The Cottage Home of My Dreams

Whenever I wish to escape this world and live in an enchanted forest, I tour one of the beautiful Carmel cottages I find for sale online. I wish more builders would build these adorable cottages today for those of us who are getting to the age where we would like to size down.

Ready for a bit of enchantment? I’m pretty sure we could run into one of the seven dwarfs during this tour. 🙂

Adorable Carmel Cottage for Sale


I’m dying already! Is this not the most inviting entrance! Look at the lit lantern! Argggg!

Seventh Heaven, Carmel Cottage


Let’s go inside!

Storybook Cottage Gate Arbor


This has to be one of the most beautiful cottage doors I’ve ever seen. Noticed the rock wall and the wonderful lantern on the right! I wonder if that’s a cedar shake roof? I love it all!

Fairytale Arched Door


Inside we find a cozy cottage living room. I love the corner windows coming together…kinda creates a bay window of sorts. I like that they left them open without any draperies to impede on the view.

That looks like an antique Louis Vuitton trunk! Wow!

Cottage Living Room with Fireplace


Of course, every fairytale cottage needs a bay window with a window seat. Love!

Window Seat in an Enchanting Cottage Home


I love this view because we see that beautiful arched front door again as well as the built-in bookcases here in the living room. So many wonderful features…all my favorites!

Built in Bookcases, Cottage Home


It’s not often that I like a kitchen with stained/non-white cabinets. I’m definitely a white-kitchen kinda girl. But I love the color of these cabinets! I love how they look with the countertops, as well. This color stain isn’t dark and it looks like it wouldn’t show dirt/marks easily…very practical, but beautiful. The cabinets also give off that old-world vibe that suits this storybook home. I really, really love how this home has been designed/decorated inside.

Dream Kitchen in Carmel Cottage Home


Another view looking across from the breakfast nook. What a great chandelier/light. Looks like candles! Notice the wonderful little window there to the right of the eat-in bar. It’s those adorable, quirky little features that steal my heart! ♥

Cozy, Cottage Living, Carmel Cottage


Love everything about this beautiful bedroom including the raised ceiling. It’s amazing how a high ceiling can make a room feel so much larger. I would love to have a fireplace in my bedroom. Imagine curling up in front of the fire with a good book at night before turning in.

Cozy Bedroom, Carmel Cottage Home


I really like how they’ve used plantation shutters throughout the home. You know I’m a huge fan of those. In this case, they’ve framed them in for a nice finished look. You’ll notice the sides of the hinges on the shutters are not visible.

These windows probably didn’t have any molding around them, or if they did, it may have been very narrow. This is the perfect way to install shutters in that case…framing them in. Beautiful!

Beautiful Design Decor for a Cottage House


As if the inside isn’t wonderful enough, this awaits outdoors. Wouldn’t you just live out here during the evenings! This home has two more bedroom and 4 baths: 2 full and 2 half baths, so there’s a lot more to see…just couldn’t fit it all into this post. To see more of this beautiful home, check out the listing here where these photos were found: Storybook Cottage Home.

Outdoor Stone Fireplace

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  1. My favorite features are that little window to the right of the front door (which is the kitchen window next to the island/bar that you mentioned) and that outdoor fireplace. So cozy! I love the idea of walking up to a house and having a funny little window like that to peek in to.

    I have missed your wonderful house tours, and cottages are my favorite. Well, they’re all my favorite, really. 😀

  2. Enchanting cottage home!!! love it!!!

  3. Funny how glaring those TVs look in that setting. So many adorable features and love the outdoors.

  4. Beautiful home. When I lived in the Virgin Islands my boss decided to get a Master’s in Marine History at Greenwich so his wife went with me to London to find a home for them for the year. I got to see a lot of homes, even a 17th century thatcher cottage. My only quibble with some of the cottages was many were dark inside and I have to have a light-filled home.

    A show you would love is UK based called Escape to the Country. People looking for a countryside home are taken to 3 different homes and many are cottages as we would describe them set in the UK. YouTube might have some. PS I have a fireplace in my bedroom. I can send you a picture.

    • Ginger, I love EttC. Alistair is my favorite presenter. They have tons of them on youtube, even the newest ones.

      • Pam, Jules is my favorite. I just started streaming and now have all the major Brit stations but before, the shows were all 4-5 years old that I could watch. Amazing how often they would go for the Mystery House.

  5. Bobbi Duncan says

    So many things to love about this sweet home–all the things you mentioned are my favs as well. I’m glad to see they used distressed cabinetry instead of white, which in this case would not have lent itself to the coziness this home evokes. I’ve lived in two houses that had several arched doors, so that stole my heart. The farm sink is very similar to the one we have planned for our retirement home–love the raised relief design! Hugs!

  6. Cecilia says

    Oh Susan,
    how beautiful is that cottage? I love love love it and its perfect name! 🙂
    Those little windows you also love, are features you can find in several homes, here in Germany, too! Even smaller than those! They’re my favorite windows to clean! lol Susan, there’s also an amazing fairy tale village in Holland which I’m sure you’d love, too! Its name is “Giethoorn” aka the “Venice of the Netherlands” as it is accessible by boat, only. I always think of you when I visit that gorgeous town, as I know you love cottages, too! 🙂
    I wish I wasn’t so technically challenged, so I could take picture and send them to you… 🙁 but if I will visit Giethoorn during my trip to Holland whith my son next weekend, maybe I’ll (he’ll, LOL) be able to do that, finally! 🙂

  7. Linda S Page says

    I’m pretty sure I saw this cottage when I was in Carmel many years ago. There were two houses that really caught my eye and this was one. So, when are we (you and me) gonna buy it and move in????? Oh, we actually have to buy a Lottery ticket in order to win????? Dang! Who knew!!!

  8. A storybook cottage indeed!…I can see why you love this so’s a beauty!!

  9. Marlene says

    Susan, I love the Carmel cottages! I found one for sale years ago named “Dragonfly Cottage” — a dream, with a little staircase going down to their slice of rocky beach — and drooled over the pictures until it finally sold. Back then they were actually under $1 mil. What’s another few hundred thousand, right? Or another mil? Lol! Maybe we can all get together, pitch in, buy one, and use it like a time share? You think? 😉

  10. Michele M. says

    Oh, Susan – it is absolutely dreamy. Carmel is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. It’s been years – time to make plans to go again soon.

    Only thing I would change is the surround around the interior stone fireplaces – looks out of place – s/b a simple weathered wood mantle, not so oranate. And maybe I would change the color of the kitchen cabs b/c that color doesn’t go with the flooring very well – I like them separately but not paired with such a warm floor.

    Thanks for such sweet dreams!

  11. Wow! Love it! I will take it!!!

  12. Carol Norton says

    The cottages at Carmel started out as “doll houses”. Really! I found out about them in one of my doll publications. For fun reading (by the fire if you have a fireplace!) Enjoy!!

  13. You and I have a common love…checking out real estate listings to get to peek inside wonderful homes like this one! I really love getting a glimpse of private courtyards in places like Charleston and New Orleans! This cottage really does look like it came out of a storybook! Will you be getting to the Southern Living Idea house by Historical Concepts? I have my tickets and can’t wait!

  14. Carmel is a dream cottage kind of town – at least the old part. There is one on every street. Can’t choose just one. If you visit, go in Feb/March or Oct./Nov.

  15. I know this is totally off the subject, but what is the name of that hair tool (again, please) that you just love. I think it’s sort of a brush and hair dryer combined. Thanks

    • This is the one I have, I have the 1.5 inch barrel size: . The price is much higher on Amazon than what I paid, so you may want to Google and see if you can find it somewhere else for less.

      If you have shorter hair, you’ll probably want this size: . The price for that size is more reasonable. Not sure why they don’t have the 1.5 available for around that same price.

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      I love mine and use it every almost every day.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Just darling, love all the features you mentioned, but agree the tv looks out of place. It should be in a lovely tall cabinet / armoire that has a pull out shelf for viewing and then pushed in and doors closed otherwise. It does look like Snow White and the 7 dwarfs could come strolling up the walk or be seated around the outdoor fireplace, lol.

  17. Very enchanting and appreciate the tour, Susan. In the area I live in I’ve noticed that many developers are now including single cottage-like housing along side of their high-rise condo offering access to its amenities. i.e.: Parking, snow removal, use of the pool, convention/party room, etc. I haven’t personally toured any of them, but (at my age) I do find the concept appealing particularly when they also come with a little slice of backyard … ☺. -Brenda-

  18. Biodynamic Barb says

    That’s a Hobbit House! I LOVE it! But not the price, don’t love that.

  19. I love the storybook cottages of Carmel. I remember buying a magazine about them, and dreaming of visiting there one day. Within that next year, I did it while on a business trip. Such a thrill to see them in person. Didn’t get to go inside, though, so this was a real treat. You’re so right — someone should build them — buyers will come. But, for those of us down-sizing in the senior years, one story models would be best.

  20. Wow, what a stunning house, it is really a storybook cottage! Thanks for sharing. All the best, Carolina at Ironmongery Experts.

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