The Enchanting Tu-Hwnt I’r Bont Cafe Tearoom Through the Seasons

Recently I was checking out the weather on The Weather Channel and I came across this adorable cottage. It’s actually the Tu Hwnt I’r Bont Tearoom and Restaurant, located in North Wales. I’m guessing this may be how it looks in spring because it appears the vine covering it is just starting to awaken. Do you see the light spring green beginning to show itself? Wait until you see how it looks during the summer months!

Tu-Swnt-l'r Bont Cafe Tearoom in Winter


Is this not amazing? I think there may be two chimneys under there somewhere! 🙂 Enchanting!

Whatever this vine is (I looked but  couldn’t find anything about it) it is just as beautiful in the fall as it is in summer. What do you think it is?

Tu-Swnt-l'r Bont Cafe Tearoom in Spring and Summer


Here’s how it looks come autumn–sooo beautiful!! This is definitely a bucket-list destination, would love to see it in person one day!

Tu-Swnt-l'r Bont Cafe Tearoom in Fall


I wasn’t able to source these images, but you’ll find these and many more of this wonderful cottage here: Tu Hwnt I’r Bont Tearoom

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  1. The photos are all lovely but I believe the first photo is of fall and the vine covering the cottage is Virginia Creeper. It’s beautiful in spring and summer but at it’s best in the fall when it burst into full color. Also the trees in the background also seem to be turning from green to golds.

  2. Karen Bennett says

    That is Virginia Creeper!

  3. Definitely Virginia Creeper:

    A trip to Wales would be worth it just to see this place (the month of September is apparently when the leaves are most brilliant red)!

  4. I have seen pictures of this place on Pinterest. It is wonderful. I love when the vines have turned red. I agree that it looks like Virginia Creeper. I get this under my Magnolia tree all of the time. It is very invasive and I don’t want it taking over but it looks lovely in the pictures.

  5. On a smaller scale, Boston Ivy also makes a good cover and turns bright red in the fall.

  6. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Well, just add this to the million other reasons I’d like to go to the U.K. lol. So adorable. And did you notice how it appears to be out there, by itself? Lovely. I just saw a Househunters International set in Wales. I know they have a plethora of castles and castle ruins, too. I don’t have a Bucket List. Maybe I need to compile one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re enjoying Italy as much as we all imagine you are.

  7. Hi Susan,

    Those are beautiful pictures. Wow! I just have to say, today I was posting for Tablescape Thursday and did not find it this week? I have a tablescape for Halloween. Have a great weekend.

  8. That place is gorgeous and straight out of a fairy tale, isn’t it?
    Usually a vine this big can harm even a stone house but apparently, nature fell in love with the little inn and decided to dress it up and preserve it.

    • It really is! I keep seeing this vine in Italy that looks a lot like the one on this house. It’s in the process of turning red right now, too. I asked our guide today what it was and he said some form of grape vine that doesn’t bear fruit. I’m not sure if he was guessing or really knew, though.

  9. There is a Hallmark movie (Honeymoon for One) that was filmed at a castle in Ireland. When I investigated filming locations I found this castle:

    Perhaps you should schedule a trip there as well–a Virginia Creeper tour!

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