Thanks so much, Rita! I know this sounds crazy, but this is probably the first year I haven’t minded the cold so much. I think it’s because I have the right clothing now. lol In the past, I just wasn’t bundling up well enough and wearing the right footwear. Hope January isn’t too dreary for you this year. Spring will be here before we know it!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Susan! I love your cheery table and daisy dishes! It’s been warm and balmy here too, I fear all our plants will bud and be frost-nipped when winter returns. I love your stamped spoons, I may have to break down and buy some ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Dawne Anderson says

    How Lovely! The plates are pretty. The spoons are so adorable. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spring table setting!
    It’s warm here in SW FL. I’m heading to Hilton Head Sunday to visit family, I am getting the colder garments ready!

    • Thanks, Dawne! Hope it isn’t too cold in HH. That’s where we used to go every summer for about 6 years in a row. We loved it there, especially the biking trails. Have fun!

  8. Jean from Georgia says

    Happy early spring day to you. The bright sunshine outdoors makes me want to get out and dig some Georgia soil. And your table setting just adds to the soon to be spring feeling. Are you having friends over for lunch?

  9. Linda Page says

    Wow, the flowers still look good. I’m glad they are lasting so you can enjoy them for a while. Your table is adorable. It was 78 degrees yesterday. This morning it is 29 degrees. Go figure!!!

  10. Love the daisy dishes and the lovely warm weather we have been enjoying. Alas tho, I think we are getting winter back real soon. I noticed some daffodils, yesterday, that were 6 inches tall already with their flower buds on display. They will probably freeze before the flowers open. I hope all this warm weather doesn’t mean a less pretty Spring.

    • Mine are up really already, too. I know in years past, they were always so hardy and did well even when they started coming up too soon. Hope they do that way this year, too.

  11. I just love the Poppytrail daisy dishes, and your lovely spring table. I’ve joined in today with several vintage tablecloth tablescapes. Thanks so much! Pam

  12. So pretty! Your centerpiece plate is so cute and I love the wine glasses. Love all your spoons, too. I ordered some and a cute sugar spoon I love using every morning for coffee. It says “hey sugar.” Being a Southern girl it’s so fitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I love your happy, Spring table! We are having 2 days of 50 degrees, which is great for us but the weekend is going to be freezing again:( Love the twig silverware and the stamped spoons! Love your idea too!

  14. Bunny Rogers says

    Looking forward to spring too here in N.C.
    Your table is so pretty. I especially love the platter with the wild rabbit on it. Can you tell me the manufacturer and where you got it?

    • Sure, I just looked and it says “Nesting Mudpie” on the back. I think Mudpie is the brand because I’ve seen that on other things before.

  15. Everything is so cheerful and beautiful. Just what I needed. We have rigid temps and about a foot of snow on the ground with more expected today. Thanks for cheering me up!

  16. Good Morning Susan
    Yes today in Southern Maryland we are have Spring warm weather.
    My dog and I were just soaking up the rays outside and listening to the birds.
    Some of my bulbs are poking up green through the earth.
    Have a delightful day.

  17. Oh, how I wish it was spring. I love, love daisies. Your dishes make me want them, but I already have 5 sets of dishes. You must have dozens and dozens.

    • Oh, me too, Bev! It won’t be long now! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve collected several sets since I started blogging, but in the last few years, I’ve just purchased salad plates because you can create so many different tables by just changing out the salad plates.

  18. Susan, I was filled with sweet memories when I saw the “Poppytrail sculptured daisy” pattern on your table. When I first met a dear friend of mine (40+ years ago) that had moved here from Virginia, I saw this pattern for the first time…it was her everyday wedding pattern. I always loved it and I think she gave hers away. This is such a pretty nod to spring! Thanks so much for hosting…Happy Thursday!

  19. So pretty and uplifting Susan! I will envy how early spring starts down there as we trudge along with our long winters here. Love the dishes and the fresh cut flowers. Yellow is such a happy color! I bet your anxious to see your tulips come up! Don’t forget to spray them with that stuff to keep the deer away- they love to eat them too!

    • Definitely will have to do that. Thanks for the reminder, Liz. I’d love to see them bloom as least one time! ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet they would love tulips! I did spray the pansies and so far they haven’t been eaten a second time. I need to spray them one more time…we’ve had a lot of rain lately.

  20. Martha Franks says

    Delightful! All of it! I saved it on Pinterest. Especially loved the centerpiece! You’ve made me feel like springtime this morning! Always love you blog!

  21. Daises are the most friendly flower…I had them sprinkled all over my wedding dress…probably why they still bring a smile. Luv the table! ๐Ÿ™‚ franki

  22. Your sweet daisy-themed tablescape – reminding us of spring – was a true delight to behold today, Susan.

    And may I wish you the happiest (belated) birthday – and many more to come….filled with laughter, love, good health and peace. God bless.

    Hugs! โ™ฅ

  23. The daisy dishes are perfect with your flowers! Springtime dreams in January – it will be here before we know it.

  24. Love the daisy dishes. They make you smile just looking at them. I have daffodils blooming here in CA. My camellias Debutante and Pink Perfection are blooming bringing some color (rain making them turn brown though) and spring thoughts. Love the spoons and the idea as gifts. Silverware seems to be able to hang around for a long time!

    • It does! If it’s silver and shiny, I love it! lol Oh, I can’t wait until spring gets here, Kathleen! Enjoy those beautiful flowers! I need to plant another Debutante, I had to remove mine a few years back when it took over the front of the houses. I should never have planted it there and I miss it terribly. You’ve inspired me to get another one this spring for my yard. I’ll have to Google for Pink Perfection to see how that one looks.

  25. What a pretty way to start my Thursday! Just came back from a Dr. appointment and am enjoying this while putting my feet up and relaxing now.I really love the daisy plates. They look vintage yet timeless. My part of NJ (shore) had a bad nor’easter the beginning of the week, but now things have quieted down and I see and hear the birds. I thing they also want spring to come soon. May I ask what spray you are talking about regarding deer. I have resorted to putting netting on our plants, but don’t want to put anything toxic down either. Thanks for beautiful posts!

  26. Beautiful table setting. A wonderful feeling as it delights one that we will be approaching spring.

  27. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that spring is on it’s way and for hosting each week.

  28. Very pretty and simple…love simple. Have you had the chargers awhile? I have a number of chargers, but no white. Having trouble finding some I like…these are nice. I like that they are patterned. Weather in Colorado is all over the place. 50’s a few days, then 30’s a few days. This weekend will be 50’s. This winter has been warmer than usual.

  29. Rosemary Boyle says

    Love those white chargers! They look so nice with the lace napkins. Are the chargers vintage also? Best to you!

  30. Susan, I almost selected the daisy pattern for my everyday dishes when I married in 1971. Decided on the zinna pattern by Poppy Trail and its in the antique stores too. That tells you how old I am.
    Love your table. It’s been like this back and forth warm then cold in the south for the last few years. We never know anymore.
    Thanks for hosting. It’s a fun party.

    • Bonnie, I love the zinna pattern, too! Both were such cute patterns!
      Yup, you’re so right. I remember when the porch was being built during fall/winter of 2007 we had an entire week of warm weather right in the middle of winter. I remember wishing we could paint the porch that week before the cold came back, but the pressured treated wood still needed a few more months to cure before it could be painted. So you’re so right, this has been going on for several years. I wonder if it was this way when I we were growing up, I can’t remember.

  31. Susan, your table is so fresh and pretty. I love the way you used your spoons. When I first saw them on your blog, I ordered one for each of my six grandchildren. I gave them to them in a cup of cocoa Christmas morning. I may have to think about ordering some more, and what a fun idea to have them at the table for each guest. Thank you for hosting TT.

  32. Freezing here today and snow flurries with sleet , better know here as a “wintery mix”. I love the tray and the napkin rings are so cute. Very lovely table I enjoyed seeing it today. We haven’t had any real snow this year just some very dangerous ice storms.

  33. Susan, your daisy table makes me smile with thoughts of spring, but my garden has a long road ahead to recover from the recent freezes. We are on the winter roller coaster again. 80 degrees on Tuesday, then back to the 50s on Wednesday. I’m happy that the temps are much cooler again. I’m not ready to leave the colder weather behind. I like sweaters and coats and sitting by a cozy fire.
    Love the idea of the spoons for party favors. I’ve made a note of that. ‘-)

  34. Have to say the little nip in the air we had today was welcome. As was the sunshine. Thanks again for hosting the lovely party.

    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  35. Mamey Brown says

    What PRETTY dishes!!!!! I change up my dishes seasonally too!! I would LOVE a post on how you store all of these gorgeous sets…I am currently using totes but would LOVE any ideas or inspiration from your collection…

  36. Hi Susan! What a pretty setting. I really enjoy the close-ups. The twig flatware is such a nice touch. Have a nice weekend!

  37. bobbi duncan says

    Love your fresh as springtime table setting!!! Wish I could find creamy white chargers like yours…they are so pretty and so versatile that I can’t believe someone isn’t on to making them, or a look-alike, again. Enjoy your lovely weather. We had a couple of early spring-like days but it’s now cold again. I’ve been looking a new spring door wreaths; trying to hurry spring along as I’m ready to enjoy outdoor activities again without layers of clothing. Hugs!

  38. Christine Bauman says

    Love love your spring in winter. I always look forward to your tablescspes and having MS I dream of sitting there having tea with you feeling the warmth of tge sunshine on your porch. Living in So Cal we don’t know what that white stuff us except we see it on mountains and they are beautiful right now. Anyway wondering where the chargers were brought from??

  39. Your table left me happy as a daisy…pun intended…but today it was the flatware that caught my eye. I now have both websites in my sights. Thanks for sharing the information. Cherry Kay

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