Here Comes the Sun!

Welcome to the 403rd Tablescape Thursday!

Today I made a visit to Whole Foods and just outside their front door I saw these: pots of beautiful sunflowers. Each plant had 2-3 flowers already open and was covered in buds, so there should be plenty more flowers on the horizon. I couldn’t resist creating this week’s table around these happy flowers.

Sunflower Centerpiece for a Spring Table Setting


I haven’t used my sunflower plates in a table setting in quite a while. This was the perfect chance.

Table Setting with Sunflower Theme, Sunflower Centerpiece


You may see some cedar legs sticking up in the background of some of the photos. I started assembling my new potting bench a couple of days ago, but then realized it made more sense to seal each piece with marine varnish before putting it together, instead of waiting and doing it afterwards. I’ve ordered the varnish and it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. That will be a good project for this weekend.

Sunflower Table Setting on Screened Porch


Pulled out my fave sunflower napkins.

Sunflower Salad Plates, Sunflower Napkins, Spring Tablescape


Unfortunately, I only have four of these cute napkins. They were a find in Tuesday Morning several years ago. Butterfly napkin rings are from Pier 1. The green, bamboo flatware pulls out the green in the napkins.

Sunflower Napkins with Butterfly Napkin Rings


I’ve used the sunflower plates and napkins in other table settings over the years, including this one: Sunflower Table for Two

Sunflower Table Setting for Two


Birdie wine glasses fit right in with this nature themed table. They are my favorite wine glasses for summer dining on the porch. I found those in Old Time Pottery many years ago. I think the green glasses are from Pier 1, many years ago.

Summer Dining on Screened Porch


So rare to see sunflowers for sale in the store, still with their leaves. I wish more stores would sell them this way instead of with the leaves all stripped off. I think I’ll plant this one in the backyard once it has finished blooming. Hope it will come back next year.

Sunflower Centerpiece


Birds for a Spring Table


A sunshine filled table setting for warm summer days. I love, love, love this time of year!

Sunflower Themed Table Setting Tablescape


Happy Springtime to you!

Sunflower Table Setting on Screened Porch


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  1. I love your sunny table Susan, complete with plates, napkins and potted sunflowers! I was thrilled to find a pot of sunflowers at Walmart last year. Those dastardly squirrels destroyed them before I had a chance to plant them!

    • Squirrels! They can definitely be a menace. I can’t put out my platform feeders that my cardinals love so much because they camp out on them and eat all the seed.

  2. Sunflowers are annuals, of course plant the afterward and get more flowers for the season. Next year, buy sunflower seeds, plant rhem for a wonderful, happy display .

  3. Such a sunshiny table, Susan. I love Sunflowers. Your plates and napkins are the perfect accompaniment to your centerpiece. What beautiful wine stems. This whole table put a smile on my face. Thank you for hosting, and thank you for such a happy tablescape to start my day.

  4. Hi Susan, Your table is so simple, with the white base for the sunflower dishes to pop from, yet so welcoming and warm!!! I love sunflowers too. I wonder if yours will grow again if you plant them in the yard? We will be waiting to hear! Thanks for hosting. Linda

  5. Love your sunflowers! We planted by seed and it will be a while before we see flowers but they were all planted from last year’s flowers.

  6. All the white really showcases those beautiful, cheerful sunflower plates. Tempting to display them somewhere (hutch?) all summer. Funny to see the legs sticking up in the background, but smart move to varnish the pieces before assembling.

  7. Fun and happy table, Susan. Sunflowers are such happy flowers. I love all your plates, napkins,napkin rings and of course live sunflowers! Your tables are always creative.
    Several years ago, I enjoyed riding by a large plot of sunflowers next to a house out in the country. I schemed about taking dishes,tablecloth and table and styling a sunflower table in front of it. By the time I got around to it the sunflowers had turned brown!! So I thought next year I will do it. Would you believe they did not plant the sunflowers again!!!

    • They are…so happy! That sounds like a perfect background for a summer table, Bonnie. Hope they grow them again because I would love to see that! There’s supposed to be a place not too far from Atlanta where they grow sunflowers, I’ve always wanted to go see that. I wonder if that’s where the sunflowers I found in Whole Foods came from.

  8. Pretty and happy for sure, Susan….Christi e

  9. I have never seen a potted sunflower plant before and that would have definitely hopped in my cart too! Fabulous fun and happy table Susan! Thanks for the party

  10. I was just at WF yesterday, but no pots of sunflowers. I’ll check with them by phone today. Your table is full of sunshine with all these special details – plates, napkins, and the real deal. Have fun growing these pots of sunshine.
    Thanks for hosting. Stop by for a key lime tart. ‘-)

  11. I love this time of year, too! And I love your tablescape. I’ve had volunteer sunflowers in the garden under my black oil sunflower seed feeder in years past, and what a fun surprise it always is when you’re gifted like that! The grocery store planted flowers are the next best thing. This year, I’m working with germinated seedlings…..patience is NOT my natural virtue. It’s like having to babysit them, watering every day, just to coax them to grow. 🙁

    • Thanks, Rita! I love it when that happens, too. I think the chipmunks and squirrels scarf up all the seeds that fall under mine before anything can grow. I tried that one year and didn’t have much success. I could never remember to water them often enough. Hope yours turn out great, I know what you mean about it taking patience and patience is def not one of my virtues either. lol

  12. Susan, Your sunflower table setting in delightfully happy and cheerful for a casual dinner on the porch on a warm summer evening. I love the plates, I do think I have that pattern packed in a box somewhere. If I can locate them easily I think I will do a sunflower table too! It is rough with boxes still at this house, boxes at the house we hope to move to soon, and boxes stored at our storage unit.

    • Thanks, Candy! I know it’s hard going through a move. I’m not looking forward to doing that one day when I downsize from this house.

  13. What a pretty, sunny table! I love it cause I love sunflowers too! Have a great day, Susan!

  14. grammy goodwill says

    That is a beautiful tablescape.

  15. You are so inspiring! I love your sunflower table and plates! I have some sunflower plates you’ve given me such a great idea for a Summer table.
    Thanks for hosting and for everything dear Susan.


  16. Patricia says

    You’re the best! Sunny smiles from Texas

  17. Are they hard to clean? Pretty sunflower dishes.

    • No, I wash all my dishes like this by hand, just don’t trust the heat of the dishwasher. They wash up well the times I’ve used them. Thanks, Rose!

  18. You used those wonderful butterfly napkin rings right before Easter on another tablescape. I was planning my Easter table and did an interwebs search, hoping to find them. I even went to Pier 1 in person to see if, perhaps, I could score some in a sale basket. Alas, no butterflies.
    But your close-up pictures make me realize a trip to Hobby Lobby for some beads and wire and voila! I, too could have some butterfly napkin rings. And I might just get them made in time for next Easter~! Think I’ll make mine various spring colors.

    • Leslie, I bet you could make these. As you say, it’s just wire and beads. Can’t wait to see them, send me a photo if you do make some!

  19. Linda Page says

    It looks like a table full of sunshine!!! So bright and inviting. I can bring some Sangria!!!

  20. Beautiful table, as always. Where did you get those darling birds? So sweet!

    • Thanks, Karen! I found those so many years ago, I’m not sure. It may have been Hobby Lobby or Marshalls, that’s normally where I find cute items like that. Oh, and I used to shop in Garden Ridge occasionally, so may have found them there.

  21. I was in Target (6/11/16) and found those preserved wreaths , Smith and Hawkins (small) that you used last Christmas on sale $13!
    Thinking ahead!

  22. Susan, I absolutely love your style. This question may be dumb but was wondering if your screened porch is all screen and no windows? I just bought a house and am looking to do something along the lines of your porch off the back of my house.

    • Thanks so much, Trish! Yup, it’s all screened. You may want to check into it but I know porches can be designed with windows that slide down or up and are screened for when you want a screen porch. The pricing will probably be more for that feature but it may be worth checking into. I just really wanted a screened porch because here in Georgia, you can use it all spring, summer and fall…even some during the wintertime.

  23. Debra Robbins says

    Susan, Where did you find the green bamboo flatware?

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