Thanksgiving & Christmas Tablescapes With Pottery Barn

Welcome to the 320th Tablescape Thursday!

Yesterday I popped into Pottery Barn to get a look their tabletop goodies for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The PB near me was under construction last time I visited because they were expanding the size of the store. With construction complete, things looked very different on this trip. They had lots of pretty tablescapes set up throughout the store.

Just inside the front door I spotted a Thanksgiving tablescape. I snapped a few pics with my cellphone but didn’t get a closeup of the plates. I’m pretty sure they were the same turkey plates they had available from last year. The centerpiece was a row of three candlelit lanterns.

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Pottery Barn Turkey Plates


On another table, they had a fall/Thanksgiving table setting with pheasant salad plates.

Thanksgiving Table Setting with Pottery Barn Pheasant Plates


The pheasants are almost a stylized version, very dramatic in appearance.

Pottery Barn Pheasant Plates


Next, I spotted several Christmas tablescapes. I haven’t visited the PB site online in a while so the Christmas dishware and linens I saw on this trip were all new to me.

Pottery Barn Painted Santa Dishware in Christmas Table Setting


I came so close to buying a few of their “painted Santa” napkins. They are white, trimmed with a red border…super cute!

Pottery Barn Painted Santa Napkins


They were paired with Santa plates.

Pottery Barn Painted Santa Plates


The reindeer are back again this year. I think Pottery Barn has been carrying this line for several years. They had a lot of holiday/Christmas table runners, too.

Pottery Barn Reindeer Dinnerware


The theme for this table was a Woodland scene. I didn’t notice the “fur” placemats while there…not sure how I missed those! Ummm, they are different, aren’t they? The centerpiece was a combination of small faux evergreen trees and twig reindeer.

Christmas Tablescape with Pottery Barn Forest Salad Plates


The plates come in 4 woodland patterns. I think the deer was my favorite. Love the paisley napkins!

Pottery Barn Forest Salad Plate


This made me smile…the ornaments hanging on the antlers are salt and pepper shakers.

Pottery Barn Antler Head Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


This table was a wonderful surprise! If I didn’t already have some similar dishware, IΒ mayΒ have succumbed and made a few purchases.

Pottery Barn Winter Village Dishes in a Christmas Tablescape


The dishware pattern shows a Christmas village…sound familiar?

Christmas Table With Pottery Barn Winter Village Dishware


Remember the snowy winter tablescape I created last winter? (Snowy tablescape can be viewed here: A Winter Table Setting, Tablecloth by Mother Nature)

Winter Tablescape in Snow with David Carter Brown Christmas Valley Dishware


The dishware I used in this setting is also a Christmas village.

Sakura, Christmas Village by David Carter Brown in Winter Table Setting


This pattern is by David Carter Brown and is called Christmas Valley. He also makes another pattern called Christmas Village. Both are adorable!

Sakura, Christmas Village, David Carter Brown


Here’s the Pottery Barn version of a Christmas Village. I love it!

Pottery Barn Winter Village Plates


Love the platter that goes with this set!

Pottery Barn Winter Village Platter


Hope you enjoyed this tour of some of the tablescaping goodies I saw on my recent visit to Pottery Barn. I may have to go back for some painted Santa napkins and a Christmas village platter.

Did anything tempt you on this trip?

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  1. You know…some folk love watching a good football game, etc…..know what I love…looking at tablescapes. Even as a child “that” is what made me “click”…my tea parties were the “talk of the playroom!!” πŸ™‚ Love “shopping” with you. franki

  2. Susan, I was just in our PB checking out their Thanksgiving and Christmas tabletop goodies this week! Your winter tablesetting and tablecloth by Mother Nature brings a smile to my face every time I see it πŸ™‚

  3. Susan, I also would have come close to buying the Santa napkins. They would look great with the lovely red and white polka dot napkins that I got from Pottery Barn two years ago. Thanks for sharing Pottery Barn’s tables.

  4. I enjoyed my virtual trip to P.B., but I loved seeing your snow table again. I thought that was one of the most genius ideas I’d seen, and I still think so. Oooo, I want those Santa napkins, but I bet they were expensive, and I’d be afraid they wouldn’t launder well. laurie

    • Thanks, Laurie! Actually, I don’t think the Santa ones were that bad, less than what I thought they would be. Of course, I usually want 8 which means I have to buy two packs. I wonder how well they would launder.

  5. Pottery Barn always makes things soooo tempting! I love the Christmas runner with all the text~your snow covered table is one of my all time favorites, I just love that one! Thanks for the party today Susan, I linked up 2 of my favorites from last fall since I didn’t do a table this week~

  6. Peggy Thal says

    Thanks Susan for all the great table photos. Pottery Barn does it so well. Setting an exciting table scape is so fun. You do it so perfect!

  7. Love this PB preview post. Last year, your post sent me in there and after leaving the store to “think about it” for a few days, I went back for a dozen of those turkey plates — at full price. I loved them! So glad that I did — and it’s almost time to get them out again.

    • They are awesome plates! They must have been a good seller for them since they brought them back. I sometimes do what you did with PB items…if I really love it, I usually go ahead and buy even if it isn’t on sale. I’ve learned the hard way that some things never go on sale because they sale out first…then I’m stuck looking on eBay and paying a lot more. So sometimes you just have to go for it if you really love it and know you would be upset if you missed getting it.

  8. Susan, I’ve only been reading your blog since June, when I started blogging, so I’ve actually wondered what you would do when winter came along. How absolutely delighted I am to see your snowy winter tablescape! It is both beautiful and clever… πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for the coming season!


    • Well, I don’t normally set tables outside in the winter but I couldn’t resist that time. lol We don’t often see snow here most winters. Thanks, Lory! I’ll be tablescaping in the dining room and breakfast room a lot! πŸ™‚

  9. I wish I lived closer to one of their stores I always enjoy seeing their displays. I really like that pheasant dish and the reinder S & P holder. That snowy winter tablescape you did last year was fun. πŸ™‚

  10. I love the reindeer table ware at PB
    Your white outside table is so pretty and such a fantasy table all you need was a butler serving ice cream LOL

  11. Everything PB does is gorgeous! However, I love the BH&G plates and platter from Walmart (and their price tag) soooo much better! Just sayin….

  12. Wow, all fantastic tables! It gets me so excited! I am hoping to show some restraint this year and not buy anything new! Haha, let’s see if that can happen.

  13. Seriously, I want to live in a Pottery Barn catalog. Great snapshots!


  14. As always, Susan you are an inspiration to me. These pictures are just wonderful and I love going along with you on your visits. Being a newbie to blogging I feel like I learn something from you everyday and you encourage me to keep at it as I go along. Thank you!

  15. PB always does such beautiful displays and tablescapes. I’ve been to them whenever I go to the USA and of course, buy one or two items that catch my eye.
    Very inspiring dear Susan, so thank you for sharing and for the great party!
    Happy Halloween weekend ahead.

  16. I was in the PB in Sugarland, Texas just last Saturday and was a bit disappointed in the lack of Christmas, but then I received their holiday catalog and I was smitten once again. Their holiday salad plates have always been favorites of mine. I love the silver glitter houses this year too. You always inspire me and I especially love your snow tablescape. Thanks for hosting.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • The store you visited must be a little late getting things in. Susan, aren’t you amazed how PB comes out with such cute stuff every single year?! Each year I think I won’t buy anything. then the catalog arrive and I’m doomed! I wonder if they have designers who think stuff up and then commission to have it made. They certainly know how to push my buttons! lol

  17. Hi Susan! Thanks for all the peeks at what’s new at PB! You know what a big copy-cat I am so I already have my eye on some of it! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  18. Susan, I have to take a ferry boat to the city in order to visit a brick & mortar PB so it happens very infrequently. I DO have a WalMart hear by and have been keeping an eye out for the BHG Christmas dishes. No luck yet. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the photos of your PB!

    • Barbara, I’ve heard from two folks via comments that they saw a few of the dishes in Walmart…so hopefully they are starting to get them in. I hope those weren’t just leftovers from last year and that they are really going to have them again. The last time I was in my Wally World a few weeks ago, they didn’t have them but they were clearing out large areas on the shelves for something and it was right where they were last year. I’ll have to go by there in the next day or two to just see if they have appeared. Also, they were online last year. I had a hard time finding them on their website though. I’ll look again today and if I find them, I’ll comment again with a link to it. Let me know if you eventually see them in your area. It’s definitely time now for them to start appearing if they are going to have them again.

    • Barbara, check this out. It looks like they changed it slightly. but it looks more or less the same. The dinner plates look a lot prettier…like they have more design on them. Hard to see in the picture online. Is that a big snowy white owl on one plate? Last year it was a red bird. If it’s an owl, I’ll have to buy some of those if they come to my store, too. πŸ™‚ All the other plates look the same.

    • Barbara, I drove over to the Walmart near me today to just see if they had it in. They had the big platter. Again, not sure if that’s left over from last year or if they are just starting to get it back in. Don’t give up…it’s still early. I bet they’ll get it in.

  19. Gotta love that deer head and s/p shaker combo. He has several prongs, so maybe he could hold small ornaments in another setting. Or used in fall setting with pinecone shakers? And since he’s silver and white, used all winter. Hope someone has more creative ideas than I, and could put him to good use since he’s so adorable.

  20. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Yup, the turkey plates are the same as last year. I only know, cuz I bought them then. I wonder why they covered up the pheasant plates with the napkins. They did that at my Poverty Barn as well.

  21. Good morning, Susan… I thought of you yesterday when I was in our Walmart store. They have some of their Christmas dishes out now, and I was inspired by your lovely table from last year to purchase 4 of the salad plates! I think they’re so cute. They have four different images available, but I bought four of the same image. I chose the winter scene with the house. I know we’ll enjoy them during the Christmas season. Thanks so much for sharing your good ideas! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful fall day in north Georgia!

    • Awesome! Glad they are starting to get them in…so many folks wanted those last year and they sold out. You can’t beat the price! Renee, was one of the patterns an owl? I saw them on the Walmart website but couldn’t get a good look…the picture was so small. It looked like they changed one of the plates to have a owl instead of a red bird. It looked cute! I love the winter scene with the house…you picked a good one!

  22. Hi Susan,
    everything looks beautiful and so inspiring, but do you know what I love the most? Their idea to store apples in a beverage dispenser! It’s so funny and a great idea of how to use them when no needed as “liquid container”! πŸ™‚ Susan, I have fur hearts which I can hang wherever I like, fur mug cuffs for very hot cocoa, πŸ˜‰ fur throw/blankets and fur pillow covers for the very cold German winters but I have never seen fur placemats or fur runners before. ~Sigh~
    ~Hugs to you~

  23. marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Haha…I LOVE what Jeanine said, above; my thoughts exactly!

  24. Gorgeous tables! I love the woodland….beautiful! Thank you for sharing and hosting!

  25. I wish we had a Pottery Barn here. Being a *Christmas* girl, I loved everything they had, especially the Christmas boards. I would have had to resist though, because I have many Christmas dishes and they sit in their own cupboard, could not get one more thing in there….well….maybe!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for whetting my appetite Susan.
    I have 10 gorgeous napkins from my favourite store which closed down. They are large, heavy cream linen and on each one there is either a Santa, Deer, Polar Bear, Christmas tree etc., hand embroidered in red and white silks. Never seen them anywhere again. They are my go to’s for Christmas.

  26. I haven’t been in PB for a long time and I’ve missed some things. Love those fur placemats!

  27. Hi, Susan! I got the PB circular in the mail the other day and just wanted to cry at all the pretty stuff in there. I mean, really….just so much nice stuff!!! I don’t dare set foot in one of the stores!!! I love the pheasant dishes. I already have 2 different sets of pheasant dishes, but a girl can always use more…right? C’mon…I KNOW you agree with me!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for getting us all stirred up! If our husbands get mad, we’re all going to direct them straight to you! πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend!

    • I know, Alycia…I’m almost afraid to open the catalogs when they arrive. lol Even the Halloween stuff is tempting each year but the Thanksgiving and Christmas is even worse. Oh, and let’s not forget Easter! They know how to get to us, don’t they?
      I love pheasants too…even have pheasant wallpaper in my powder room, but don’t have any pheasant dishes. Ummm, I do have the Spode Woodland pattern, so I guess that counts since there’s a pheasant here and there on those.
      Yes, you do need more pheasant dishes because then you can mix/match them in a table and it would be beautiful! πŸ™‚

  28. Susan – Thank you for hosting your wonderful party. As always you have inspired me. As a new blogger I am learning from you every day!

  29. Loving the different tables you shared, especially those fur placemats! Now that genius….

    Thanks for a great party. Have a good night πŸ™‚

  30. The beautiful pheasant plates you shared are on sale on the Pottery Barn website right now for 39.50 for four… they are gorgeous!

  31. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the PB tablescapes, all so pretty! Thank you so much for hosting weekly! I have been MIA a while due to some health issues, and it is so nice to be able to join your party when I felt better! I hope you know how much we appreciate you!


  32. Hi,Susan, I LOVE them ALL, I WANT them ALL!!!!Kute the ornaments hanging on the antlers!!I believe we all are excited in preparation for Holidays. Thanks a lot for this tour, once again you inspired us!!!

  33. Oh, Susan! Those Christmas plates would look so good on that green hutch on your porch (I know I’m a bad influence). They are gorgeous! I’m sure you need some more dishes. ;o) Hope you’re doing well. Happy Halloween!

    • Don’t tempt me! I’m trying to be good. lol They were really cute! Hope you had a great Halloween. It was busy here…the rain held off just long enough.

  34. I so love the PB tablescapes and your tables are always showroom worthy!…

  35. Susan,
    Oh, I adore the Woodland Tablescape,dear friend!!!
    The plates of the styled pheasants are gorgeous, too!
    But my favorite are the sleigh bell napkin holders!!!
    Cooler temperatures on the Prairie and a quick look at the calendar
    remind me that soon, very soon, I’ll be setting my own Holiday tables!
    Thanks for sharing the inspiring tablescapes!!!

  36. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I missed out on the dishes at WalMart last year. πŸ™ By the time I started looking, they write GONE! A few weeks ago, you hinted that they would be back so I started looking. One employee finally told me to come back the day after Halloween. My daughter thought I was joking when I was excited about going to WalMart on Saturday morning. But I really was – and even more excited when I found the salad plates. Yay. They are now mine and washed and ready to be put in my dish room, ready to use after Thanksgiving. I enjoy your taplescapes and the many who link up for Tablescape Thursday. This made my weekend!

    • Debby, that’s awesome! I was going to write a post soon and mention this because I’ve been hearing from a couple of folks that they just found the plates in their Wally World this past week. Yay! Aren’t they adorable plates! I just love ’em! πŸ™‚

  37. Hi,

    Just came across your lovely website. I love doing table settings and yours are beautiful and an inspiration.

    Question, I just read in my latest issue of Bon Appetite that napkin rings were considered very “uncool” what are your thoughts?

    • I love them and use them all the time. That nonsense probably comes from the Victorian days of saving your used napkin. Back then, because they didn’t have an easy way to wash napkins like we do today (no washing machines) and they may have had a limited supply of cloth napkins on hand, napkin rings were used to identify each family member’s napkin. That’s why you’ll see so many of the older napkin rings with monograms or names egraved on them. Once the meal was done, each person would tuck their napkin back inside their napkin ring to make sure they got their own napkin at the next meal. So some folks extrapolate from that old tradition that using a napkin ring today indicates you won’t be washing them or you’re saving them for another meal. I think we all know that isn’t happening now. We having washing machines today (yay!) so used napkins don’t get saved now to be used again.
      I don’t know why the folks who write those articles have to try and take all the fun out of setting a beautiful table for our family and friends. Bertie, you do whatever you like, whatever makes your heart sing…and ignore the naysayers and party poopers! πŸ™‚ Tablescaping is fun, decorating is fun…never let anyone steal your joy! Stepping off soap box now. πŸ˜‰

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