Stone Grist Mill Becomes Beautiful Bed and Breakfast

I love it to see old homes saved from the demolition ball. Really that goes for any old structure. They are a part of our history and it always kills me to see some beautiful old home or building torn down.

One of the structures you often see abandoned and going to ruin are old mills so I was excited to come across one that had been saved in a beautiful way, turned into a lovely home and Bed and Breakfast by Ron and Judy Hezel.

Ron Hezel grew up reading The Hardy Boys and dreamed of having a home with secret tunnels and passages. I smiled when I read that because I grew up reading Nancy Drew books and totally romanticized the idea of being a detective or spy and navigating hidden passages. Did you do that, too?

The big, historic church I attended as a child had some dark, hidden away passages and as kids we used to sneak through them, using them as shortcuts to other areas of the church. We thought we were so clever navigating those areas that were probably normally accessed only by the maintenance crew the church kept on staff. It was my Nancy Drew imagination that made it so much fun.

Ron’s wife, Judy hoped for a home near a waterfall. Both Judy and Ron had their dreams fulfilled when they purchased a wonderful old stone grist mill located along side the Mohawk River inlet Timmerman Creek.

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 01


The mill was constructed in 1835 and was in operation until 1930, but sadly it had been sitting empty for years. After purchasing the mill, the Hezels who lived in New York City at the time, made the 4-hour drive each weekend to work on it.

Mill Restored into B & B


They turned the mill into a Bed and Breakfast preserving as much as possible as it was back in the day, including the stone and brick walls and the beautiful wood floors.They even went so far as to create removable panels for one of the bathroom walls so the writings the workmen had scribbled on the walls while working, could easily be accessed and viewed at any time. Apparently, the workers had done a lot of math and other calculations right on the walls of the mill.

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 12


Let’s go inside and take a tour!

Old Grist Mill Turned into a Bed and Breakfast


The kitchen…

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 06


Talk about counter space! I don’t think any cook would complain about lack of counter space and storage in this kitchen!

Grist Mill Preserved and Renovated into a Home (3)


Hanging over the kitchen island are the original grain funnels.

Old Grist Mill Renovated into a Home


Love those old stone walls and the beautiful old wood floors and beams.

Grist Mill Preserved and Renovated into a Home (2)

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 07


Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 02


A bolter sifter…can you just imagine the last time those wheels turned, who was standing there operating it, what it sounded like. I wish we could see that for just a moment.

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 11


Wonder if the skylights were original? I bet they were since the town and the mill didn’t have electricity until 1898.

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 03


Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 04


Imagine taking a luxurious bath here with the sun beaming down.

Bath in Grist Mill Preserved and Renovated into a Home


A place to work out…

Grist Mill Preserved and Renovated into a Home


A bathroom…

Renovated Stone Mill Becomes a Home 05


I love this picture. Look at the depth of that windowsill! Seriously thick walls. They probably didn’t even need insulation with walls that thick!

Grist Mill Preserved into a Bed and Breakfast


You can read more about the history of the mill and see many more pictures (with descriptions) of the mill the other cottages on the property at the website where I found these photos here: The 1830 St. Johnsonville Stone Mill 

Mill Restored into B & B


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  1. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Another beautiful restoration. Wow. I imagine it would feel so warm and welcoming there, what with all the wood and stone work. Those natural, earthy elements make a place seem so inviting to me. Did you notice the chubby chef goofing off and playing pool instead of cooking? No wonder the kitchen looked so tidy. 😉 And yes, Nancy Drew! Oh how I loved solving mysteries with Nancy and Ned and the gang. Her life seemed so idyllic to me. 😀

    I’ve never even stayed at a Bed $ Breakfast. Seeing pictures like this sure make me want to! Thanks, Susan.

  2. Oh my god this looks amazing! I am in love with the combination of wood and stone on the interior, the whole place reminds me a lot of one inn here in Croatia. Absolutely amazing and my husband is in love with it.

  3. Oh Wow!! I too adore restorations and cringe when I see a beautiful old building being demolished. I would love to have the funds and the time to restore old houses (and the patience!).

    This is a lovely B&B Susan. Another great find of yours!

  4. Claudette Flanigan says

    wow! thanks for sharing…I just loved this! What a kitchen!

  5. It looks like it is for sale – I can’t find any site to make reservations for a stay – it’s seems idyllic but I don’t want to run a B&B just to stay there.

  6. What an amazing restoration. I would love to stay there. xo Laura

  7. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh boy does that bring back memories. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. My favorite was the the one with the secret compartment in the clock. I always found the covers to the books very intriguing! This B+B is beautiful. I too love old structures and trying to restore them as best as possible. It seems such a waste when someone tears down and old building and sends it to the landfill. Even if its not restored, I feel that there is always something useable in every building; even if its the outer shell (like barn boards). Thanks for sharing this with us Susan!

  8. WOW – who would have thought that was inside??? AMAZING!

  9. Hi, Susan,
    Wow!! I could move into that place right now! There really isn’t anything I would change. I can’t even imagine how it looked before renovation. The imagination and instinct needed to make such a transformation is mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing! Rosie

  10. Juanita in OH says

    Oh, Susan…this place is a gem! I would LOVE to go there and spend some time. TFS the adventure.

  11. I am like you, it makes me so happy to see old structures getting new life rather than being done away with for things like parking lots! That is a beautiful property, thanks for sharing it.

  12. Like you I love to see old building resotred and used. Thnaks for sharing.

  13. It seems like we are hearing more and more buildings being restored these days. i live in a suburb outside of
    Detroit, although the city is bankrupt and has many overwhelming problems at present, there are numerous,
    wealthy investors who see the city as a ‘DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH’. The Whitney Hotel has beautiful architectural detail and has been resurrected as a beautiful building once more. I am all for saving these buildings; now if they
    could only find someone to buy Detroit’s old train depot……

    • Ann, they say it’s always darkest before the light so maybe one day we’ll all be telling the faraway story of when Detroit went through a terrible time and rose like the phoenix from the ashes.

  14. Wow that’s a really interesting place. I like all the details inside of it. What a classic building. It’s funny in Europe they have tons of old buildings and people flock over there to view them and in America becase of silly building codes and ordinances we tend to decide it’s too expensive to renovate a place and tear it down. Love seeing a place like this preserved.

  15. I love seeing creative restorations. Some places lend themselves to this kind of work while others, i.e. Houston, like everything to be shiny and new. Perhaps that is why I so appreciation restored buildings with all their special touches.

  16. This is so charming, I love how they used the space in a modern way and kept so much historically valuable at the same time! Not to mention it isn’t that far from me, that would make a lovely weekend getaway, especially in the fall.

  17. That’s an amazing restoration. I am drooling over that kitchen. But am I the only one who thinks the gym equipment looks a bit out of place?

  18. Wow! Beautiful photos! I love the fact that the renovation of the mill was neatly done while preserving as much as possible the grandeur of the old structures. The wooden features of the bathroom and kitchen have this rustic charm you can’t resist.

    Looking at your photos, I can’t help but remember a historic area like Charleston which is world renowned for its old world majesty and how Charleston SC Contractors carefully practice renovation techniques which preserves the beauty and historic feel of the area’s old establishments.

  19. That kitchen is something else!! I love the step back into history, you just can’t beat the craftsman ship.

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