Bliss Cottage: Tour The Guest Cottage At Happy Hollow

We toured Happy Hollow yesterday and I really wanted to share the guest cottage nearby but that post was getting a bit long for touring a second home. The cottage is the adorable home we saw off to the right with the cupola on top.

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 2


The cottage, known as “Bliss Cottage”  is decorated in a very different style from the main house.  It has a “country cottage meets folk art” look to me. Let’s go in and check it out!

Guest Cottage at Happy Hollow


The living room of the guest cottage…very cozy! Love the buffalo check draperies and the horsey weathervane.

Guest Cottage


That’s the wonderful thing about having a guest cottage or a second home in the mountains or at the beach, you can decorate it in a completely different way from you main home and have some fun with it. The stairs you see in the background lead to the bedroom. We’ll head up there in a sec. You can see the kitchen in the background, too. You could live full-time in this guest cottage.

Guest Cottage (2)


Another view…cute chandelier and perfect for this cottage.

Cottage Decor


The dining area…this would also be a great way to decorate a cottage in the mountains, wouldn’t it?

Guest Cottage


We get a little glimpse of the kitchen in this picture. Let’s go check out the bedroom upstairs.

Guest Cottage


The view from the top of the stairs looking into the bedroom. I love that twig light fixture!

Folk Art Cottage


You know what this room reminds me of? It reminds me of a bedroom in the home of Gail Claridge, a decorator who converted an historic barn on her property into her home. You can see that bedroom and tour Gail’s home in this past post: Gail Claridge’s Beautiful Country Meadow Equestrian Ranch Do you remember that post? Does this room remind you a bit of the bedroom(s) in Gail’s home, too?

Guest Cottage 3


What a wonderful place this would be to snuggle in each evening for a good night’s rest.

Guest Room in Guest Cottage


Love the bathroom in this adorable cottage. Notice the towels are monogrammed, “Bliss Cottage.” Love that! Yep, I’d be the guest they had to kick out! 😉

Cottage Bath


Hope you enjoyed touring the guest cottage at Happy Hollow! Very different from the main home, isn’t it?

Guest Cottage at Happy Hollow
You’ll find additional photos of this house HERE and HERE where these photos were found.

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  1. Oh I love it, what a fabulous cottage.

  2. Yes, I did! It’s so charming! Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  3. I so enjoyed touring both of these delightful homes. Thank you so much.

  4. Oh, I adore the sink in that bathroom!

  5. Susan jones says

    So dreamy, although I think I would spend my time in the gardens!

  6. I love the outside of this cottage, but I would totally redecorate all of the inside. I do not like a log cabin look.

  7. I’m agreeing with Ann. I love the exterior, but the interior is too dark and busy for me. Disappointing. Thank you for the chance to see it though. I was hoping we could see that. I do like the buffalo check draperies and the towels with the cottage name. I’d keep that.

  8. Lovely! Love the more modern take on the primitive style!

  9. Oh garsh, I love this! Does that make me fickle? I do love me some country cottage, early american, country french and traditional decorating styles~~it’s so hard to incorporate a little of all of it, but I try in my own home. The one style I know I DON’T like is anything modern. Nuh-uh. Not at all. Pee U *holds nose* Soooooo cold and not at all family friendly to me. Just sayin.

  10. Loved seeing the guest cottage, Susan! And I’d have to agree with Denise, too!

  11. Ann Harrison says

    I think the horse is a weathervane, not a rocker. 🙂

  12. Love the exterior, inside is WAY too busy, cluttered, dark for my taste…. But hey, when I move in I’ll post my updates!
    Thanks for the tour, love to explore these homes. Happy weekend!

  13. Totally wouldn’t have expected that interior based on the exterior. I’m with Jean; I’d like it to be brighter, but would keep the check drapery and Bliss Cottage towels. I’m thinking I need to name our condo, just so we can name the towels!

  14. Vicki Daugherty says

    Oh yes, I loved the Guest House. And I was thinking as I browsed…who does this one remind me of? Yep! The Gail house you mentioned. In fact, I am in the process of changing our bedroom to look more like Gail’s in her equestrian home. The red buffalo check fabrics are what convinced me to try! I’ve found a seamtress who will make my bedskirt, valances and pillow shams from that fabric, as soon as she has time. I can be very patient when I must!
    Vicki in Louisville KY

  15. Pat Asquith says

    Loved the tour! Love peeking into others’ homes! I think that the cottage photos make it seem busy and a little cluttered, but maybe, in person, it looks better!

  16. Pat Asquith says

    p.s. I love your FB page and your website! 🙂

  17. What a dear, dear cottage! Course, I was vindicated when seeing the “dark” black kitchen…just did my log cabin the same…it makes it all RECEDE and we did the cupola (more light.) Aren’t we glad we all have “individual tastes”…food, decorating, clutter..or not. 🙂 franki

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