Take A Tour Of Kenny Rogers’ Atlanta Mansion

It’s November 15, 1989 and I’m standing in a movie theater in Atlanta with my husband. We are young, just barely in our 30’s and though we’ve been to the movies together many times over the years, this is the first time we’ve ever munched on popcorn and sipped sodas while dressed in formal attire.

I’m wearing a just-below-the-knee, black velvet dress with puffy, pink and burgundy sequined sleeves. Around my waist is a black, satin sash tied in a big satiny bow to my side. Hubby is dressed in a black tuxedo, a starched, white, pleated tux shirt, red cummerbund and black, onyx studs and cufflinks.

We are standing in the now, very crowded lobby with other elegantly dressed movie-goers. We have no idea what to expect, having never been to a movie premier before.

All at once, the crowd begins to part. I can’t tell why but everyone seems to be moving back. We scoot back as far as we can, but there’s really no place to go. Then I see them, snaking their way through the crowd at a very fast pace. Linked hand-in-hand, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis, and Julia Roberts sweep by, literally inches from my face.

They pass so closely, if I reached out my hand just five inches, they would brush it passing by. At one point Sally Field’s beaming, smiling face is literally inches from mine. I’m stunned for a moment, totally starstruck, then as fast as they appeared, they are gone. Sadly, Dolly Parton isn’t with them, the only female cast member not in attendance.

Wow, did that just happen?! The crowd is really energized now, everyone is laughing and excited. We start looking around, wondering what will happen next. As I glance around, I notice Kenny Rogers is standing just a few feet away, looking very handsome and debonair in his tuxedo. Caught up in the excitement of the evening, I turn and ask my husband, “Do you think he would mind if I asked him to autograph my program.” My husband smiles and encourages me to go ask.

I summon the nerve to walk over and speak to him. Feeling like a total dork, I shyly ask if he would mind autographing my program. With a smile he sweetly tells me he’s not signing autographs this night. He asks ifΒ he can give me a kiss, instead?

Totally unprepared for that question, I have no memory now of how I answered, but Kenny leaned down, gave me a hug and a kiss and smiling,Β thankedΒ me for coming over. I thanked him and make a hasty retreat back to hubby, my face now red as a beet.

Suddenly the doors to the theater are thrown open and we all hurry inside, filling all the seats. It’s a packed house and the movie is beginning. As we munch on our popcorn and drink our Coca-Colas, I can’t help but wonder if tomorrow I’ll be trying to get butter stains out of velvet and satin.

Can you guess what movie premier we attended? πŸ™‚ It’s the only one I’ve ever been to and theΒ memory of that night came flooding back when I noticed today that Kenny Rogers’s Atlanta home is currently for sale.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 01


Such an elegant entrance!

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 16


The home is 11,964 square feet and is on the market for $4.8 million.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 19


It features 6 bedrooms, 8 full baths, an elevator, 10 fireplaces and a home theater.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 17


There are over 51 photos showing both the inside and outside at the listing. I pulled just a few but I’ll link to the listing at the end so you can see the spa, tennis courts and other wonderful features of this grand home.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 15


Pretty dining room. I love the smooth ceilings. One of these days I just may try to scrape the stippled flowers off mine. My contractor tells me to just sheetrock them all, that’s the easier way. But that would require removing all the crown molding in every room, then paying to have new installed. Ugh. Very expensive to do.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 04


Now this is a kitchen for entertaining! How do you feel about black cabinetry? It certainly adds a touch of elegance to a kitchen, doesn’t it?

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 05


How do you like the double islands?

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 06


Beautiful office and notice the records on the wall. I wonder if those are the songs he wrote/sung that went Platinum.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 13


Fancy bath…

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 08


I’m guessing this is the master bedroom.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 09


Wow! What a closet!

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 12


The bath…

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 11


I wonder if folks ever use spa tubs? I’ve heard they take a long time to fill up, cost a lot to fill and the water doesn’t stay warm very long. I think they make heated ones now to compensate for that.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 10


Had to share the theater! Here’s where you buy your ticket!

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 26


Ever watched a movie in a home theater like this? I always wondered if the screen would feel to far away.

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 25


Would you call this a sunroom or a conservatory…or both?

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 24


The back yard…

Kenny Roger's Home For Sale in Atlanta 22


Ever been to a movie premier? Ever embarrassed yourself asking for an autograph? (Where’s a red-faced smiley when you need one!) πŸ™‚

Photos in this post were found here: Kenny Rogers’ Atlanta Home For Sale

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  1. Had to be Steel Magnolias!

  2. Steel Magnolia’s of course! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your experience and Kenny’s house.


  3. Nice but one correction Dolly’s last name contains with a “t” not a “d”.
    Thanks for the tour!! πŸ™‚

  4. Great story, Susan! I love it!

    Of course I know the film, that movie was Steel Magnolias.

  5. Susan, the first thing I noticed were all the rounded windows, archways, even on the bed, features. A beautiful property indeed.
    No, I have never been to a premier, but I have danced with Ron Moody (Fagin in Oliver Twist) at a swish restaurant in London. I was with my bosses and he came over and asked my boss if he could ask me for a dance.
    When he returned me to my seat, he took my hand and kissed it.
    Have also met a couple of other British stars through my work in the past.
    Now what I want to know, is where is the photo of that cute young couple dressed to the nines at he premier? πŸ™‚

  6. Fun story, Susan. I’ve never been to a premier, but there are celebrities out and about here in Austin on occasion. It’s always fun to see someone famous dining at a table near by. Never have asked for an autograph. πŸ˜‰
    Loved the movie!

  7. Knew Steel Magnolias as soon as you named the stars running by. Remember that movie for so many lines that work only with a southern accent–exemplified by the quote, “What’s the matter with you, M’Lynn? You got a reindeer up your butt?”

  8. Renee Cook says

    What a fun memory! I know you really enjoyed the premier. Kenny must feel at home north Georgia. He also used to own a home in Nicholson, which is located between Commerce and Athens. Of course, we never saw the house, but I remember them showing a tour of it on the Atlanta news when it sold a couple of years ago.

  9. Johnnie Ruth says

    Loved Steele Magnolias. Filmed in Natcitoches, LA area. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Natchez, Ms. I live just across the bridge in Louisiana.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Interesting wrought iron work on the kitchen ceiling. I am impressed with the way Kenny handled the issue of not signing autographs and it certainly gives you a colorful story to tell!

  11. Love Kenny Rogers! OK, the original version. Anyway….lucky you got a kiss! Just anyole’ body could get an autograph, but a kiss, that’s something rare~too bad ya haven’t got a picture of that! Woo!

    OK, the house is not my to my taste, but there are several awesome features incorporated there. Since I don’t have a spare 4+mil laying around, guess I won’t get to do it over to suit me ; ) Getting to the ceiling issue you have, at least ya don’t have the terrible ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings like me! We have covered the majority of the kitchen ceiling with beadboard, except for one area which was an enclosed porch, and there’s no place to attach the beadboard! GAH! I’m thinking about stapling canvas drop cloth material there and covering where it meets the wall with molding. *getting experimenting cap on*

  12. Jill Brewster says

    When I was a teenager I worked for some friends at their Resort/pack station/stable in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. They had a little Appaloosa horse that I loved to ride and one day I got into a discussion with the actor, Lee Majors about this little horse. He said it wasn’t that great of a horse and I said it was. However, he ended up buying the horse. Maybe he knew more than I did about horses or maybe he just enjoyed giving me a hard time. It’s funny though because he never seemed quite as good looking to me after that. The old Cowboy who owned the resort worked on lots of Western movies in his day as a Wrangler and stunt person, and he had a whole slue of Actor friends so it wasn’t unusual to see one from time to time.

    • Wonder if he was saying that because he knew he wanted to buy it and thought if he said that, he’d get a better price. What a neat story, Jill! Good for you for not letting his star power intimidate you!

  13. My favourite movie of all time..Steel Magnolias!! I love weasie!!

  14. Cute story and I loved that movie. Great tour.

  15. what a great memory susan…i would have been starstruck too! my 94 year old mama and her mama (my grandmother) saw the premier of Gone With the Wind! i don’t remember if she said they saw clark gable or not but my mom loved him!

    i remember years ago on some TV show Kenny Rogers was giving a tour of one of his homes….and from what i gathered he decorated it himself…apparently he loves to decorate as well as sing! this home is lovely but just not my taste….too tuscan although there was a time i loved that look.

    also, i didn’t have a problem getting this post…thanks for the hint on why i might have been having problems….i sure don’t want to miss anything from BNOTP!

    • That is so interesting that he liked decorating…didn’t know that! Awesome! Judy, I’m so glad it came through! What ended up working? Was it going in a spam file or anything?

  16. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I was sooo confused! I had no idea what movie you were talking about, and then when I read the first post and it was Steel Magnolias, I couldn’t for the life of me remember Kenny Rodgers being in that movie!! Haha. Guess he was just at the premiere.

    That’s such a sweet story and I do wish you had a picture of yourself and your hubby in your fancy duds. I didn’t know ‘regular’ people got to attend movie premieres, I thought that was just for the ‘industry’ people, so it’s very cool that you got to see it. Did you like it?

    My friend is a GRITS and that’s her favorite movie. She always called me Wheeza, and since I had asthma I thought it was because I wheezed. It was until years later that she mentioned to someone how she called me that after the character from the movie. I was so shocked! And she couldn’t believe I thought she had been taunting me about my asthma. I’m not sure calling me Weeza after Shirley McClaine’s character was any better though, lol! (She was a grouch!)

  17. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Btw, did you forget to put in the link to the sales site?

    • Pam, thanks for noticing that. I made the link but I guess it didn’t save. I just added it again. Yeah, Kenny just lived here and I guess he purchased tickets. I can’t remember now how we found out about the tickets, but I do remember that we purchased them. lol About your friend calling you that. Well, Ouiser was a much loved character in the movie so take it as a compliment. πŸ™‚

  18. Steel Magnolias is one of my family’s favorite movies. There is a story with each character. Shirley McClain was a hoot.

    What a nice Kenny Rogers memory.


  19. I just LOVE your blog! A few days ago you mentioned you were going to start postcards from the porch again. I signed up to receive them but somehow lost the blog that had old “postcards” to read. Where would I find them on your blog? Thanks for your help and for all the wonderful things you share.

    • Thanks Gail…appreciate that so much! All the previous newsletters are stored at Mailchimp, the service I was using to send them out, p so I don’t think there’s a way to share them.

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    What a COOL story and memory! I love the details of how you and your husband were dressed. How neat is that to have all those stars walking by! WOW! I love all of them and Dolly too.

    I saw Kenny Rogers in concert a million years ago, but never got close or a hug! You lucky girl. I hear he is very kind, and now I really believe it!

    Such a fun read!!! and his house is something isn’t it?

  21. We have not one but TWO spa tubs, and I can’t stand them!!!! First, we are shower people, so having a spa tub is like someone just told us we have a coal mine! The one in his home, however, looked like total elegance! Just like those incredible double islands in the kitchen and the gorgeous master bedroom!!

    My cousin has a home theater kind of like that one in the photos, and it is a little weird when you’re sitting in there with those reddish walls. The seating is very comfortable, but I’m still a little weirded out.

    What a beautiful home! I would be thrilled to live there!!

    Fun about your meeting Kenny Rogers! At least you were brave enough to try for the autograph!!! And a kiss & hug would last a lot longer in my memory!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks to my previous occupation, I met a lot of celebrities, one of the biggest being Cassius Clay way back in the day before he became Muhammed Ali. I was a little girl, and he picked me up and carried me around and kissed on me. I remember being very worried that the way he was holding me was raising my dress a little in the back and exposing my bloomers! Good little Catholic girls didn’t show their bloomers!!! πŸ™‚

    FUN post!!! I’m pinning a few of these rooms for future reference on 1/1000th the budget!

  22. That had to be SUCH FUN!!! I’ve only been to one movie premier…it was a John Waters (“Serial Mom!”….bet you can IMAGINE how THAT went!!) at the Kennedy Center. My friend was Beau James (Timothy Nazlerod.) franki

  23. We have family in NATCHITOCHES ( say Nack – uh – tish, like the locals do), Louisiana, and that town is still proud of being the home of that movie. The author is a local boy, and based on a real story. Yes, there is a Christmas Festival as in the movie, and Southern Living featured it every year for so many years. (You Oprah fans may recall that O was the parade marshall one year) It’s a great community and the river through it is crossed by some beautiful wrought iron bridges. The drought has affected that river, pray for rain! Lovely folks there, and wow, can they cook πŸ™‚

  24. Daisy(the flower) says

    Susan, I’ve never been to a premier. However, your account made me feel I twas there. I pictured the events through your words. Thanks for sharing
    the experience and Kenny Rodgers’ home. The islands are great.
    The flower

  25. What a fun memory. I always get upset when celebrities don’t give autograghs but, who could be upset over a kiss instead. A lovely home for a lovely man. Thanks for sharing. I loved the movie however, I cried all the way through it.

  26. Susan, I loved the movie. Brings back lots of great memories for me when a group of my Texas friends attended this together. I have since moved and always think about this time in life and this movie is mentioned. What a treat for you to see the actresses in person. Mr. Rogers house is something else. Blessings to you and please come by my place for a virtual cup of coffee!

  27. My funny star struck moment was when I was helping out the a silent auction for my daughter’s elementary school and Ashley Judd was donating a cake she baked herself. I look up from the desk and there stands Ashley Judd with her cake. She simply asked where to take the cake and I just stared! She had to ask again before I answered . . .

  28. In the early 2000’s Kenny had a design firm, with a partner, called Kenji. I think he did some ATL showhouses and maybe some interiors for the Mansion on Peachtree. I used to work on Miami Circle and I’d see him quite often shopping around Buckhead and at the large to-the-trade silk floral/holiday decor warehouse in Midtown (can’t remember the name of it). Now that I see the photos with all the florals, he must have gone there a lot!

  29. What a fun to read account of your evening at the premiere! I’ve never been to a premiere, but if ate dinner only a few tables from Gregory Peck at L’Escoffier in Beverly Hills. I was in college, on vacation with my parents, & I don’t think I heard(or participated in) a bit of dinner conversation, as I was so starstruck.
    I truly love our spa tub, & have nearly drifted off to sleep while soaking more than once.

  30. Well the house is obviously lovely but honestly huge houses like that always feel kind of cold to me with the gigantic rooms etc.. and I’m not a fan of all the dark cabinets and woodwork.
    They give me the feeling of a hotel… not a home.

    I honestly prefer your colors Susan, I love how warm, sunny and inviting your home looks.
    It just puts me at ease and makes me think of curling up and reading a book or sipping a cup of tea… mansions just don’t do that for me.
    I guess I’d hate to be Queen Elizabeth… living in all those palaces and castles.. lol πŸ™‚

  31. Liza Mackie says

    That is a really beautiful mansion, You probably need housemaids to keep it clean right now ay, needs some warmer colours, lot of brown, white and red is what I see, I prefer a home big enough, and easy to clean dust, cobwebs, windows, etc. and a warm surroundings, also I like to feel comfortable in a home, and also visitors to feel comfortable too. I be frightened to make a mess. LOL

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