Real Storybook Cottage Reminiscent Of Rosehill Cottage In Movie “The Holiday”

When you picture a “storybook cottage” what comes to mind? Do you envision a darling cottage with a high-pitched roof and gingerbread-house gables? Is there a white picket out front, covered in beautiful roses? As you open the gate on that white picket fence, do you pass underneath an adorable arbor and down a meandering path past a fragrant cottage garden?

Storybook Cottage For Sale


Welcome to Fig Tree Cottage, a real-life fairytale cottage located in the Tamborine Mountains of Australia.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 07


Fig Tree Cottage (even the name is adorable!) is a darling Cotswold Cottage hand-crafted to recreate the charming features we love in the cottages of yesterday.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 19


This sweet cottage reminded me so much of Rosehill Cottage, the fairytale cottage we all fell madly in-love with in the movie, The Holiday. Do you remember that adorable cottage? Even the front door on the cottage in The Holiday reminds me of the front door of Fig Tree Cottage. (Tour Rosehill Cottage from the movie, The Holiday in this post: Tour the Cottage In The Movie, The Holiday)

House in the Movie, The Holiday


Let’s go inside and take a tour!

Fairytale Cottage Similar to The Holiday Movie Cottage


The beams across the ceiling again make me think of Rosehill Cottage.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 02


Fig Tree cottage has that old-world cottage charm with some of the more modern conveniences of today.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage


Love this sweet little kitchen and those beautiful windows! Imagine working in here while listening to the birds singing in the garden.

Fairytale Cottage Kitchen


A cozy breakfast room with a bay window and window seat, a perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage


Let’s go upstairs and check out the two bedrooms. Before we do, take a look at the staircase.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 13


Doesn’t it remind you a little of the one pictured below from Rosehill Cottage in, The Holiday?

Rosehill Cottage From The Movie, The Holiday


Upstairs we find two sweet bedrooms. Even though the bedrooms aren’t huge, I love that they chose a four-poster, canopy style bed for this room! Dream big!

Storybook Cottage Bedroom


Another bedroom with lots of cottage charm.

Cottage Bedroom


This cute cottage surprisingly has two baths, one with a tub and….

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 05


…one with a shower.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 03


The back door of this cute cottage…

Storybook Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 14


…leads to another wonderful cottage garden.

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 11


I love that someone had the desire and imagination to build this cute cottage for real. There are still romantics out there; Fig Tree Cottage is proof!

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 19


Tour another adorable storybook cottage here: Bliss Cottage

Guest Cottage at Happy Hollow


Tour Rosehill Cottage from the movie. The Holiday here: Rosehill Cottage From The Movie, The Holiday

Rosehill Cottage in the movie, The Holiday


See more of Fig Tree Cottage here: Fig Tree Cottage, A Fairytale Cottage For Sale

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  1. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Awww, it is so cute! Fig Cottage. Tiny and cute, just perfect for 1 or 2. I love the diamond window panes. I always planned to have them if I ever build.

    When I saw the first picture of the exterior, it immediately put me in mind of Lovejoy. I loved seeing all the cozy cottages AND grand manor houses in that show. “Stately Homes,” as he called them. Very sweet little house. Thanks, Susan!

  2. how adorable!! i love the design in OZ!! loved this.

  3. Sooooo charming!!

  4. Swooning!! My dream cottage!

  5. What a pretty place! Love that movie cottage too…

  6. I have to believe it was the inspiration for Rosehill Cottage! Way too many similarities! It’s so dreamy and cozy looking.

  7. “Cottage Sweet Cottage!!!” franki

  8. What a cute cottage! Loved the movie too!

  9. There are lots of cottages like this in England. I used to own one but unfortunately did not have the money or the imagination to make the inside look like this. (I would now. The Holiday is one of my favourite films.)

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Oh, Andi! Are you English or were you just living there? To have an authentic English cottage in a small village is my dream, lol. I wish I could talk to you about it. I know they are crazy – expensive!

      • Hi Pam, yes I’m English and my cottage was in Cornwall. If I leaned out the bedroom window far enough I could see the sea! One day, when the kids have left home, I hope to live in a cottage again.

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

          Cornwall is so beautiful! I’ve only ever seen it on TV and in Doc Martin, lol. But I love the views, the little villages (like Port Isaac) and the tiny, narrow streets with cottages and lintels so low you have to bend to enter. So charming! If you’d like to talk to an American Anglophile, please get my email address from Susan. Aren’t you glad she finds the best and coziest things to share with us?

    • Andi, one of these days I’m going to make it to England so I can see that first hand! Dreaming! 🙂

      • Hi Susan, until that day arrives take a look at this holiday cottage site: (hope it works). They hire out lots of lovely cottages in England and Wales. We have stayed in some and they have been of a high standard, furnished with antique furniture and sometimes an Aga.

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

          Haha . What is the fascination with Aga’s? I bought a house with one and I feel like I’m missing something. Mine is the cook top, not the style with the big round things. I’m going to have to look over that link as well. 🙂

  10. OMG Susan!
    How cute is that cottage?
    I love everything about it, especially its windows and the coarse texture of its façade; it makes the cottage look more “rural”, doesn’t it!
    Wouldn’t it be funny to spend a winter vacation in that small but oh sooo very, very sweet home? 🙂
    (I don’t know why but I always start (day)dreaming about a cozy and relaxing winter vacation when I see a cute and beautiful cottage… does that make sense?!) 😉
    ~Hugs to you~

  11. bobbi duncan says

    All the cottages you’ve shown are so precious. When I look at them I suddenly become so relaxed, envisioning myself curled up with my honey and a good book on a quiet Sunday winter afternoon or in the garden listening to the birds and smelling all the flowers on a warm late spring day. Isn’t it amazing how easily one can be transported when it’s something loved? Thank you, Susan, for sharing another cozy place…even the name sounds like a fairy tale.

  12. The Holiday is on my list of favorite movies and I have always yearned to spend a night or two in Rosehill Cottage. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Fig Cottage has that same cozy and romantic appeal. As you say, someone out there has a romantic heart, for sure! Thanks for sharing these quaint and remarkable places in far away places!

  13. Hi……i just watched the holiday for the umpteenth time..i love it so much i think i know just about every line..i thought of you an how i bet you’d love that here it is..i am curious about why the roof line on rose hill cottage has that dip in the center..the ones you’ve shared are fabulous too..

    • Wende, If I remember correctly, when I watched the video…I think there was a version that included commentary by the producer or director and I think they actually talked about the dip. I think they said they didn’t want the house to look too perfect…they wanted it to look really, really old. When you watch, do you watch via Netflix or do you have the CD? If you’ve got the CD, check it, I think it has the the version that includes commentary…forgot what they call that. Anyway, I think that’s where I remember the part about why it had that dip. You were being very observant to notice! 🙂

  14. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    My goodness, I must be the only BNOTP-er who hasn’t seen that movie! I don’t care for any of the lead actors, but I guess I’m going to have to get over that and see it just for the house!

  15. What an adorable cottage! Love that kitchen with all the windows.

  16. Oh, Lynn
    I so want to live in any of these cottage homes, and I have had the Holiday movie on my mind now that the holidays are nearing. I start to watch the movies about thanks giving and don’t let up until Christmas. I love the over growth and all the sweet cubbies to tuck away cottage furniture pieces in. As for the names, are those names the best part about owning a cottage?

    I have this friend who moved from the so. Ca, desert to the beach where her two cats went along, then her neighbor up the way moved and they left behind 3 cats that made way to there porch where my friend took them in. Being outdoor cats…every outing her and her husband had they would come home to 5 or more neighborhood cat s all on her porch taking in the sea breeze napping, it was then she looked at her husband and then said I am ready for you to post the sign get it made with the name of ……..
    ” Cat Nap Cottage”
    The white sign with grey and black print and a cute logo of a grey kitty napping in a wicker chair said it all, a perfect home to take a cat nap in.

    So with all this being said, I too would love a cat nap cottage, one of my own to name and decorate and create in.

    What would you name your cottage?
    Not sure what I would name mine, maybe with a French farmhouse feel.

    Thank you beautiful friend for sharing a beautiful dream, and thank you best for taking the time to visit me and the big congrats on the book release of Fifi’s, you will love the book truly, it’s a book that will make you feel wedding if planning one, and a book that will make you feel inspired for your home if your not planning one. It’s a wedding book, and Not wedding book….you will love this book a million times more then her last 2

    Lots of love to you and your cottage.


  17. Joanne Boulter says

    Thank you for posting these beautiful cottages. They are always in my dreams, I think I have a love affair with them. ((HUGS)) Jo

  18. Adam Ting says

    This is a beautiful cottage.

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