St. Patrick’s Day Spring Table Setting

Welcome to the 287th Tablescape Thursday!

We’ve been having some early spring weather here in Georgia. It was 77 degrees outside the day I created this table setting. It started out as a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape but somewhere along the way it morphed into a spring table setting, too.

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape 05_wm


When my son was in elementary school, he enjoyed reading a series of books that were super popular at the time called Choose Your Own Adventure. Anyone remember those? In each Choose Your Own Adventure book, you (the reader) made choices as you read and those choices determined the outcome of the story. Well,  today’s table setting is a “Choose Your Own Tablescape” adventure. πŸ™‚ Are you in the mood for a St. Patrick’s Day table setting or a spring table setting? Or, how about both?

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


As I sit writing this, it’s turned cold again. That’s okay, though. I love these teaser days because they are getting me excited about the warm summer days ahead.

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


Last year I found some really cute shamrock salad plates but never got around to using them in a tablescape.

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


For this tablescape I paired them with my vintage Metlox dishware. The pattern is Poppy Trail, Sculptured Daisy. You may remember it from other table settings including this late summer table: Tablescaping with Metlox Poppy Trail, Sculptured Daisy

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


I didn’t have any daisies for the centerpiece but the daffodils in my yard are up and blooming. These aren’t the daffodils I planted in pots a month or so ago. Those are just starting to break through the soil. I guess I’ll get two rounds of daffodils this year.

St. Patrick's Day Table for Spring


Butterfly napkin rings are from Pier 1 last year.

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


It’s a spring table setting with a St. Patrick’s Day twist!  Shamrock plates are from HomeGoods. Bee flatware worked well with this spring setting.

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


Forgot to take a close-up picture of the flatware but here’s one from a previous St. Patrick’s Day table. Bee flatware is available on sale here: Bee Flatware

Bee Flatware


St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


Are the daffodils blooming in your area, yet? If not, here’s a bit of spring to tide you over until it arrives.

Daffodils from a Spring Garden


Can’t wait to see green leaves on those trees again!

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


Happy spring and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape


Do you have any special plans for St. Patrick’s Day this year?

St. Patrick's Day Spring Table Setting Tablescape 05_wm


Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love your sculpted daisy plates and cheery daffodilsa the table Susan! I can practically feel the warm breeze looking at your sheer curtains billowing on the porch! It’s frigid here this morning but was 70 just a couple of days ago πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Susan, I just love daffodils, and yours are gorgeous! I forget what amazing flowers they are until spring rolls around and they’re in bloom everywhere. Blooms of cheerful, golden sunshine. πŸ™‚ I really like the shamrock plates with your Metlox Daisy; the daisy plates are wonderful! Your napkins and napkin rings are perfect for spring and St. Paddy’s Day.

    I think everyone I know is SO ready for spring this year — what a winter. The temps are in the 20’s here this morning, and we had 60-65 mph winds yesterday afternoon and evening. More trees and limbs came down, because the ground was still soggy from the snow and ice last week. Whew! Never a dull moment. πŸ˜€

    Thank you for hosting — have a great day!


    • Daffodils really are such great little flowers. You put them in the ground and they reward you over and over each year in the spring. I’m amazed how long these have been in the ground and they faithfully return each year. Your weather sounds like ours, Denise we must not live too far apart. Def never a dull moment!

  3. BamaCarol says

    Love your table setting with Sculptured Daisy! In high school and college I wored at a department store and my first purchase was a set of these dishes and I still have them! I need to get them out for pretty Spring settings. I even bought a lot of the serving pieces to go along with the dishes. I worked in the china department of the store for a while and had the best time doing table settings when it was not busy. That sparked my lifetime love affair with dishes much to my husband’s dismay. I saw a lonely daffodil peeking out on my way home yesterday and lots of forsythia that just started blooming this week. Can’t wait for Spring to fully bloom.

    • Carol, they put me in the lingerie dept when I worked in a dept. store in college. I think I’d been much happier in the dish dept. Broke but happy! πŸ™‚ Did you just have to turn over your paycheck each week? That’s what I would have had to do, I’m sure. lol Sounds like spring is about to hit your area big time!

  4. Beautiful spring bouquet! Those daffodils are so pretty- sigh.. I have a ways to go before I’ll see any of them in my yard! I remember those daisy dishes- what a nice idea to incorporate the shamrock plates with them. We had a few teaser days up here (mid 50’s) and boy the snow was melting like crazy but we still have tons more to go!

  5. Your tablescape is just perfect! So fresh and inviting. I love the delicate pattern on your charger and the eyelet napkins. You have a great eye for detail. The greens and yellows look so good together. Great job. Kathy

  6. It’s anybody’s guess what the temperature will be when you wake up. One day 70’s, next 40’s. I think most of us agree it’s been crazy, but not crazy enough to keep us from clever tables as yours always are.

  7. Thank you again for such a pretty glimpse of Spring, Susan. I am beginning to wonder if we shall ever see it. ☺ -Brenda-
    P.S: ( Very cold and had a snow storm here yesterday and more of the white stuff is forecasted for tomorrow …… arrrrrgh!)

    • That snow just doesn’t want to let up this year, does it? I hope your spring comes soon, Brenda! Hey, I know…you get to enjoy spring twice, once on the blogs where it’s arriving now and when it arrives in your area. Trying to turn those lemons into lemonade. πŸ™‚

  8. Seeing this Springtime look on your table gives me hope that Spring weather will be here soon. Your shamrock bowls are so cute, and I love those butterfly napkin rings, Your porch is the perfect place for a Spring table setting. Your “bottle tree” looks so pretty, sparkling in the sun. laurie

    • Thanks, Laurie! I need to get out there and give Mr. Bottle Tree a scrub down. He’s not quite as clean as he looks from a distance. Glad you can’t see him up close! πŸ™‚

  9. Linda Page says

    Your daffodils are amazing! They are huge and beautiful. I don’t have any bulbs that are blooming or anything. I just have not done much gardening over the last few years but I intend to once I retire. Seeing your beautiful daffodils have made me wish I had some in my yard. I love your daisy plates. Can I be added to your will and those plates designated to me????? Please????? I am ready to see green leaves on the trees also. Lots of trees were just budding out around here a week ago and then we had 27 degree nights and everything turned brown. My Cape Jasemine was in full bloom but not any more. Oh, well, we are back to mid-60’s during the day and I am loving that. Great tablescape! Happy St. Patty Day!

    • The daffodils are especially full and plentiful this year. Makes me wonder if they really love that cold weather we had with the snow. LOL Must make a note of that…Sculptured Daisy plates go to Linda! πŸ™‚

  10. I absolutely remember those books! I loved them! Thank you for the reminder! My kiddos might enjoy those, they were my among my favorites, and when I was younger, Sweet Pickles. Does anyone remember those!?

    Your table is lovely as always, and I think the flora arrangement is fantastic! Thank you for hosting!

  11. One never knows what temperature we’ll be waking up to, one day 70’s, next 40’s. Most of us agree it has been a crazy winter that is lingering, but that doesn’t stop creativity as seen in all the wonderful tables. As always, your table is right on, full of cheer and perfect detail.

  12. Susan,
    This table could be named Southern Spring. Yes, I remember those little children loved them so much..and those daisy Metlox plates, one of my best friends had them as her everyday china pick… I ate many meals off of them..and those daffodils…WOW! I think that daffodils around here (Athens) are the prettiest I have seen on many years..They are everywhere…
    I love your pretty.just like the last few days weather….
    Love, Mona

    • Thanks, Mona! I’ve noticed the same thing! My daffodils are fuller and prettier than they have been in years! Do you think it’s the cold weather/snow we had…maybe they really liked that color weather.

  13. hi Susan, wow, your daffodils are simply stunning! Your table is singing SPRING! and it’s perfect for St. Pat’s too, your mix of daisy plates with the shamrocks just feels Irish homey somehow~ Lovin your bottle tree out on the deck πŸ™‚

  14. Cute table, Susan. Your daffodils are gorgeous. Mine are done blooming. They really bloomed early this year….Christine

  15. Lovely and refreshing, Susan. Your daffodils are so fresh and pretty. Mine are all spent out being further south than you mine bloomed earlier. I am partial to the Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy pattern because I almost picked it for my wedding everyday dishes. Yes, that dates me doesn’t it! It is perfect to coordinate with St. Patrick’s Day. I am looking forward to viewing all the links and reviewing your past St. Paddy’s Day tablescapes too. Thank you for hosting.

  16. Susan, when I linked up, I chose the wrong thumbnail. I am on my iPhone and am not sure how to change the photo.

  17. Well this is certainly fresh as a daisy! Thanks for the party, and have a great holiday.

  18. That is the most ethereal pastel table setting…I just felt…peaceful. So very nice! franki

  19. LOVELY tables cape! The green is perfect. The daffodils are perfect! I do appreciate you hosting!

  20. Daffodils will make me smile no matter the weather. The butterfly napkin holders are a nice touch.

  21. Beautiful table, I love simple vase of daffodils! My favorite flower is yellow tulips. You have inspired me, for St. Patrick’s Day I am going to use my Fitz & Floyd Luck of the Irish pieces on the table and serve Potato soup in my yellow bowls “pots of gold”. Here in LA it was 77 yesterday and 37 today – crazy weather!

  22. susan if you love the daisy dishes from poppytrail, check out ebay for a matching topiary cookie jar.this cookie jar is just beautiful——-it is a ball of daisy on a pedistal. there also is a covered dish that is all daisy covered. my mothers cousin worked in the metlox factory in manhattan beach california so in 1969 i received the cookie jar and a very large salad bowl as a weddinging gift. i love these dishes and have two full sets. i also have the lids to the covered dishes worked into my tile backsplash. my tile man said he would hate to do the work, but i would love it when he finished.he was right.

  23. Oh—I bet your porch was singing when those warm breezes started coming through! Sorry, it was short-lived, but it WILL happen again! I love your table and am drooling over those daffodils and the way you have displayed them. They absolutely make a person smile! Have a great day, Susan. Rosie

  24. Susan, this is so spring-like and happy! Can you believe we had another 6 inches of snow yesterday and it is 12 degrees out!! I love your napkins and napkin rings. Your daisy dishes are quite lovely. enjoy those daffodils, they’re beautiful!

  25. Beautiful spring table Susan! Thanks for hosting:-)

  26. Susan, I always smile when I see these dishes. My best friend from childhood selected this pattern when she married. I always thought about what a happy table it makes. Your little shamrock plates are the perfect touch to add in a St. Pat’s Day twist. I’m thrilled to see a spring table with butterflies and daffodils. Today is beautiful, but yesterday was bitter cold and windy still. It is a strange weather for March in TX. I’m ready to move on and get back to gardening. I tried a few weeks ago, only to be followed by two severe freezes again. I fear I jumped the gun. I’m ready to get some color in the ground. Wish I had planted daffodils. I’ve made a note to myself to plant bulbs for next spring. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing this cheerful table. It’s a great way to start the day……….Sarah

  27. Beautiful Spring tablescape Susan! Love the daisy plates with the shamrock salad plates. I do have a question for you. Every time I see those beautiful white chargers in one of your table settings, I absolutely fall in love. Where did you get them? I am so hoping I can find them!

  28. I’m dreaming of warmer here in New England…hope it will be soon! Your tablescape is beautiful. Very Springy πŸ˜‰

  29. I love this table setting. The daisy plates are so nice. Can I move in your porch?

  30. Every time I see your gorgeous Georgia back porch, sun room, I am so envious of it.
    This is all I am missing in my old house I live in, I want a sun porch. However I was told it’s not worth the $25,000 to build it since I am aging and probably won’t live in this house even another 10 years. So I need to keep enjoying your sun porch and keep my $25,000 LOL
    I would say it’s a gorgeous spring table setting with a little St Patrick sprinkled about

    • Who told you that? Send them to me and I’ll straighten them out! πŸ™‚ No seriously,even if you only live there another 5 years, you will love ever minute you spend on that porch and it may even help your home sell more quickly when/if the day comes you wish to sell. I hope you don’t listen to whoever told you that, life it too short and too precious to not enjoy it the way we choose. Also, depending on the size, it may not cost as much as you think. Don’t waste another second, start planning that porch! πŸ™‚

  31. I love your table, the dishes, the napking rings, but the daffodils are to die for, how gorgeous everything is in your setting and so cheery and happy, perfect for St. Pat’s too, dear Susan.
    Thank you so much again for having me at your great meme. I too posted a St. Pat’s tablescape with lots of greens.

  32. Susan,
    Lovin’ the PoPs of yellow in your Saint Patrick’s Day Tablescape, dear friend!!!
    Thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursday, each week!!!
    Now, I’m heading out to add some Spring to the front Porch. . .
    it’s going to be in the upper 60’s today here on the Prairie!!!

  33. pepermintpatty says

    Love your table setting–so cheerful. Would love to know where I can get a summer breeze sign–so perfect. We are in southern Ca. 73 temp and going up up. The buds are already starting to come out and the birds-Lings are having a ball. When out temp goes up to eighties this weekend will need a summer breeze sign to look at.

  34. Susan, those certainly were teaser days!! It was 37 degrees in Macon this morning – ouch! It was wonderful that you were able to get out on your porch to set the table. It is beautiful and the daffodils are lovely. They are blooming here, but I have none in my yard. The cherry trees are just popping out, too. I cannot wait, until they are in full bloom. I love your shamrock salad plates – perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Also, I have always wanted some of those daisy plates (I adore daisies!), but have never gotten around to buying any. Lucky you to own them. Hope you have a great week-end and a fun St. Patrick’s Day!!

  35. Hooray for daffodils and this gorgeous table! Thanks for all you do Susan.

  36. Susan, thanks so much for the glimpse of spring, especially the close up of the daffodils. Like many of your commenters–I so needed that.

  37. Oh my dear Susan,

    St. Paddy will be the most happiest guest around this beautiful table.

    Thank you once again for sharing.

    Happy TS and enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend.

    Hugs from DΒ΄Box,
    /CC girl

  38. Oh Susan, I can’t enough about those pretty butterfly napkins rings – really gets me inspired for spring! Jane

  39. I’ll chose St. Patrick! It is in the teens with gale force winds, so Spring it is not. But your table is just so Springy, simple and inviting. Thanks for hosting!

  40. Susan, thank you for fixing my thumbnail earlier ;o) I love your table setting, and those butterfly rings would surely look nice on my table I posted! Thank you for hosting this wonderful party each week. You never run out of creativity.

  41. The daisy plates look pretty with the green shamrock plates. I love, love, love those eyelet napkins with the white cut-out plates! I want those!! πŸ™‚

    No plans for St. Pat’s Day, but I do always like to make green pistachio pudding (Watergate Salad) on that day! (Doesn’t take much to excite me! LOL!)

    Thanks for hosting!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


    • Thanks, Katherine! The eyelet napkins are from Pier 1 last year but I think they may still have them in some of the stores. I love how they look peeking out from under other napkins. I remember Watergate salad! lol Wonder how it got that name…did it have something to do with the famous Watergate building in WA, I wonder. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  42. I may not have daffodils blooming yet but I do have about six more inches of snow on my patio. The low around here was around zero last night. If it weren’t for you and this lovely spring post I might have given up hope for spring this year. I just love the daisy plates. Perfect for this table with the daffodils and the frilled napkins. For what it is worth, we should have temps in the forties tomorrow and then back down for a few more days.

  43. I am going to choose the St. Patrick’s Day Adventure. Mostly because I have such fond memories of going to the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown every year in my younger, more rowdy days!! I so wish we had daffodils blooming here, because yours look so pretty and happy! We have had more snow, again. Your table has me longing for Spring.

  44. I was a blue and green person and selected Metlox, Poppy Trail, Sculptured Grape. I use them everyday, nearly 50 years later. I’m only just now getting some chips on them which is weird…the family didn’t hurt them…I have! Could it be I’m just a little clumsy now? I’ve never tired of them, but have switched my color preference to reds. Strangely I’m not bothered by the combination. Love yours almost as much. What an inviting table you set!

  45. What a delightful spring table! You have such a gift for artfully combining such lovely elements to create a breathtaking end result! You should do merchandising/styling for Pier-1, etc.–you make everything irresistible, Susan.

  46. Beautiful table! The shamrock plates are perfect with your Metlox…looks great!

  47. The daffodils can be a tribute to St. David’s Day (March 1st) for your Welsh readers. A serving of leek soup accompanied by harp music would complete the Welsh theme.

  48. Hello Susan, I love the Spring and St. Patty’s Day tablescape. I love the bee silverware. I have bee napkin rings I purchased on line a while back and would love to have the bee flatware to go with them. Where did you get the silverware? May not be available anymore just wondered. Thanks for all the beautiful things you display.

    • Thanks, Peggy! I bought the Bee Flatware online at either Neiman Marcus or Horchow. I think NM. It was on sale. They had it for several years. It apparently was a big seller for them. Last time I looked, which has been a while, they still had it.

  49. Patty S Wells says

    Susan, the beauty of your lovely porch and tablescape blooms before our eyes. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  50. Just a breath of fresh spring!!! franki p.s. The Property Bro are here this weekend…think I’ll tell them that “Susan sent me…!!” πŸ™‚

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