Making My Own Sunshine for This Week’s Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to the 514th Tablescape Thursday!

I think I may be living in England these days…or maybe I’m in Ireland. I’ve never seen so much rain, and this has been going on for much of the summer. It has been nice not having to worry about watering the plants on the deck, but I’ve almost forgotten how sunshine looks!


So please excuse the moody skies in the background. Today is definitely going to be a “curl-up-with-a-good-book” day.

The standard Tardiva hydrangeas are blooming now, you can see them in the background there on the deck. I moved them to this end of the deck earlier in the summer and they seem to be much happier here. Though they can take full sun, it was a challenge keeping them watered before I moved them. In full sun they needed watering every single day. Now that they get a bit of shade during the day, they only need watering about every third day. Of course, with the ever-constant tropical weather we’ve been having, I haven’t had to worry about that at all.

Porch Dining for Summer, 2018


The inspiration for this week’s table came from pretty, vintage glasses I saw on Instagram a week or two ago. The glasses reminded me of some my sister, Glenda, had given me many years ago.

Vintage Table Setting with Metlox Poppytrail, Sculptured Daisy


Years ago when I was visiting my sister, she was clearing out a storage area and insisted I take home some old glasses and a vintage, ceramic lemon tree that had once belonged to her mother-in-law, Virginia. I’ve used the lemon tree once or twice in the past for Tablescape Thursday so it may look familiar, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve used the glasses.

Set a Table with Vintage Dinnerware


Initially, I planned to just use placemats for this tablescape, but I really missed the look of chargers. So these creamy-white, pierced chargers found their way to the table. (Chargers were purchased from Horchow several years ago.)

Daisy Dishes for a Summer Table Setting


The green placemats bring back a lot of fond memories. I purchased them for dinners here on the porch just as the porch was being completed back in 2008. (The green napkins are available here: Green Napkins, but I think the plaid ones are sold out now.)

Pierced Charger Plate in a Summer Table Setting


The placemats and their matching napkins (not used in this tablescape) were the inspiration for the color I painted the porch hutch. Home Depot used one of the napkins to match/mix the paint color. (See the post where I painted the hutch here: Hutch Transformation.)


Vintage glasses wanted vintage dishware, so I pulled out a favorite I keep stored in the hutch: Metlox Poppytrail in the pattern Sculptured Daisy. I found these sweet dishes many years ago while antiquing and love them, still. They are the sunshine on this rainy day! If you love this pattern as much as I do, you’ll find a good bit of it available here: Metlox Sculptured Daisy. 

The green wine glasses were a Dollar Tree find a few years ago. The creamy white flatware is available here in several colors: Flatware.

Metlox Poppytrail, Sculptured Daisy Dinner and Salad Plate


These vintage glasses are incredibly heavy, I love that about them. They feel so solid! They should be filled with home-made lemonade for today’s table setting, shouldn’t they?

I wonder what Virginia would think if she could see her lemon tree and glasses still being used today. I hope it would make her smile. This table has me feeling a little nostalgic, or maybe it’s just all this rain.

Vintage Ceramic Lemon Tree


If I’d had lemons in the house while setting this table, I would have scattered a few down the length of the table–so imagine you see pretty lemons casually scattered going out from the center of the lemon tree. 🙂

Metlox Sculptured Daisy, Summer Tablescape


Hope you are seeing some sunshine today! Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for today’s Tablescape Thursday!

Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy Vintage Dishware


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  1. Perfect tablescape to chase away any rainy day blahs, Susan. I love those dishes, and have tried to resist buying them myself, as I already own more dishes than what are available in most stores. Over the years of following your blog, it’s been a futile battle to quell the ‘covetousness’ over those chargers. To top it off, you’ve used my very favorite color green. By the way, I love how you’ve styled the hutch for summer. Blessings to you.

    • Thanks, Debbie! Horchow needs to bring those chargers back! If I ever see them on there, I’ll be sure to let everyone know in a post so you snag some.

  2. Wow! that forecast is a bit depressing! Good thing your table is cheerful!
    Thanks so much for hosting each week. Hope things get brighter in your area.

    • Isn’t it, though! Even when it isn’t raining, it’s not quite sunny. Just have turn on some lights and pretend like the sun is out. I may have to buy one of those light machines if this keeps up! 😉 Thanks, Ann!

  3. The lemons and daisies bring some happiness and color in during the gloomy rainy weather. We’ve been having a fair amount of rainy days too but not quite as much as you. I didn’t get those green plaid napkins but a set of green and white checked ones that I couldn’t live without! LOL… When my sister was married in 1964 she got a set of dishes with a big daisy on it and I’ve always held a special place in my heart for them. She still has them even though the marriage fell apart and she remarried. Maybe I should “borrow” a few pieces for a tablescape!

    • I love the green/white check ones. I purchased some check ones back when I bought these…wonder if they are the same as yours. I think they have a little bric-a-brac (is that what it’s called?) around the edges if I’m remembering correctly. Oh, those sound so cute! Love daisies!

  4. Susan, Glenda and Virginia both love this tablescape, I’m sure. 🙂 Rainy days have that nostalgia inducing effect on me, as well.

    ~ Lovely tablescape. I’ve always loved the combination of green and yellow. This one is so well co-coordinated, it looks like it’s styled from a magazine.

    Enjoy you’re cozy reading day. I hope you have a good book to dive in to. 😀

  5. Those were my first set of dishes from Dillard’s back in 1975. I still have them.

    • Aww, I bet this brings back memories, Eva. I just looked it up and apparently, they were in production from 1964 through 1983. I was married in 1978 but don’t remember seeing them when I was shopping for my everyday dishware. I like them a lot better than the pattern I chose.

  6. We have some of those vintage glasses that belonged to my mother. They are Wexford by Anchor Hocking.

    • Oh, thanks for identifying those, Sharon! I wasn’t sure who made them. Good to know!

    • Great table. I have a lot of the Wexford pieces. Mine are not family pieces so no sentimental value but my daughter found some at a thrift store and I have been searching out pieces to add to her collection and started my own. They made so many different pieces in that pattern and there seem to be some in our closest Goodwill nearly every time I visit and they are usually reasonably priced.

  7. No sun here in LaGrange, GA. However, I love rainy days. I don’t have to water the tomato and pepper plants. This table setting is so pretty. I have seen these wine glasses at our Dollar Tree. I may have to go back and purchase them. Susan, is there a large plant you can recommend that would survive on a very hot deck in the summer? Preferably, a perennial. Thanks and have a wonderful rainy Thursday. (Also, Talbots is giving an extra 15% off all sales items).

    • Geraniums do great, but of course, they are typically an annual, although I have wintered them over the garage a few times. They never looked that great at the start of spring when they’ve been wintered over, so better just to purchase new. They love the heat!
      My standard Tardiva Hydrangeas have survived all the winters we’ve had since I added them to the deck, even the ones with snow. Love those! If they’re in large pots like mine, you will need to keep them watered, though. I purchased those at Lost Mountain Nursery, not sure what their stock in like this time of year, though. BTW, they are a great source for ideas, they are the ones who recommended the Tardivas when I told them I wanted something in a tree form for a sunny deck.
      Thanks for the tip on Talbots! 🙂

  8. Peggy Kuppers says

    Thanks for the cheerful, inspiring tablescape this morning. I saw the daisy dishes on one of your tablescapes years ago and loved them. I was fortunate enough to find a lady selling an entire set and have really enjoyed them. I have not used them this year, but after seeing your post today, I have decided to bring them out! It is raining in the NC mountains today, too, so need a cheerful project. Reading your website is part of my morning routine and is always inspiring. Thank you.

    • Oh, that is so awesome that you found a set, Peggy! Yes, bring them out and enjoy! 🙂
      Thanks, Peggy! I hope you see some sunshine your way. It’s just a big ole rainfest here and will be for days, I’m afraid.

  9. Thinking of you today as you think about your sister. Hugs to you.

  10. It’s been a “bummer summer” here, too…*sigh* Rain, more rain, flooded pier and boathouse, rain, more rain…it’s a vicious whirlpool!! Your table certainly HELPED!! Once upon a time…I believe I had a ceramic lemon tree like yours/Virginia…I smiled!! franki

    • Wow, so sorry you’ve been dealing with all that, Franki! I hope the rains slow down soon. Definitely too much of a good thing with all this rain.

  11. I live in Atlanta and am loving the rain. I grew up and lived for years in CA — and they don’t usually get summer rain. Hence all the terrible fires. That everything stays green and beautiful is just awesome. My two teens grabbed umbrellas and went outside to stand on the deck to be in the rain.

    Your wonderful blog was my intro. to living in Atlanta — thank you!!

    • I was thinking yesterday I wish I could send all this rain to them. Those fires would be in no time. They need it and we’ve had too much! Glad you guys are enjoying. Wendy, I can tell you from having lived here all my life, it goes in cycles. We’re in the rainy cycle now for a while…in a few years it may switch to where we wish we had the rains. It just seems to be the way it goes.

  12. Lovely as always—and we’ve had that same weather forecast here in Virginia! I’ve seasonal affective disorder in July (which usually only comes in January!) Your post reminds me of how I enjoy using things from family that is no longer with us. It’s a lovely way to remember and honor them. I think it always makes them smile.

  13. Jane Franks says

    Lovely setting for a rainy day! We had all that rain over here in NWArkansas, earlier and for the last 7 (+ or -) days, weather has been gorgeous — in the 70’s (unheard of for August!) Not complaining! My New England blood loves it!! Better days are coming east, I’m sure. I have those very same heavy vintage glasses. You are right, Susan, they do feel so solid! Love them for iced coffee! Jane xo

  14. Wanda Bradey says

    Beautiful table. Yes, our forecast is much the same. I know the folks in areas where wildfires are burning sure wish they had rain. It’s just a great time to stay inside and read. Happy Wednesday.

  15. Jane Clary says

    This is a beautiful table (as always) but, even more beautiful is the sweet tribute to Virginia. Loving the way you revisited many of our pasts with the Poppytrail and the lemon tree.

    A few tears here in this gloomy weather, as I remember days when my mother had “Circle”, crafted her magnificent chicken salad, set out the green glasses and let me pass out napkins before I had to disappear.

  16. I have waders at the ready. Rain boots may not be enough. I bought several new rain boots in colors and patterns I didn’t have. I mean a girl has to shop. Can’t let the rain get in the way of that.
    Your table is lovely as always. I really like the chargers. They lighten up the daisy dishes perfectly.
    Searched all over for the shell candle. Not kept in the sunroom? I had mine out on one of the porches and finally brought it in so I could enjoy it.
    We can’t despair since we can’t change the weather, so keep a stiff upper, have another cuppa’ and go shopping. Umbrellas are always fun.

  17. Yes, it’s been a rainy summer in the South this year! But your table is definitely full of sunshine! The lemon jar is just right! The daisy plates make me smile…thanks for the fun today Susan

  18. I love anything with lemons and those daisy dishes! Oh I love them. Lots of rain our way too and makes the hot temps even more humid. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. I love the details of the vintage tablescape. There is room for food as well as conversation. The simplicity and green touches also very pretty and refreshing. Here, in my section of Michigan we are in somewhat of a drought. Others have gotten some rain this week but not us. I lost almost all my annuals. They just couldn’t manage the severe heat. Count your blessings. Wish we had the beautiful relief of a good soaking downpour. Your tablesettings are always the sunshine on my Thursdays.

  20. Carol A Norton says

    The “Daisy Dishes” were my everyday dishes from 1969. The local jewelry store in Newnan, GA (where I was living at the time) carried all–I do mean all- of the specialty pieces that Rich’s in Atlanta didn’t. The folks I worked with gifted me all of them, I think, before I married. I’ve bought an extra set at an estate sale several years ago–just in case. Of what, I don’t know, but I have them somewhere!

  21. I went down memory lane viewing your tablescape today. I almost selected the Sculptured Daisy Poppytrail pattern for my wedding dishes. But, I went with the Zinnia Poppytrail instead and being the sentimental person I am I still have them. I see both patterns often in antique stores.
    Thanks for hosting, Susan.
    I am glad to link up today. I’m at the beach and we have had wind and rain all morning. Looks like a good book day here also!

  22. Barbara Eddy says

    The gloomy day made your table look all the nicer! I’d like to pull up to that table and have a big old BLT with fresh garden tomatoes and lettuce and too much bacon! ( I have taught my grand daughters that you can never have too much bacon, chocolate chips or sprinkles!) I also love your “Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine” sign. I sing it every time I see it. I would love to get one, but can’t bring myself to spend the cash. Maybe if I’d stop spending so much on bacon I could afford the sign. Thank you for your posts. I just love them!

  23. I love the table, especially the daisy china, I have the Wexford glasses, and I love the lemon centerpiece. Just beautiful!

  24. That tablescape would cheer me up instantly, no matter what the menu. Always nice to see those lacy chargers and green plaid napkins. They have the prettiest plaid pattern–subtle.

  25. Susan, you are so right about the weather in Ireland where I have been traveling for the past week. But in Ireland it is expected and we are having a wonderful time in the rain. Beautiful tablescape, as always.

  26. BamaCarol says

    When I started working in high school, I saved my money and bought a set of Sculptured Daisy dishes and over the years, added all of the serving pieces and specialty pieces I could find. My MIL had a set of fine china with daisies on them so I collected and gave her a set of the Sculptured Daisy as well. I’m not sure she used them much but she said she enjoyed having them. I’ve been collecting over the years and now have the Sculptured Zinnia and Sculptured Berry patterns as well. Lovely post and yes, we are having a rainy season here in Alabama too.

  27. I recognized that Wexford crystal right away, Susan! Love the daisy dishes and lemon tree too. Our weather is very much the same as yours. My little rain gauge has tallied almost 10″ since July 16, and our forecast also looks like yours. We have fallen trees from June storms on the our riverbank that need a few dry days before the crew can get to them (or else the river’s gonna rise first and haul them away the unconventional way!).

  28. I have no doubt that Virginia would be proud to see her treasures used so beautifully. Thank you for hosting.

  29. As I was reading the post, I kept saying to myself “where’s the pitcher of lemonade?” And then I get to where you heard me and explained you had no lemons!!! Love those daisies on the plates. Boy, rainy day blues with that forecast for sure! In California it has been 100+ for weeks and of course all the smoke from the devastating fires going on around me (Redding and Lakeport). I love your hutch and how you decorate it.

  30. I love the lemon tree/compote. My mother had 2 matching fruit compotes, but sold them! : ( I knew I had seen such an item in a Doris Day movie, so I searched Doris Day Kitchens (images) and GUESS WHAT POPPED UP?
    YOUR BLOG–check it out, there is a picture of Doris standing near the tree:
    Send Me No Flowers
    September 24, 2012 by Susan . . . AND
    I thought I had seen it in Lover Come Back and you even mentioned that and the recycling of props! Susan, you are my “go to” place for info many times, but this was just too cute!

  31. Love these dishes and the table setting. How special that the glassware and lemon tree came from your sister’s mother in law. The post makes me nostalgic also. This dish pattern was one I considered choosing for everyday dishes when I was getting married.

  32. Nice setting. I feel your pain about the rain. We’ve had the same thing here in N.C. I havent seen the sun in days (and days).

  33. I believe this is day 20 for our continued rain. But, better rain than a hurricane.
    Lovely tablescape. The two napkins together add a special touch.

  34. Cyndi Raines says

    Such a pretty table to chase away those rain clouds. Great memories too. Hope Mr. Sun comes out soon.☀️ Enjoy your good book and some rest.

  35. Love the green it looks relaxing. Great summer here. Not to hot and a good amount of rain.

  36. Oh, how I wish we could have some of that rain in hot So. Calif. My flowers and grass are burning up even though they get watered four days a week.
    Enjoy your tablescapes, Susan.

  37. Lucky you – getting rain! Here in southern California, it was around 100 degrees (and sometimes much higher) every day in July. Next week’s forecast includes one day at 109 and one day at 110! Can’t even open the drapes until late at night, so it’s difficult to enjoy the outdoors.

  38. Susan, what a happy coincidence on us both having lemons in our tables capes! Your table is lovely with the vintage china and glassware! Your pretty lemon tree is a wonderful centerpiece and coordinates the colors! Hope you will view my post on lemons at Tea in Texa!

  39. Such a pretty and sentimental table, Susan. I’m so glad you have things that remind you of your sweet sister, Glenda. Peace be with you.

  40. Amber Turner says

    You always do such pretty table settings. Over the years I have gotten many ideas from you. Thank you for all the inspiration. I have always wondered….How di you keep your porch so clean? How to you keep the cobwebs and dust away?

    • It gets dirty but being a full story up, it’s not bad. I just sweep or vacuum it about once a month during the spring-summer months. I don’t worry too much about it since it’s a porch, but it really only needs cleaning about as often as the other rooms in my home. 🙂

  41. Grace White says

    Susan, I would like to know how large the pots your plants are in. They are beautiful.

    • I can’t remember exactly what size I purchased, but you can see them really well in this post:

      If you send that link to yourself in an email, you can open the email on your phone while in a garden store/center, and click on the link to show the garden center employee what you need. Or save one of the photos showing the pot(s) to your computer/tablet or whatever you’re reading on, then email the photo to yourself to show a garden store employee. The good thing about the clay pots that I purchased it they won’t crack during cold weather like clay pots used to do. They’ve come out with clay pots now that can stand the cold!

      If you’ll be putting standard (or tree-form) hydrangeas in the pots, be sure they are good and heavy so what happened in that post won’t happen to your hydrangeas. 🙂

  42. Thank you for hosting this tablescape post. Lovely table! This shade of green you have used adds some punch. Nice to see what you have done.

  43. Martha Shetley says

    Sculptured Daisy was my sister’s wedding dishes in 1973. They moved to Alpharetta in the 90’s and she got rid of a whole house full of belongings when they relocated to San Francisco for a year, and then moved back to Atlanta. I know she sold dishes and sun room furniture to a friend with a house on the lake but would like to think maybe some of your dishes could’ve been hers!! I have always loved dishes and china and love your organized shelving!

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