My (and my son’s) Winter Favorites

This is how fall/winter always starts for me: It’s the end of September and I’m dreading the end of summer. I wish I could keep fall/winter from coming or at least somehow fast forward through it to spring. I almost feel depressed thinking that summer is over and the long months of winter are upon us.

Then Halloween happens, I love Halloween and all the decorating and silliness that accompanies it. Before I know it, it’s Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Suddenly it’s January and I’m snuggled down inside in my favorite sweaters, covered with warm throws, heated blankets, hot chocolate, enjoying good books, puzzles, favorite movies and I gradually begin to realize, this “winter thing” ain’t so bad after all. I almost start to feel a little sad that it will soon be over. Ha! Anyone else go through a roller coaster of emotions at the start of fall/winter each year, or am I the only one who does that?

Speaking of good books, if you are a serious Louis Vuitton handbag fan, you need this tome below! It more expensive than what I usually pay for books, but oh my gosh, it’s handbag heaven if you’re a Louie fan. It’s filled with tons of great pictures and it covers the history of all the handbags LV has made over the years.

In addition to the pretty cover, there’s a little removable “sleeve” that fits around the book. In the photo below you can see the three different sleeves made for this book. I was confused at first why they were showing three books. It’s really just one volume/one book, but the sleeve that comes on the outside of the book apparently varies.

The first book I ordered came with a sleeve depicting the blue bucket bag. That book arrived with a small tear on the back endpaper so I returned it and ordered again. The second one came with LV’s iconic Speedy on the sleeve. The sleeve is pretty but the book underneath is just as pretty because it shows several of LV’s beautiful bags.

This is a gorgeous book for the LV fan. I’m glad I splurged and bought it, have really enjoyed reading it and it looks great on the trunk in my upstairs family room. You’ll find it available here where I purchased mine: Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History.

Louis Vuitton City Bags, A Natural History


I’d love to buy their “trunks” book, have that on my wishlist for later. You can see it here: Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks.

Louis Vuitton, 100 Legendary Trunks


I’m also really enjoying this fireside candle I ordered for my office. It’s a bit like having a fireplace here in my office. I love its cracking sound and love the scent! Fireside and Frazier are my two favorite scents for winter. You’ll find this large Fireside candle available here: Fireside Candle.


Fireside also comes in a cute hobnail-glass holder here: Fireside Candle. These would make great gifts because you get two, so you can keep one and give one away.

I ordered a set of these for my daughter-in-law yesterday because she absolutely loves the candle I gave her this Christmas. I think it was the Frasier scent. She sent me an email “fussing” at me for getting her hooked on these! lol She had never tried them until now.Woodwick Candles, Fireside is My Fave

When I was visiting my son, dil and grandchildren for the Christmas holidays, for Christmas they received a heated mattress pad as a gift from another family member. That started me thinking about getting one, but after researching those and electric blankets, I decided I’d rather have the heat envelop me from the top via a blanket than feel it from underneath.

You know how I am when I get an idea, I try to do a little research before I take the jump. I was super tempted by L.L. Bean’s electric blanket because it sounds so luxe, but a couple of the reviews mentioned it being slippery and sliding down a lot. It was also a lot more expensive. You’ll find it available here: Electric Blanket.

Electric Blanket, Warm and Cozy


I ultimately decided to go with this one. I got it in the “Natural” color which looks a lot prettier in person than the online photo. It’s more of a pretty cream with a soft sherpa lining in a cream color on the part that goes down toward your body, or toward a top sheet if you use one as I do. So far, I absolutely love it. It is so soft and snuggly warm!

I chose the “full size” for my queen bed because I didn’t want it to hang down too far over the edge (it hangs over the edge by around 4-5 inches) and I wanted only one controller. If you buy it in a Queen or King size, it comes with two controllers so you can heat each side of the bed as you like. That’s great for couples. This electric blanket is available here: Blanket.

Electric Blanket, Cozy and Warm


I took these boots with me to Ohio and wore them a good bit. The shearling lining kept my feet toasty warm. My daughter-in-law loved them, too. She and I wear the same size shoe so she tried them on while I was there. They are available here: Boots.


In addition to sleeping under a cozy, soft electric blanket, I’m snuggling down in my favorite flannel sheets this winter. I have the off white/cream colored ones and I’m thinking of ordering their “Stewart Victoria” plaid ones for a “plaid with plaid” look for my bedding. I already have the plaid ones shown below, but they don’t work well with my red, plaid bedding since they were purchased before my winter bed makeover. I think the Stewart Victoria pattern would work, though. These wonderful sheets are available here: Heritage Sheets. I love that they don’t pill up and last for many years!


These sweater combs have been a lifesaver this winter! I live in sweaters during the winter and they always get little fluffy pills on them after several wearings. These remove them super fast and don’t damage or pull my sweaters.

Removes pills, pilling, fuzz from wool & cashmere sweaters


They’ve now come out with pretty wooden ones that smell nice because they are made of Beech and Cedar wood. I think I need a set of those! Both styles of combs are available here: Combs to Remove Pills from Sweaters.

Beech & Cedar wood Combs to remove pills from sweaters


I talked to my son today and he was telling me all about the snow they were getting today. He LOVES snow and is like a kid again whenever snow is in the forecast.

With a chuckle today, he told me he was “living the good life.” He said he was smoking a pork butt while wearing his new winter coat and the cashmere-lined gloves I had given him for Christmas, all while listening to his favorite songs on his Bose Revolve Bluetooth Speaker, another one of the gifts I gave him for Christmas. The speaker is water resistant, but to be safe he had it tucked under a shelf outside to keep it dry since it was snowing pretty heavily while we were talking.

He was one warm, happy camper, I could hear it in his voice as we talked. It made my day to hear how much he was enjoying his gifts. Nothing makes me happier than when he’s happy! I know you moms and dads know what I mean!

You can see the coat and gloves in this photo below. I really liked this coat when I bought it for him because it has a fleece lining that can be zipped out on those days when it’s not so cold. It also has a hood hidden away in the collar for the rainy days.

Winter Clothes for Snow


I’m so glad it waited until I left to do this. I’m not a snow fan, though my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons love it! They had a chance to try out their Sonic Snow Saucers, too. Doesn’t that sound like something right out of the sledding scene in Christmas Vacation. lol

Winter Clothing, Snow


These are the gloves he’s wearing. I purchased these because they work with electronics and my son almost always has his cell phone or iPad outside with him when he’s grilling or smoking something in his Big Green Egg on the weekends. These gloves let him use his phone or iPad without having to remove them since they work with touchscreens. As I recall, they are unisex, so great for men or women. They are available here: Gloves.


Winter Gloves for Using with Phones, iPads


This is the coat he’s wearing and loves. It’s available here: Coat.

Red Winter Coat with zip out fleece lining


So those are just a few of the items we are all enjoying this winter. What are your favorites for surviving winter? What makes you happy on these cold winter days?

Stay warm and enjoy this January weekend! I’m off to curl up under my electric blanket with my new Louie book. I’m currently nursing my second cold in three weeks! I caught one while I was visiting family…my daughter-in-law had one, then I got it. I got over that one, came home and now I have a new one. Is that crazy or what?

This cold is totally different from the first one. The first one was in my head and was all about sneezing and a runny nose. This second one started with a very sore throat, I sound like a frog today. I read online last night that there are over 200 cold viruses so it’s possible to even have two colds at the same time, or get multiple colds in one winter season. Can you imagine having two colds viruses in your body at the same time! Ugh!

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  1. Donna Nance says

    Even though I live in South Georgia, I do love me some Smart Wool Socks. They are my go to socks now in the winter. I love that they are so light and not bulky, but keep my feet warm. I always keep an eye out for them on sale at the end of winter. Found several pair of socks and a pair of leggings, too, 75% off at Dillards several years ago. My daughter gave us a set of polar fleece sheets for Christmas and we are loving them, too.

  2. Need to get those sweater combs! Thanks for the info! Also the Louis Vuitton book. I will treat myself to that book!

    • You will love it, Maureen! It’s such a beautiful book and definitely for the LV fan, which I’ve really become since purchasing their Reverse Pochette Metis. I need to buy a second bag because I’m going to wear this one out. It’s the only bag I’ve carried all fall and winter because it take the constant rain we’ve been getting. I love that about their bags!

  3. Rebecca Dexter says

    Love when you show and review products. I was especially interested in the electric blanket/mattress pad comments. I have had both and agree that the electric blanket is my preference even though if you live in a cold climate and keep your bedroom on the cold side a heated mattress pad is great for preventing a cold mattress from freezing you out!…Another reason that someone might consider using a heated mattress pad is if they are a very restless sleeper. Unlike a blanket the mattress pad stays put no matter how much you toss and turn. Personal preference for sure!

    • One pro I read in a review (I think on L.L. Bean) for electric blankets is if you wake up too hot, you can instantly get cooler by throwing back the cover. I don’t think I’ll ever need that, but that is one pro I read over the heated mattress pads. I just love all that warm softness over my body as I crawl into bed. I wish I had gotten one sooner.

  4. Renee Cook says

    Susan, I hope you’re over that awful cold soon. Glad you’re staying snug and warm inside.

    I seem to like something about every season. We live outside of Atlanta, but are originally from Florida, so my least favorite is later in the summer when the heat and humidity just won’t let up. When it’s hot and humid in October, I start feeling cranky!

    One thing we use to keep warm is a simple infrared heater. Our bedroom tends to be too cold, so we bought one a few years ago and we are so much more comfortable. It runs a lot, but doesn’t seem to increase our electric bill. In fact, we just bought a second one to use in our family room.

    Happy New Year!

    • Renee, you should hear me right now…it’s hilarious. I sound like a man when I talk. lol I have to run errands today, hope I don’t have to talk to anyone!
      I’m just outside of Atlanta, too. I do like that we have the beauty of all the seasons, just wish Winter was 1 month long. 😉
      I don’t think I’ve heard of infrared heaters…I will Google that and read more…sounds interesting! Amazing too that it doesn’t increase your bill…love that! Thanks for telling me about those!

  5. I used to switch to flannel sheets each winter but this year I got a set of fleece sheets, and oh, my goodness, they are heavenly!

    • Joy, do you have any problems with static electricity with those? I’ve always purchased cotton sheets so haven’t tried those. They look really soft in photos, just worried they wouldn’t breathe as well as cotton flannel sheets?

  6. I have to laugh at your winter purchases. You live in Georgia and use flannel sheets and electric blankets. Right now, I’m in Indianapolis wondering how I’m going to get rid of 6″ of snow that fell today in my driveway so I can go out in 25 degree weather to keep a doctor appointment in a couple of days. I would sure love some of your winter Georgia temperatures right now. Unlike your son and dil, I have seen too many snowy and cold winters to enjoy them any longer. Maybe when I was young …..

    • It 36 outside right now and raining, so feels much colder. I love my flannel sheets. They are so soft and comfortable, I’m tempted to leave them on year around like some of the BNOTP readers do. Do you remember this photo, Pat? It gets cold here, too. 🙂

  7. No, Susan, you aren’t the only one: in the middle of winter (usually after Christmas) I sometimes “lose” myself in sentimental nostalgia and somehow I feel bad but have no specific symptoms. Fortunately, I’m in good health but I know that as much as I love fall and winter (especially Christmas time), the lack of sun and therefore a possible vitamin D deficiency is something we shouldn’t underestimate. It can’t be a coincidence that I never have those feelings during spring or summer! So, for me, and that’s a given, I need sunshine and a tan to feel really happy! (That’s why you can find me at the beach in my bikinis during summer, sunbathing like a lizard, as long as possible!) 🙂 Can you believe it, I’m already counting the weeks till my next vacation!? lol
    Susan, love all your and your son’s and dil’s winter favorites! Chip is such a good looking guy and your grandsons are both beautiful kids, I know you must be very proud of them! My favorites this year are Merino wool tights! I love wearing wool (mini) skirts in winter but sometimes German winters are too hard for skirts, so I’m very, very happy I found tights which are a perfect ‘insulator’ for my legs! 🙂 Get well soon, Susan! Take care of yourself as I wish you to be OK ‘tomorrow’, do you hear me!? 🙂
    Hugs to you.

    • I don’t get enough sun. I was reading something about that the other day and I think it said we only need around 10-15 minutes of sun a few times a week, so it really doesn’t take that much to get our Vitamin D. Everyone wears sunscreen now, so a lot of us are Vit D deprived.
      Hang in their Cecilia…spring and summer will be here before we know it! Have you ever looked into getting one of those light machines? I bet you would enjoy one during these winter months.
      Aww, thanks! I miss them so much, it was great seeing them for a couple weeks at Christmastime.
      The merino wool tights sound wonderful! When I used to wear dresses to work, I wore tights a lot. I wish I had known about the merino wool ones back then! Is there a brand you really like? I tell my dil about those because she does wear a lot of dresses during the winter.

      • I just sent you an e-mail, Susan! 🙂
        PS: Wait… just 10-15 minutes of sun a few times a week? WHAT?!
        I practically live ON the beach during summer, as I spend at least 10 hours a day laying on the sand or on the sunbed, using just a little bit sunscreen on my face and no sun umbrella, so actually, I should have a large depot of Vitamin D in my body! It’s good to know! lol

  8. The heated mattress pad sounds wonderful. To me, the weight of an electric blanket is too heavy. I have to confess I hate winter. Surely, I have SAD. When I lived in the Mid Atlantic, that sunset sky and those bare trees were so depressing. The big move south came when I got stuck twice going to work one morning because the roads iced over during the night. Thanks for sharing (and reviewing) all of the good finds.

    • Electric blankets are no longer heavy these days. All the companies are using lighter/thinner wiring. This one isn’t even as heavy one of my regular cotton blankets. It’s very lightweight. I was surprised because I remember the electric blankets we had when I was growing up.
      I know, I hate seeing the bare trees, too. I try to think of it as they are just resting, getting their much-needed sleep for the new blooming season.

  9. Enjoyed this post so much, as usual, Susan. This is a rare one that didn’t send me off to order something online! Hope you’re feeling better soon. I had a 17-day cold that started with a sore throat on Christmas when we were visiting with family (one of my sons was there with a cold!). Not sure I caught his cold, but . . . . After we got home, my hubby had a cold. No fun at all. Hope you have a wonderful 2019. P.S. Your son is adorable and I’m sure his boys are just as adorable.

    • Ugh, I wonder if that’s what I have…such a strange cold. No runny nose, just a very, very swollen throat. I hope you guys feel better real soon! I’ll take this yucky cold over the flu any day, though! I never want that again!!!
      Thanks, Daphne! Happy New Year to you and your family and hope you guys are already feeling better when you read this!

  10. I really like those hobnail candles. You really would have gone gaga over those LV trunks Elton John was selling in that shop I mentioned before in Sloane Square in London now that you’re a full blown Vuitton addict. LOL

    • Wow, I would love to have seen that! Yup, I am. I admit it! lol I just purchased something from their Catagram collection for my birthday…now I have to be good for the rest of the year…or at least until fall/winter. lol I couldn’t resist that collection, loving cats as I do. I know some folks think it’s tacky, but I had to have at least one piece from it. =^.^=

  11. Susan, I am so proud of you girl for embracing winter!! I love it, the fireplace, hot cocoa and coffee, lighting my candles on a cold winter day and curling up with a good book. Living in an area where the temperature is the same year round would not be for me, I love when the seasons change.
    Blessings to you in 2019!!

    • lol I’m gradually coming around. I just hate being cold. I was thinking about it the other…why I hate being cold so much. I think it’s because when I grew up, I had the worst winter coats and winter clothing ever…and I had to stand on the side of the road in the early morning waiting for a ride to school. I think that’s when I first started disliking winter so much. When you have the right clothes, it’s not near so awful! So I’m trying to re-program my brain to not see it as all bad. lol
      Happy New Year, Mary! XXX

  12. Sheila in Garden City, SC says

    Susan, your suggestions are the best. From this post I’ll be ordering the sweater combs for sure! My daughter gave me a Sunbeam electric throw several years ago. I love the size and I can use it lounging in our den or on my bed. Rest and stay hydrated! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Sheila! I love those combs! I have several sets…keep one in my closet when I store sweaters and I always take a set when I travel during the winter. They really work! Happy New Year to you, too! XXX

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Well being a northern girl, I can tell you, we love our warm sheets in the winter. For years it was flannel and then 2 years ago, we purchased deluxe fleece sheets from QVC and they are the bomb! So wonderful! This year I purchased a twin electric blanket for my husbands side of the bed as all I need is the warm fleece sheet and our regular blanket (still getting hot flashes,ugh). I should have thought it through and purchased a queen / duel control and just kept my control off, but would have it if I need it. Oh, well, I can still do that if winter turns super cold, but right now, so far, we are still in high 20 and low 30’s and that’s really great for MI this time of year. Plus, no snow, so we are pleased. I am getting to the age, where “less is best” in this area too, ha! Did some organizing and pitching in my office today, felt great! Lots more to do though. Another good thing about winter! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Cyndi, do you have any problems with fleece sheets shocking you when you roll over…static shock? Are they made of cotton? They look soft and cozy, but I was worried they would spark/shock with static electricity. I hope you guys don’t see snow and it stays moderate for you.

  14. Susan, the way you described dreading the arrival of autumn/winter is how I feel about summer! Ugh, the sort of day where it’s already hot and humid at 7:00 a.m. and just stepping outside you begin to perspire. 🙁

    I love, love, love from September on because I know what’s just around the corner. And while I don’t like being uncomfortably cold, that chill, that ‘snap’ in the air is just delectable to me. 🙂 Buuutttt … just as you are learning how to enjoy winter, I have begun to learn how to enjoy summer. Still, the cooler weather is what I love. Getting cozy and hunkering down, cooking stews and comfort food, building a fire and reading – all snuggled up with an afghan – on a dreary day. Sigh .. . that’s my kind of weather.

    Funny how we’re all so different. But as I said once before, you’re insane love of hot weather inspired me to make the most of it, and I’m glad I now have a better attitude toward summer. So thanks for that! 🙂 And I’m glad for your sake that you have started to see the brighter side of winter.

  15. Btw, Chip and Court look great!

    • Thanks! My dil has been sending me videos of them sledding this morning. I love watching those. 🙂 That’s little Charlie in the second picture.

      • After I posted I realized that wasn’t Court in both pictures. Charlie is adorable. I love the way they’ve got him so bundled up in that picture, lol. So cute.

        And I’m very glad they got snow so they could enjoy their new sledding disks. I remember as a kid when we’d barely have any snow and you could see the grass poking out everywhere, but we’d still be trying to get in some sledding. 😀 I also remember sledding on hills with traffic. We didn’t think anything of it, dodging in and out of cars! Now I can imagine how we frayed the nerves of the poor drivers, trying to drive on ice and snow, uphill, with crazy kids coming at them on sleds.

  16. HNY19 Susan & Friends,
    Just loved your beautiful family photos and ‘Winter’ product suggestions and reviews! You always know exactly what info to share and it always comes in so handy! The snow looks really fun, but I’ll take my Camillas, Roses and Azelas blooming right now, and fresh Oranges and Grapefruit growing in our yard that are in Season, and are just dripping from the fruit trees…
    Since moving from ATL to the Coast we thought we would be shedding our ‘old man winter’ gear, but find its somewhat still nice to have-even if on a shorter, limited basis on those wintery days when the ocean breezes bring in a bit cooler temps. A couple of Christmas presents we gave our son this year was a beautiful think luxurious Sherpa lined winter comforter along with flannel sheets. He just loves them! Around home we can’t do without Sherpa lined suede bedroom slippers, Sherpa lined flannel shirts and our go-to plaid flannel Jammie’s. They’re so comfy cozy! Every Christmas Santa remembers each of us with a matching Cashmere scarf and we’ve been getting plenty of wear already with the latest one. I have worn (unlined) Patagonia winter gloves for years in ATL and cannot do without them. I find them great to have here also, especially on windy days at the beach! ☀️The #1 Winter thing I use constantly day in and day out is Chewable Vit C tablets (500 mg). I use 4 per day, (2000 mg total)- one after each meal. It keeps me going.
    So sorry to hear you’re down with a cold/flu. Trust you are feeling much better soon, dear one. (If I were there, I would bring over some homemade Chicken Soup for you!)

    • Bren, Camillas, Roses and Azaleas sounds wonderful right now! I’ll take a glass of that fresh orange juice! 🙂 Warm coastal weather sounds like heaven right now!
      Oh, I hear you on those bedrooms slippers. Funniest thing…I gave my son a pair of L.L. Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers for Christmas…he LOVES them! They have real soles on them so he can wear them outside to check on whatever he’s got going in the BGE (Big Green Egg.) My daughter in law temporarily stole them from him and was wearing them around the house which was hilarious because they are gigantic on her little feet, so I bought a pair for her right after Christmas. 🙂 I should do the same with the Vit. C…that’s a great idea! I do take a good vitamin every day, but the extra Vit C is so smart. When I was sick earlier in the winter with a virus, my doctor told me to take Vit C every day, so even the doctors recommend it.
      Thanks! I’m feeling a lot better now than I did when I woke up…I can at least talk now. lol I’m buying Vitamin C today, though! Great tips!

      • SH, so glad to hear you are better today. Being the busy Mom, Grandmomma, and MILove, Friend to all, we know you are, I’m sharing some great wellness tips for helping to keep up with our busy lifestyles. BTW, (We’re ‘Concerned’ after your trip to Germany for Winter shopping. It’s been lingering a long long time off and on we notice, when you get tired when traveling. Strep does that & it can keep coming back…) Yes, winter flowers in the yard along with fresh fruit is wonderful to have and enjoy here on the Georgia Coast. I just it. The Georgia Coast is an ideal spot for rest, easy living and early retirement.

        Here’s my ‘Staying Healthy Thru Winter Formula’ that I hope can help you and others this winter and throughout the year! I’ve had to find what works and what doesn’t over the years. I’ve had to adhere to my ‘secret wellness formula’ since I am a native Atlantan (due to seasonal allergies, etc.) it really works great!! I’ve developed it over time.

        [If SICK:
        (1) Throw away toothbrush. Get new ‘sick toothbrush’ while sick ONLY. Then when completely well, get new healthy toothbrush.
        This comes from a well known ATL Peditrician: (2) Keep feet warm!!. Haha! True.
        (3) Try to Find ‘Mountain Sun’, ‘Knott’s’ Cranberry juice: it has to say on the bottle: “NOT From Concentrate” to be good & effective, (otherwise ‘Concentrate’ is loaded with Sugar. Not good.)
        – Drink 1 oz (abt 1″) of pure cranberry juice (no sugar)diluted in 7 oz Purified Glass of Water after Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.Its bitter, but so so good for you.It is loaded with Vit C and retards bacteria growth which is why we get sore throats.
        (4) After brushing teeth after meals use Ocean Nasal Drops. (Generic is ok). I like Walgreens generic nasal saline solution the dual pack.) Be sure to drop it in each nostril, don’t spray it.Lay down on bed, hold neck & head back over bed and drop into nose. 3x’s daily after brushing & drinking Cranberry juice.
        (5) chewable Vit C tablet 500 mg after eating Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime, brushing and ‘hosing’. Vit C naturally raises your own bodies immunity system!!!
        Remember::: sugar makes mucus.Mucus gets you clogged up, sore throat & can’t breathe. So no: ice cream, dairy, cheeses, pastas, sweets, candies, peas-carrots-potatoes etc. Drink Purified water while sick. Pure Applesauce (Apple pectin helps best (Ludens Cherry Cough drops w/ natural pectin), coats the throat naturally.]
        If well: just chew 4 – 500 mg of Vit C daily (my fav Vit C is Kirklands -Costco).
        (6) Homemade Chicken soup. (7) Stay well hydrated.
        Hope this helps ! ~ B ☀️

        • Thanks for all these tips, Bren! I’ll share them with my son and his family, too.
          Yeah, the year I got sick in Germany (Christmas, 2017) that was the flu that was going around. This time, it’s just some kind of cold virus, I think. Sleep seems to really help, the more I sleep, the better I feel. Sleep is the great healer, I think.
          Thanks again for all these good tips, I’ll go toss the toothbrush now!

  17. You must get tired of us all singing your praises. lol. You are one of the best Mother-in-loves I have heard about. You are MORE than a mother-in-law. Thank you for doing the research for the wonderful things we find on your blog. Memarge:)

  18. I enjoy something about every season especially the coziness of winter. Thank you for your cozy suggestions. I love when you write about your son and family. Absolutely nothing tmakes me happier than my children’s happiness.

  19. For your followers a heated mattress pad with dual controls is the ultimate! I was unable to tolerate the heat “from above” so after we gifted my husband’s grandmother a heated mattress pad more than 20 years ago I bought one for us. We like to sleep in a colder house at night, snuggled under the duvet with down filler, maybe a quilt on top when its really cold outside. There is nothing like jumping in a bed where the mattress is warm already! I cut my side off and my cold natured husband cranks his up, LOL!

    • Sounds super cozy, Elizabeth…thanks for that tip! Funny how different we are in temps! 🙂

    • Elizabeth, I forgot to add, what I do is turn on the electric blanket before I brush my teeth. When I’m done, the bed is warmed up, so it’s nice and warm when I get in, then I dial it back for sleeping. I just love that feeling of a warm blanket over me.

  20. I go through a down time with the seasonal change but it usually hits around this time. I believe it’s because we have so many gray days and the short daytime hours. I recognize what’s causing it so I just tell myself each day is getting longer now and spring is coming!! I had flannel sheets for a while but we changed to a different mattress size and I never replaced them. I like two layers of blankets to keep warm. Can you believe I’ve never owned an electric blanket and I live way up north! The coat you bought your son is perfect. I like the idea of the zip out lining so he can adjust to the weather as the season moves along. Sounds like he really loves all your gifts and I smile as I can relate to grilling outside in the winter. I had a sinus/cold thing back in October and it was all in the back of my throat- so annoying! I ended up on an antibiotic because if developed into an infection. I hope yours goes away quickly.

    • Yikes, hope mine doesn’t do that. That sounds painful, Liz. Glad you better! Yeah, I really liked that about the coat, too. We had electric blankets back in the day when I was kid, but they were a lot heavier and you could fill the cords. Now they are super light and you don’t notice the cords at all. Amazing how far they’ve come over the years. I think one of my favorite things about an electric blanket is heating up the sheets before I get in.
      Let’s hope we see some sunshine this month, that would make such a difference!

  21. Happy New Year, 2019. Love those sweater combs as well as the candles. Must put them on my “to buy list”. Thanks for the winter product list. I find layering a great way to keep warm & toasty at home in the winter. We’re having our first snowstorm of 2019 here in the northeast. Love your blog. Jo

  22. I came to BNOTP today to find the post about Cutemol and here is a post on winter faves 😉 I just wanted to say how Cutemol is such a relief this winter. After using a few days in a row, I now only need to apply about twice a week and my heels stay soft and pain free! After using both electric pad and blanket, I am definitely in the electric pad camp; the heat just feels more gentle and better distributed. Also using those combs alot for my sweaters too. We are “enjoying” a significant snow storm here today, lol.

    • I should have added Cutemol to this list, my dil and I use it all throughout winter. It is amazing! So glad it’s helping, Mia! I should use it on my feet more often because it makes them baby soft.
      Stay warm in all that snow!

  23. Try a boot dryer…takes away the pain of putting on a soggy wet boot in cold weather.

  24. Brenda Lawrence says

    I waffled about winter coming when it is fall. I used to enjoy the winter, but now with having Lupus and RA, I don’t! Makes me hurt. So I wish I could fast forward through winter as well. But….with that said, I do like hunkering down in the winter with crafts and books. Still don’t like the dark evenings though and summer has become my favorite season now. lol Living in PA, we get cold but this winter hasn’t been very cold. We did get the snow that came across, but not much, about 2 inches and that is enough for me! I hate when it melts and then the yard is muddy and smutzy. Yes, a made up word! lol Then dog prints no matter how hard I try and clean off my GS’s paws. That’s when I can bend down to wipe them off. Cold makes that even worse for me. No, I don’t enjoy winter, except when I am hunkered down and don’t have to go out. But those walls can close in on you especially when you live in a small home to begin with. I can’t do flannel sheets or an electric blanket because I get to hot at night. I wish that would stop, but so far it hasn’t. So enjoy yours! I can’t even do all those wonderful flannel nighties. I wear as light of a nightie as I can. Hugs, Brenda

    • Brenda, you would laugh if you saw me in my flannel pjs, sleeping on flannel sheets under an electric blanket. I have started turning the heat down more since I added the blanket. I hope winter passes quickly so we can get into spring and summer and you’ll see more relief!

  25. I just ordered the electric blanket and the sweater shaver. It’s funny because my hubs and I were just talking about buying a new blanket this morning although I had been checking them out.

    • Hope you like it, Nita! I love how soft it is…feels so nice to snuggle under. I have a top sheet between me and the blanket, but you can still feel the softness. Feels nice and luxurious.

  26. I just ordered the electric blanket and the sweater shaver. Funny but hubs and I were talking about ordering a blanket today since I’d been checking them out but wasn’t impressed by any I saw and I certainly didn’t want to pay LL Bean’s prices. This one looked good. Have you already used yours?
    I really enjoyed this post…very interesting. Thanks

  27. So sorry to hear you are feeling under-the-weather, Susan but am wondering if you may have a sensitivity to the candle you mentioned? (Just a thought.) As the for the heating blankets; living in the Great White North as I do they are a winter staple however something I have learned through out the years if sharing a bed; purchase ‘two twins’ as more often than not for some reason one side usually becomes inoperative if they do have a dual control plus it makes it much easier for laundering. Last but not least, re the sweater combs I did purchase two sets (one being for myself, the other as a stocking stuffer for my dtr.) and after using the ‘sweater & most fabric’ one on my (real fox) fur collars it beautifully restored them to their natural beauty without any apparent sign of wear being the back of the neck area. (Hope that makes sense.) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Your son is indeed handsome and those grandchildren of yours oh so adorable.

  28. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Do take care of yourself. Sadly my neighbor’s 43 yr old son got sick with the flu and they were going to take him to the doctor next morning. I seen 2 ambulances, a fire truck and then 2 squad cars that morning. He passed away and I guess they have to call the police, which I didn’t know. Later the coroner came. Such a sad sad time for them. I never had the flu my entire life until last March-that flu shot was worthless so I’m hoping this year’s is more effective. I couldn’t even drive myself to the doctor’s office and I was kind of out of it so I didn’t even think about calling for an ambulance. I went to visit my friend in late november one fall and she would go up and turn on the heated mattress pad and it was so cozy and warm when I went to bed but I did turn mine off otherwise I would feel like a dried up prune the next morning which is why I would get the pad rather than a blanket, personal preference. I had a heated blanket ages ago but I was younger and not as dry feeling as now. We got about 6 inches of snow so Saturday I shoveled twice and it was still coming down so I waited and shoveled what else fell the next morning. I loved snow when I was in school except for walking through it to get to school, hated to drive through it, retired and I still hate for it to snow because I’m the only one that shovels and now my back has been hurting. If I had a husband or HOA to get rid of it I would probably feel different. I try to keep positive about it when the shoveling is done-it is pretty to look at rather than dead looking grass and the cardinals look so beautiful against the white. Take care!

  29. Like Pam above I am happy when fall comes with cooler weather. I am already starting to be a little anxious because time passes so quickly and I know we are headed for hot summer…allergies and fatigue from heat from mid july until it cools down. We are at altitude here in Boulder with more intense sun. In the last few years we are having much milder winters and longer hot summers. When it is cold hubby has a battery heated coat! I just stay in. One of the things I really enjoy about winter is no yard work to get taken care of 🙂 Summer is pretty though, and going out is easy without coats and some easy sandals. There a nice things about each season of course.

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