Taylor Swift’s Beachfront Home in Rhode Island

Okay, I have to admit, I’m a Taylor Swift fan.  I think she is adorable and I love almost all of her songs.

Taylor Swift's Love Story Video



I also love a good music video and one I never tire of watching is the one created to go with her song, Love Story.  It has everything, mystery, romance…

Taylor Swift in Love Story Video


A beautiful castle…



Castle 2


Gorgeous period costumes…

Taylor Swift in Love Story Video


…and stunning cinematography!

Taylor Swift in Love Story Video


I’ve embedded it here below…you’ll love it!

Taylor writes almost all her own songs and what she has accomplished at such a young age is truly amazing!  She’s beautiful, talented and was recently named “the most charitable celebrity.”   She’s the youngest person ever to receive the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for her charity work which includes her work with children who have cancer.

She also has great taste in homes.  Recently, she purchased a stunning beachfront home in Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


This is my favorite view of the home.  I just love all the layers upon layers, stories upon stories…and that magnificent view!

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


The front of the home (see below) is pretty but not near as impressive as the ocean-side view shown above.

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


A side view…

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


I found a few interior views online at oceanupdotcom.  I’m sure Taylor will be changing the interiors to suit her needs and style.

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


The home seems a bit formal for a beach home, doesn’t it?

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island

Wow…check that out that ocean view!Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island



Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


Wouldn’t you just want to stay out here all day, tucked up under an umbrella, music playing, icy cold drink in hand, feeling those amazing ocean breezes!

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


It has a pool, too.

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


Stunning!  Doesn’t this make you yearn for a beach trip, some place with white, white sand and blue, blue skies?

Taylor Swift's New Ocean Front Home on Rhode Island


How do you like thisbeach home? Would love to see how Taylor decorates it.  Wonder if it will be something along the lines of the beach home in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give.

Pssst: You can tour that home here: Tour the Beach House in Something’s Gotta Give

(Pics in this post are from Oceanupdotcom, but they can be found online at many news sites, too.)

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  1. I love Taylor Swift and her home is gorgeous, specially the sorrounding and neighborhood. The house is decorated formally, but not pretty, not even eleganty..can’t wait to see what her interior decorators do with it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Me, too, Fabby…I know it will be beautiful. She’s known for buying homes as investments and selling them later so it will be interesting to see if she keeps this one.

  2. Oh Susan, I am also a Taylor Swift fan! I love playing her CDs in my car, singing along as I drive. Her new home is gorgeous & thanks for sharing. How is Max?

  3. Janette @ The 2 Seasons says:

    Don’t know if it’s true, but I heard she paid 17 million cash for it. I love her, too.

  4. I am not shocked at all. I love Taylor Swift also and all of her songs. She is such a talented and lovely person. Hopefully she will allow pictures of her home to be published once she moves in and makes it her own.

  5. I’m a Taylor fan too. She certainly writes songs with a good hook. I agree about the house…it’s stunning. But the rosy pinks on the walls and furnishings are throwing the look off. I’d love to see some blues, with just a pop of red here and there.

  6. Hi, Susan! Isn’t that just a gorgeous home! I hope Taylor will have many happy moments there! I love Taylor Swift as well! She’s actually safe for my children to listen to and enjoy. In fact, my husband just took both children and a young friend to Taylor’s recent Atlanta concert. They all had a terrific time! I love that Taylor Swift is so determined to be herself. Great message for young people today!

    I am so glad you are feeling better! And best wishes to Max!

    Laurel in Stockbridge

  7. I love Taylor Swift and I’m alot older than you, probably.

  8. Stunning..

  9. What a spectacular property! Love the view of the ocean. I’ve visited a close friend who lives in Rhode Island, and it is truly a lovely place.

  10. you are not alone!!! i love taylor and actually live a few miles from where she grew up in PA! love song is also my all time favorite song and the video is just stunning. thank you so much for sharing her beach front home in rhode island… sure hope we get to see some pictures of the house after she has put her touches on it. 🙂

  11. I love Taylor Swift as well. This house is gorgeous but way too big for a single’s pad, huh?

  12. I have to confess that I don’t know her music, but she is adorable! The home is fabulous and I love how it was built on that property. She has a commanding view of the ocean and privacy which I’m sure is hard to achieve for celebrities. I’ll watch the video now!

  13. You’re not alone, Susan. I adore Taylor and, yes, it does seem funny since this gramma usually sings love songs from the 70’s. 😉 I like her music, her stories, but also admire her business acumen. She puts her thumbprint on every.single.project and I find that remarkable.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What a remarkable estate. I’d love to see what she does with it and how she integrates her own style. Such fun!

  14. I, too, am a Taylor Swift fan…she is just amazing…and absolutely beautiful. I hope, when the time is right, she finds Mr. Right! franki

  15. I think Taylor is one talented woman, I saw her as an opening act for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and she truly is remarkable. She handles her fame and talent very well for someone that started out so young and now has transitioned into a young woman. She is very generous and cares for her fans and it seems her integrity. I love that home she just purchased. What an inspirational person and your are right about her video, it is beautifully done.

    On another topic, how is Max doing???

    • It really is amazing how well she handles the fame. That speaks well of her parents and how she was raised, I bet. Max is doing well today. Always wish he would eat a bit better but overall we are having a good day. 🙂 Thanks for asking, Cynthia. XO

  16. So beautiful. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit

  17. Margo Kuhn says:

    What an amazing beach home. I love it, the views are amazing.

  18. I also think she is darling and when I hear bullying remarks about her it infuriates me. This house is so gorgeous. I think it is the best celebrity house we have seen so far.

  19. Barbara H says:

    That beautiful house is a mile down the road from me in beautiful Watch Hill. The house originally belonged to Standard Oil heiress Rebekah Harkness, who was also a great benefactor of the ballet. Watch Hill is a quiet, small , charming village which is also the home of the oldest continuously operating carousel in the country.
    The hallmark of this area is a low-key, inconspicuous and unpretentous lifestyle. I hope it manages to stay that way. Just found out that Hugh Jackman and his family vacationed up the street from her house at the magnificent Victorian-style Ocean House last summer. Now that’s someone I’d keep an eye out for!

    • Barbara, we need to all come see you and tour the area! You don’t mind if a few thousand of your closest friends stop by, do you? 😉 Thanks for the history about that area. Hugh Jackman…was a handsome guy and so nice! Always impressed when I see him interviewed…so humble!

  20. Big fan of Taylor Swift too. We were all love sick little girls at one time. Her music brings back silly times in our life. Beautiful home with a fantastic view. Does need a decorator. Just a little mixed up inside. I think you are right about decorating it in a more Something Got to Give style. I would like a cleaner airy look. One gorgeous home for a pretty talented young woman. Thanks for the post !

  21. My daughter LOVES Love Story. She watches the video constantly. It is very pretty and perfect for the romantic in her. I admit I like it too. Further admission: I introduced her to it because I knew she’d like it. We are all Taylor Swift fans in our family. She’s got good real estate taste too. I like her Cape Cod house too. How nice to be so rich that you can buy multiple beautiful houses!!

    • Shobha, it’s so hard to find music these days you don’t mind teens listening to. I know…pretty amazing for someone her age. I think she making some good investments, though. Smart girl!

  22. Welcome to the “Young At Heart” club, Susan!!! I STILL rock out to the Beatles (yes, I’m THAT old!!!) and love Taylor Swift too! Nothing to be embarrassed about at all! We like what speaks to our hearts, that’s all! Her house is something else – always wonder why these stars have to buy such humongous homes – guess it’s because they can! Me….I’d rather have a cute little place fixed up the way I want it and be just as happy, maybe even happier! Each to his/her own! Hope you all are doing well today! BTW….there was something on ABC local news today about ground turkey have VERY high levels of bacteria that is antibiotic-resistant, including e-coli…..did you have any ground turkey before you got sick??? Just wondering…..Have a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing Taylor’s home!

    • Faith, let’s stay this way! Deal? 🙂
      Oh, no…seems there is something in the news almost every day! No, didn’t eat any ground turkey, but thanks for warning me about that.

  23. An amazing, spectacular home—the way it stands out among the rest!

  24. She is a wonderful role model for today’s youth. Love her voice and the house. Reminds me of the Newport Mansion’s area, which is on my bucket list to see. Take care and thanks for sharing!

  25. Susan in Northern Michigan says:

    I am so happy you posted Taylor’s new house! I read yesterday she had purchased the home for $17 million. I took a few minutes for a quick search of real estate in Rhode Island in that price range without any luck. I’m sure it will be fabulous, and not so formal, if she does move in. It certainly is a great investment and a one of a kind home in a wonderful location. I am 61 and love her videos, too. I bought her first CD after watching Love Story and You Belong with Me. It’s something I can play in the car with my grandchildern. They also love singing the Beatles songs. I hope you’ve seen the video for Picture to Burn. 🙂

  26. Hi Susan,

    I’m so glad you shared this because I love Taylor Swift, too. My hubby has given me all her Cd’s. Our son has been giving me a hard time about listening and singing along with Taylor for years. 🙂 I love the “Love Story” video and also the one for “You Belong To Me.” I think it’s so cute how she and the guy next door communicate through their bedroom windows. I told my husband that Taylor was also playing the part of the wicked girlfriend (wearing a black wig) in that video, but he didn’t believe me until I showed him online. 🙂

    Taylor is very talented and I’ve always thought she sets a good example for young girls. She’s sort of getting a bad rep. as a “serial dater” these days, and I kind of wish she would slow down and choose a little more carefully in her romances. She has so much going for her, she can afford to be choosy. But I also remember how it felt to be that age — we all loved the idea of being in love.

    Her new beach home is spectacular!! Wow!!! I love the style she chose, and I agree that the interior will need some changes. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


    • Denise, I know what you mean. I think she’s too trusting and guys at the age she’s at just want to have fun, not settle down. Eventually, she’ll find a great guy worthy of her love. Her new home is amazing!

  27. Betty819 says:

    Is this the gal that purchased a house near one of the Kennedy relatives and he dumped her after she bought the house? I know nothing about Taylor Swift but her name; what kind of music does she produce or sing? Country?

  28. Paula B. says:

    As a Rhode Islander I can vouch for the beauty, taste, and simplicity, that is Watch Hill. Nestled along the coastline with a charming Main Street, it is very low key and very old money! (Somewhat of a departure from Hyannisport and the Kennedy compound.) A previous comment mentioned that Hugh Jackman had stayed at the Ocean House, this is a breathtaking oceanfront property that is listed among the top resorts in the world. Apparently, Taylor’s new home is nearby, how lovely. Highly recommend a stop in WH, lunch at the Ocean House, and then on to more fun in Newport. Equals some wonderful summer or early fall sightseeing!

  29. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says:

    Susan, LOVE IT!

    Now I have something to confess: I am a woman on the other side of 50, and I love Pitbull! And Usher. And Sheldon Blake. Beautiful post! As usual.

  30. Beautiful house/property, but way to much house for me even if I could afford it, and I certainly can not.. 😀 I can’t say that I have heard a lot of her music – What I have heard some I like, some not, depends on the song. But then I am that way with most artists anyway. Hopefully she will stay well grounded, and continue on with many more wonderful accomplishments.

  31. My Cherie Amour says:

    I am a 40 something year old “girl” and I love Taylor Swift. Yes, she is adorable. I am not sure why the press talks negatively about her break ups and song writing. She is in her early 20’s. She should be dating and breaking up and figuring out what she truly wants in a life’s partner. And she is a singer/ song writer so what better inspiration. She definitely has wonderful taste in real estate. GORGEOUS!!!!

  32. Perhaps I may be perverse, but I rather like some of the furnishings and the bright colors! And I agree, Taylor is a phenom.

  33. Patty/BC says:

    Such a great, tastefully done video, love Taylor Swift. The house is huge when you look at those around it, and I’m sure they are large homes to begin with. I can see her decorating with white, overstuffed, slipcovered sofas – more casual and youthful with a touch of classic. I hope Max is doing better with his treatments and his appetite.

  34. Dani & cats says:

    I`m right in the middle of building and PAINTING my new house , the whole day the radio plays and Taylor Swift songs are great to keep me moving (painting) !!!! I`m 40something but always loved Rock & Pop ! Her property looks gorgeous but the interior of the house really needs a more relaxed, casual update , spiced with elegant pieces. (in my opinion) love your “Home Tours” and really appreciate taking the time to write so detailed informations about the movies !!! You watch the same genre (Interior comes first ) as I do !Thank you !!! All my best to Max – I have 8 cats (2dogs, 3 horses, 2 chicken) ….and I know , vet bills could be sky rockets…..

  35. Susan, I adore Taylor also. She is such an inspirational young lady. In fact, she is brilliant in everything she does and being beautiful certainly doesn’t hurt her. She was writing her songs at such a young age. Guess what? I am retired and a huge Kenny Chesney and Gary Allan fan. I am in both of their fan clubs and go to Nashville for their fan club parties. I go to every concert that I can and sit close to the stage always. (1st or 2nd row) Have you been to any of Taylor’s concerts? I have heard that they are wonderful and so energetic. Thank you for sharing Taylor’s new house. It is beyond belief. I love the interior just the way it is. I love the red walls and the gorgeous rug.

    • Angie, I haven’t but I’d love to go to one of her concerts if I could sit close. I never go to concerts because I always get stuck a million miles away in the nosebleed seats. If I could be on the 1st, 2nd of 3rd row, I’d def go to a lot more. I’m familiar with Kenny Chesney and like his music. I hadn’t listened to Gary Allan but I just listened to his song Every Storm on youtube and it was great.

  36. I love that Taylor knows and owns her own soul and she knows who she “is”, you know? She doesn’t take any guff from anyone, knows how to live life to the fullest, and is grateful for everything she has. I absolutely adore her home. It is totally, incredibly, and utterly jawd-droppingly beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it, Susan! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  37. I love Taylor too.. Is it sad that at 54 I can totally relate to her songs. I find even at my age when you are single it’s the same angst there is at any age. I love her house so beautiful. Frances

  38. My 14 year-old daughter LOVES Taylor Swift. So do I. We are going to see her this Saturday at Ford Field in Detroit. Can’t wait! She is an incredible talent. She certainly has a way with words. My favorite line is: “And you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.” (From the song, All Too Well)

    We also just got my daughter and her friend “pit” tickets to see her in Pittsburgh. They are beyond ecstatic!

  39. I totally agree with everything you’ve said about Taylor Swift, Susan. What a great talent she is and a wonderful, wise and generous person. I do wish she had better taste in boyfriends!! Now this home in RI., is it not to be confused with the home that she bought near the Kennedy’s? It is just stunning and I know she will add her personal touch, the bones are there and I especially love how it looks from outside. It’s refreshing to see someone popular get out of L.A. and enjoy a more “real”, relaxed sort of life. Just love her. Fantastic post!

    Hope you are doing well, and your precious kitty, too!



  40. Wonder if she would consider inviting us up if we volunteered to do some tablescapes!

  41. Oh we love Taylor Swift too. Beautiful house and we could see ourselves living there!!!

    Diana and Jazzi

  42. Linda Case says:

    Dear Susan, I just love you & your blog. Been reading it for about a year now. I don’t have a blog but do have an
    inquiry that I will get to in a minute. Since I started enjoying your tablescapes (& everyone elses), I’ve been on the lookout for dishes. I brought off-white pfaltzgraff at a garage sale, also black ones for Halloween. My Halloween decorations take up almost as much room as my Christmas. Hoarding tendacies?? At one garage sale I just had to have these iridescent snack dishes (love them). This past Monday I was helping my MIL clean a back room upstairs. The house has been in my husband’s family for eight? generations. Anyways I used the Upstairs bathroom and was of course snooping. There was five identical boxes of glass snack dishes, each with four plates and cups. I of course took two boxes. They’re made by the Federal Glass Co. They are clear glass with a stem/leaf pattern on the bottom. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you fine ladies still use these snack dishes and have done any tablescapes with them?? I live in upstate New York and I can see the Adirondack Mtns from my front yard. Because of you I have a red & white checked table cloth on my table with Bromoselzer (blue) bottles with two yellow daffodils. For plates I’m using Red, White & Blue square plates from the $1.00 store and brass bells with stars for handles. Yes, I know I need more practice with my camera.

  43. An amazing young woman living her Dream. Just as it should be. Love her too and her house. She went to high school near here in PA. just before her family moved to Nashville. Thanks for posting this Susan.

  44. Love Taylor and think the haters are just jealous of a true musical gift.

  45. Love love love Taylor Swift! I especially love that I can let my six year old daughter listen to her as well. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of artists I can let her listen to these days. I also love her house…although it does need some ‘freshening up’ on the interior. I hope we get a chance to see what she does with it!

    As for her haters, boo to them, I say!! It amazes me how a young, generous, talented person is darn near disemboweled in the press & social media if they aren’t partying hard or living a crazy lifestyle. I say good for her for living her life the way she sees fit, no matter what others have to say about it!!

  46. As a Rhode Islander, I’m sure hoping Taylor and I cross paths one day! It’s a small state ya know!

  47. Deborah says:

    She’s a talented, classy, beautiful young woman. Love her! Thanks for posting the pictures and video.

  48. SheilaC says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just discovered this post and ditto everything said about beautiful Watch Hill. It is fun to know that I have nearby
    “Porch” friends, (hope we meet some day) just down the road a piece… Taylor may be planning to stay here for a while as the local news showed moving day at her new house. They noted that, her favorite chair, the one that she sits in when writing her songs was among things taken into the house… Wonder if that spectacular view will inspire any new songs. Foggy, rainy days down here are pretty inspiring too. We will just have to keep listening for little references in future songs.
    Happy Listening,

    • Sheila, that is so interesting! Maybe she is planning on living there a while. I imagine that beautiful setting would inspired some pretty amazing songs.

  49. claudette flanigan says:

    I love that you showed us the inside of Taylor’s home. This home is in Watch Hill, R.I. We were there this summer and everyone drives over to see it. Of course, there is top security so it was exciting to see the views you posted. What views of the ocean from the back of the home. GORGEOUS!

  50. Oh boy, such amazing homes from celebs…I guess if they don’t have them, who would! I love how simple and not huge Christy’s house for such a famous lady. Taylor Swift’s is my fave. Stunning though.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  51. Peter Siersdale says:

    “Highwatch” Stayed there in the 80s

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