The Away Bigger Carry-On Bag: What Actually Fits Inside?

Welcome to the 534th Metamorphosis Monday!

I’m back today as promised to share what fits inside this Away “Bigger Carry-on” bag that I purchased recently.

Away Suitcase with Tiffany & Co. Tote


Here’s how the Away bag looks when you open it up. The left side contains a zippered mesh pocket which is where I carried my laptop to Egypt and back when I purchased the aluminum version of the Away bag. You may recall, I returned that bag due to it being too heavy for me to get into the overhead bin of the airplane when it was fully loaded. I’m happy to say, I can definitely lift this one over my head when it’s filled, so it’s a lot lighter than the aluminum suitcase.

Away makes a Bigger Carry-on with a large pocket designed onto the front of the bag, but I liked the sleek look of the Away bag without the pocket on the outside. So I’ll always carry my laptop inside the mesh pocket on the left. The right side has a cover that you can zip up over your clothes once they are inside the bag. You can see the cover folded in the center of the bag.

So let’s fill this bag and see what all it can hold!

Away Bigger Carry-on Bag, Interior view


I actually didn’t fill the bag all the way up. I was trying to reenact what I would pack for a week-long trip to the beach and I stopped after adding in what I thought I would take, so the suitcase will hold more than what I ended up packing. But hopefully, this will give you some idea of what this bag can hold.

I started by placing my laptop in the large mesh pocket inside the bag. On top of that, I placed three pair of shoes for this pretend beach trip: a pair of wedge sandals to go with dresses/skirts for a few dinners out, a pair of dressier/fashion sandals and a pair of practical sandals for all day walking/hiking/shopping. A pair of flip flops could easily be added laying flat across the top.

I also included my Calista Hair Styler because it goes everywhere I go. Can’t do without it! (You’ll find it here: Hair Styler.) The empty space inside all the shoes could be filled with underwear, socks or anything small.

What fits in Away Bigger Carry-on Bag


Notice the little bag on the left in the photo below. Inside is a bag that you can use to place your dirty clothes. I’m not going to use that and will remove it when I actually use this suitcase for a trip. So that will be additional space for packing clothes. I left it in place for this post so you could see where it snaps into place in the suitcase. That’s probably where I would fit in my charging cables and mouse for my laptop. I could put those inside the bag…like that idea!

Away Bag, Storage Bag for Dirty Clothes


On the other side is where I packed the clothes I would take along on this trip. I know it’s hard to see, but I greatly under-packed this suitcase. The clothes don’t even reach the top edge. I didn’t pack underwear, spared you that view 🙂 but it would easily fit on top. Across the top, you’ll see two pairs of shorts rolled up, everything else is just folded and placed in the bag. Underneath the clothes is a hanging toiletry bag that I’ve had for many years.

What does Away Bigger Carry-on Bag Hold


In order to better show what I had inside, I spread everything out on the guest bed. Across the top (starting on the left side) you’ll see the black toiletry bag, a pair of white jeans, a pair of pale pink jeans, a blue skirt purchased in Hawaii last summer and a white summer top.

Below that, you’ll see my laptop, the three pairs of shoes, my Calista hair styling tool and a summer dress.

Clothes, Shoes for a Beach Vacation, Packing an Away Bag


Also in the suitcase, I had 4 summer tops and two pairs of white shorts. Again, there was a lot of room left over. When I closed up the suitcase, I could literally push it inward to where the two white sides of the suitcase met, squishing in the back zipper part that is designed into the suitcase to allow for expansion. Based on that, I’m positive I could have packed another 2 to 3 pairs of pants, a jacket or sweater and probably a few more tops.

Update: I know what I should have added…pajamas! lol There was still plenty of room for those. It would be interesting to do this test with winter clothing. I still think I’d be able to take along a lot because though sweaters are bulky, they are soft and can squish down some.

Clothes for a Summer Beach Vacation


So overall, I’m very impressed with what this Bigger Carry-on suitcase will hold. I’m tempted to take it, and only it, on my 10-day England trip this June. This will be the first trip I’ve ever taken where we will have to handle our own luggage. In the past, I’ve traveled with companies that took care of the luggage as part of the trip.

The only thing I worry about is if I purchase a large souvenir or two. Maybe I should check the large bag that I normally take on trips (with it empty) and then it could just stay on the bus and I would only need to bring up my Away bag when we arrived at each hotel. That way I would have it if I should purchase any larger souvenirs. Ummm, have to think more about this.

If you’re interested in purchasing an Away bag, you’ll find all their bags here: Away Luggage. I think that link will also give you $20 off any purchase, but if it doesn’t, leave a comment letting me know and I’ll email a referral link from the site and that should work.

Happy travels! Time to uncover more of the bucket list map! 🙂

Away Suitcase with Tiffany & Co. Tote


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  1. I love this bag, I just wish they made the one with the envelope on the outside in pink. I will keep checking it out, but until then, I will keep carrying my old scuffed up pink bags! thanks for introducing me to Away bags!

    • I thought the same thing but I ultimately decided to get it without the envelope/pocket on the outside because I really wanted it in white. Also, I never access my laptop when traveling, just use my phone in airports and on planes. If I traveled freuqently during the week for work and did need to use my laptop on a plane, I would def go for the one with the pocket on the outside.

  2. We loved our Away smaller carry ons for our 17 day trip to Europe last summer. We only took these suitcases with additional backpacks or in my care a Vera Bradley medium travel bag. That’s right…just our hand carry ones! My husband never needs much but the 19 and 18 year old girls and I are another story. It all fit!! Love Away luggage.

  3. Happy Easter Susan, thank you for the info!

  4. What is the current bag made of? It looks so sturdy, even if not aluminum.

    • Their description says, “Durable polycarbonate shell.” I noticed it’s kinda flexible, has some give. Apparently that makes it more durable. It must be pretty sturdy because in their adds, they shown grown men standing on it.

  5. I’m impressed! What I have done in the past is pack a lightweight duffel and then if I overshopped I roll up all the clothes in that for the trip back, check the duffel and kept the souvenirs in the suitcase. I usually wash all the clothes when I get home anyway. Do you have Global Entry? It gives you TSA Precheck as well. It’s surprising that your bag is lighter than the aluminum one. If you want to do carryon only, join Travel Fashion Girl on Facebook. They travel for weeks only with carryon.

    • Smart idea about the duffle!
      Yup, I got my Global Entry a year or two back. I also have CLEAR which is awesome when you’re flying out of the Atlantat airport. It’s like using the HOV lane during rush hour traffic.
      Yeah, the aluminum bag weighs around 4 lbs more and those extra pounds matter when you’re 5′ 3-1/2″ and trying to lift it over your head to put it into the overhead bin. Usually, when I’m traveling, a nice, tall gentleman will step in and ofter to help before I even attempt it, but for some reason that never happened going or coming from Egypt. I always had to get a tallish airline attendant to help me.

  6. I just used this bag, along with the matching zippered tote, as a carry on for a 12 day trip to Europe. I packed more clothes than I needed and still had room for the odd souvenir. The tote fit nicely under the seat in front of me on the plane and on the trains. The fact that the tote slips over the handle on the suitcase made it easy to navigate. I needed to keep the carry on nearby as we were cautioned on every train not to let luggage out of sight as luggage thieves are afoot. This was in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The bag fit nicely in the overhead rack on each train. The portable charger was an added bonus as my tablet started to run out of juice. Love this bag!

    • Thanks, Imbi! Good to hear some real-life experience. I like the Away tote, too, so neat how it’s designed to fit over the handles. I love the charger, also…so smart the way they designed it and I love that it will charge a phone 5 times! That should easily handle the flight over and back if needed.

  7. I purchased it a few years back from Tiffany & Co. They still carry it, I believe. I purchased an organizer insert in the color, Tiffany Blue, to go inside here: .
    I took the organizer to a local seamstress/tailor near me and she reduced it down in width to fit inside the tote. The length was fine, just needed to be a little less wide. I removed the middle section of the organizer since the tote has a large interior pocket right in the middle. The insert fits right under that pocket so it was perfect.

  8. I always learn something when I come to visit you. We bought my daughter an Away bag for Christmas and she loves it. Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

  9. valerie briscoe says

    Love your new luggage!! Tell me about the Tiffany Blue and white bag. I am sure you have talked about it and I have missed that somehow.

    • I don’t think I’ve mention it in a blog before. I bought it a couple of summers ago from Tiffany & Co. I believe it’s still available on their website under the Accessories-Leather category. I can definitely recommend it but the leather is so buttery soft, it really needs a good organizer inside to keep its shape or to carry items that have a little weight. I bought an organizer here: and it matches the tote beautifully. I had a seamstress/tailor near my home reduce the width of the organizer to fit the tote. It’s definitely one of my favorite bags and holds a lot which makes it great for taking on a plane. It also fits nicely under the seat since the handles are very flexible.

  10. Have you considered using packing cubes? I just went to a packing seminar at AAA. The presenter leads AAA European tours and has written a book on packing. Honestly, I had always thought the packing cubes would just take up too much room, but I was amazed by them and other packing items they offer. I immediately purchased a plastic vacuum bag that you can squeeze all of the air out of to use for dirty clothes. It has a one way valve, so you just roll the air out of it. It’s airtight, so you dirty clothes don’t mingle with your clean clothes. Am I the only one who didn’t know about these ?LOL. I highly recommend the seminar if you’re a AAA membership.

    • I tried those once in my big bag and they felt too restrictive so I gave them to my daughter-in-law. I should probably try them again. I really the idea of the vacuum bag, that would be great for travel! Thanks for that info, Mary! I am an AAA member so will check into that.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  12. Heather A Gillbanks says

    When I travel abroad I tend to take the minimal approach (especially in hilly places, where roller bags are not so great). I suggest 1 of 2 approaches:
    1) pack a soft-sided bag into your roller bag; I bring my dirty laundry home in this since it does not matter if it gets squished; this gives me space for some souvenirs where the laundry would have gone
    2) if you purchase larger souvenirs, ask the shop where you buy them to ship it home to you; if they serve well-heeled travelers, this will be de rigeur for them. If not, pointing out that you can buy more from them if they will ship it usually does the trick (I once had to start putting things back onto the shelves to drive home the point, but most shop owners get it quickly). I have never not had the items arrive home safely, from 4 continents.

  13. Will you be using your suitcase dress to cover the white outside to protect it from scuffing?

    • I may, although the cover I purchased is meant for a regular size carry on and it’s a bit of stretch for the bigger carry on that Away makes. But it will fit, just a little harder to get on. I really don’t mind if this suitcase gets some scuff/marks because I should be able to remove them with the eraser Away provided or with a Magic Eraser. With the aluminum version, there was nothing you could do about dents that it eventually gets and that bothered me.

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Looks like you did have room to spare. Thanks for another informative post! Love that turquoise and white bag!

  15. Cindy Brooks says

    Looks like an awesome bag! If you buy a large item while traveling ask for it to be shipped. We’ve done it from all over the planet and never had a problem with it. Usually the shipping rates are reasonable unless you want it to get to your home quickly.

  16. Julia De Guerre says

    Hello I love the white bag! I went to England last year for almost a month and went with the carry on – packed and an empty large suitcase which I checked for souvenirs. And managed it quite easily on the Tube or train.
    My cousins and I remarked London is the city of everyone pulling their carry on luggage. And people are so helpful, carrying your suitcase up the many stairs in the Tube. I had a few nights in arbnbs so packed 3 laundry pods, drier sheets and a stain remover and was able to refresh my wardrobe.
    Have a great time.

  17. Wanda Bradey says

    I have been watching this bag for over a year. Will you please send the coupon? I do not see on their website. Thanks. Wanda

  18. It is amazing what you can pack into it, so thanks for the demo Susan. Re the interior design; two questions. a) Does it have any other zippered compartments? i.e.: In its lining. b) Does it have a vinyl/nylon protector (other than the mesh) that you might be able to stretch over either of the two sections? i.e.: Where you packed your shoes to prevent dirt transferring on to your clothes. Just wondering as most of my luggage has always been soft-sided, I’m notorious for customizing it in event it lacks all the features I’d like …. lol! To conclude; definitely love the idea of the removable charger and am going to recommend the Away Luggage to both my son and daughter who travel extensively and cannot live without their I Pad & Cell Phones … 🙂 -Brenda-
    P.S.: Envy you for the beautiful weather you are having as ours temperature wise, is more like Fall (low 40° F) but with lots of rain and gray skies.

  19. Anthony says

    Hi. I found your website online while searching for information on the Away luggage. You had mentioned a link to get $20 off? Can you email a link for that discount?

  20. Consuelo says

    Hi, I like your honest review of the Away luggage. Please send the link for the $20 coupon. Thanks.

  21. Cindy Hummel says

    Is the coupon still available? I think I am going to pull the trigger. Thanks!

  22. Christy Keyton says

    Susan, I am traveling and wish I had that away bag! Is there a referral coupon still available? Thanks!

  23. Can you share the $20 coupon if still available?

  24. Hello, thank you for all the great information. I am going to purchase the bigger carry on. Will you please send me $20 coupon? Thanks very much.

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