Tartan Dishware: Mix & Match Patterns To Create 17 Unique Tartan Place Settings

Welcome to the 321st Tablescape Thursday!

It’s 5 AM as I write this. My server had a glitch tonight and I couldn’t load any photos. Thankfully my host company figured out what was wrong and fixed it but it really delayed things and I never got to go to sleep. So this post will be short on words as I head off to bed soon for a few hours sleep.

With all things tartan on the brain this week, I though it would be fun to see how many different Christmas place settings I could create using the tartan dishware I’ve collected over the years. I included one tartan plate in each place setting.

For each place setting, I’ve used either my pierced chargers or a white swirl charger, both from Horchow around 6-7 years ago. A few settings have a brown woven charger and that charger is from Pier 1 a couple of years back. They may still stock it.

I’ve listed the brand and pattern name, though many of the plates didn’t have a pattern name.

So here goes, hope you enjoy seeing all the “tartan” settings I was able to create using the Christmas dishware I’ve collected over the years.

Plaid dinner plate is Pottery Barn’s tartan dishware from a few years back, no pattern name. Snowman salad plate is from HomeGoods several years ago. I think it’s probably more of an appetizer or dessert plate but I still love using it as a small salad plate. Snowman plates previously use in this tablescape: Snowman Follies

Pottery Barn Tartan Plates and HomeGoods Snowman Plates


Pottery Barn Tartan dinner plate again, this time with one of the Better Homes and Gardens salad plates from Walmart last year. Salad plates previously used in this tablescape: Nature Themed Table Setting

Pottery Barn Plates and Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Plates with Tree and Bunny


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) and a Better Homes and Gardens salad plate from Walmart last year. Salad plate previously used in this table setting: Dashing Through The Snow

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plates and Better Homes and Garden Christmas Plates


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) with another one of the Better Homes and Gardens salad plates from Walmart last year. Salad plate previously used in this table setting: Sparkle With A Touch Of Whimsy

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plates and Better Homes and Garden Christmas Deer Plates


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) with another one of the Better Homes and Gardens salad plates from Walmart last year.  Hopefully all these salad plates will be back in Walmart soon…some folks have already been finding/buying them again this year.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plates and Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Bird Plates


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) with Santa Plates (no pattern name) found in HomeGoods several years ago. Salad plates previously used in this table setting: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Williams-Sonoma Plates and Santa Plates


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) with Lenox Winter Greetings salad plate purchased in Macy’s many years ago. I forgot to pull out  one of my Lenox Winter Greetings dinner plates but at least a salad plate did make it into a setting. Winter Greetings is my most favorite winter dishware pattern of all!

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Dishware and Lenox Winter Greetings Salad Plate


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) with Spode Christmas Tree Garland salad plate, found in Marshalls a couple of years ago

Williams-Sonoma Dinner Plates and Spode Christmas Garland Salad Plates


Williams-Sonoma tartan dinner plate (no pattern name) with Villeroy & Boch salad/dessert plates in the pattern, Toy’s Delight. V & B sent these to me several years back. They come in both red and green patterns. There’s a red one further down in this post.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plates and Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight Plates


Better Homes and Gardens Christmas dishware from Walmart with Williams-Sonoma tartan salad plates. The BH & G dinner plates from last year are pretty plain so the tartan helps to dress them up.

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Dishware and Williams-Sonoma Tartan Dishware


Valerie Parr Hill’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” Dishware with Williams-Sonoma tartan salad plates

Valerie Parr Hill's Twelve Days of Christmas Dishware and Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plates


Here’s how Valerie Parr Hill’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” dishware looks under the tartan salad plate above. I found this VPH dishware in an antique store and I think it was $40 for the 8 place settings they had. I’ve never been able to find the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th plates from this series, not even on eBay. So, I wonder if they were ever made. Maybe they stopped with number 8. Twelve Days of Christmas dishware previously used in this table setting: The Twelve Days of Christmas


Just for fun, I layered one more plate on top…

Tartan Pottery Barn Plates and Snowman Plates


Spode Christmas Tree Garland with Williams-Sonoma Tartan salad plates. Found the Spode Christmas Tree Garland dishware in Marshalls a few years ago.

Spode Christmas Garland Plates and Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plates


Here’s how the Spode dinner plate looks underneath.

Spode Christmas Tree Garland Dinner Plate


Lenox Holiday with Williams-Sonoma Tartan salad plates

Lenox Holiday Dinner Plate and Williams-Sonoma Tartan Salad Plate


Tartan Nikko Ironstone dinner plate with Santa Salad/Dessert plates from HomeGoods

Tartan Nikko Ironstone and Santa Plates


Here’s how the Nikko tartan ironstone dishware looks up close. Love the holly garland on the inside of the tartan pattern.

Nikko Tartan Plates


Tartan Nikko Ironstone dinner plate with Villeroy & Boch salad/dessert plates in the pattern, Toy’s Delight.

Tartan Nikko Ironstone Plates and Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight Plates


Update: Just remembered one more that’s too cute to leave out…these Scottie Tartan salad plates are from HomeGoods in 2009. I don’t think they had a pattern name. You can see the table setting I used them in here: Mad About Plaid

Tartan Scottie Plates


Hope you enjoyed seeing this mix of plaid and tartan plates with the other plates I’ve collected over the years. It’s a lot of fun mixing tartan with other patterns.

Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, I’m mad for plaid and love your tartan Christmas layers! I have several of those tartan plates along the Santa plate and those fun and affordable BH&G plates thanks to you!

  2. Wow those were all great combinations- I love the last one the most! The tartan plaid design offers a great backdrop for all of these holiday plates.

  3. The Lenox Winter Greetings just won me over. So very pretty! Have a beautiful day!

  4. Okay, I love all of these, and love the tartan from WS. I love all the combos with the WM salads, and the Lenox Winter Greetings. I was in WM yesterday, no BHG dinnerware yet, and the girl told me she wasn’t sure they’d be getting any because they’re featuring a lot of Rachel Ray. :/ These place settings would all work really well for my sunroom, where I always do a woodland theme. Great inspiration, Susan!

  5. I love how versatile the tartan dishes are! They look great with all of the different patterns…I even think that you could use them at other times of the year without holiday-themed dishes. Beautiful!

  6. Wow, Susan, endless possibilities for sure! I love to mix and match, mainly because I don’t have a lot of any one thing 🙂 Thanks for the party today~

  7. Love all of these ! Did you know you could contact Valerie Parr Hill through Facebook ? She shows her QVC items on her page frequently. She would probably be able to tell you if the entire set of dinner plates was ever made.

    • Susie, I just found out from another reader that they did make all 12 place settings! I was beginning to think they didn’t exist. lol I have one of Valerie’s book…found it after I discovered her dishware. I wondered if she was still around so good to know that she is! 🙂

  8. Susan! Love the Tartan. Thank you for showing us all the combos. I have lenox tartan chargers to go with my fave lenox xmas plates. Beautiful!

  9. What a great combination of patterns, love them all! My very favorite holiday pattern is Lenox fine china Holiday Tartan (introduced in 2000, discontinued in 2013). I particularly love the charger plates with their thick Tartan plaid borders. I don’t understand why Lenox would create such a beautiful pattern for Christmas and then discontinue it after only 13 years. :0(

  10. That was fun, Susan! I only have a set of tartan plates and they are dinner plates I found last year from HG in Cape Coral so I left them in our home there…..Christine

  11. So envious of your tartan plates in particular. I have had no success the past couple of years to find ones to go with my Scottish Terrier dishes and accent pieces. If you or any of your followers spots a new plaid plate this year, please share the news! Until then I will have to settle with plain linens and napkins!

    • Debbie, are you looking for dinner plates? Probably the best place to check is on eBay or at Replacements.com. That’s where I have the best luck. You just reminded me of some Scottie dog plates I forgot to include in this post. I just added those to the end of the post. I need to get those out and use them in a table setting this year…it’s been too long!

  12. So Susan,
    I’m still ooooohing and aaaaahing and I’m sure, if you invited me and you let me pick the right seat for me just on the basis of all those gorgeous plates combinations, then… I would fast that day… because I could never choose which one I like best… they all are wonderfully BEAUTIFUL!
    But, thanks anyway, Susan! 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

  13. I made a comment last week which got “lost” in blogland somewhere, as did the comment I made a couple of hours ago. Not sure what is happening! Comments I make on other blogs show up….Anyway, I love all of these, and I think that the tartan is so versatile. Lovely!

    • Bev, I wonder if it’s the server issue I was having last night. It wouldn’t let me upload photos so maybe it wouldn’t take comments either.

  14. Yvonne Shafer says

    Once again, I’ll have to go to eBay to start another collection of dishes! Thanks for the inspiration — love the tartan!

  15. Nancy Rokicki says

    So happy I found Between Naps on the Porch. After reading about the tartan plain fabric etc. I wondered if you knew of a great place to get fabric, Calico Corners, I think it may just be Calico now. Not inexpensive but they do have sales. We do not have the store here but I have ordered on line.
    Thank you for inspiring us.

  16. Tartan is one of my favorites as well — perhaps it is our Scottish heritage! My Christmas China is Royal Doulton Tartan bought years ago at the Royal Doulton seconds shop in England — for a mere pittance! Still love the china and although to us it is “Christmas”, it really can be used all year long! Love what you did with all the plates and the tartans!

  17. Jean from Georgia says

    Absolutely delightful to view the various ways to use tartan. Love all the settings. Tuesday Morning has a beautiful tartan place mat and napkin pattern this year, in case you want more tartan to complement your fabulous collection.

  18. Susan, hope you finally got some sleep. Your tartan post yesterday sent me directly to WS. I love tartan! You know I smiled as I scrolled down through this post. Delightful from first to last. I’ve a bit of tartan tabletop here and love to use it more than just at Christmas. I haven’t done a tablescape in ages, so you have me wanting to pull out my tartan. Thanks!

  19. Wow! I loved all your place settings with the tartan plates. You have a variety of plates to use for most anything. I need to go to Wal-Mart and see if they have some of the plates you displayed. I loved them.

  20. We should all be very grateful that you would give up a night’s sleep just to be ready for us Thursday morning.

  21. Susan, you have made my day! I love plaid, especially the red tartan, and these Christmas place settings are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing all of your various patterns and the inspiration!
    Blessings to you!

    • Thanks, Lanita! I wish the pictures had been brighter. It’s getting dark so early now…lighting was a bit of a challenge yesterday. Glad you enjoyed those!

  22. bobbi duncan says

    You go, girl! What a marvelous display of tartan combos! Love every single one, and the inspiration for my own tartan china. You can also use them for any woodland or fox hunt theme, even if it’s not Xmas related. I’ve done the fox hunt theme with wool plaid scarfing around my Autumn and Xmas trees, using different shades of tartan to match the holiday, then added elements of the hunt throughout and it really looked nice. Hope you got caught up on sleep…for some reason I haven’t slept much the last two days, and now we’re leaving at 4a.m. to go see our Grandson. Know I’ll be sleeping through that flight.

  23. Susan, I absolutely LOVE the Villeroy and Boch Toys Delight dishes. I have had the Disney holiday dishes for years but am now going to start collecting the V&B. Such a beautiful post. I know I am a little ahead of the game but my Noelle Christmas bedding is going on my bed today.
    Blessings to you!

  24. Now that is dedication. You know your followers look for your blog in the morning so they can savour it over that first cup of coffee. Thank you!
    I love all the place settings. I hope Walmart carries the plaid line again this year. I need those! Lol

  25. Between the new bedding you are getting and these fabulous plates, you have me “mad about plaid” and I’m craving some tartan for Christmas!

  26. I love all of your place settings. I have been looking for dinner plates to use with my Christopher Radko, Christopher’s Tree made by Zrike dishes. They came out in 2000 and discontinued in 2003 (I believe) I have 16 salad plates, 16 mugs, lots of serving pieces but no dinner plates. So, I have been on the hunt to find something to work with the pattern because the background is very cream/yellowish and the red is not a true red. It looks like the Nikko Tartan plates would work and with the plaid I think I could get away with the reds not being exact. Is the background color of the Nikko plates cream?

  27. Great combinations. Bet that snowy owl plate will look good with tartan! Or do you think he will need a green version?

  28. Susan, I love those bevelled salad plates. I smiled when I saw you were into “tartan” this week. I am in the process of searching for a tartan throw. I missed going to WalMart the other day, too many other stores to go to and took me hours sorting out new furniture as we had to return the other.
    My mother’s tartan was Royal Stewart, so may go with that.

    You will be cozy and warm
    And come to no harm
    Wrapped up in tartan
    In your bedroom, that morn!! 🙂


  29. Susan…I wish I could have “beamed” my Lenox Holiday Tartan to you for this post! I did my table last year with a tartan theme. I even found tartan Christmas cracker!! This is a wonderful post and I can’t believe you posted on NO sleep. Hope you are all rested up now!

  30. You all just need to go and check out the Dollar Tree stores. They have for …that’s right….just a $1.00 the most gorgeous glasses with snow flakes on them. Some are goblets and some, I think, are wine glasses. I am getting about 11 so I’ll have few if some get broken. They, also, have them with different patterns on them, but these look the most elegant.

    have fun

  31. Your posts on tartan have sent me on a tartan quest. I went shopping with my mum today keeping a look out for anything tartan. I came home with a tartan reindeer! (And very sweet he is too). xx

  32. Sharon Avinger says

    Susan- Love all of your beautiful dish arrangements. I wanted you to know that all of your recent “mad for plaid” posts have intrigued me. I was shopping at Marshall’s today and found some gorgeous plaid wrapping paper for Christmas. Bought it! Thanks for your inspiration.

  33. I have a couple of tartan fabric remnants that are taking up space in my stash. Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. I found tartan place mats at home goods today. The pattern is similar to your Nikko Ironstone. It even looks good with the Spode Christmas tree.
    Sometimes I’ll find a true Scottish kilt in the thrift store or consignment shop. Once the waistband is off the fabric is washed, it makes a great table runner or throw across my white sofa. I do believe you’re starting a tartan trend!!!

    • I love that Nikko pattern! I’m going to start looking for those…how cool would that be to find a real kilt! Carol, doesn’t it seem like tartan is big this year? I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s suddenly more popular this year or if it’s been this way for years and I’m just noticing it more. lol I’ve always loved it but this year I’m really into it! Thankfully there’s lots of it out there so we can get our tartan fix. 🙂

  35. I really enjoyed seeing all these combinations! Don’t think I could choose a favorite, they are all so pretty! I do love those pierced chargers tho! Thanks for putting this altogether, so fun!

    Thanks for hosting!


  36. Susan, I seem to be writing to you daily. Had to let you know that I now have 6 of the Better Homes and Garden new Owl design holiday salad plates. While on an errand today, I stopped at a different Walmart and they had just put the dishes out. They had the new owl design, and I also saw the winter scene with the barn and sleigh, the deer, and the tree with the bunny. The only previous design that was missing was the plate with the birds. My only concern was that quite a few of the plates had small chips or flaws. I had to go through the display to find 6 owl plates that looked good. If I can figure out how to send you a photo of the design I will try. I also need to go in the attic and find last year’s plates. I can’t remember how many of the designs I finally found. :). MM

  37. I love how versatile tartan dishes are! They look wonderful with red apples too. I have two sets of tartan dishes – one from Pottery Barn and the other from Target. I mix and match and this year will be using the BH & G owl salad plates that I found at my Walmart. They were getting picked over very quickly and look great with the tartan plates.

    Thanks for hosting Susan!

  38. First of all, do hope you put a few hours aside and get caught up on your shut-eye today. Speaking of which, all the place setting are a feast for the eyes and I particularly love the burnished handled cutlery you used with most of them. -Brenda-

  39. Oh, I just love those Better Homes and Gardens salad plates…how sweet! Thanks for hosting a lovely party 🙂

  40. This was such a fun Tablescape Thursday & I really enjoyed seeing all of the place settings that you came up with. I was also surprised & pleased to see that you used a Valerie Parr Hill plate. Her shows on QVC are magical. If you haven’t seen one, it would be worth your time. This year she offered many beautiful mercury glass pieces. All so pretty & sparkling.

  41. Wow! Mixing & Matching just 3 Chargers, 7 Dinner Plates, & 12 Salad Plates (as best I could count) coming up with 17 beautiful place settings. What fun you must have had photographing this post. On the hunt for the BH&G Owl Salad Plates…and maybe some tartan salad plates. Hope you have a great day!

  42. WOW! 17 tartan place settings using just 3 Chargers, 7 Dinner Plate patterns, & 6 Salad Plate patterns – amazing. On the hunt for the Wal-Mart BH&G’s Owl salad plates and some Tartan! Hope you have a great day!

  43. Hi Susan,

    I have those same tartan dinner plates from Pottery Barn (WS, PB and Pier 1 are all owned by the same company) bought last year on sale and layer them with some PB bird and music themed salad plates from several years ago as well as some PB square “chicken wire” chargers . Love it!! Tartan works in so many applications.

    I also checked my local WM for the Christmas plates, but they will not be set out until next week. They’re already in the back room!!! Yeah!!! So, ladies, be on the look out!

    Have a blessed day!

  44. Hi Susan,

    Did you see the Tartan dinner plates at Cracker Barrel? They also have the
    Tartan shoes in as well.

    I love reading your blog. Thank you for the hard work you put into it.

  45. LUV everyone of them!! franki

  46. Love the plaid and BH&G salad plates. I hope our WM has them this year. (Louisville area). I have all of the VPH 12 days of Christmas dish sets. (And a long but funny story about those.) Each set of 4 came with an accessory piece, but right now I can only recall the gravy boat swan. I was trying to search for some old décor pictures on here, but can’t find them. Have some been removed? (I was looking for one that had a large picture of brown bunnies in snow hanging over a buffet and one that was a pastel plaid scarf from a Princess Diana collection with some tall polar bear candlesticks.)

    • Lynn, that’s great that you were able to get all 12 of the VPH dishes! I don’t remember brown bunnies in snow over a buffet or the pastel plaid scarf…maybe you saw that on a different blog or a blog that linked up for a Met Monday party.

  47. love these. here’s one we did down in savannah — you might like! 🙂 http://www.campmakery.com/content/how-set-perfect-southern-thanksgiving-table

  48. Phylis Parsons says

    Susan, I just wanted you to know, they did make the complete set of Valerie Parr Hill’s The 12 Days of Christmas.I have the complete set,which I got through QVC. It is a gorgeous set. Hopefully, you will run on the others and complete your set one day.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Phylis. I had really wondered since I could never find any of it on eBay. I’ll keep checking from time to time. I do love it. 🙂

  49. Christina McCall says

    Susan, I love all of the mix of Tartan plates. I just found some at Cracker Barrel. I kept hitting a few Walmarts and have the dinner and 8 of each pattern of the salad plates. I LOVE the cream cut out charger. Can you please let me know where you found it and if you know the name of the pattern. I hope it was not a Home Goods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls find, they are always hit or miss. I also saw some snowflake water and wine glasses at our big Kroger yesterday. Please let me know about those beautiful chargers. Thank you so much, I just love your ideas!!

    • Thanks, Christina! I’m so glad you found the Better Homes and Garden plates! The pattern is so cute! I had to drive to several Walmarts last year to collect all the patterns, but it was worth it. 🙂 The pierced chargers came from Horchow online about 6-7 years ago. They don’t have a pattern name on them…there’s nothing on the back. You may want to google for “pierced charger plates” or “reticulated charger plates” to see if someone has something similar. Check Horchow to, just in case they have gotten something similar in.

  50. I love my tartan plaid salad plates I picked up at the Pendleton outlet a few years ago for $1 each. They are great with my Spode Christmas plates I got for less than half price after Christmas sale at Dillards.

  51. Hey I realize this is an old post…but loved your idea for those “Heritage” plates from Wallmart…bought those to go with my Wm. Sonoma tartan plates. Thanks for the great idea!! I wanted to tell you that I can probably find out about the Valeria Parr Hill “12 days of Christmas” plates for you, as our company used to manufacture for VPH a few yrs back and I know Valerie.

    • Thanks, Barbie! A reader left a comment once saying that they definitely manufactured the 9-12 days for that pattern, she had seen it. So, I guess it’s just really hard to find. If you find out anything about it, I would be curious to know.
      The Heritage plates are wonderful. They keep coming out with new plates for it every year. This year they came out with the adorable woody car bringing home the tree. Did you see that one? If not, you can see it in this table: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/christmas-table-setting-bringing-home-the-christmas-tree/

      • Yes, I did see it. Also, when I went to Walmart later in the season this year to buy 4 more of the Heritage salad plates and I noticed that they had come out with a knock off of the William Sonoma Tartan plate as well …. just as I had suspected would be done in a year or so after it was seen all over the internet and in their stores. However, it was sold out and I can’t even find it anywhere online or even a picture of it now! I will keep my eye out better next year. I do have the Williams Sonoma ones though ….kinda spendy 🙁

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